Ghost – Hollywood vs Reality

While I know Hollywood always go over the top with films, stretching reality…

Have been told the film Ghost was very true to what people believe happens with the afterlife etc.

love to hear thoughts…

Asked by a man amongst men

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  1. Hello M.A.M

    Are we talking about ‘Ghost’ with Patrick Swayze here? If it is, the nasty things coming to get the bad man’s soul at the end is a load of rubbish.

    Can ghosts learn to move things, yes. Can they talk through people, they can, if the person allows it. Can they attach themselves to people and influence their behaviour (usually for the worst) yes. Otherwise what else were you asking about?

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama

      I’d forgotten about the ‘nasty things’ scene – LOL! Yeah! A bit of a mis-representation, I agree. However, it is my experience that when exorcising something of a demonic nature, their ‘family’ do come to take (or assist) that demon back ‘home’ – mainly so the demon doesn’t accidently take a wrong turn and go ‘upstairs’ to its proper home instead -ha!ha!

      Had a bizaar experience with just that the other week, resulting in the demonic entity actually chosing to go back to God. It was a very serene exorcism, without resistance, and the welcome it received upon its arrival back home was breathtaking – so much love. An absolutely fascinating experience …


      • AJ
        hope it was the experience that was bizare, and not the person who the spirit was attached to!! (ME)
        will be in touch soon, been stressful week


        • Hi yu Man Amongst (wo)Men …. think you’re a bit outnumbered on here – haha!

          Deffo the demon bit, not the poor soul whom it was attached to, bit.


      • Been there, AJ, seen that .. as the old saying goes. :-) How can one not believe in the wonder of Love of God, after seeing the fallen redeemed?

        Love & Peace

        • HI yu Ama

          As you know, I don’t expell too many demons, I tend to work more at gathing up the lost souls and helping them pass over to healing (typical Raphael member – always get the cushy jobs – haha!). So, this demon redemption thing was a first for me. Mind you, it was held inside a nice pink bubble for 3 days, anchored to an apple tree, until I was able to ‘work on it’ sufficiently to get it to decide to go upstairs, rather than back down. Charlie (my cat) thought it was great – he spent those 3 days ‘crying’ at the tree (a sound normally reserved for other cats) as if tormenting the thing.

          Best bit was, it came back later to say thank-you and and show me its ‘shiny new wings’. A proud day all round, I think ……..

          I did particularly like the welcome it received when it ascended. It was like the reunion of old friends. Shame some of these bible-basher types can’t get past the written scripture – they miss out on so much of Gods glory.


          • Hi AJ,

            It’s lovely how strong those pink bubbles really are, and how they can help to change the energy of anything encased in them – given they are connected to Love (heart energy). (hehe)

            And yes, they often come and say thank you. It’s then a life changing experience for both people.

            Love & peace

  2. Hi yu man amongst men

    I love that film, despite the cheesy ending!! And yes, I would say that is about 90% in line with how I peceive ghosts, the way they behave and the reasons why they are ghosts rather than moving on to where they should be, to be healed.

    I particularly loved the ‘fake medium’ who got an awful shock when she realised that her ‘fake’ gift was actually real – hahaha! Yep! That happens too!

    Obviously, the film Ghost was stylised somewhat in order to make it more interesting (the pottery wheel scene, for example, was a little OTT) but it wasn’t that far from what I believe to be the truth of it.


  3. Yeah, I think Ghost had it about 90% OK – the bad guy getting sucked down had me rolling my eyes a little ; pure Hollywood.
    The frustration value of a spirit trying to make itself known to loved ones without freaking them out too much is so true in many genuine hauntings!
    I grew up haunted by a beloved grand father as a child ( see other stories here ) and we all knew it was him – some of his ‘ hauntings’ were absolutely halarious to us! ( but not the unwary visitor who had no idea what was going on ) LOL

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