Dreaming of Lilith What Does it Mean?

Hey, first I’m female, and I was told only males usually dream of her. Last night I had a traumatizing dream that I later realized was the demon Lilith.

I dreamed of a woman killing people, mostly children. It was very vivid, and scary. It was as if I was standing by her just watching and she knew. I’m not sure what it is suppose to mean?

My friend who is into demonology told me it was her, but was not sure why I dreamed it. Help?

Asked by confused courtney

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  1. Hello Courtney,

    I can think of any number of women who have killed many children, often their own, without it being the demon Lilith. I am also a demonologist, which is a person who knows far too much about demons, not ‘talks to them’, and I would never assume that your dream was a visitation from Lilith. Your question is like mine .. why you? Do you have murderous intent towards kids? I doubt it.

    Another explanation might be that you are sensitive to ghosts, and one of those women I mentioned above, just happened to latch onto you and share her memories with you, to frighten you so that she could feed from your fear. Lost souls (ghosts) do that to me when they want help, or when they just want energy. I have seen many strange things over the years.

    If you are really worried you can use this Invocation to clear your energy. It removes all sorts of negative entities. Read it through to get an understanding of what you are requesting, and then say it out loud, and mean it ..

    http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html and if you have any further questions, you can ask me.

    My name is Ama and you’ll find me here on the site under Friends – Victorian Paranormal.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. Hi Courtney

    My understanding of Lilith is, she’s a man-hater not a child-killer.

    And dreams come to us in the most obscure, surreal way so should never be taken as the ‘gospel truth’, rather they should be analysed – dismantled even – so get the the true interpretation.

    Ask yourself what was going on around you in your life at the time of experiencing that dream. Was something playing on your mind? Was someone not behaving nicely? This might get to the root of your dream.

    There is, of course, Ama’s valid point about a ghost ‘playing’ with you, but usually this would mean you’re experiencing regular disturbing dreams.

    Hopefully, yours was a one off!


    • Hi AJ,

      Good answer, as usual.

      The original demon, Lilith .. very biblical .. Jewish .. hated Adam’s kids and went around killing very young children because of that. They had to be given a little charm as a protection, to keep her away. And then we have Kali, the goddess of mother’s and babies, also fickle, from what I read a while ago.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama

        A-ha! Thanks for the correction.


        • None of us can know everything. I love that we can bounce things off each other. I’m learning heaps!

          Love & Peace

  3. Hi
    I also had a strange dream but with 3 female demons involved. Creepy. They were very protective of me and my daughter. Anyone who was cruel or mean to us they would harm. This dream was awhile ago but reading your story made me think of it. I attempted to do research about dreams with demons but couldn’t really uncover anything. I remembered the dream vividly the next day and really questioned it like you. There are excellent replies here.. take care and be well


  4. “Lillith was the Feminine Principle of the universe. The patriarchal writers of the Bible cut Her from their history, but She was called Adam’s first wife. Tradition says that Lillith left Adam because he demanded full control of sexual positions. Originally this goddess ruled over pregnancy and sexual love, with the owl as Her symbol. Patriachy changed Her into a demoness who preyed on pregnant women and newborns. It is possible that the name Lillith came from the Sumero-Babylonian goddess Belit-ili or Belili. A tablet from Ur, about 2,000 BCE, mentions the name Lillake.”
    From Maiden, Mother, Crone, and excellent and informative book by D.J Conway.
    Lillith predates the Bible and Christianity…by quite a bit. The current beliefs/superstitions surrounding old deities are frequently very different from the origins of those deities. Lillith wasn’t originally a bad sort, just independent. Only later did Her myths become demonic.
    Just thought that might be of interest.
    Dreaming about a woman killing children likely has more to do with watching the news than with Lillith. It seems someone offs an unwanted child every other day. And in too many instances, walks away with a slap in the wrist, if that. It’s becoming far too routine. I wouldn’t attach a supernatural significance to what could easily just be nightmare. If living in a society where parents kill children on a regular basis isn’t cause for nightmares, I don’t know what is.

  5. You don’t want to kill Lillith because she is one of the 66 Seals that keeps Lucifer trapped.

    • Only if you watch too much tv. A little imagination is a frightening thing.

      Love & Peace

  6. James…

    I have been reading your posts and as strange as each one seems, you leave me so intrigued!

