Does Voodoo Exist?

Is voodoo real? Can someone make you do things against your own will? Like be with someone or push people put of your life?

Asked by bella

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  1. Hello bella,

    Voodoo is a real religion based on superstitions and practicing of spells. What’s it capable of, I can’t answer that. I’m sure like any other practice that involves spirits, do have real effects on people.

  2. Hi Bella,

    Any sort of belief system, strongly held and practised, which includes drugs and spells, is going to have an effect on people, whether they know it or believe in it. Things like zombies are discussed as being created by a neurotoxin that is fed to the victim to suppress their will, which turns them into slaves. Did they die before that happened? Possibly, but death can be faked by certain medicines that suppress the natural metabolism of a person and make them have all the appearances of death, particularly if the bodies have to be buried quickly, given the climate of the countries this belief system is practised in.

    Can someone make you do something against your will. Just how strong is your will? Can you be hynotised? I have watched a hypnotist turn perfectly ordinary people into complete idiots, or terrifed victims of their own imagination .. and that was without drugs, just subtle suggestions to their minds, so yes its possible. But it wasn’t voodoo.

    The human mind is capable of amazing things, including giving in to the suggestions of people around us, whether we want to or not. When we have a strong desire to please others we’ll often go along with what they want to do, whether we want to do it or not. There’s no voodoo there, nor hypnosis, but there is a problem within ourselves, usually low self-esteem, that makes us want to be accepted within a certain group, often for the wrong reasons.

    Unless the person has been drugged I would be looking at how he or she feels about themselves for answers to why they would be with someone they do not love, or force others out of their lives when they think they don’t want to. Are they allowing this to happen to keep themselves safe, or to be able to run with a popular group?

    Voodoo works because people believe in it, and have for a very long time (persecutors and victims). The entities they connect to are the same beings that haunt others, just with different names. They exist because people believe in them. That belief gives them strength. A person’s belief that someone can force them to do something they do not want to do, also gives the enforcer strength.

    It’s up to us to take back our strength, our power, and learn to stand on our own two feet and say no. In today’s society that might mean doing so from a distance, but its vital that in those circumstances that we give ourselves that distance.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Hi :)
    Having lived in the Deep South of the US, and in the swamps on the coast of FL, AL and LA, I can testify that…Vodoo is real. It is a mix of Catholisism and African magic. It’s NOT magic, it’ a religion. To caall on God to act in the name of evil, or for harmful purposes is NOT of God. Evil Will Come! Voodoo is feared for a reason. I know a cajun who practices Voodoo in western FL, where I lived, and they are deadly serious about it, as I am sure CareTaker can testify.

    Never, and I mean Never ask anyone in the south about Voodoo. Espicially the Cajun or African-American people of the catholic churches in the swamps. Forget about it. Now. Please.


    • I’m sorry, but I need to add the rest to what I know… and I do know… about Voodoo. There are no real zombies. BUT, there is great evil. When anyone calls on Jesus to perform a spell upon their enemy, satan jumps in, because Jesus refuses. Yeah, you will be done, but by something that WILL claim your soul.

      I’ve never freaked out on here before. I am now. Throw the Voodoo stuff into a fire and pray the Lord’s Prayer. Now.


      • I can not even believe that someone would actually call upon Christ to take out their enemies??!!! That, to me, is appalling because I know that, that goes against everything he stood for!!! You may very well be correct with the demonic stepping in. One just never knows and should not mess with such things!

  4. Luna,

    You now me pretty well by now. You’ve never seen me react like this. It is a horrid thing. Only those who’ve been taught how to fight it can. I have seen the effects first-hand, and maybe some think that i believe it because I lived with it all around me… and they are right!

    People do, indeed, call on Christ for revenge, vengence, etc. That is what Voodoo is all about. Christ is ‘their’ servant looking out for ‘their’ good. It is SO the other way around.

    • Hug! Keith.

      Sadly, Christian folk also call on Jesus for revenge. I’ve seen them do it. I have to wonder if they have any idea who he truly was, and what he presented. (sigh)

      Love & Peace

  5. Ama,

    Thank you for the hug. I’d put all those memories out of my head until tonight, but wow… how they came back. Yeah, when we ask a twisted and selfish thing from he who gives Grace, we open the door to the wrong things. Yeah, this girl/woman is scaring me a bit….


    • It’s like network down there. Word spreads VERY rapily and that energy gets magnified by an unbelievable power, because they are actually PRAYING it. I gotta stop now.


      • Try living in a small country town, Keith. No prayer needed, gossip works just as well!

