Dreams that Happen the Next Day?

What does it mean when you have dreams about something in the future and it happens sometimes the very next day? I have these a lot. and also what does it mean when you have a dream about someone who has passed away and they talk to you and then after sometimes what they say happens or is true? I have both dreams a lot and I don’t know why.

Asked by Brittany

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  1. The women of my family (going back generations) have had dreams like you are describing. We have learned to distinguish them from a normal dream. We call them visions and have learned to respect and trust them.

    • ok so its sort of seeing your life before your eyes but as a dream

      • I’ve had nightmares since I was 8 and am now 32, they’re always bad and are there every night, a few times I have dreamed about bad things that have just taken place that day without even knowing that was even a possibility. I grew up in a haunted house, I guess that’s the easiest way of putting that, and that is where my dreams started, they were so bad our family doctor told my parents to move, in fact in a lot of the pictures of myself there was always something in the background.. Yes I did see things in the house and my mother, years down the road, told me she had also experienced weird things in the house. In a nut shell that’s what my issue is but my question is can I do something about this and what does all of this even mean????

        • Hi Jessica,

          My name is Ama and I am listed on this site under Friends, up on the right.

          Can we stop bad dreams, it depends on what is causing them. First I suggest you use the Michael Invocation to clear anything unfriendly from your energy, and then use it again to clear your house.


          Then learn some house shields and personal energy shields to wrap around you at night .. and see if that improves your sleeping patterns. You might have to help yourself relax before sleeping, so warm milk is good. I also use a natural remedy called ‘valerian’, it relaxes most people on the night’s my mind is running too fast for good sleep.


          Also, your mind is used to certain patterns of dreaming, so it might take a few days for things to calm down, but they will .. if the dreams are caused by outside entities. Sometimes ghosts, if they want my attention, will invade my dreams with their memories, which can be nightmares .. but I have learned to separate my ‘dreams’ from their ‘energy’ so it doesn’t take long to tell the difference.

          If your dreams are caused by your own painful experiences, fears and phobias, counselling will help, if you let it. That has to be your decision. Start with the invocation and see how things go.

          Love & Peace
          Ama Nazra

  2. Hi Brittany,

    It means you are clairvoyant and have prophetic dreams – prophetic (prophecy) means being able to see the future – and that is what clair (clear) voyant (vision) people do.

    It is a gift, it can sometimes hurt, because you will see things that are very sad, but it is a gift.

    I’m clairvoyant too. As an adult I use my gift to help others find their way in life, when they are troubled.

    Love & Peace

    • i have the same thing but what if it stops what does that mean why did it stop

      • Hello Anonymous,

        What if what stops? The clairvoyant gift? How much stress are you under? That can have a huge effect on our ability to do anything psychic, in a positive or negative way. How much do you NOT want to ‘see’ things? We can turn it off, with a bit of a struggle. It is a gift, and we can choose not to have it anymore.

        Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama,
      I have these dreams also. I am able to remember dreams from when i was just little kid. And i remember just thinking every day that somethin is going to happen and i know what. Now that i’m older and can still feel that but it usually takes me a while to figue out what just happened. Like for an example; past night i dreamt of me in class having a conversation with a friend and the next morning it was the exact same friend and exact same conversation, but it took me like five minutes to realize that i’ve been through this before. Also when i’m able to catch my dream in real life i try to change it to see what would happen but it always just plays out like my dream, like my mind knew exactly what i was going to do 5 hours before actually doing it.
      Thank you for your time,

      • Precognitive dreams can ‘be’ as simple as you describe them, Briar, or get quite confusing. I recommend to everyone to keep a dream book, and write everything you remember the moment you wake up, before getting out of bed. Then you can check back and see how much of what happened really ‘was’ part of your dream. It also helps you to develop the gift.

        Love & Peace

  3. Hmmm~ You know? The spirits of the dead person can contact you through dreams. ^_^ I hope you learn to listen to every word that they said to you carefully. They might help you to prepare for the future.

  4. I’ve only had dreams come true a couple of times before and it was always an event that was very personal and emotional for me.. It never came true the next day, it would be months or years before the dream came to pass. It’s funny cause I remember that those dreams only came to me after floating in timeless, nothingness first. I had no body, no thoughts, no sights; nothing.. I was just there in blackness and then.. I don’t know.. I sort of became conscious my self being in nothing and then the scene just sort of materialized in front of me as colors spiraling outwards and then opened in the center to reveal the ‘vision’.. The last time it happened to me, it was like watching a movie scene and then it was over as fast as it started and I was aware of myself floating away from it into a sort of nothingness again only there was colors still swirling around me and I had my thoughts.. I remember wondering how the things I just saw could be true considering how my life was at that point. I was floating there contemplating it for some time, I remember that as clearly as I remember the dream (well once the memory was triggered again that is) I couldn’t remember the dream when I woke up, I have trouble recalling my dreams in the morning. I forgot it for years until it happened and then I remembered that I had had the dream, and the thoughts i had about it in the nothingness. It wasn’t de ja vu, it was entirely different but I do get that all the time too. Does that mean I’m prophetic/clairvoyant or maybe was prophetic in the past?? I’d love to be able to enhance the abilities if I could. Perhaps I’m just too in touch with ‘reality’ to be in touch with my subconscious self? Do you guys have to do anything to maintain your abilities or does it just happen to you of it’s own accord?

    • similar things happen to its very strange i would just leave it be.

  5. Hi ChronicMidori,

    You get a sense of deja vu all the time?

    A gift generally means its something you have and do, not something you have learned. You can go to training classes for mediumship, but I haven’t heard of any training groups for prophets. If anyone has that would be interesting??

    Having one prophetic dream doesn’t make you a prophet. We all have the capacity to do that when its very important for us to ‘see’ or remember something when the dream becomes reality. Think about what stood out for you when that happened – what was most important, and that is probably why you had to ‘dream’ the event before it happened, or .. you could have been laying the foundations for the event to happen in your life by having the dream.

    The other thought is that our spirits leave our bodies when we sleep, and we go to places we intend to visit, to have a look around, particularly when we are focused on the event (eg a job interview or visiting a place we haven’t been before, like my trip to China). This can cause a sensation of deja vu when we go there ‘in reality’, whenever that might be.

    If you think you might have clairvoyant gifts, or prophetic ones, keep a diary and start writing down everything in it that you think might be related to them. Date them and write the time, so that you can check back later .. and it might be years later, as you know. You’ll soon find out if you are gifted.

