Faces and Images Appearing on Walls Floors and Doors

Hi maybe someone can clarify what I am seeing,

In the last 5 years I have been experiencing something unusual. I have lived in two homes and during this time in both homes I have been seeing faces of people appearing on the walls, floors and doors.

Some full figured, some scary looking, but mainly faces that you would see in normal life. For instance a full figured man with what looks like a sack over his head and a spiritual man which seemed to be wearing a robe and holding a bible, which is strange considering I don’t follow any religion.

What could this be?

Asked by Paul

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  1. you are seeing paranormal activity. research the two houses you are experiencing this activity in. You must be able to see spiritual activity. put on a cross for protection. A cross protects you against any evil activity. Since you do not practice any religion these ghosts may come at you harder. I would talk to a priest if it gets real bad. Even try to say the name Jesus protect me if you see these things. I know it is frightening my daughter see things like what you see all the time. She sees a demon in the woods trying to get into my house. It whispers in her ear when she is outside. It whispers Latin. or says sit down. She is pretty active kid. She sees spirits all the time. I tell her to ignore them. they frighten her.

    • that just sounds Scary Too, like most stuff on this site does.
      so, If I’m Not Into Church, then the Evil Things will get me more?!
      I thought It was just the Opposite of That! that if You Are Into God, that the
      Evil Things hate You More?! i’m a Non Church Going Methodist…uh oh!

  2. Hi Paul,

    I like to eliminate the usual before looking at the unusual, so I have questions.

    Are you a medium? Are you an artist? Do you have a good imagination? There’s a gift most people have called matrixing. That is when our brain tries to make shapes and patterns fit themselves into common images, such as making a face appear from scratches on wood that look like two eyes and a nose .. we subconsciously go looking for a mouth.

    That being said – is anything paranormal actually happening around you, apart from seeing the faces? Do you hear voices talking just out of your hearing, or are things moving around? Do you hear footsteps when no one is walking about? Does the tv do strange things, like turn itself on or off? Do you have disturbed dreams? Cold spots in the house? Or were any of these happening in the other house? Do you have the same faces in this house that you had in the other? Are the faces there all the time, or do they come and go?

    I see ghosts, spirits, elementals, demons and angels, so I am not disbelieving that you are seeing figures, I am simply looking for possible sources.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra – listed here under Friends.

  3. paul this thing has happend to me once. I was on a school trip with my friends in a place called borva we stayed there for two days. Girls and boys had seperate domes in the hotel thing, and the boys came down screaming to us saying things that have happend to them in an attick bedroom they were in. They all hocked pinky fingers and said ‘are there any ghost, spirits, or pontaguice if their is please give us a sound, sign, or movement’ and one of the boys suitcase zips spun around in circles and when the boys looked it stopped they tols us about it so me and my friends tryed it and i blinked and saw a huge mans face on our door i ran out screaming, my class mates came out of their rooms askin whats wrong i told them they tried it and my two other friends said they layed down so nothing would come up behind them. They tried that and they saw a man walking towards them :S… could this man be the most haunted ghost of borva :O…. this is no lie a true story.. u may think i’m lying but trust me… I’M NOT xxxx

  4. ok well im a medium ive always been this way get help because it is malevolent and can hurt you even if you don’t think it can your story scares me because the more thay or i should say it shows its self the stronger it gets if your religious ask for help by your spiritual leader and ask what they can do

  5. Paul, I lived in a house that had a lot of things going on when I was a boy. Amoung them seven faces that appeared overnight in a new addition. Being only twelve at the time it was a little scary. Before this happened things would go missing as they were being used, scissors,hammers, pens. Only to be found days or weeks later, and in unusual places. We would find our little dog outside when we got up some mornings as if someone had let her out in the night. Whishpers and voices were often heard. As well a member of the family was struck in the face while sleeping. Small peices of coal would fall out of the ceiling in one room.
    My mother dug into the history of the house and found a man who had once owned it had been hit by a train on his way home. That the previous owner had exsperianced a fire that originated in the basement,{a place I always hated}. As well as the people who bought the house from us were nearly gased to death when a gas leak started in that same area of the basement.
    All I can say is if you have exsperianced any of these other things leave as fast as you can.

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