  7. I believe James meant it as joke because in tv shows Supernatural they kill lilith and free lucifer,supernatural rocks btw

    • Thank Michael. I had already found the writeup of the supernatural program. What I was thinking about was all the people who read these sites and have no idea about the paranormal, and will assume that a comment like that is a fact, rather than a joke. I didn’t notice James putting a smiley face or LOL .. which most of us know means ‘laughing out loud’ … anywhere in his comment, so it looked like he really meant it to me.

      We have to be careful. Children read these sites. I want the information here to be as factual as possible, for their safety, and so they don’t end up creating nightmares for themselves from it.

      Love & Peace

      • That doesn’t make any sense,if the information is factual or not,it will create nightmare anyway(whether it is truth or not) if it is about fictional creatures e.g vampires,ghosts,werewolves… etc for example if you say vampires are good here,he/she will watch a movie in which vampires bite people’s heads off,you know what I mean?

        • Hello Michael

          If you hang around here long enough, you will realise that people come here looking for answers to paranormal problems, or the topics raised by inventive shows like Supernatural. The majority of us who comment here, do so from learned experienced, not just the inventions of our minds. Refuting someone’s false statements or comments, or pointing out that it is not logical, or not possible, might help a reader to be less frightened by what they are experiencing, if something simpler happens – rather than having them blow it out of proportion through fears of ‘possible’ problems.

          Yes, the TV programs can give the kids (and sometimes adults) nightmares, because some parents will allow their children to watch just about anything, but that doesn’t make it right. They also let them search the internet for just about anything, to their own detriment. I will continue to point out when something is not true, not possible, or plainly an invention. I wish people would spend more time either checking their facts before posting comments, or putting in the emoticons and LOL’s that turn their message into ‘what they meant it to be’. Now, since James is no longer commenting as ‘himself’, unless he changes his mind, we won’t know whether he meant that comment as a joke, or whether he didn’t do his research well ..

          Love & Peace

  8. by giving information about these FICTIONAL creatures you only support their fears,by saying something is impossible will not help much because they already know that unless they are stupid or kids,i dont want to offend anyone but this site has very similar effect on people like these Tv shows or movies

    • I think it depends on what people think are fictional, Michael. Personally .. I know any number of people who don’t believe in fairies, but I’ve met them in person, and had conversations .. so to me they are real.

      The whole of Caretaker’s site is a collection of thousands of people’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences. The best we can do is to be honest, say when we ‘know’ something is real, from experience, and otherwise say when its speculative. Yes, some of the information on the site might frighten people .. which is why I think the Question and Answer section should be kept as level-headed and accurate as we can make it. It’s somewhere a person can get help, or simply information on a subject they are interested in, no matter what age they are. So ‘how’ we write what we do is very important, and a joke should look like a joke .. so that people can smile and move on.

      Love & Peace

  9. pretty sure Lilith was Adams first wife that was thrown out of Eden for wanting to have the dominating position during sex.regardless she still hates men nothing shows she hates kids as for unexplained infant death i do believe SIDs and poor pre and post natal care re to blame

  10. As to the legend, legend is just that, a story. What actually caused the dream may be just bad pizza mixed with like what someone said the news. Or a ghost. Or or or. Its hard to say. It still is a traumatic dream. The negative energy clearing invocation sounds good. As this is a negative dream, I am sorry to hear you had it. Thanks everyone about the information on Lilith. I had heard the story about her being adams first wife, but never found a biblical reference. I had also read she was a goddess but thats as far as I knew.

    • haha you’re hilarious sorry i dont mean to make fun of you or anyone who believes in gho*cough*fairytales*cough*sts but you cant say 1 fictional creature exists and 1 does not simply because you believe it,i really hope you didn’t confuse anyone with your fairy tales

      • fairy tales to you condescending one but not to those of us who have personally encountered them. Be careful what and who you judge for you may not know everything that you think you do.

        • i can say the same to you

          • How so? That makes no sense. You can say “fairy tales to you condescending one but not to those of us who have personally encountered them.” back to me?

            I have no need or interest to argue with you or convince you of anything. I can see that you already have your mind made up regardless of what the truth may be. But I dont expect anyone to really believe in “ghosts’ unless they have encountered them anyway. What is a ghost? I cant answer that but I have no doubt that they are real.