    Love & Peace

    • Im a black lady who is also dreaming and in few weeks my dreams happen exactly as i dreamt them its been years now that this is happening 2 me.and in my culture everyone believes that it is a calling from the ancestors and i should become a traditional healer aka sangoma.its hard for me because i don’t know what 2 believe anymore

      • Hi Anonymous,

        My advice is follow your heart. If you are not sure you want to become a sangoma then don’t. If it is supposed to happen things will fall into place. It is not something to struggle to become. You have to have your whole heart in it.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (here under Friends on the right)

      • To be honest my house is buried over a grave with a mother and a little girl that both died from small pox and a gangster that was believed to have been killed by Alcapone ( famous chicago gangster from the 1920-1930′s) and one time i believe i saw the victim
        run around my bedroom and he actualy jabbed or poked me in the chest.

        • Both my parents hav expirienced this for ex: toys go off, talking, shadows, pets sometimes act wierd, mother and daughter appear in photos of parties and actually when my brother was getting baptised there was a picture taken and the victim of alcapone was in it and my dad doesnt know what to believe my mom and i believe it though and i was wandering if any of u hav advice.

          • Advice about what, Robo? If your home is haunted you could arrange for the minister of your local church to come in and bless it and clear the ghosts into heaven, or you could have a medium who specialises in spirit rescue (ghostbusting) come in and do the same .. that is not a paranormal investigator, but someone who cares about people who have died … or you could use this Invocation to clear the house, or your parents could

            //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ The instructions are on the page. Any questions you can ask me here, or write to me from the email links on the webpage.

            Love & Peace

  6. I totally agree with you mam(ama)……even i can see future through my dreams nd whenevr i try to hide myself frm d future i saw…….my dreams get true sumhow…….but i prefer it as a curse upon me as wen i see d future i fgot d present nd thnk bout d future….

  7. Hi $harvi,

    You are right, its better to stay here in the present .. safer too. I sometimes have ‘visions’ of things as I walk down the street. I stop the minute they start, safer than walking under a car when I am not paying attention to my surroundings.

    Might I suggest, next time it happens for you, that you immediately stamp your feet. I know that might sound a bit odd, but its a good, quick, way of bringing your attention back into this world, this ‘here and now’. It is also very ‘grounding’ for your energy .. your feet literally stamping the ground. In metaphysical terms it brings your spirit straight back down into your body, where it is supposed to be.

    I hope all your visions are good ones,
    Love & Peace

    • hello Ama,
      I have a question that has somewhat to do with this and I could never find the clear answer on It but anyways. I have dreams that a family member, celebrity, etc. passes away and It usually happens. I never know a specific time when they will pass away but I sometimes know how. Like a few years before Michael jackson passed away i had a dream he died from cardiac arrest then about a year later he died. And numerous times these dreams occur. My mom even told me that i used to tell her things that happend when i was inside her womb. im currently 15 and The dreams happen less often but i was wondering if you could give me an idea of what this is? It would be greatly apperciated! :D


      • Hello Jessica,

        The gift of clairvoyance is not always easy. Often we can see things we don’t really want to. At fifteen, I think you should be focusing on school, sport and having fun, IMHO. It is likely that the more you get involved with ‘life’,the more your gift will decrease. If you are supposed to use it as an adult, it will come back.

        Clairvoyance (clair=clear, voyance=vision) is the gift of seeing the future. Often people will be able to also see the past, or things that happen in the current moment. Some people, as you seem to, see things in dreams. Keep a dream diary beside your bed, with a pen. Each morning, as soon as you wake up .. before you get out of bed .. write down what you remember from your dreams. Date the record. Our minds are very good at taking what we think we remember and giving it a twist to suit current circumstances. By writing it down you fix it in time and place. You may find the results utterly fascinating when you look back at them.

        Love & Peace

  8. Thanks for the response Ama. I think I got a little ahead of myself and worded my question wrong. I don’t really think I am a prophet, that was more intended for humor.. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘sensitive’ or ‘intuitive’ to such things. I have a knack for finding missing items, have de ja vu all the time and I’m pretty good at guessing what others are thinking or who’s on the phone when it rings, that kinda thing. Yet I never really considered myself ‘gifted’ I’ve always had to earn what I have in my life. I do see what your saying about that, but I think we interpret the topic differently… Basically what I meant was that when I was younger I seemed to be even more sensitive to the paranormal. I used to have metaphorical dreams all the time (and the prophetic dreams I had actually happened 3 times not just once) and I even had an astral projection experience (before I ever heard the term for it). Yet now I feel like growing up and dealing with life’s social standards has sort of closed off that stronger connection I had. I have dreams still but I can’t remember anything about them except fragments. More or less I was wondering if you practice meditation or something to achieve a different state of mind for your abilities to work more potently. However, if you believe they are granted then my question doesn’t really apply. I always saw it as some people have a better connection to the wired than others do. No matter, it’s all just another shade of gray in the end.

    Thank you for your perspective. :)

  9. Hi ChronicMidori

    Meditation might help you reconnect, if you really want to. And yes, as we grow more into the ‘real’ world, we usually end up cloaking some of our psychic senses, not losing them .. just disconnecting from them for a while, if not forever.

    Try it. Remember to keep it simple. Also remember to protect yourself before each session. And see what happens.

    Love & Peace

  10. i hope u r right mam…….coz i nevr wanted anything like that……i just wanna live my present….. and to help me my frnds Rhythm an Akanksha are always there……(they both are elder than me and are quite experienced through my wierd actions or activities when i see anythn like that….)
    thank tou mam……

  11. ama, i am very young but i hav these dreams every nite… They happen anywhere from the next day to three years later… i hav seen deaths of relatives, (wen i was four i saw my grandfather hav i heartattack in the room next to me in a dream) Ive dreamt of most wanted criminals being shot, for example, i had a dream that osama bin laden was shot in the head and torso 1 week before it happend and many more things, though some not very important. im scared

  12. Hi Foxy,

    Being clairvoyant is not always fun, but it is a gift, when you learn how to use it. Some people, like you, see the sad things, or the frightening. Do you see happy events as well? It’s very easy to focus on the negative. We have to train our minds, and our hearts, to look for the good in things.

    What I do when I ‘see’ something negative is I negate it .. I say ‘No, its not going to happen’. Now that might not change the outcome, but at least my denial might help change a situation. I don’t dwell (worry) on what I saw, I go and do something happy and positive.

    Other than that, keep a diary. Write down all your dreams as soon as you wake up. Look for the happy stuff. It will be there too. You might see it more clearly when you read back through the book later.

    Love & peace

  13. as I replied before in another post some dreams called ” true dreams ” . in such dream may you dreamt an occurence that may be happened same in the future.

