Dreams and Devouring Demons?

When I was little the things that I saw chasing me in my dreams were so frightening. As I got older I had visions of Native American Indians (sometimes when I was awake). For many years now I have dreams of demon like things but I have no fear only a rage. I chase them and devour these things. Once in a while after one of these dreams that I devour a demon I become ill with nausea and vomiting when am awake.

The doctor says I am healthy. A child that knows me had a dream that he saw me eat the monster that was in his room the same night I dreamed of devouring one of these things again. Please someone tell me what this is.

Asked by traci

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  1. Hi Traci,

    That is one heck of a way of getting rid of demons. Do you swallow them in one bite?

    No, I am not making fun of you. We all have different techniques for getting rid of trouble energy. Personally, I pick up a sword. I had a continuing dream, as a child .. for years and years .. where I was on a small island, with a lot of other people, and we were all running away from a serpent that had wrapped itself around a small church at the top of the only hill, catching people and eating them .. and every time I would get caught and wake up as I was being swallowed .. until one day I decided ‘enough was enough’ and picked up a sword and went back and killed the thing. And I was about 9 at time.

    I am a demonologist, among other things, in this life.

    It might be that you were a cannibal in a past life, and the memory is very strong in you? It might be that you are a spiritual soldier in this one? All things are possible under heaven.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection here under Friends)

    • As a demonologist, do you ever go to infested homes and cast them out? If so, do you work alone or with a team? I believe my calling may be to do this, but its not something I want to just ‘jump’ into. I’ve heard that during exorcisms, they will bring up painful issues of your past and throw them up in your face..

      • Hi Erik,

        Yes, I’ve been into houses where demons have been, and cleared them. I do not work with a team, but I do recommend that people do so these days.

        Demons will bring up old memories, bad behaviours, all your most basic fears and phobias, question your judgment, your strength (mind, body and spirit), your faith in God, yourself, anyone in your team .. and every other little bit of you that is not totally immersed in God. It is not a job for the unwary, or the half-trained, or those lacking commonsense. Truthfully .. the need for it is a nightmare, but it is also a service, first to humanity and then to God.

        The other question, to AJ, is, in my opinion, something you are trained to recognise by your teachers. I do not think it is wise to discuss it here. Demons of any strengths should not be approached at all.

        Love & Peace
        Ama .

  2. Hi traci

    Blimey! That is a novel way of dealing with the demonic! Get ‘em on the astral plane! Actually, it must be a lot easier in many respects, because you’re both in the ‘same place’ at the same time.

    I’m with Ama on this one – and it sounds very effective.

    As for me – I use light, the colour of which depends on what I’ve faced with. For example, when I’m saying the Lords Prayer, I fill the room up with pink light, which sometimes also has tinges of green inn it. This generally does calm most earth-bound spirits down, and so they move on to God without any of the feelings of fear or dread that may have been holding them back. For demon’s – well, that can get quite colourful, depending on the situation. But for me, my ‘weapon of choice’ is always light.


    • Do you find that some demons are of a higher level and therefore are harder to get rid of? And if so, how can you tell if they are a higher level or not?

      • Hi Erik

        Interest question …

        Yes- there are many levels (or ranks) in the demonic realm, just as there are many levels (or ranks) in the angelic realm.

        Are higher level demons, or even Satan himself, harder to get rid of?

        Hmmm . Thats not an easy question to answer …

        First off, because Satan and his fallen angels are bound by God’s covenant and, therefore any Exorcism Rite administered correctly MUST be obeyed by them, they MUST return to hell. So, in that context, no – it’s no harder to get rid of a higher ranking demon than a lower level one.

        However, an exorcism is not based on words alone. The exorcist must have complete faith in God because he/she are funadmentally laying both their spiritual and physical wellbeing on the line everytime they administer the Exorcism Rites. So, in that context, yes it is harder to be successfull with the higher level demons, because the exorcist’s Faith must be very strong indeed, in order to succeed. If the exorcist is not commited to God, then Satan or his fallen will vanquish through a ‘technicality’.

        How can you tell the difference??

        The higher the rank of demon, the more cunning and devious it will be. As Ama said, they play on your own negativity. They feed off your fears. The stronger the demon, the better it will be at this ‘game’. This is why Faith is crucial in the equation and the expelling of a demon should never be administered by amaetures.

        Fortunately, God has blessed Ama and I with the gift of distinguishing between spirits so we are able to instantly assess the situation at hand and act accordingly. As Ama said, our teachers help recognise what it is we are dealing with.

        When faced with something demonic, I prefer to work in a team of 3 (trinity) so there are others there to ‘watch your back’ and take over if necessary. Althought the film The Exorcist is laughably fictitious in many respects, there are still some basic truth’s in that film ….

        Hope this has helped answer your question


  3. well… I suppose thats 1 way. You can only defeat a demon using a spirit weapon so I guess yours is your stomach. LOL.

  4. i need help, i’ve had something that has been following me for a few years now, i know exactly where it came from. it attacks me in my sleep, various ways, i’ve been to the catholic church, i’ve called prayer lines. i’ve prayed, it won’t go away. there has been times where it dosen’t bother me for a months, but it always returns…Arma i need your help, i will elaborate more if you would pplease contact me. there has been so much that it’s hard to know where to begin. so i may seem a little all over the place here…i’m sure you understand…please contact me thank you

    • Hi Kelly,

      To start with .. write to me privately. Scrollup this page and you will find my webpages on the right under Friends .. Victorian Paranormal Connection. There are any number of links to send me an email. Tell me everything you want me to know, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

      Love & Peace

  5. I don’t know what to make of that BUT I WANT TO MEET YOU ! ! ! !
    That is the most unique thing I think I have ever heard.
    I have had them obey me when they thought they were going to do whatever they do. I turned the tables on them. But I’ve NEVER heard of devouring them ! ! ! ! ! !

    I don’t want to eat one of these things! I would imagine from reasoning it’s probably NOT good for you. If you seem to handle it. . . . . . .

    EAT EM UP ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    You have my favor.

    P.S. Do you have any idea what becomes of them after?
    Are they still viable or do they go away for good?

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