Dreams of My Grandma

I have been having some dreams since my grandma passed a few years back. My last dream of her I had a couple months ago but she had called me on the phone and kept telling me that everything was ok and to come back home to Tennessee because I’m currently living in Ohio.

I told my mom and she told me she is trying to tell me something but it was just so weird and scared me. I was 16 when she got murdered I am now 20 years old but I still dream and think I see her from time to time.

If you can help me please tell me something!

Asked by Tierra Snipes

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  1. Hello Tierra,

    What was happening within your family when your grandmother got in contact with you? Would going home make them all feel better, or are you a good problem solver? Did grandma like to ‘keep the family together’? Those are the thoughts that come to mind when I read your story. My grandmother kept a good watch over me when I was growing up, and really only went into healing when I was an adult. She loved us all very much, and while living, was a very bossy lady.

    If there is something important for grandma to tell you, ask her to communicate it far more clearly, because you don’t know what she meant. If its important, she will.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • Hello

      I know im being rude just barging in here like this, but i just get the feeling that you would be able to help me. For the past few months i have been dreaming im running through a forest. There is an old lady running with me, but for some reason i am very afraid of her, yet she is helping me , telling me to run faster. I can hear dogs barking in the forest and lots of people chasing us. My husband has told me that when i have this dream i actually speak in a funny language, and i get extremely upset and i cry. He says he cannot understand what i am saying but it scares him, he recorded it last night and I must say it does not even sound like me, and the language is none i have ever heard. To be honest it just sounds evil, like im putting a curse on someone. I couldnt stand to listen to the whole thing. Whats happening to me? I cannot explain this, nor am i fluent in any other language except English. Please comment.

      • Hello Christina,

        No, you are not being rude. This is an open site and anyone can write on it .. and often they do. I ‘meet’ really nice people that way. :-)

        Some people believe that we do not have past lives, but then we do have proof from people in societies who do not follow Christian teachings, that we actually do .. and I have my memories as well .. which I have had all my life.

        The dream sounds like a past life memory to me, and the language might be something like Russian, or Arabic .. was it very gutteral .. harsh sounding? It might be Hebrew .. or Egyptian .. those last 3 have their foundations in the same languages. Do you have any ideas, from the dream, of what you might be talking to the lady about .. apart from how to escape? You could be cursing the people behind you, if you had been a witch, or whatever, in that lifetime. And being caught in that situation, and probably dying, would scare anyone.

        The crying probably comes from the release of the emotion trapped within you by the past life memory .. that is working its way out of your system now. Is life a challenge at the moment .. do you feel ‘hunted’? That might have been the trigger to bring the memory forward.

        More questions: Do you know what you were running from in the dream? There are a lot of reasons why you might be frightened of her, as well as of whatever is chasing you.

        I know I solved one of these dreams by deciding I would take control of the situation and change the dream. I suggest you try the same. Next time you wake up out of it, decide to go back into the dream, while you are half awake, and find yourself some safety, or turn and confront the people chasing you and defeat them in whatever way you think is appropriate. Try to do no harm, so pinning their feet to the ground is a little harmless? Just long enough for you to understand what the dream is all about. You can do this. We all can.

        And then tell me how you went. The solution may amaze and empower you.

        Love & Peace

  2. you must explain a vivider and more meaningful dream which it can be told its interpretation.

  3. I lost my brother in july. It was unexspected. We have always been very close .Ive been best friends with his wife for the past 33 years also. After his death ,I started to have dreams of him coming to me at a cookout (which was our favorite family activity). In these dreams he would tell me to please look after Linda, (his wife) to take care of her. My daughter also had a dream that he came to her during a cookout and told her that Linda was about to have a heart attack to call an ambulance. A couple of weeks after these dreams Linda fell sick. exstreamly sick an was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance where they discovered she has a blood infection (the same blood infection that killed my brother). She almost didnt survive. She was on life support for days with little hope of recovery . Somehow with alot of prayer she pulled through and has since been sent to a nursing home . She may be well enough to come home by christmas, After she went to the hospital my dreams of my brother stopped. I truely believe he was visiting in our dreams to save his wifes life.

    • Hello Anonymous,

      I am very sorry to hear about your brother, and I think you were right that he came back to warn you that his wife was in trouble. I hope she recovers quickly and is very well. I believe the power of prayer can do profound good for us all.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  4. I guess you can say my grandmother kept our family together because after she passed me, my uncle,n my dad kind of lost touch.My dad went to jail my uncle got caught up in some trouble and I lost her the closest person to me so I kind of,shut the world out only because I didnt know how to take it.

    • Yes, great changes can happen within a family after the death of one of the pivotal people. I am sorry this happened for you, and I hope you find peace with the whole situation very soon.

      Love & Peace

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