Half-way Ghost?

Morning gang,

I had an interesting experience yesterday (beginning Oct 2011) when I went to a lady’s house to ghostbust. Her young daughter is going to grow up to be a medium, but its very hard to say to a two year old ‘please don’t bring ghosts in the house’. So I suggested the lady learn house shields, and practice at not letting her daughter take them down again.

In the meantime, the strongest non-living presence in the house is a relative of the family. The interesting thing with this is that that relative is not dead. S/he is in a coma, though the doctors cannot source why this event happened.

The situation reminds me of Alzheimer’s patients, whom, once they are deep in the illness, no longer inhabit their malfunctioning bodies, however their egos are still there, which is why, I believe, they react with so much anger and fear – but… and there are a lot of buts… this person’s spirit felt so light and happy and full of joy, its not a ghost… and its not a spirit because the person’s body has not died, and the spirit has not crossed over.

Has anyone heard of a situation like this before?

Love & Peace

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  1. Hi Ama

    Ooooh – its my turn to say “done that, been there” hahaha!

    I occasionally help an architect friend with some conveyancing (basically, I hold the tape measure ha-ha!)

    Last year, he was asked to measure up a tumble-down cottage for a builder associate, who had just bought said property.

    So we duly went. The place had quite a few spirit in it, seeking refuge mainly. But there was one elderly lady spirit which was different! She wore a blue/small pink flowered three-quarter apron and followed us around as we went about our business. She appeared quite confused. When I asked her who she was, she said Miss C —–.

    I asked my friend if he knew anything about the houses history. He said that all he knew, the builder had bought the property off a family on behalf of an elderly woman. I asked if she had died? He didnt know, but said hed see what he could find out.

    What struck me as slightly odd, was her energy. It felt subtly different from normal ghosts.

    Anyhow, after the job she followed me home and stayed with me for a bit and we enjoyed a few chats. Then after a while, she went away.

    Move forward a few months

    My friend was asked to go back to do some more work and asked me to give him a hand. But, when we went back, neither Miss C nor the other proper ghosts were there.

    What was interesting though, was a pile of post on the side, addressed to Miss Charlotte Culver. My friend had also asked the builder about the recent history of the house. It turned out; the family had sold the property on Miss Culver’s behalf because shed moved into a home. She was still alive when we first visited the property. She had died, by the time of our second visit.

    The spirit with the weird energy was, I believe the same Miss Culver and the reason she felt strange for a ghost was because she was still able to draw energy from her living body, at the time we first met. Astrally projecting, I suppose?

    There were a number of odd things about that house, but one in particular was the fireplace in the cellar. I had this dreadful feeling that the old fireplace should not be removed under any circumstances. I told my architect friend what I felt and he subsequently (subtly) asked the builder what his intentions were about that fireplace i.e. was he going to remove it. The builder said he was going to keep it there, and make a feature of it. Phew!


    • Hmm.. thanks AJ. That is very interesting. What do you think the fireplace was about?

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        it started with the feeling of a young boy falling (approx 6 – 8 years old), as I went down the stairs into the cellar. A lad who would have been alive either in the late 1800′s or early 1900′s. He had scruffy clothes with a cloth cap.

        When I got into the cellar and set eyes on the fireplace (enclosed – like a tiny oven and very old) I got this overwhelming feeling of dread and a strong sense that something was either behind or below the fire (it was raised on a brick ledge approx 18″ high)

        I think the lad and the dreadful feeling I had about that fireplace are connected but, as to what that fireplace conceals, I do not know. Guess the ‘secret’ will only be revealed should that fireplace ever be removed!!! Hope its not the remains of a young lad!!?


        • Chimney sweep? Or was the boy hiding in the chimney? And why then the feeling the fireplace should not be touched? Perhaps there were two ghosts? The boy and the person who killed him and put his bones under the stove? My mind wombles LOL

          Or as Hedley Lamaar said it in Blazing Saddles “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives. ” Ok, so it was a very strange movie, and still one of my favourites. LOL

          Love & Peace

          • It’s an interesting one, isn’t it Ama??

            I felt the boy was falling down the cellar stairs – not being pushed. Although, he might have been trying to get away from someone? It all seemed to be a bit of a panic – thats the feeling I got anyway. But I didn’t feel the lad died from the fall, although he might have been injured – maybe quite seriously??