  14. i am 17 yrs old and i have been haveing dreams like this since i can remember but i dont think i,m a prohet or whatever, my dreams are like this, i will have a dream about me being sumwhere, then its like it switches over to something that i,ll be the next couple of days, last night i had a dream i was on a boat and i got shot , then it switched over to me typing a message to someone on my facebook that said ” i have to get my son to sleep , i,ll brb” an i really did type that to my cousin just a fuew mins ago and i just realized that i did, i dont no if this is normal or what but its hard to explain to anyone what im talking about they think i,m crazy.

  15. Hi Aleah,

    You are not crazy. You are precognitive .. which means that you know things before they happen .. sometimes. That doesn’t make you a prophet.

    BTW, how many times have you written that message to your family or friends? Having just dreamed it, you will have a sense of deja vu when it happened, but if you watch you’ll see you do it a lot.

    My advice is to keep a dream diary beside your bed, and each morning write down anything you remember in it .. and watch for repeat dreams, and interesting patterns (dreams with the same themes). You’ll learn a lot about yourself that way.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  16. I can relate to a lot of these situations. Most of my life I have been dreaming things that would come true, if it was the next day or years from that time. I always brushed it off, thought it a little creepy, but didn’t want people to think I was weird. I also happen to be a twin, and when we were about 27 I found out we had been having the same dream since we were small children. Really creepy!! When I was married, I dreamed my husband was going to go to war, and he would fall in love with another woman and leave me. I thought this was crazy and wondered why I would dream such nonsence that hurt me so bad. Years later, he ended up going overseas to war, fell in love with another woman, and left our family. How odd was that! Alot of times I’ll say something out of the blue, and people look at me like I’m strange, but somebody else will know excately what I’m talking about when I don’t even know what I’m talking about. When I was younger, I use to hear whisphers in my ear. I couldnt really understand what they were saying, but they didn’t scare me. They seemed like they were watching over me. I have had dreams where I went to Heaven and all the angels greated me smiling and very happy to see me, and then my brother (who died when i was 5) stepped out and walked up to me to let me know he was ok and happy. It didnt feel like a regular dream. I’ve had so many weird dreams, dreams of the future, dreams warning me of things to happen, warning me to stay away from certain people, and dreams where (angels i describe them) were comforting me and telling me what to expect. I can sometimes walk into a room and without knowing it, i’ll go into a blank state and turn and tell someone what they need or is looking for, without knowing they were looking for anything. So am I just weird or what???

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Your gift is also clairvoyance (seeing the future) and also clairaudience (being able to hear spirit beings). Do you share thoughts as well as dreams with your twin? That is telepathy (thoughts). My daughter is not a twin, but she is telepathic. She can read thoughts from people’s minds, and often, at work, she would get something from the cupboard for them that they had only just thought they wanted. It used to freak out the people, but she would just giggle. :-)

      And yes, the angels, and our family in spirit, watch over us. They love us very much.

      Weird is good, in my opinion. I wouldn’t be any other way.

      Love & Peace
      Ama (listed here under Friends)

  17. I am 12 and i have what i call future dreams.I had a dream that i was playing with my little sister and a few weeks later it happened and once i realized it it freaked me out.These dreams have somewhat dissapeared more and more and as of now i dont have them anymore.I thought i was crazy because noone believed me,but atleast i know i am not the only one

  18. please coment back

  19. Hi Braden,

    No, you are not crazy. Your gift is called ‘clairvoyance’ and allows you to touch the future through your dreams. If you start dreaming again, and you don’t like what you see, immediately upon waking, decide it can never possibly happen. Deny it. Since ‘energy follow thought’ (an old metaphysical teaching) I believe we can influence the future through our choices. Don’t expect the dreams to come back. It might have simply been something you needed to do during the time of your life when it happened.

    Love & Peace

  20. I lost my beloved pet 2 years ago. Buster a peekapoo, he was 16 when he passes. I have no children he was so much my baby. I dream of him often. And in my dreams I am sofly saying Buster Buster Buster, and I find him somewhere and he is giving me kisses and so happy to see me. What do you think this means. I now have a new dog, he is good, I have had him a year. But I so miss my Buster. Maybe the dreams are coming because it is close to the date he passed, 9 days, it was Aug. 5th. I am confused and do love dreaming of him, but as I stated I just don’t understand.

    • Hi Marsha,

      It could be a message from Buster that he’s very well and happy now, and wants the same for you. It could be that you are grieving and giving yourself dreams to help heal your loss. In either case, let them soothe you and comfort you. I really do believe our pets wait for us in their heaven, and that we see them once we cross over.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (here under Friends).

  21. I am 13 and i see the future in some of my dreams and when i have nightmares it freaks me out because i dont know if that is going to happen so i have a question can nightmares be clairvoyent

  22. Hi Tyler,

    Dreams are made up of the things we see during the day, the stuff we watch on tv and at the movies, the books we read, and newspapers and magazines, and comics and things we hear around us from all those sources and snatches of conversation that attract our attention, even for a moment, during our lives .. and its from the moment we are born right up to today, and continues into the future. Which is why we should be very careful about what we give our attention to!

    Clairvoyant dreams see the future, and are usually very precise, and often include symbolism we easily understand, not just day to day things. In that case some of the images we see can be very frightening, but when analysed through a good dream symbol book .. they can turn out to tell a whole different story.

    Would you like to share your dream with me, so that we can see what it ‘might’ mean?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

    • I didnt have a nightmare it was just a question for if i do have one

      • Well, that is good to know, Tyler, and I hope it never happens for you. :-)

        Love & Peace

  23. Dear AMA mam,
    In our relegion people say that if u have seen death of someone known that person will have a long life….
    But i have some totally diffrent case.My dreams some how come true.and i know that….

    Whenever i sleep,i feel so scared…To see a nytmare.

    What should i believe?? my visions or my relegion…????

  24. Hello Sarah,

    Some people get visions of the future Sarah .. I’m one of them. I have learned to trust what I ‘see’. I am going to tell you to trust your experiences, for religion is man-made in my opinion, and we don’t know the truth of all of it, some people just think their religion is the unerring wishes of God.

    What happens in your dreams that are so frightening?

    Love & Peace

  25. im 13 and i whould go to sleep and have a dream and it whoud happen the next day so i askt my mom and dad if anybody can see the future because i whould go to sleep and have a dream and it whould happen the next day. and you know how how you sometimes cant rember your dreams? well the net day i could not find my home work the almost like a flash back i saw in my flash back it sitting in the back of my binder.so i lookt back and there it was

    and me and my mom were walking out of walmart and it was befor the things where you walk out the alarms and befor we walkt out i senced it so we walkt thrue and it went off and my feeling was right i want to be able to see vesions during the day but i dont know how any ideas?

