Dog Afraid of Cemetery?

My dog and I go for a walk every night. On a walk there is a cemetery; on the way up we walk on the other side of road and she is just fine, on the way back we walk next to a rock wall of cemetery. At first she was just so scared, tail between legs walking at a crawl. And now she will refuse to walk next to it. She will pull and tug, sit down until she gets to go on other side of road. I even tried to see what happens if I try leading her over back to midway down but she gets halfway across the street and heads right back to other side of street. After we pass it she is just fine and will walk on the side of it.

My question does a dog see what I don’t see? It just makes me think. I have taken other people on our walks and they were all kinda taken back with how she is.

Asked by Michael

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  1. Hi Michael,

    Yes, dogs and other animals ‘see’ more things that most people do. Whatever is there makes her very unhappy.

    Don’t test her anymore. She’s proved she doesn’t like the cemetary, so take her in some other direction.

  2. well michael it sounds like something could be there and if so yes your dog has more of a sixth sense then humans most people who dont pay mind or dont believe wont feel the vibe. now if the dog see’s it with eyes i dont know how could anyone say if they do or dont but i believe so because it seems my cat played with one who lived with me

  3. yes majority of animals understand paranormal things. those even feel earthquake a few seconds before it happened. probably those are able to see demons. the cemetery is a place for demons in the nighttime and also has other mysteries. I have heard when is coming sundown time an angel yells loudly in cemetery : ” go out from here ” this means which the time of visit is finished and nobody has to stay there. also it show cemetery at night is an injurious and dangerous place for survivors spiritually .

  4. Hi Michael

    Yep! Dog’s have a sixth sense. There is obviously something in or around that graveyard that she worries will hurt her in some way, even if you can not see or sense it.

    My advice? When walking your doggie chum, keep to the other side of the road so not to stress her out.


  5. Yes, there is something there. Like my dog (Muscular Black lab) she wasn’t afraid of anything until I took her for a walk and she began to snarl and she wanted to attack me! Once she got the upper hand she pushed me back and stood in front of me and kept pushing at my legs growling. Not sure why she would do that. Until my mother told me that a ghost was haunting that general area. Many animals see things we don’t, and hear much much more. I do advise you to walk around or to somewhere else. If She doesn’t want to, you shouldn’t force her. She may be warning you.

  6. Agreed with all of the above.

    When I was a child, we had a mongrel called Peggy (because she loved to chew the pegs from the clothesline!). She was a lovely dog, very friendly, loved anybody stroking and petting her, and loved playing ball with me and my friends in the garden. I was about 8 years old, and I was walking her with me to the shops when we had to cross at a pedestrian crossing. Peggy started to act up, she started to cry, and would not cross at that crossing. So, I turned left and started in the direction of the traffic lights and she instantly changed back to her normal loving friendly self. I heard an almighty smash. I turned around, and a taxi had collided with a lorry, on the other side of the pedestrian crossing, right about where I would have been should I have carried on walking. I spent my whole pocket money in the vet shop the next day (I turned around and ran home with Peggy to tell my parents what had occured.)

    Thankfully, nobody died and both drivers brakes had failed. They both had superficial injuries, and the cab driver suffered with a broken wrist also. If it wasn’t for Peggy, I would have died for definite that day. And as I said all of my pocket money went on treats for her. I took her everywhere with me and if she didn’t want to go near/past/through a place, I didn’t argue!!

    My point is: Dogs, Cats, most animals definitely have a stronger sixth sense than humans. I wonder why? Is it because we’re taught (or ridiculed) that the paranormal isn’t an acceptable answer? Or that our brains are conditioned to reason and use logic, and the majority of humankind close our minds to the possibility?

    Listen to your Dog. They’re trying to tell you something, and whatever it is, is distressing the poor creature. She just wants to protect you.

    Lots of love
    Steph xx

  7. Hi and yep, you are not alone with dog problems. I have 2, 200 lb. Newfoundlands that will not for the life of me get to go past a certain tree that is grounded in a church cemetery but hangs over the sidewalk. I have researched the history of the church, no luck as far as records citing when the church was built, if the tree was there, btw, it is a very large oak, age has been guess at around 200 yrs. I have some theories as to why but to the rational mind they will seem like things out of some “sci-fi” show and all have no logical explanation that science can test for. First thing that comes to mind is that some violent act took lace at or near the tree and as we know, animals can see what we can’t and it might be possible, note possible, that your dog is seeing something that you can’t, from another time or dimension. Laugh if you wish but some other thoughts will verge on the irrational, not the usual stuff one expects from a psychologist. Let me know. Thanks.

  8. Well i believe animals are very sensitive to the spirit world, i think you should take the dogs warning and stay away from it your self.

  9. in china , a man barked by a dog will be rejected from a family in which a baby was born,. people think that a dog can see unholy creature . If the man subject dog ‘s growl approach a newly -born baby, the possible devil will take control of the baby ,then baby will face a miserable life afterwards. in this case,the man should wait until sunshine cloak him , for sunshine is thought to have the power to drive spirits away. AND besides in china’s folklore ,dog is always sensitive to ghost ,vampire .SOmany magician in china will keep a dog or a cock in their house ,which often served at least as an alert against unholy creature, some ferocious dog or cock can even attack and banish unholy creature

    • Hi Wu Yumao, how fascinating. I must read Chinese beliefs. I’ve read so many other cultures. Thank you for telling us.

      Love & Peace

  10. Dogs hear more than us. They smell more than us. Why shouldn’t they be able to see more than us?

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