            As far as the fireplace is concerned; I get the impression of a casket, or similar, ‘hidden’ behind or below that fireplace. I had a good look up the flue and yes, a small child would’ve been able to squeeze up there before the chimney was lined. But the pipe up the chimney from the enclosed fire looked as old as the fire itself, so that doesn’t seem to make much sense – unless the lining is an old addition?? I also had a good look in and around the enclosed fire itself, but really couldn’t see anything that stood out as being odd.

            All I can really tell you is what I told my architech chum ………… “Don’t remove that fireplace under any circumstances!!” I don’t really know why, just that really bad gut feeling that something is terribly wrong and best left alone. We’ve both pondered over that ever since – oh! And the builders did ‘discover’ a boarded up window into the attic from the overgrown garden (once it was cleared of bushes) which was adjacent to the firebreast. But, as much as I wanted that explanation to fit, my gut feeling says “No – that’s not it!”

            There were also some other oddities at the place too. The bathroom had a really bad, oppressive vibe. The atmosphere was extremely heavy. In fact, the kitchen below wasn’t much better. When the builders started to dig the foundations for an extrention, then stumble across a very deep well, right outside the back door which led into the kitchen. The undergound stream ran directly under both kitchen and the bathroom upstairs. Well – at least that ‘bad vibe’ was explained. The flow of water beneath the ground was drawing all the energy out of that area of the building … magnified because of the natural flow of energy which escapes from a toilet / bathroom naturally, anyway.

            And then there was the very tall, and rather annoyed, Edwardian/Victorian chap with the woolly grey sideburns and tall hat ………. some kind of preacher, I think he was …….. as well as Mr F, who was happily digging over the garden outside. He was very jolly!

            It would be really interesting to find out more about the history of that house (it is now detached but used to be the end of a row of terraced houses.) Not had much luck so far, though …


            I just love Blazing Saddles too … hee!hee!hee!

          • Oh! Duh! Its been a long day!

            I meant boarded up window into the cellar, not the attic. But you couldn’t see the window from inside the cellar.

            The attic is another story ………… I simply couldn’t go into that area of the house ……. too many ‘lodgers’ who didn’t like their space invaded.

            Quite bizaarly, the second time we went to measure up and stuff, the house was completely clear of all and sundry, except for the bad feeling in the cellar and Mr F who was still happily digging over the garden, despite the building work – LOL!


          • Hmm.. I wondered about the attic thing, but then I was thinking of trellises covered with climbing roses (bramble variety?) LOL

            I wonder why the ghosts cleared out? Must have meant they were not actually ‘of the house’ (in my experience anyway), just hanging around because they could. Once people start giving the place (energy) a shake, they move on. Did the builders fill the well in? Was the fireplace clear too on the 2nd visit? (mental image of a ghost picking up its ‘casket’ and going ‘home’ sulking. LOL)

            Yes, the gardener would probably not feel disturbed, until someone tried to change ‘his’ space. :-)

            Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama

          Yep! The ‘others’ were just squatting there, whilst it was empty. Although, I felt the ‘pastor’ had more of a connection to either the building, Miss C (might’ve been her guide?) or maybe even the lad, as I guess they’re around the same era.

          The builders filled in and capped off the well – they were in the middle of doing it, during my second visit to the property. It was literally right outside the back door!!!

          The fireplace has remained intact. Phew! A ghost picking up its casket and skulking off with its bottom lip out —hahaha! Like it!

          I felt that Mr F (the gardener) was in his own ‘heaven’. He was very happy ‘digging over the garden’. Must’ve looked great in his reality … shame it looked so overgrown in ours – lol!


          • Pastor .. a guide .. not from your description of him. Ghosts don’t guide. Guides also don’t get annoyed. Annoyed means judgmental – we give up ego after we die and go into heaven. Before that we still feel all the emotions we had when we were alive.

            The well – we are vaguely househunting and one of the houses we checked out had a big well on/under the back verandah. It had a cone shaped cover on it, falling apart. They didn’t show it in the pictures, nor mention it, because its an eye-saw, but it would have been good for the servants (given the age of the house) when they needed to draw water. It even had the old winch still intact. That place was a little odd, but nice. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • I don’t recall refering to the pastor as a ‘ghost’????? The energy certainly didn’t feel like that of a ghost.

            My guides get ‘annoyed’ with me sometimes – doesn’t mean they have ego’s, just means I’m not listening to something important. Don’t yours tell you off, sometimes too?