    • Hi Shi,

      Believe in yourself and that you can see the future, keeping practising and keep a diary to record what you see and sense .. best advice in the world. You have a gift. Our gifts expand with practise and belief.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  26. mam,
    i saw a dream dat my grandma and sister have met with a car crash…
    and they are the people i love the most so in any case i dont wanna loose them…
    what should i do or believe…???

    • it is not mean that they will death.

      • Right Manss,

        It doesn’t mean they people will die. Death, in a dream, can also mean a complete change in a person’s life.

        Love & Peace

        • yes Ama , and thank you for your correct sentence : ( it doesn’t mean they people will die ) and I had written : ( it is not mean that they will death – ” and this sentence completely is incorrect “) because I have not exercised English for a month or more in this website and other

          • Hi Manss,

            I was wondering where you were. :-) Your sentence was just fine, except for the ‘death’ at the end. Come practise with us more often. :-)

            I hope life is wonderful,
            Love & Peace

          • In prior absence I had gone to a trip (about 15 day) and in recent absence I became a bit uninterested to talk ( no about this website rather about all – I think it had a psychical cause like some depressing or similar but recently when I received a respond from trueghosttales in my mail box it became a motive return to site for some discussion ) that’s right Ama , whatever my English has improved it had been due to some conversation here because except trueghosttales I go to other English websites forum very seldom as those are very busy and populous and I feel I loss there but The trueghosttales is a website which I choose it because it is a quiet and mild place for discussion.

          • Hello Manss,

            You ‘have’ been busy. I am glad you have recovered from your need for quiet .. can’t say we are all that quiet around here, once we get started. I have times like that too, when I just want to hide from the world and not talk. It’s so unusual that my family makes (kind) jokes about it. :-) And .. I have the orchard here, where I can go and spend time with the trees. It’s a very healing activity. I recommend trees to everyone.

            I am sorry the English forums can be rude. It is so unnecessary to act that way. It takes very little to be loving to people, and .. in a right world .. we get that kindness returned to us.

            I think TGT has a wonder group of people ‘reading’ and writing here. We come from many different walks of life, and its good to learn from each other.

            Here’s a hug from Australia (HUG)
            Love & Peace

          • Yes and No , yes means : I confirm most of your talk and advise . No means : The English website forums haven’t rudely intention and purports all , but I told there are many person write everything about everywhere without one aim and one theme. Most of them are very young and inexperience and talk about usual and daily subjects and if talk about paranormal ,their article is very low and childlike and it make me tired and weary (at least the websites which I refer to those randomly ) . The most of Trueghosttales Authors are adult , sober , studier, and understander about paranormal themes .most of them have some experience about paranormal happening ( except a few kids which make up some story …LOL) . Beside, trueghosttales has a regular program without messy subjects and fast changing. this make it like a book with regular sheets and themes therefore I don’t loss between various subjects and mass. Anyway this website make me more happy than other.
            Ama I haven’t individual garden but when I become heartsick drive in lonely roads see nature and think calmly what you do and what I do is similar and its result is obtaining happiness.

          • Hi Manss,

            I agree those forums can be very hard to follow. And they are covered in children, and often very stupid comments. More than half of them can’t write english very well, or speak it, and they are from english speaking countries.

            I think TGT is good too. We have our moments, and our mischief, but generally the people care about each other, and about accurate information.

            I’m glad you don’t get lost here .. I’ll confess, sometimes I do! I will write a message, and then come back an hour later wondering if it was the right message for the right question site because my mind is telling me I got it wrong. LOL

            I think we find peace the same way too, Manss. I’m sorry you don’t have a garden. Mine is very weedy at the moment, thanks to not wanting to get wet from kneeling on the ground to clear the garden beds .. or doing it in the rain. We have some sunshine right now, second day in a row, but rain is expected again this afternoon. I hope the weathermen are wrong .. again. LOL

            Have a lovely day,
            Love & Peace

    • Hi Sarah,

      Lots of people dream something sad or awful is going to happen to people they love when they are worried about something. What I do, when it happens to me, is wake up and say NO, ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Do it with intensity. Deny (say no) to the very thought of it. I call it ‘negating the energy’. And then don’t worry about it anymore.

      Love & Peace

    • I don’t think dreams about death are literal. It could mean tons of different things…and I think if we analyze them enough, we can usually decipher the true meaning.

      On a really weird side note, I rarely have dreams about death but, the two I can remember most vividly happened right before I found out I was pregnant with both of my children. So I tend to think that in my case, they deal with one chapter of my life coming to a close in order to prepare for a new one. I think it was my brains way of saying “hey lady, you’re pregnant! make a doctor’s appointment!” lol. Whether or not that’s true…I have no idea but, it seems to be a logical explanation.

      • Sounds logical to me too, Diana. We are a weird bunch. LOL

        Love & Peace

  27. i am 15 and my situation is in the past year or so I’ve started to see things I recall I saw before in a dream, but very often like twice a month or more! But there from dreams several years or months ago but I forgot about the dream until I see it for real. I don’t remember the vision until it happens. some of my dreams are clear but some are blurred. in one dream, many things happen and form one situation it changes to another like i was in my house doing working then it changes to another place and im doing something else. what does this mean? what is its effects on me? can i control it?

  28. hi i’m 15 and i’m having dreams that came true. i will dream of something and it will happen after 1 month or two months. every detail in my dream comes true even the words and actions done. some of my dreams are blurred but some are clear. after my dream i would wake up and later on i would forget about that dream until it flashes back to me when i’m in the situation that happened in my dream. iv’e experienced this a lot last year until now. is seeing the future through dreams normal to anyone. i have no idea what is happening to me. how am I able to see things to happen through my dreams? how is this called? how does this happen?

    • Hi Dennis,

      Unless there are two of you, we got both your questions here on site. There’s a delay in the messages coming onto the site because Caretaker needs a break from time to time. LOL

      Are clairvoyant (means clear vision \ seeing the future) dreams normal .. yes, for some people with that gift they are. Not every clairvoyant dreams the future, but they can.

      How does it happen .. well, time is a circle, not actually a straight line, and all things are possible, so some people can touch the future, either with their mind, or through dreams, and bring back the memory of it to their physical body to share with other people.

      My recommendation is to keep a dream diary. It is very easy to mistake a sense of ‘having done this before’ (deja vu) for thinking you have viewed the future, so being able to go back into your dream book, to prove you really saw the event .. will do two things, it will confirm you are clairvoyant, and it will make you stronger. So if you are thinking you are nuts .. you will find out you aren’t. Not that I think you are, given that I am clairvoyant, but I don’t dream the future, I just touch it consciously, when the need arises.

