Ghosts Depleting Batteries for ‘Energy’ or Just to Feed off the Fear?

New theory maybe, but do you think that ghosts ‘feeding off the energy’ of a couple C batteries, maybe a 9 volt or a camera (they never seem to happen all at once) is just chance, actual electrical feeding, or – my personal belief – causing fear in the individual, which is their food of choice?

Part 2: Same goes with a house with spirits that throw things (like mine). Why do I never lose power from anything? Because I am not afraid?

Asked by Keith Johnson

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  1. Why Hello there, Keith!! :D
    I have never entertained the possibility that ghosts could feed off of actual electrical objects, but it could be possible!I’ve seen instances on ghost busting shows where the ghost depleted the battery of a camera! My understanding, though, is it is OUR energy that is the “food” of choice. This is how Ama explained it to me; lost souls do not belong on our plain and, in order to exist, they need to feed on the energy of the living, when where they really belong is in Heaven and in healing. Therefor, they seek us out or somehow we attract them and then begin(unknowingly to us, at times) feeding off of our energy, especially if we are feeling sad or depressed or are physically ill.(that is when our auras are weak, with little holes poked in it where entities can attach themselves to us more easily.) White light shields and/or the Micheal Invocation work really well(I speak from experience!) White light shields work by surrounding yourself with the White light of God, which keeps the entities out(but it only works, on average for 72 hours and you have to put a new one up for new entities) but the Micheal Invocation actually invokes the Micheal Angel to step in on your behalf and remove negative entities and energies trying to attach to you.

    • Oh and Keith,
      causing fear helps them get more of our energy, so you are on target with that one!

  2. Morning class .. batteries 101. LOL

    Ok, ok, I am just playing. :-) I woke up in a light and silly mood this morning, at 4.00am .. but who’s growling. LOL

    Yes, ghosts can drain batteries and do. When we go ghost hunting we all take extra batteries. It can be a real pain to have a ‘sighting’ and not get pictures. How they do it .. the cameras draw power while they are on .. the ghosts connect to the camera and take it too .. but they can also do it from batteries that are not in anything .. and I don’t know, literally, how they do that – but … energy is energy, and a battery stores energy just like we do .. so it must be the same way .. make the connection and inhale. Yes, fear is the energy of choice, and draining batteries does scare people, but why are they hunting ghosts if they dont’ want to be scared?

    Keith, they don’t drain my batteries either. I think its because we produce so much energy they don’t need to go for ‘other’ (more difficult) sources. I know lots of people who’ve had their batteries emptied, but never when they’ve been out playing with me?

    I would love to know other people’s thoughts on this,
    Love & Peace

  3. Thanks all!

    That always made me wonder… You may be right Ama about folks like us feeding them plenty. Oh, we had yet another happening in the house last night. I sure wish they’d leave me alone for awhile. Scared my step-daughter. She didn’t sleep at all last night. Didn’t tell us till morning. There was what she called a ‘scraping sound’ on the inside of her wall that went on half the night. Told her it was a mouse bedding down for the winter(we don’t have any). Kathleen looked at me and said nothing. I really think she’s getting a little aggravated with all this, especially upstairs in Katies room. I send them off, and they always come back. Grrrr….


    • oh,
      Katie doesn’t think we’ve (I’ve) got any following us/me anymore and I want to keep it that way. So, upstairs I go…


    • I think last night, my time, was busy. I am whacked this morning. Tom told me, in a rush, at 11.30pm last night .. that we had an 8 foot tall dark shadow walk down the hall away from him .. and then, when he woke up this morning early (as usual) 4.30am-ish I think, there was a swirling black vortex over our bed .. on my side? I don’t see shadow people stuff, and couldn’t ‘read’ anything negative in the house either time, and I did check. Very odd. LOL

      Love & Peace
      Ama (sleepy)

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