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Okay so to start I want to give just a little bit of back ground. I have been on this site before talking of ghost dogs and the hat man and some other stories I have posted. I still sleep at the same house where the hat man and dog shown them self’s. Well just a few days ago I felt compelled to record my upstairs for that seems where most paranormal sounds occur so I have a 10 minute tape I can hear people outside everything clear to say what’s what.

In the back ground you can clearly hear a little boy ask “who are you?” I have come to reality that there are many spirits in my house. My questions who was he talking to I walked down stairs at the beginning of the recording.

My thoughts of one possibility it can be a demon trying to attract me since dogs to kids? I have problems sleeping because I get tormented at night and during the day. Since the other day I had a sensation like death was over me. I had a vision I was in a desert sand burning so bad I was numb to the pain and it felt like I was being skinned and I couldn’t feel pain because I was trapped. But yet he wanted to talk with me I remember have a dream had to do with that that night.

My questions why ask who are you when I’m not there and then this happen? Any thoughts?

Asked by mike

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  1. Hello Mike,

    Why do you assume the ghost was talking to you? Since you were not in the room with the recorder at the time, its unlikely .. and it being demonic .. I doubt it. Children become ghosts too. You said the house has many ghosts in it .. perhaps one ghost was asking another ghost who they are?

    You wrote: My thoughts of one possibility it can be a demon trying to attract me since dogs to kids?

    I don’t understand the end of this sentence? dogs to kids?

    What are you tormented by, and how does it happen?

    A sense of death could simply be the ghost who died in the desert in such a horrible way. Many ghosts choose to share how they died with me, before I cross them over. You could be sensing his pain and fear. It’s very sad. But again, its not demonic. And him wanting to talk to you is not surprising, because when you give a ghost your attention you are also feeding it your energy. And they need our energy to continue their unnatural existence on this plane.

    Might I suggest the Michael Invocation to clear you of unwanted entities, and then your house. You could use a good night’s sleep .. so could I. LOL


    the instructions are on the page.

    Any problems or questions, you can contact me here, or through links on my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • I did think that he could of been talking to a diffrent spirit and i didnt rule it out as a possiabilty. but my thinking on why he could of been talking to me because i have spoke to him with out the recorder. i didnt hear voices but they or he would act up and do something on comand. he could of had seen me put the recorder there. the demonic thing might not be that boy but i do know there is something of that nature in here. when i start seeing these shadows walking around it is usaully a man with a hat and one other i can feel old age off of. meaning the vibe, well i get these head ache’s sometimes they get so bad it feels like my head is on fire. but its wierd because its not like blazing but calm hot flames. and i have visions of things they happen in the snap of a finger. but i seen and know it all i just cant explain it to the next morning because i relived the whole things in my dreams when i do sleep. a couple of mornings i woke up being surrounded by many things. rembering struggling to try and get up or try to say something well trying to fight i rembered feel like i got hit it was from my stomach all the way up. then i talked but i cant say what i said here. then i was put back to sleep. i could go on about what torments me but i think i have said enough for now.

      you said you didnt understand when i said dogs to kids im sorry but i was trying to say could it be a demon trying to take shape of something a person could attact to. basically fall into a trap because i have seen this dog. i wrote something of it before but then to the kid that resemble’s me kind of as a boy. when my problems got to bad and i lost my self at that point.

      you also say that what i see and then dream can be the memory of a spirit? it could bring the feeling of death with it and what it felt at that time. i can agree with that but since i have been close to death and from what i seen a couple of times when i think i really did die. do you think thats why my self kind of feels dead again? if you can understand that im still trying to explain it to myself fully.

      • It’s more likely he was talking to someone in the room with him, otherwise you might have misunderstood the message, given you were not in the room at the time. Depending on the age of the ghost (how long dead) he might not have even recognised what a recorder is .. unless you explained what it was to him?

        The headaches .. when an entity drains a lot of your life force, or you give it away unconsciously, you can get the most hideous headaches. I know this. I’ve done it.

        Yes, a demon might appear as a phantom dog, but it cannot hide its true nature, so you would not be attracted to the dog, anymore than you would be to the demon.

        You died? What happened to cause that? That might have opened up your gifts to see ghosts .. and ghost are attracted to people who share their same beliefs, fears, phobias, and experiences, such as traumatic deaths. There are non-human entities out there that haunt people, but they mostly just do it to scare them. They feed off the energy we produce.

        And yes, the ghosts will bring the feeling of their death .. to drain out of life .. with them, and a person will experience this feeling, if they are able to, or if the ghost triggers the feeling of a person’s own death again.

        In all those cases – I’ll do what I usually do when someone is haunted. We have this Invocation that changes the energy of a person and removes from them all sorts of entities and problems that interfere in them getting on with their normal lives. //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ The instructiosn on how to use it are on the webpage, and you can ask me whatever questions you want to. We have used this Invocation successfully over the past 15+ years, all over the world. It’s very effective. First say it for yourself, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not house). Then tell me how you feel.

        If spirits are visiting you, you will still hear them on EVPs, what it removes is troublesome ghosts and other nasty beings. I do recommend it. Do it for yourself and then tell me how you feel .. and then we can discuss what your psychic gifts have become?

        Love & Peace

        • i have explained the recorder to diffrent ghost before maybe he seen it. but as the days go on i do believe what you said that more than likely the message wasnt for me. the compeling feeling to have start it there and just walk away it just seemed diffrent.

          one of the death’s that i believe i died i had just turned 18 years old and everything leading up to why was i guess to much for me to handle. i was attempting to commit suicide for going on the 15th time now. i used pills and other bad mix’s of medicine’s well it had worked. i had seen things but it wasnt just the site it was the feel of where i was. the nature at complete peace. what all happened i dont want to get to deep into but that is when everything started coming back to me.

          i will try it and see what it can do, i have good faith anyway it works out. but that leads to my next question, can someone else say it even know there here because of me?

          i have a bad history with saying those kinds of things

          • Hi Mike,

            I’m a spirit rescuer and demonologist, btw. The link to my webpages is on the right under the section called ‘Friends’. Go and read the pages, they might help you understand things a bit more.

            Are you asking if the ghosts are around you because of what happened to you? Since ghosts are around all the time, and everyone, most people just generally can’t see them or experience what they get up to, it might be possible some of them are there because of what happened to you, but .. they could also just like your energy because of how you feel about yourself, as I said in the other answer.

            Please use the Invocation to empty out your house. If more ghosts turn up, you might be able to get better answers about ‘why’ they are around you when you question them, if you continue to use EVPS.

            If I misunderstood what you were asking, could be please explain a bit more clearly.

            Love & Peace

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