      A dream that bounces from one location to another, could simply be your mind sorting through the things you are thinking about, or experiencing, or have seen on TV or at the movies. Those dreams can include familiar people, family members, or folks you ‘think’ you know .. and if the dreams are clairvoyant, they might be people you meet in the future. It’s fascinating. :-)

      Why you? My understanding is that we choose our gifts before we come into our lifetime. You may end up helping lots of people, or only yourself, with your gift when you are older. That is up to you.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed on this site under Friends).

      • thanks Ama for all those information. now it is clear to me. i will also keep a dream diary like what you said. i have another question, do i need to meditate to develop it? if i am clairvoyant then does that mean that my third eye is open/active? i’m really scared of souls or ghosts.

      • i have another question, do i need to meditate to develop it? if i am clairvoyant then does that mean that my third eye is open/active? im really scared of souls or ghosts.

        • Hello Dennis,

          Meditation clears our minds and energy, and can help us to find peace and live our lives better. Clairvoyant gifts develop on their own, but can be enhanced by practise, at appropriate times. For some people its always going to be hit and miss. For someone like me, who does readings for people, mine improved once I trusted myself more.

          Yes, clairvoyance is based in the third eye .. ajna chakra, and everyone’s chakras are always active .. they might be over active, under active, or balanced, but they always open and close naturally, allowing a healthy flow of energy throughout the body.

          I wouldn’t be scared of souls, you have one inside your body .. its your own. We are spirit beings having a physical journey. When a person dies they become one of two things, a spirit who has passed over into heaven, or a ghost who hasn’t. It is wise to be cautious around ghosts, but fear just feeds them. Don’t go hunting them. Being clairvoyant means you ‘might’ see them from time to time, but .. if you do you can then ask your angels to ‘find’ the ghost and ‘take’ it into healing. They will do that for you.

          Ghosts are people too, they just don’t have bodies anymore.

          Love & Peace

          • why do some stories i see or read said they could dream things to happen the next day but me i could only dream something that could happen after a month/s or after a year? could i also dream of something to happen the next day? would i need practise? how?

          • You tell me, Dennis, you choose the way your gift works for you?

            Perhaps, just before you sleep, tell your mind you would like to glimpse tomorrow, and then write down immediately, anything that you remember when you wake up. Put a pen and book near the bed and do it before you open your eyes. That might work.

            Love & Peace

  29. i just searched the net and i read that there are two basic types of clairvoyant abilities – voluntary and involuntary. the involuntary has no control and may be dangerous. what if mine is involuntary type? how would i use it? and it says that i may be open to possessions. what would i do?

    • Happy Thanksgiving CT and everyone american. We don’t have the holiday here in Australia.

      Hi Dennis,

      I have never heard of clairvoyance opening someone up to possession by anything, but if the Roscrucians want to warn people off their completely natural gift .. it because they are frightened of it and do not understand how it works. How it would happen I have no idea, because what you see in your mind, or like me, see visions outside myself in film strips, or straight in front of you, has nothing to do with entities of any kind.

      Yes, as you know, some people can’t control the visions, but fearing them only makes it worse. Instead of relaxing and allowing the images to pass through your mind, a person will try and block them and probably give themselves huge headaches. Hmm.. shades of memory here. LOL

      I have been ‘seeing things’ since I was a small child .. very small .. the first recognised event being one that happpened to my mother and I .. I ‘saw’ her mother, my grandmother, who then appeared to me, over and over, over the next 27 years. I also see angels, demons and elementals (fairies), but they were entities because I have the gift of mediumship, which is another aspect of clairvoyance.

      Visions .. I’ve seen them for multitudes of years too, and apart from interrupting where I am stepping, in the sense of ‘don’t cross the street when you are having a vision’ .. the only scary thing about them was the possibility of being hit by a car.

      Now, I am a very practical person, and I have done my research very well .. because I never wanted to be anything but normal .. and quite truthfully, now I accept my gifts as normal .. but it was a struggle in a family that didn’t believe in this stuff – so I know you have nothing to worry about.

      So let’s go back to the beginning of your question .. so far all you do is dream of possible futures, and some of them come true, and some don’t. You might never do anything but that in your whole life. No problem. Keep a dream diary so you can check on yourself. Your gift is only one aspect of being clairvoyant.

      Love & Peace

  30. what is the difference between clairvoyance and precognition?

    • Hello again,

      Pre-cognitive .. ‘knowing’ something before it happens.

      Clair-voyance .. clear seeing .. or ‘seeing’ something before it happens.

      Difference .. not a lot, in my opinion, though a precognitive person might not be able to ‘see’ anything, just get a sense of ‘knowing’ something is about to happen, or will happen at a later date.

      Love & Peace

  31. mam Ama something happened to me for the first time in my life last two weeks ago. i was about to sleep that night and i felt like im slowly sleeping already when suddenly i was dreaming i was in an enclosed darkness it was weird because i was dreaming but i still feel awake and in that enclosed darkness i was lying down straight body and i cant move and i want to brake free i was struggling and i felt more awake and there was someone who keeps on laughing beside my ear i was still struggling and the dream shifted into a hospital room where i was lying down not awake my mom was looking at me but everything else, the background, was dark and at the same time i felt im already awake and im trying to move my body but i cant and the laughing was still there and then i waked already but i kept my eyes closed and the laughing was gone but there is a very cold yet hot smoke or air that surrounds my back neck and it slowly goes away. i have no idea why that happened. it was the first time in my life that i experience that and that just happened with no reason. it just happened out of no where. it was unexpected because everything was fine with my life. i really have no idea what happened.

    • Hi Dennis,

      You sound as though you experienced a touch of sleep paralysis. It’s weird, but normal. The mind wakes up before the body, with heightened senses, so we hear, and think we see, extraordinary things .. but then our bodies wake up and it all settles back down. There are any number of comments on the subject here on CT’s site. To read them just do a search for sleep paralysis in the box on the top of the page on the right (search for: ) – and you can read the various answers I, and others, have given since it first came up.

      Love & Peace

  32. thanks mam Ama for answering my many questions. thanks also for helping me understand those things i asked. =)

  33. Hi,

    I used to didn’t believe in any of this but I’ve had dreams of incidents before they happen. I’ve noticed a lot of strange things. Like a small owl visiting me and standing outside my window on a tree and he sings so beautiful. Usually when I hear this, something bad happens like a death in the family or something. I’ve also noticed that when I go to church, the pastor or preacher always says that I have a gift but I must follow God and He will reveal my gift. When I was about 17(don’t recall) I saw two black floating objects that look like dementors. Until this day I have not seen anything like them but they were dark floating clove like objects. I use to wake up every night around 3am, constantly. It stopped now. I have so many things that have happened to me. One night I was asleep and I couldnt get up. I thought I had died but it was something that was not letting me wake up. I would see this dark figure when I would open my eyes and glance but I would shut my eyes again. The only way I woke up was because I felt someone sit next to me on my bed and I rolled over and almost hit the floor. I was crying and felt like I couldnt breathe. Can you maybe explain to me what all of this means??