          • Hi AJ,

            No, my guides don’t get annoyed with me. To get annoyed you have to be judging what someone is doing and finding fault with them their behaviour. To feel anger you also have to feel fear. These are not ‘guide’ characteristics. My ‘guides’ occasionally get frustrated, but it never lasted more than a blink of time. And sometimes they would have to talk me into things, right at the beginning .. but they never tell me off, nor correct what I am doing .. because it would negate my free will. My guides are angels, I haven’t had human guides for over a decade, and human guides are under strict rules of behaviour too. When you said the old man was annoyed … what do you think he was annoyed about?

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            I’m going to give you some examples of what I mean by ‘annoyed’ so you know where I’m coming from and, no, on no occasion was anger involved.

            As soon as I received the telephone call saying my mum had died, I reached for the Bible and read psalm 23 (my mum’s favourite). After that, I felt I needed to read something else. So, instinctively, I turned back to psalm 19 but, no sooner had I turned to that page, than I got a very stern “NO!” followed by a firm shove at the back of my right shoulder. I took the hint. Then was not the time to read any Rites (not that I intended to, I was just working on automatic!.)

            Another example of ‘annoyed’ comes from the Bible Genesis 22:29 where Jacob wrestles with an angel (also referred to in the Bible as God, but I think that’s a mis-interpretation.) This is also found in chapter 12 of the Book of Hosea. Some interpretations of the text say this angel was Lord Raphael. Nevertheless, after being injured, Lord Raphael did heal Jacob’s disjointed thigh, then Jacob was blessed and became Israel.

            Then there was my psychic friend who was physically pushed around by his guide too, because he was about to turn his back on God. That example is in my book.

            Our guides are here to help, advise and give us wisdom. They love us unconditionally and don’t interfere with ‘trivial’ matters nor do anything to harm us. But ultimately, their loyalties lie with God. They are, after all, the messangers of God. If we, through our free will, go against God’s Will then we will get a firm reminder of why we are ultimately here on this earth and of the work we have promised to do for Him whilst we are here. If we continue to resist our ‘duties’, then the reminders come with the force deemed necessary. God never gives up on us, even if we turn our back on Him completely, but sometimes we do need the ‘firmer’ hand of God to remind us of our promise to Him.

            As for the Pastor – well, I’ll be honest here; I was not inclined to speak with him. On that day, I was there to do a job for my architect friend. I was not there to do spiritual work. I was exercising my right to free will – lol! Besides, my guides said it could wait! But, I did feel his energy because he stood right behind me as he tried to speak. He was strong, But there was not that ‘buzzing’ feeling to the energy that I usually associate with a ‘nastie’ and he felt warm and calm – if not a little frustrated about something! Actually, Ama, he was probably annoyed because I wouldn’t speak to him. LOL!

            I have a ‘rule’. I only allow my guides to speak to me directly. All other spirit have to speak through my guides – including my mum. This may sound harsh but I made this a ‘rule’ right from the start because, otherwise, my head would be filled with the voices of all the dead all the time, and that would drive me mad. My guides, bless them, filter out the idle chitchat from the important messages. All things of importance are told to me and we work with it from there. I know a lot of mediums are happy to talk directly to other peoples guides, spirits, ghosts or whatever – but I am not. And my guides respect that, bless ‘em. It works well for me, anyway. Besides, I was happy to converse with Miss C once I had got home and we sorted a lot of things out – again, using my guides as intermediaries.


          • Morning AJ, I really enjoy looking at what we do differently. :-)

            No shoving on this side of the world. A firm ‘no’ is more than enough to get my attention.

            You know me and the bible by now – Chapter 32:24 not 22:29 there’s no 29 in that chapter. LOL In 32:24 In my bible Jacob is wrestling with a ‘man’, not an angel or God, if we are being ‘literal’. :-) The notes then refer us to Exodus 4:24 .. where ‘the Lord’ tries to kill Moses? You have to wonder who that ‘Lord’ really is, since it just ‘hardened Pharoah’s heart so that he wouldn’t let the Israelites go until after ‘he/god’ had punished everyone severely, by killing their first born sons – and for ‘why’ – to prove ‘god’s’ power? But we’ll ignore that. And Hosea 12:4 is translated as ‘strove with the angel’, not wrestled with one’. Hosea is a quick version of the same Genesis story, and obviously based on that book. If the Exodus bit is God only ‘annoyed’ .. God help us all. I am grateful I do not have such a dark heart.

