Ghost Being at Their Own Funeral?

I am wanting to hear some stories from you all about if you have seen ghost attending their own wake or showing at the funeral home.

Thank you

Asked by bella_vita

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  1. Hello Bella_Vita,

    I can say its not uncommon for it to happen, and know of other people having seen, felt, or heard, their family member at the funeral, but I’ve never actually been to a funeral myself – and I don’t intend to go to my own. LOL

    I would love some stories too.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi bella_vita

    Every funeral I’ve ever been to has had the deceased in attendance. I think they just like to see who has actually bothered to turn up to their funeral -LOL!


  3. previously ,when I had more prying to god I was able observe some wonderful and mysteriously event about deceased ghost…some particular days some familiar ghost came to see me (actually) and I saw them ,that observing was vivid but with a little fade they were like when they was alive and even with ordinary cloths they talked me and told some things but not similar speaking like us (it was like a telepathy and I understood what they want say to me but I was needy to a time and I had to thought till understood what is their purpose it was like they are guiding my mind toward a subject and when I noticed their purpose they became happy ) after a while went may I send some such meeting details in the future. these days I no succeed to see them, i think due to :
    - I’m busy to routine life jobs and hubbies (even computer and activity to internet and website )
    - I pray to god very lesser than past
    - I go to cemetery for meeting familiars deceased very less
    - I suppose due to my lazy about praying and worshiping , mighty god has taken that intuition of me and I apologize him and hope carry transfer me to his good slave list.

    • hey Manns

      I don’t think God has taken that gift away from you – maybe put it on ‘hold’ for a bit because you may be finding it too much of a ‘burden’ at the moment – but, not taken it away.

      I tend to get periods of quiet …….. we need it to recharge our energy, regroup, and to stop us going mad! LOL!

      And as for praying / worshipping – you don’t need to sink to your knees, clasp your hands together and make a dramatic statement, in order to pray to or praise God. I often just think a little ‘thank you’ or “ponder at his Glory” whilst doing other things – like food shopping (going back to the chocolate again – hehehe!) or working, typing posts on here, or watching the tv. So long as God is on your mind – and I truly believe you are a very spiritual chap – then God knows you love Him too.


      • Did I type ‘chap’?? Yikes! So sorry Manns – just changed your gender. Meant chappess – tut!


        • Hello A.J

          First off, you yourself are chapess …LOL…. didn’t you really know that I am a man or your purpose was a psychic assaulting ?

          • LOL!!

            Well – I always ‘imagined’ you to be a man, but then you used the word “hubbies” which I thought you meant “hubby” (abv. husband). I got very confused … LOL!

            Sorry … again …


        • Tut! ,but I see your nose became longer A.J ……

          • LOL! Just call me Pinoccio …

            But then – if I were right all the time, I’d have won the Euro Lottery by now ………….. hahaha!


    • LOL Manss,

      I’ll go on your good ‘slave’ list too. The word you want is ‘servant’. I am definitely a servant of God. LOL I hope you don’t mind that I got the giggles over the ‘slave’ word. :-( I don’t think you will. :-)

      I agree with AJ, that the ‘real world’ activities can disconnect us, for a time, from the other world things we sense, and I too have ‘quiet’ times .. thank goodness. I used to worry I had shut myself off somehow, or had it done to me, but the gifts always come back when I need them.

      And I also agree we don’t need to sink down on our knees to God .. I tend to talk to him/her all day, whatever I am doing. And I try to always remember to say thank you – specifically – for everything I do, and am, can do, and have. We are all so blessed.

      Speaking of ‘can do’ .. follow me over to the ghost story question and I’ll tell you what happened to someone else just yesteday. //

      Love & Peace

  4. I’ve had it happen last year. My dad died and my nefew saw him and didn’t believe he was dead. It’s sort of normal for a 5 year old boy to not understand but I do believe he did see him and I felt the something was in the room with us as well. That following week we would hear stuff like the shower etc. My dad didn’t know he was dead for about a month or so I think and it seemed like he did his routine as if he were alive. Than one night he apologized to my mom for dying. He’s still around but is much more quiet and I think he moved on but sticks around to see if things are alright from time to time.

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