    • Hi Kathy,

      The owl could be your family’s messanger. I would write down each time you see it in your diary and see what happens within the family within a few days, not weeks, to check whether it is actually a messanger, or just a huge co-incidence. Most beings who warn that something sad has happened in the family do so immediately that it happens, not weeks beforehand.

      I am glad the pastor says you have a gift. I agree, trust God and He will show you the way. It’s a pity your pastor cannot tell you what it is. If that happened in the new age industry, where I used to work, I would be asking lots of questions about what the person was talking about, rather than letting it slide. What is it that you do that makes the pastor say this?

      I can’t really say what the clove-like objects are without a better description, though I know what dementors look like. There are any number of things it might be, how big were they?

      Waking up at 3 am is normal, lots of people do it all the time, and then quietly drift back to sleep again. No problem there.

      The night you slept and on waking you couldn’t get up .. is called sleep paralysis. You can do a search on this TGT site (question search box is up the top of the page on the right) for the subject and find a couple of places where we have explained all about it, so I won’t repeat them here. Again, its normal. Seeing something spooky in the room during the experience, and feeling frightened by the whole thing is also normal. Do the search and if you have any questions you can ask.

      I hope that helps,
      Love & Peace

  34. I lost my gameboy one time when i was a little boy, it was lost for months. but then one day i woke up and walked into my parents room, told them i had seen where my gameboy was in a dream i had. “in the dream i remember jumping out of bed and walking over to the couch picked up the cushion pushed down the springs and intentively put my hand in the crevice and i pulled out my gameboy. I did this exactly the same way that had been in my dream and my gameboy was actually there. a couple of times a night i had recited a spell for things you have lost, my step father had told me that the gods would not help me until i had done everything in my power to find it.

    Also when i lived with my mom in south carolina, my mom got a phone call and i came walking into the room she was in, and somehow i was able to “pick up” from her that her dad had past away. I have no idea how i was able to pick up these feelings and i am very interested in magick, can anybody help me to understand what is going on?

  35. also i would like to know how to channel my spirit animal? cuz i have sat down and talked to it, but it has not visited me since

  36. I was confirmed to have a high ammount of wolf blood (Due to an ancestors accident in the past, I did my research), more than what is usually seen. I have no religion at all and I am told that I have the potential to P-Shift and M-Shift at the same time if I can just work it out. I too have these dreams. I dream about wolves and future (Wolves at night and before waking up my day flashes before me and I know what i’m up against). I’m wondering if contaminated blood is the answer to clairvoiance or photeic dreaming???

    • Confirmed to have wolf blood? Impossible. Have you not had any biology classes at all?

    • Hi Corey,

      Who confirmed you have wolf’s blood in your system? Was it a doctor with a blood test, or a medicine person?

      Love & Peace

  37. Huntercould: Google “M-shift”, it should give you more answers to your inner animal and let it free if you can do it properly **CRUCIAL!!!! DO NOT OVERDO** it may not work after a while if you over do it. I did 15 minutes a day, but you should listen to what it tell you on the page as my animal was suggested 15 minutes (a.k.a. Mind Shifting: A way to transform the mind into something/someone, also a way of maditation, letting the inner beast out).

  38. it was only a thoery by a doctor soo i guess i should say i wouldnt exactly know for sure… SORRY i guess it’s too early to celebrate but I will post again if i can find out for sure. sorry people I should properly expain what I say online to avoid silly mistakes. It was only a theory, nothing has been actually confirmed. But he is very sure due to past events with family, I may have some. I guess this is my punishment for a night up on my computer. (MASSIVE) DOH!!! I’ll try to post later when I get results. The only thing motorvating me is “Nothing’s Impossible”. Sorry to: Ama and Caretaker especially for my mistake causing a unconfirmed thoery!!!

    • Hi Corey,

      I didn’t think it was confirmed, and whomever your doctor is .. change him. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Scientists have long tested which bloods can mix, and none of them can. Even if you mix two different strains of human blood together, eg. group 0 (which is called the ‘universal donor) and group AB .. but its the same with all of them .. they turn to a jelly like substance. Human blood and animal blood do not mix at all.

      Here’s an interesting webpage – http://anthro.palomar.edu/blood/blood_components.htm

      I think blood ‘serum’ (which is extracted from full blood) can be used for people with different blood types, but its still human blood, not animal.

      What sort of accident did one of your ancestors have, Corey?

      Love & Peace

  39. Wow I just came upon this today but in my family we tend to have dreams that almost always happen the next day for me it’s happened plenty of times nothing too big most of the time it’s just me going into a room with like three people and knowing everything that’s going to happen me and my grandma are the ones that it really happens to the most but for some reason for my grandma they seem to be a lot more vivid for me it’s almost like looking through a fog but for her she explains it as If she’s actually there. Do you think it’s because she’s a lot older that she can see it like that? And do you know if there’s something I can do to make it more frequent and clearer?

    • Hi Mike,

      Precognitive dreams usually happen for a good reason, not ‘just because’. Grandma has been using her gift for a very long time, so it might be clearer for her because of that. With you, I would ask yourself why you put a protective screen between you and what you see? The fog might be there to keep you safe, and when you are less nervous about what you do, you might be able to ‘will’ it away. Everyone ‘sees’ things differently.

      To help increase your gift, keep a journal beside your bed, with a pen, and write down everything you remember about each ‘dream’ as soon as you wake up. You will be telling your mind, and training it, to pay more attention to each experience. That should help.

      Love & Peace

  40. It could depend on how long you have figured out you had it. You need to exercise your mind to extend your gift and make it a bit more clearer. If this is correct your grandma has had it for YEARS and learnt to tame it or meditated/Exercised the mind when she was a bit younger. I used to do a bit of exercising, i’m 15 and I found it very useful. M-shift is the name but that is shifting the mind to understand something/someone else better. I suggest give it a try with your mind. M-shift has many forms; Physical meditation and sitting there(physical as in your up doing the actions and stuff). So yes I suggest google “M-shift” and find some instructions online as for me it would probs be hell. Hope I help a bit here!!! Exercise the mind (NOT AS IN “THE EXORCIST”) and learn how to make it more clearer. If you find out that it helps keeps on doing it 10 – 15 mins a day is what I did. If it doesn’t help then there are many other methods. Feel free to comment again if you need any more advice or help on the subject!!!!