            The shoving thing bothers me a lot. But if you and your friend are happy to accept that as normal, that’s up to you. Anything that tries shoving me gets shoved back. I do not accept abuse on any level. The occasional gentle pat on the shoulder .. I vaguely remember that happening once or thrice, but it was more a hand-touch, and its usually a ghost. Mostly the Michael (guardian) will not allow any entity to get close enough to me to give me a shove.

            I agree with what you wrote on the role of guides, and angels, but .. we defy God’s will all the time – remember, its ‘thought, word and deed’, and none of us is perfect. If mine reacted by shoving every time I stepped way out of line .. its not as much these days, but in the beginning I had attitudes to deal with, and there wasn never any shoving. LOL These days I try to be good, and am not covered with bruises. :-) But .. what about the local criminals? If what you say is true, why isn’t everyone falling down in the street because their guides must be slapping some of them around .. and they never show any signs of it? Or even gentle shoving. No, I believe that, somewhere along the line (of your existence) you gave your guides permission to give you a shove to draw your attention more firmly when they felt you needed it. If they had made the decision on how you would be corrected, it would negate your free will. Only we can choose how you are treated by our guides, they don’t make the choice for us, and neither does God.

            I didn’t think the Pastor was a nastie, but still a lost soul. If he was Mrs C’s guide he would not have needed to speak to you, because you were not ‘working’ that day. He would not have been standing behind you trying to talk directly to you, because, as you said, everyone talks to you through your guides, and he would know that if he was a guide. They all talk to each other. It may well have been he was miffed ‘because’ you wouldn’t speak to him .. a very lost soul thing to feel.

            Putting down sensible boundaries on what you will and won’t accept from lost souls, and other beings, is a very good idea. The idle chatter .. well, you know I like to keep a ‘clear’ house, so I don’t have to put up with that. And Spirit allows, through the shields, those beings that are not harmful, and need my help, which is what I decided worked for me.

            Wishing you a gorgeous day,
            Love & Peace

          • LOL! It was a typo – I meant to type; Genesis 32:22-28. Tut! Well – I did post it early Sunday morning, before my first coffee – hahaha!

            I guess you’re more accepting of your role than I am. I’m a stubbon old mule and deffo a reluctant phsycic. I am also headstrong so, yep, that would be why I need a ‘firmer hand’. It would also explain why I get harder ‘tests’ or ‘lessons’. But I think to label a corrective shove as ‘abuse’ would be a bit melodramatic in my view, because its not intended to hurt or frighten or cause distress. I know what abuse is, my ex-husabnad was very abusive. No, what I get is a firm correction and, had I have continued reading those psalms that day, it might – NO, it WOULD – have been an extremely unwise thing to do. Maybe even made matters worse for my mum, rather than better. Remember, I had literally just heard about my mums death so I wasn’t thinking straight.


          • I apologise AJ, the abuse comment was far too harsh. I was answering ‘fast’ because I had to go out, and I could have picked a much better word. I was muttering to myself about it all morning while shopping. I am sorry.

            Yes, acceptance is a tough lesson, but a good one. If you had seen me when I was 17 staring at ‘Jesus’ and saying ‘you have got to be kidding’, you would realise that I struggled with my nature, and my role, for many years. I could have refused, we all have that right, but, in the end, I am very glad I chose to do what I do. The learning/knowledge has been fascinating, and helping people is very fulfulling. And I was never cut out to work in a supermarket. LOL

            From my experience, doing an exorcism ceremony, words only, over someone’s head, won’t hurt them (been there), its actually a blessing because it does lighten the energy, but it might have frightened the hell out of your mother in her very gentle state, so I’m very glad they stopped you in the process. Did she know you do this work?

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            LOL! Absolutely no need for apologies … besides … your comment “But .. what about the local criminals? … why isnt everyone falling down in the street because their guides must be slapping some of them around…” provided me with a wonderful mental image befitting of a Monty Python sketch, which made me titter into my coffee.

            My mum only found out about my book / work a month or so before she died (thanks to my sister blabbing – I wasn’t going to say anything because my parents are staunch Christians.) Anyhow, after reading my book, (according to my dad at the funeral) she started reading all kinds of non-fiction books about ghosts and the supernatural world. It was as if she was on a quest to try and find out ‘the truth’. I think she knew she was nearly at the end of her life.

