Green X’s Connected to UFO Sighting?

Two nights ago my daughter and son in-law were awakened in the middle of the night to a ball of light that came in from the window and filled there entire room with light! All of a sudden there were hundreds of green x’s on the ceiling, she said it almost looked like a computer screen.

My son-in-law sat up and saw a tall thin white figure pass in front of their bed and go into the other room!

The next morning on the morning news they said there was a sighting of a UFO! Do you think this has to do with the UFO? What do you think this could be? They were pretty freaked out!

Asked by Shelby

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  1. Ooo-er, Shelby. I can imagine they were freaked out!!

    I confess I’m not much of an expert on Extraterrestrial but, based on the supernatural world, I really don’t think there is that much difference between them in many ways.

    It might well have been a ‘visit’ from aliens, but I think a few questions needs answering to ascertain exactly what went on. So –
    Did you daughter or son-in-law experience any ‘time-lapses’, memory loss or dajavu?
    Did any clocks ‘lose’ a few minutes?
    Were any marks or stange objects left in or around their house?
    How long did the whole experience last?
    Did either your daughter or son-in-law feel ill, tired, listless or in any other way physically low the next day? Or even, more energised than usual.
    Have any unexplained abraisons appeared on either of them? Or lumps? Bruises? Scratches? etc

    Sorry for sounding like I’m being a nosey old bag but, if it were an alien, there would be a reason why it was in your daughter and son-in-laws house.


  2. Hello, this is the daughter…

    We both awoke because a bright flash of light filled the entire room. It didn’t come through the window…but just filled our room. When I awoke, I looked up, just opening my eyes and saw hundreds of green x’s. My husband sat straight up and saw the short, thing white figure quickly leave the room.

    I was terrified, closed my eyes and told myself go back to bed, go back to bed. And i did. We both did. We awoke a few hours later and finally talked about what had happened. That day , I was very sick, to my stomach. I had the cold chills, felt like I was going to puke. Dizzy and disoriented.

    It should be noted a few years ago I awoke with a handprint on my stomach. I was undressing in the bathroom and saw this large red handprint on my stomach, directly after waking. I thought it nothing of it until I placed my own hand over it…and it didnt fit. It wasnt my hand. It had a small palm and large, very long fingers. It lasted about two hours and disapeered. I was alone that night….so, I assume it was an ET. I have seen a few UFO’s in the past few years…I am starting to believe they marked me….

  3. Hi daughter of Shelby

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Right – as I said earlier, this is not my area of ‘expertise’ – I’m more into the spiritual side. However, as there are many strange and unexplainable things which happen to us during our lives, nothing is impossible.

    Based on my limited knowledge on this matter, it does seem that certain people are ‘monitored’ by something not of this world. There are cases where some kind of ‘chip’ or ‘recording device’ have been found in people, but it is not on their medical records and there is no knowledge of where it came from. If the ‘chip’ is removed by a surgeon, the person in question starts complaining of feeling extremely ill. There are quite a few cases like this, which does beg the question – who are implanting these ‘chips’ and why?

    There was a case I read once (don’t know of its authenticity though) where a persons skull had been replaced by some kind of glass-like material. Not sure what I make of that, but it was an interesting case study.

    The usual scenario seems to be ‘time-lapse’ – almost as if the ‘victims’ are taken to another dimention in order for the aliens to do their ‘thing’. Then, once the aliens are ‘done’, the victim is returned to our dimention at approx. the same time as they were abducted. Curiously though, despite the seemingly perfect undetectable ‘body-snatch’, clocks tend to go out of kilter by a few seconds, or a minute or two.

    The whole ‘travelling’ and ‘alien monitoring’ experience can leave the victim’s body feeling out of kilter. After all, time may have stood still in our dimention, but the victim may have actually been at the mercy of the alien for hours – or even days – in their dimention!!

    Crikey! Thats made the whole situation seem even more terrifying than before!! Sorry ..

    Based on what you have said, it is my optionian that there is a possibility that what you guys experienced was of an alien nature. That said, I have never heard to any monitored person being harmed by any alien. It would appear that some of us are being used a ‘specimens’ either for the aliens to get a better understanding of us or, as one abductee proclaimed “so he may continue to live”. (Apparantly, he had some nasty desease which would kill him, but this ‘chip’ that had been inserted actually kept him alive. When doctors took the chip out, he went down hill quick. They replaced the ‘chip’ and he recovered. Bizaar, but claims to be a true story!)

    I think, before panicking too much, it would be a good idea to try and find some ‘experts’ in this field to relay your experiences to. People who specialise in UFO’s and abductees. Also, try to contact other people who claim to have been adbucted to see if any others have had similar experiences to you both.

    But please remember; if ‘they’ wanted to harm you, they would’ve done just that. But they didn’t, so I do not believe they mean you any harm.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help. All the best and please keep us posted.


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