  41. Alright Ama I had read an old journal of his past that I found at my grandmothers house and It was told that my family would have a part animal side as he had been hunting with his group which were attacked and outnumbered by wolves. He fought them off losing a member of his society (Soule). He was bitten on the wrist/leg/neck (Neck was worst) and miraculously recovered. He started wierdly acting 2 weeks later. Killing a villager for food and facial change was strongly iminate (Hair). His wife wrote an entry about how much of a monster he was. When he read it, he shipped off from europe to Australia where I currently live. He settled down a while later and found a new wife and lived his life in a farm. His last entry said something like “My powers are great and get stronger by the days, throughout this diary I have been using 30 years now (Old and crumby now), has done it’s worth. He made his last wish of power with the rest of the family bloodline. I didnt believe it was possible till i read it. So i got a test and he tried to tell me 0.02 % and I laughed in his face. Anyways he died 2 weeks/days (i forgot) later to a gunshot in the chest. Round bullet. Till this day I believed it until I had help from you guys on this page. I am greatful I came here to seek advice. Thanks everybody especially Ama for the actual evidence so I could laugh at the money snatching doctor (I printed it and showed it). I’m going to a different doctor up the road now. I’ll try my best to keep in touch for other commenters asking questions!!!

    • Hi Corey,

      If there’s some nitwit doctor here in Oz he needs to be reported to the AMA (LOL in that case its the Australia Medical Association).

      You have an interesting story there. I wonder how strong the belief in werewolves (lycanthropy) was where your grandfather came from. Our minds can do wonderful things for our bodies, or horrible things, when we let belief rule .. like picking up a car to get someone out from under it. There are many documented cases of super-human strength like that in trauma situations. And if he thought he was turning into a wolf, and others believed it was happening too, he and they would see what they wanted to see.

      Not sure who died .. the doctor or your grandfather? If it was your grandfather, and he was a ‘were’, it would have to have been a silver bullet .. I don’t think the shape was important.

      Could be a great foundation for a story …

      Love & Peace

      • I guess he and his settlement did. Because they had prescribed in his journel “On the eastern entrance, left of gate when the new moon comes” They were so protective about their people but they could’ve been wrong like you said. The “old” doctor was told to take a vacation, even though he was wrong. They suspended him because his wife divorced him and took everything leaving him in the shadows. He was told to relax for a couple of weeks but they are going to keep a watch on him and if he does it again, they will report him (I gave support to him as I too know how it feels to have everything taken from you but im only young so nothing like a divorce). PLUS THE GRANDFATHER DIED. I spoke to a different doctor who has told me that all of this research and stuff (Believing, preaching, etc) may have made me go a little bit off track. He told me to spend 2 weeks without trying to think of the subject and see how I go. If nothing in the good terms happen, he will be giving me some help (Probably 2-3 hours a week). You know going over problems and getting me to do some supervised exerises with him. Anyways I am hoping I go through better now no worries and no troubles at all. Thanks for the extra help Ama. I trust the doctors holiday may cheer him up. He offered refund and I guess i forgave him. As long as nobody else is taken advantage of. Plus, it would make a great story combining the articles into sentences and passing it onto my friends, later on children, grandchildren, etc. A bit like a family heirloom where it goes from generation to generation only to be changed in story as many tales have. Awaiting results. This will give me a chance to help people who went into too much belief as i did.

        • I love good stories too, Corey. And I hope the doctor is feeling better as well.

          You are welcome.
          Love & Peace

  42. Do any of u know i can sleep and have dreams of events or things and have them happen weeks later

    • Hi Robo,

      We can’t know until you tell us, so the answer is no. Why do you do it? You have the gift of precognitive dreams. You dream things before the event. You have two choices. You can stay on the path to the event, or you can change your mind and go another way and it won’t happen. With nasty ‘dreams’ I deny them when I wake up. I literally say ‘no it won’t happen’ out loud. I also do that with nasty visions. Has worked just fine for me over a lot of dreams. I believe we all have the right to choose our destiny.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  43. Hi,well,to be honest,i’m 15 and i’ve been having a lot of weird or strange dreams lately,and some turn out to be visions,i’ve had those for things from things like video games,to things that happen years later,like,i had recent brake up with my girlfriend,and when i think back,it was already foreseen in one of my dreams(i realized that for some reason everything related to that dream has something to do witht he number two),not exacly as i dreamt them,but when you kinda like “translate” them or so,it’s like it,i find this is interesting,i would like to learn to hae them more often if i could :) .For some reason though i’ve been having them a lot more than usual,to be honest,usually i don’t even dream of anything,but i’ve started to have those and i’ve even had two in a single night(waking up around two hours after midnight only to fall asleep and have another one),even though the second is always the strangest and i can’t find anything to relate them to except maybe watching a movie or something before going to bed(XD),the first ones though are the ones that concern me,i don’t know what they mean,since the ones having to do with people i know or seen don’t really turn out the same way i dreamt them(again,i find out when i think of the dream and “translate”),but yeah,i’d like to know if there’s a way to get them more often?.(i find it a litle funny how sometimes some of us have the same kind of dream in the same night XD)<—-(nothing to do with everything i just said,just thought it'd be a litle funny.)

    • Hi Shizuku,

      Start a dream diary and fill in every dream as soon as you wake up .. before you get out of bed. Then if you are having precognitive dreams, and repeating ones, you’ll have a record of what are seeing and be able to check back later to see if they were true visions, or if your mind is only thinking they are.

      As for the rest – get a good dream book to help you interpret them. I recommend Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols ISBN 1-57174-100-3 which is older now but was still available on Amazon a few months ago. I find it very good.

      Otherwise, people on this site might be able to interpret them for you.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  44. is it possible to control my own dreams? if yes, how?

  45. Hi I always have certain dreams that I remember having years ago.
    For example I’m in a dark castle like in the.old times like back in the days and my dream always stops.there I’ve dremt this before years ago but I dream it every year what can this be? Why might my dream always stop there?

    • Hello Anonymous,

      I would be asking myself what is happened at the time the dream just stops, to see if there is something you should be noticing, or learning from the events, and if it stops in the same place in the story, or the castle, each time? Or does it stop at the same ‘time’ by the clock when you wake up?

      Love & Peace

  46. i have dreams like this VERY often at least twice a week its very weird kinda hard to explain when i tell my fiance about these dreams he just tells me its all in my head like im crazy or something im not sure but its hard to explain.

    • the dreams that i have are very weird but i go to sleep and dream about what gonna happen to me the next day or what someone is gonna say or do to me so when that time come to when the person is about to say or do something i can tell them what they are gonna say or do they dont understand it well neither do i what is this called when i dream like this?