            Mum also let all her’s and dad’s church friends – including the current and past vicars – read my book which, apparantly, lead to some pretty amazing discussions!

            In the end, it was a blessing that she’d read it because, the book ended up being the main reference I used whilst trying to get her to cross over. She was determined she was not leaving, because of dad. She simply couldn’t stand the thought of going to heaven and not seeing him again, until he died. I kept giving her examples of how being in ‘heaven’ doesn’t stop anyone from being with their living loved ones – ie, how spirit came back to thank me, after they’d passed over. But what really pursuaded her to go to healing in the end, was my insistance that whilst dad was alive, she could be with him on the same level but, as soon as dad died he would be going to healing in the hope of meeting her … but, she wouldn’t be there, because she’d be stuck here and, by then, there may not be anyone around to help her cross over in order to be with him. How would she think dad would feel about that?

            It was hard work, mum is as stubbon as I am (that’s where I get it from – lol!) but my sister and I managed to get her to see sense in the end! In fact, she has had many an ‘informative’ discussion with my guide Benjamin over my book / work – or, as Benjamin puts it; ‘Your mum likes a good debate! But I always win!” LOL! I think they’ve been enjoying themselves quite a bit, at my expense ….. hahaha!

            As for my friend who also gets ‘slapped around’ – hee!hee! – I’m hoping Paul Hitt to come on here to help us answer peoples questions too. He’s a Gabriel, so things could get quite lively around here …. Ha!Ha!Ha!


          • Yes, mothers are a strange breed. I have noticed this over the years. The one I have here, who wouldn’t talk about ‘any of that stuff’ (stay away from the occult!!! etc etc) when I was growing up, now dips into the information as often as I can find stuff for her to ‘read’ (she’s using talking books, being almost completely blind and the same deaf). She’s now hooked on the Fortean Magazine LOL which she ‘reads’ via a ‘camera’ that blows it up onto a TV screen. And she stays glued to the pages long after her brain is exhausted with struggle .. no matter how many times I remind her we ‘own’ the magazine. LOL

            The more friends the merrier, I think. Chatty bunch, the Gabriel. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Well – he would be chattt, if he could be [email protected] to post on here – hahaha! I’ll give him another nudge … just in case he’s lost his way trying to get here – LOL!


  2. Ama, Howdy, friend!!

    Interesting what you said about Alzheimer’s patients. My grandfather passed away last year. He was very fit and healthy most of his life, but (I don’t say this out of disrespect), he was a very angry man for all of it. We loved him dearly, but in a room of 10,000 politicians, you’d still be able to hear his ego above any other……yeah, that still sounds disrespectful….but he knows I love him.

    Anyway, he contracted some kind of infection on his temporal lobe….which led to surgery, then dementia. A year later, he could only remember things that happened very early in his life and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In the last two stages of this, he was the happiest (full of absolute joy, actually) I’ve ever known him….in fact, it often didn’t ‘feel’ like him.
    It was sad, but I couldn’t help but feel an energy that was not only “ready” for the next plane of existence, but a man who was at PEACE. A word, I never thought my g-pa knew. He knew love pretty well, but peace wasn’t his MO….all of a sudden it was. I’m just glad my Mom (and him) were given the change for peaceful resolve before his time came. I don’t know why, but I’m very convinced that he moved on and did not stick around much past the funeral. I doubt my ability to feel this often….but in this instance I could tell he was here, and then he was gone in peace.

    Didn’t mean to go on….but nice remembrance. And as always, you’ve shed new light, Ama!

    Also, I get a sense of this from your post, but since we have discussed newton before, do you think a person’s soul can inhabit it’s human, yet still move around freely (thinking OBE), as death (or coma, etc…) closes in? I think my take has always been that a soul can be split or outside of it’s host, while still holding on to the host.

    I know you said:
    “….spirit felt so light and happy and full of joy, its not a ghost and its not a spirit….”

    So, I get your meaning here….these are descriptions, titles if I may, for what you were encountering (you know what I mean….aware I’m out of my element now, so pardon the ignorance in my verbiage).

