Frightening Nightmare Something of Concern?

I had a frightening nightmare last night and I remember that I was in the bed with my ex-partner (Been separated for approx. 3 months). I had just returned from some kind of festival by myself. We woke from our sleep because there was loud stomping at the end of our bed. We couldn’t see anything and neither of us could scream. I realized that I was slowly getting pulled out of the bed by my leg, by something I couldn’t see. After struggling I woke up and naturally moved quickly to the opposite side of the bed and just as I finished moving the alarm went off for work.

I haven’t had a dream like this before or even a nightmare for a very long time. Is it something of concern?

Asked by Matt

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  1. Hi Matt,

    If it happens again I would consider having your house cleared, or bless, whichever you think most appropriate. Otherwise, do you watch horror movies? They can sometimes influence our dreams, as can what we read, and watch on tv.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under “Friends” – Victorian Paranormal Connection).

  2. pretty scary dream are you sure it wasn’t a Out of Body experience? pray put on a cross. let us know if something else happens. sounds like some evil force was pulling on your legs and not letting you scream. Maybe this force split you and your spouse up. sometime the enemy likes it when marriages break up. This dream is showing you that. Some evil force is tormenting both of you in your dreams. Put up religious thing like the bible, Jesus candles. pray to Jesus to call up Michael the Archangel for help.

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