          • Must be the xmas grinch, CT. LOL

            Hmm.. what happened to the lady who used to write ‘off I go with the fairies ..’? Now she was fun. :-)

            Love & Peace
            Ama (and her ghosts, spirits, angels, demons and elementals of all kinds .. I’ll also include shadowbeings .. I can’t see them but I trust in some of the folk who can. :-) )

        • i meant this “Be careful what and who you judge for you may not know everything that you think you do” and ofcourse i don’t believe in fairy tales,truth is no ghost shown himself to someone who’s not naive like yourself

          • I have not judged you. It is you who are judging. Naive? You know nothing about me. :)

        • you judged me but you didn’t realize it because you can only look at others and its not judging its a fact,you disagree? get a proof. cant get one? then dont expect anyone believing you (except people like you ofcourse,who waste their time living in fantasy rather than helping others in reality and not in fantasy to feel important and special)

          • I dont care if you believe me or you dont. I dont need the belief of others to validate what I know. My point was simple

            “Ghosts (whatever they may be) do exist and I know that to be true not because of philosophy or logic but because of experience.”

            You judge me to be naive and naturally I am in some fantasy world being unable to tell reality from imagination. But you see what you think makes no difference to me. I can say that I am very sick of your type – and yeah I am being judgemental here – you think you know everything and you come here telling me I am in some fantasy world when you dont know crap. I am sick of jerks and condescending know it alls who cant see past their nose.

            You want me to convince you? You want me to prove my experience and knowledge to you? You must be kidding! I dont owe you a dime and I couldnt care less what you believed or didnt.

            Perhaps I am not as polite as most people here and I really dont mean any harm other than just being blunt and speaking my mind as many old men do.

          • LOL Old men? That makes me an old woman, and I refuse to co-operate. LOL ;-)

            Michael, you have not experienced ghosts so you don’t believe in them .. no problem.

            I, on the other hand, have experienced them and so much more. On this group its smarter to ask questions and make opinions later. Right now you’ve proved yourself to be very young and rather rude, and its so unnecessary.

            BTW, CareTaker is the boss around here, and while I appreciate his patience in this discussion, it really has nothing to do with the topic in hand .. being Lilith. So if you, Michael, would like to start a question about skeptics and and other people who don’t believe in any of that which CT and I have experienced over our lives .. the link is at the top of the page – submit question. Go right ahead. We can only give you subjective experiences, but as a group goes, we have lots.

            Love & Peace

          • That sounds about right except you are much more patient than I am.

            If anyone has a comment in regards to “Dreaming of Lillith What Does it Mean?” feel free to post. Otherwise you can just continue reading or go on to something else.

          • It’s not patience, CT, its respect for you and your site.

            I do enough mucking up on other sites, as we both know. LOL

            Love & Peace

  11. Some people believe that Lilith was the first woman – before Eve. Others find that idea to be simply atrocious…probably because it isn’t biblical.

    Anyhow, she’s a fascinating creature responsible for many a nightmare (or at least her legend is)!

    Lilith is why we have lullabies. She’s why men have “nice” dreams. She’s also responsible for the deaths of infants….that’s how the legends go anyway.

    Again, she’s fascinating to say the least…even if she’s possibly not the nicest. Perhaps that’s what happened when she was so wildly supressed!

  12. Spirituality; including encounters with spirits, ghosts, energy, etc, cannot be explained with every day logic. It may never be.

    BUT ask someone to prove the existence of whichever deity that they pray to.

    I imagine that they would find it pretty difficult to offer up solid evidence as well…but I bet that same person could tell you stories of how they have experienced the presence of God.

    I would also be willing to bet that experience is worth a billion confirmations from a scientific team to them personally.

    I don’t need evidence to prove the existence to things I know to be true. A graph, chart and a page full of facts aren’t squat to first hand encounters. And even if someone who did not believe could view enough hard facts and evidence to convince them, they still could not understand the magnitude of such an experience without personally having one.

    • I’ve been reading about dreams of Lilith and it seems just about everywhere I look, people agree that even if the dream is non especially sexual it tends to be connected to some form of erotica.

      I come from an educational background in psychology and violence and sex often go hand in hand in our noggins.

      From what I can tell, there was nothing obviously sexual from your dream, but can you think of any way in which you are feeling sexually repressed? Lilith broke bad when she was treated as less than the equal that she was to Adam. Perhaps you feel suppressed in some way?