    So please take my question in a more general way…I just wonder if what we take for “spirits” or “ghosts” sometimes, is actually just a soul….or a fragment of one (not sure your stance on fragmenting soul…..perhaps “duality” would be a better term here).
    Or am I simply spinning too many cycles on the semantics?

    phew….I hope I conveyed that as an actual question. :)

    Thanks! Great post, Ama!!! I love reading your Ghostbusting experiences!

  3. Hi Siddle,

    There is a huge difference between a lost soul, and the moment after they pass over. It’s like we let go of a huge heaviness, and even if we still have issues to deal with (which is what the ‘healing place’ is for) once we do, we are profoundly changed by crossing into heaven. I have just realised I wrote that in the present tense (means I still remember doing it distinctly LOL). So you ‘knowing’ your grandfather truly crossed over is not unexpected, in my opinion. I also have that ‘knowing’ feeling (or not), when someone asks me to check on whether their relative is a ghost or not. They either have .. or they haven’t .. crossed over.

    I have questions about the ‘soul’ word, and see it as interchangeable with ‘spirit’ where people are concerned. I may have to change my understanding.

    Technically we have Spirit (God/Holy Spirit), spirit .. a person who has crossed over, and ‘spirit’ .. (a verb) which means lots of energy/attitude .. and it can only lead to confusion, but if you say to someone a ‘lost soul’ is haunting them, does it make more sense?

    What does it have to do with soul fragmentation .. does it make sense to say ‘spirit’ fragmentation? Not in my opinion. The spirit of a person cannot be damaged, only their body or their ego can .. so is ‘soul’ ego? No, not that either. The ego is a controlling and limiting force that dissolves when a person’s spirit crosses into heaven, but not beforehand – so what happens when they don’t cross over but the body is dead? And can the two be separated, and what can separate them? .. Hmm.. Siddle, so many questions. I need to think. Are we made up of four parts, rather than three?

    However, I believe in soul fragmentation. I believe that parts of ourselves can be trapped in time and space (in the past at the site of traumatic events in our lives) and that we can go through a journey to reconnect those parts of ourselves, through meditation, or with the help of spiritual healers or shamanic healers, and really feel the changes in our lives and we absorb those missing pieces. This does not happen naturally at the end of a life, and I have read somewhere of people collecting parts of themselves from other lifetimes, and then going back into these lifetimes (in meditation) to combine the energy there where it is missing. And yes, it does affect who they are, and how they react to the world, in this lifetime .. often in surprising ways.

    :-) “As death closes in” .. you should write books, Siddle. LOL Death doesn’t stalk us, its our friend! .. sorry, teasing. LOL

    Does the spirit leave the body more often as the body reaches the end of its living existence .. I think it really depends on the particular circumstances of each person. I have a friend who is 91 and still going (grumpy) strong. His spirit is firmly grounded in his body, or it was the last time we emailed. His wife had alzheimer’s and her spirit was seldom around, but her ego certainly was. I lived with them for 5 months, a few years ago, and watched it, and her, in a bemused fashion. When her spirit was there, she was lovely .. and when it wasn’t .. watch out!

    Can fragments of souls haunt? I haven’t thought of it that way, but what about remnant ghosts, or ‘ghosts in the walls’, where the traumatic death of one person, or thousands, has left a memory imprinted on the earth (like the Civil War in America, and the War of Roses in England, among others), which gets activated by certain dates, emotions of living people, climatic conditions, or even the return of certain people … perhaps the reincarnated person themselves who feels ‘drawn to the site’? So my answer would be yes, souls, or soul fragments, might well haunt.

    Great questions Siddle. Thank you.

    What do the rest of you think?

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama

      ‘fragments of souls’ – this migh most likely explain residual hauntings. It is not the conscious spirit that is haunting the area, rather the memory. In other words, one tiny part of a persons experience is forever captured.

      Soul or Spirit?

      Well, for the most part, I would say that these two mean the same thing when it comes to talking about dead folk. However, as with most desriptives, one word may well describe a particular event better than another. For example, I don’t hear many mediums say “I feel souls around me!” but they would say “I feel spirit around me”

      That said, the term ‘Spirit’ encompasses more than just a human soul. Spirit is often used as an ‘umberella’ term for most anything of a supernatural nature which has its own consciousness.