      • They are called ‘precognitive’ dreams. It means pre-knowing, or ‘knowing before’. It’s part of our survival mechanism from primitive times.

        Love & Peace

    • Hi Trish,

      Keep a diary of your dreams, with dates on them, so that you can check back and prove that you see things .. for your fiance.

      Love & Peace

  47. Hi. I get dreams sometimes that I can remember very clearly and exactly what happens in them, then, a few weeks later these come true or something happens in the world that I dreamt about and I see it on the news or I meet someone new and I know their name before they say it sometimes just be looking at them. It freaks me out and everyone I tell thinks I make it up and Im being silly. No one understands that I get these dreams! What is wrong with me?

    • Hi Abigale,

      There is nothing wrong with you. You, like so many other people, get precognitive dreams – which means you see in dreams what will happen in the future, and you probably have clairvoyance, which means that yes, you will know a person’s name before they say it .. I do it too.

      Enjoy your oddness, it makes you special.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  48. anoymous i had a dream that mj saw how he died the next my daughter rang me to tell me that mj had died what /does that mean

  49. Poor Michael Jackson, I guess that is who you are talking about, Anonymous. This little rant has nothing to do with you or what you wrote, but it is something that has been worrying me for some time, and had people writing to me from around the world …

    Either Michael is a very lost soul, (which he isn’t because any number of us who can do ‘rescue’ work made sure he wasn’t when he died), or there are entities out there masquerading as him, and telling lots of lonely women that ‘he’ has fallen madly in love with them and wants to stay with them forever. This is happening for people who knew him personally, and for those who have never met him anytime anywhere, or been a concert .. suddenly the ‘spirit’ of Michael Jackson is in love with them?

    I wish I was joking. I’m not. These are perfectly ordinary, sane people being haunted. I want to yell at the world about this, to wake people up .. that demons will play games with you, strike at your most vulnerable point .. and if you hero worship someone and ‘think’ you are in love .. with someone totally unreachable .. yu leave yourself open to abuse of this kind.

    We were born to love living people, not get hung up pining for the dead, and fantasing and trapping ourselves in time and space, for what ‘might have been’, now the person is dead. It’s a lesson in letting go and moving on with life. One of the tough ones, but very necessary.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  50. I’m 16 years old and I keep having dreams about things that are happening the following day. I also can see ghosts and I feel like there is, like, a power inside of me. I get really nervous and feel like I’m always scared because I don’t know how to control it. I know this sounds crazy. I don’t know how else to describe it. I’m not making this up. I’m just really confused and I recently figured out that my great-grandma also was known to her Greek village to have The Third Eye as well as different gifts. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing and my family members refuse to talk about it. I just need someone’s opinion and any advice that you could give me.

    • Hey Adam,

      There are lots of teenagers like you around right now, so you are not alone in this. I know families can be difficult when they won’t talk about this stuff, my mother still freaks out a bit when I tell her some of the odd things I do, and I’m 49. :-) I can smile about it now, but it was a challenge when I was young.

      The ‘third eye’ is the ajna chakra, and it means you are psychic and have the gift (and it is a good gift) of clairvoyance. You can see the future, a little ahead. What else can you ‘see’?

      With the dreams – keep a dream book beside your bed and write down whatever you remember before you put your feet on the floor each morning. Believe me, the record will help you later. Remember to date each page. If you have visions of things, write them in the book too. always remember to date the entries.

      With the nervous energy .. right now I am sitting in a state of adrenalin overload I could blow my stack, or lose my temper .. I keep dumping energy out of my system to slow myself down. Does it sound weird? It’s normal when I have nothing to ‘give’ the energy to. Here’s the technique I use – its really simple – takes a little imagination. Think of a big bag. Make it as big as the extra energy your have in your solar plexus chakra (stomach region of the body) .. imagine all that extra energy filling up the bag to the brim. Tie the top. Then .. give it to your angels to do something productive with. Angels are real. We have a guardian angel behind our right shoulder. They love energy like ours, because they can give to people who have little to no energy to spare, to make their lives easier. So help them do it, but asking them to take your extra energy from you.

      Because you can ‘see’ things (clairvoyance) you might actually get a glimpse of your angel’s hands as they take the bag. And remember to let it go.

      How do I know this stuff .. I’ve been like this all my life. I was born with lots of gifts, and had to grow into them by myself .. but its been an interesting journey, and I wouldn’t change a moment of it. :-)

      That’s a beginning, what else do you want to know?
      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (you can find the link to my webpages down below under Friends)

      • Well, I guess I just have a few more questions. Why is it that I can always tell certain things about a person when I first see them? And why is it I feel like when I’m super overwhelmed, I can do things. Like things I shouldn’t be able to do. I’m not claiming to have, like, magic powers. This isn’t Harry Potter, but I just feel like I have an energy that I can release inside of me when I’m upset. Also, it almost feels like sometimes I can pull the energy from a person sometimes. I’m just confused cause I have no clue what any of this means and I don’t know if I’m just being crazy or if there is something that I can do that I just haven’t discovered.

        • Hello again Adam,

          Do you know what the aura is? It’s the energy field produced by the human chakra system (you can look that up on the net, or find books on the subject in most good bookstores these days), and woven through the energy of it is the story of our lives, and past lives. Also our health, obsessive thoughts and ideas .. and a whole variety of other information about us. Some people can ‘read’ the aura, because they can see it, or sense it, and do that on a conscious level; and some people do it unconsciously .. simply by ‘knowing’ things about the other person. What sort of things do you know?

          Pulling energy from people. I can do that too. We all can. People who cannot control this, or do it by choice, are known as psychic vampires. They drain psi energy from people. I call that energy ‘core’ energy, or life force energy. I can put my hand on people’s shoulders (or anywhere) and take it, or grab it from across a room. I only do it for very important reasons, and I know how much I can take, and how to take it without hurting people. Most people do not know how to do this, and I don’t recommend anyone attempt it, because you can harm the person you are taking energy from. Also a human being can only access about 10% of any ‘taken’ energy, and I only do it to help settle down difficult ghosts, not for my own use.

          What sort of things can you do when you are ‘super overwhelmed’ (empowered)? I want to learn telekinesis .. I want to learn how to turn all the radios in noisy shops DOWN! LOL That would be fun. :-)

          It’s important that you make sure you do not hurt anyone with the different things you can do. No, you are not crazy, and there are other people out here in our world that can do what you do. There are more people your age around now with the gifts, we oldsters .. are more thin on the ground, but we do exist. We are what people used to called ‘magicians’ when the magic was truly in the world. Perhaps when you are as old as I am now, you too will be a ‘magician’ and Harry Potter’s world will no longer be seen as mythology.

          Love & Peace

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