  13. I read up on Lilith here and else where in detail, and the many stories and names the persona of Lilith came from. In virtually all she was bad news, demoness, or spiteful Goddess who killed. woman and children I believe was mentioned. Yes she predates christianity and it seems judism, from one legend came from. Many names for this persona, all supposedly evil in nature.
    But I ran across a site when looking up a famous psychic who I have a chance to meet, well at least see her show. Sylvia Browne. On the forums they brought up a totally different type of lilith, protector and finder of lost children and pets. This does not jibe with what I have read. Could someone clue me in?

    • Hi Honey Dew Moon,

      After years of reading her books, I tend to take Sylvia with a large grain of salt. She invented ‘carrion angels’, which are supposed to grab nasty souls and drag them off to hell. She inserted it into the hierarchy of heaven as its own brand new category .. it appears she was extremely angry (justifiably) at an ex-husband at the time.

      Since I work with, and talk to, my angels, every day, and have done so for 20 years or so, I asked them what that was all about .. and they quietly said .. sometimes we invent things when we are angry.

      Lilith history is one of being demonic and hating humanity. She hasn’t changed overnight. Actually, she hasn’t changed at all, if we count the brief contact I had with her a few years ago.

      Just because someone is famous, doesn’t make them correct in their assessment of every situation.

      Love & Peace

      • To be blunt, I began reading one of Sylvia Browne’s books years ago and am so glad I did it AT the book store vs. actually buying it…gotta love Barnes & Noble allowing customers to sit and read for free…lol.

        Anyhow, I immediately thought, “What rubbish…”

        Anytime I’ve seen her on television I’ve thought pretty much the same thing…I’ve never made it through an entire interview or show with her as a guest.

        Now, that being said, I could be soooo very wrong about her. But that is certainly the impression I got.

        I wasn’t impressed.

  14. Yea, I had some raised eyebrows going on here reading this book and looking at her site. Maybe I will skip the 35 dollar show and go the next day to the psychic fair. Its free. Never been to one. Save my money for the casino thats hosting this! My little winter holiday.

  15. hello there just wondering if should feel lucky and count my blessings or be concerned. just over six months ago i was jobless and helping my friend with her paper route for some quick cash for pot, when said friend and i got into a big arguement and she left me there. i then had to walk roughly fifteen and a half miles back home in the dark, surrounded by cornfields and thick patches of fog. during my cold unpleasent walk which took me a little over six hours,i had found myself praying to and curseing at everything.i was about a mile away from home when my legs started feeling like pudding and every step hurt, when i looked up at the moon and simply stated that i would do anything if i could get home and get my own job. after getting home and collapsing on my bed i passed out and had the craziest most vivid dream. i was me but everyone one else was themselves from highschool which was 2001-2002. i was telling everyone what happened to me and they thought it was cool, but it was when i started to tell my mother what had happened to me everything dissappeared and there was a very fair skinned, blonde haired, beautiful women standing before me. hair was mostly straight, but slightly curly. length was about mid-shoulder. i would say she looked late 20s early 30s. she told me that she has witnessed my life,allowed me strength, and would fix my life if i give myself to her. i said yes then i woke up. i chalked it up to imagination, but i have to say now i have two cars, and the above mentioned friends job. but i still didnt think anything of it until about a week ago when i brought a lady friend over to spend the night. after what i thought was a pretty good night, she told me that she had a really bad dream. i asked her about it and she described the same lady that was in my dream except she was wearing a “deep purple wedding dress” she the told me that she attacked her with a mirror, while screaming gibberish at her. all she could remember was “eromert te utem” so any thoughts?

    • I’d keep believing its imagination too Chris, but I’d also remember to be grateful that the dream helped turn your life around, and keep doing what you are doing to make it improve – as long as its legal and not harming anyone.

      I guess your wrote your friend’s dream words phonetically, because they don’t translate, even from Latin, which they remotely resemble.

      Or, you could do this:

      //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ that should remove any unwanted entities.

      And please, people, don’t say ‘yes’ to something with first checking it its there for your greater good.

      Ask it: Do you come to me in the name of Jesus Christ? It must answer Yes, I come in the same of Jesus Christ. And then I would still be very careful.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed at the bottom of the page under Friends)

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