      • I usually say something like ‘we have company’ .. and have the living give me funny looks. That was when I was ‘playing’ at being a medium in a couple of haunted sites on the other side of Melbourne (I live about 1 1/4 hours from there, and finally stopped doing it when my mental conflict got too much .. I ‘rescue’ lost souls, I don’t usually let them hang about ‘for the amusement of the living’. LOL)

        Love & Peace

        • Yeah! I’m the same Ama. I feel so sorry for the poor souls ‘trapped’ in our dimention. They become the target for all the nasties, as well as a ‘play thing’ for some folk who treat earthbounds like something to mock and redicule because they simply don’t realise that ghosts are extremely unhappy people – only differnce is, they have no physical form.

          I really do get quite upset when I hear about some things that paranormal researchers get up too. Wouldn’t it be far better help the poor soul find peace, instead of winding it up just to get ‘proof’ of its existence?


          • So you will understand when I went up to one young lady (at a haunted house tour) and asked her why she was screaming? It seems she ‘felt’ something touch her .. but the ghosts were not in the room at the time. A little imagination and you have a great ghost story. LOL

            My personal opinion is that a ghost research team should have a medium with them at all times .. a good one .. who knows about psychic protection. Then they can take their measurements and photos, and the medium can cross the ghost over. That way everybody benefits. I get so annoyed when people just want to say ‘I am haunted and scared to death, but no, don’t get rid of the ghosts because I like it’. Sigh!!!!! Dont’ get me started. LOL

            As you said, AJ, ghosts are people too.

            Love & Peace

    • Thank you, Ama and A.J.
      Fantastic answers. I’ve always wondered if I was worrying a bit too much about semantics. Honestly, I usually use the term “soul” to describe the energy in all of creation.

      Amazing! I knew I could count on you two! I didn’t exactly know how to pose my questions, but I’m very glad you both could read into them enough to make sense of it for me. Much appreciated. :)

      BTW: Thanks, Ama. I’ve been told I should write books before. I have a million ideas (most I’ve gotten from dreams) and have started about 6 books. None are finished, and my job keeps me from them constantly. Hoping one day my wife can be a successful video game developer and I can start writing again. I miss it very much.
      I know you were kidding, but I certainly wouldn’t mind that reality at all.
      Also, I don’t think death stalks us…..I simply like to use shiny phrasing…..But also, I’ve read enough of Tom Robbins and Douglas Adams to know that serious topics ALWAYS require comedic relief. :)

      Have a great day!

      • Hi Siddle

        Guess its more like ; we can be relied on to ‘talk’ too much on here – LOL!

        Anyhoo – glad to be of service!

        And as for writing books – is there anyone on here, who isn’t an author? Ha!Ha!Ha!


        • A.J.
          Well, in my opinion it is better to have an over-abundance of data then a lack of it. haha!

          In reality, I don’t see you two spouting just information here, but rather conveying your wisdom in a very thoughtful manner. Sometimes responses from folks are entertaining while some are informative. It’s the difference between a colouring book and a medical journal (you and Ama being medical journals that you can colour in….respectfully, I mean you’re both fun and informative!). ……I learn a lot that way. “And learning is half the battle….GI-Joe!” :)

          Ok, Might bit too much coffee before I started writing…..anyway….again, and always sincerely: much appreciated!


          • ROFL

            What have I done with my colouring pencils?

            Love & Peace

      • Siddle .. just write. Take a notepad (and pencil) with you everywhere and jot down thoughts and ideas. I do best on the computer because my writing is unreadable, even by me, most of the time.

        Semantics .. I fuss the little things. Sometimes when we are writing things down we might write something in a way that seems odd, or contrary to what we think we want to say, but when we read it back we realise that is actually what we ‘are’ thinking, rather than what we thought we were thinking. A confusing sentence, sorry. Like the ‘present tense’ (now) sentence I wrote about what happens when we cross over. We can find out all sorts of things about ourselves through journalling, and I recommend it to everyone. Some of my better ideas seem to have been lost because I was only ‘thinking’ them at the time, and didn’t write them down. (Note to self: take tape recorder with you into the orchard when walking .. some of my best thoughts come from there. LOL)

        Back to writing .. we have to ‘make’ time for it. And then we have to perservere .. starts of books, I have a good one and I know where I think I want to go with it .. but I just can’t get back to it. I could leave it as a short story, I suppose, and produce a few more, but .. I don’t know. We’ll see. LOL Probably wrong place, wrong time, right now. Who knows? And I tend to write myself out either here, or in the blogs.

        I hope your wife makes a mint too, Siddle. LOL

        Love & Peace

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