        But yes, power grows through belief, but so does ego, and ego is the downfall of many a ‘confused’ person. And God abides.

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,
          You sure got that right. I grew up in a town, pop 2,400. One of the reasons we left. Wew couldn’t trust our “best friends”

          Who needs a telephone? lol


          • I did a lot of my growing up in a town with a population of 300 :)

  6. Um idk how to begin. But i been around it since i was young. No, i dont practice it. I believe in god. Im catholic not a die hard catholic. But i definetly believe in god.. I been around it because of my mom.. She doesnt practice it herself but she pays someone to help her get what she wants.. I know it works. Ive tried not to believe in it but it just all fits in.. My question is how do i get rid of what shes done.. I believe shes been using it on me and my sibilings since i can remember.. When ive asked her about things she says, i only ask god for help.. But i know the things she has done arent gods work.. So how do i go about removing the things she has done.. And its been a lot.. Could this be karma like from another life? I feel like i have no connection with my mom anymore.. Theres no talking to her.. And i dont want to hate her but i feel like she manipulates my life to how she wanted hers.. I just dont know what to do anymore..

  7. Hi Bella,

    I honestly don’t think people who practice Voodoo are ‘evil,’ its just what they were brought up with. For the practicer, there seems to be nothing wrong with it on the surface – like many things. Call on the Lord YOU know and you Will (!) be protected, and when you pray, you need to pray like you and God are sitting there as friends, like a father and daughter even. If you talk ‘with’ Him and not just ‘to’ God, you will hear Him. Expect that. You can take that to the bank, Bella! :) That’s the way He asked us to pray. Results often come very quickly for me, but very rarely, slow and steady.
    I’d pray for her to stop and see God for the love that He truly is. Keep at it, pray hard. You don’t need to tell her that, though, as she might resent it. A lot of people feel very strange when they find out you are praying ‘for them.’ God works through the Christian for the good… “and all things work for the good for those who love the Lord.” (One of my favorite verses in the whole bible, because it IS true.

    I feel that you are, ideed, protected by God right now, as you have , it is not YOUR belief to Him. Don’t fear your mother, but don’t cater to her. If she knows she has you scared, she has won a very strong control through your fear. Also, I wouldn’t upset her until things change, you don’t need to overcome negative things like what you are now dealing with right now, but continue to strengthen yourself through your very strong Faith in the Lord :)

    Bella, if it were me, I’d keep my distance for awhile until you have the armor of the Spirit of Jesus as your sheild as a permanent barrier between you and evil things… like the bible teaches. Maintain this strength and Confidence! Nothing will touch you, the fear will leave you, your concerns for your mom are well noted by God. There is great comfort that comes when you realize this because you are fighting the fight the ‘right’ way.

    Keep on being YOU, a strong catholic, follower, believer in God!
    May He bless you and your mother :)

    Your Brother in Christ,

    P.S. Keep letting us know how it progresses, because it will. Praying for you and family…

    • You can’t undo what someone else has done, except for to yourself. God undoes those things once you start to fight it in your soul. Strengthen your faith. All you have to do is believe more, deeper. As for your siblings, maybe you could talk to them… but that might be risky for you at this stage. I’d avoid it untill you are strong in God :)

      • Certain people ‘can’ undo what others have done. It takes a heck of a lot more energy than undoing something we have done to ourselves! I have removed a number of curses from people over the years I had the healing centres. To me they were like sticky black spiders webs going through a person’s energy. Not at all nice.

        Love & Peace

        • Ama,
          Thats one of those things know nothing about. Well, maybe not. Mom’s faith got rid of my problem, so I can see that. ;)


          • Right Keith. Your mum sounds amazing!

            Love & Peace

  8. Hi Bella,

    I am glad you are who I thought you are. The practise of voodoo, like any other belief system, can lead people in dark paths, but sometimes people do foolish things for very good reasons, and I think, perhaps, your mother loves you very much, rather than simply wanting to control you, but that is possible too.

    Yes, you could be in this relationship with her because of karmic ties, and you might have been the mother in the last lifetime. My daughter often reminds me she was my mother previously, usually when I’m trying to get her to do something she doesn’t want to .. but I still pull rank on her. LOL

    Undoing old magics .. what is it you think she has done to you? If it is done ‘to you’ it only works because you believe in it. Change your mind. Decide that no one can touch you with any magic that you do not allow, and then don’t allow anything that anyone did previously. Energy follows thought .. so change your thinking. Also .. my favourite Invocation will help. You’ll find it up on the right over the heading “newest questions”, The Michael Invocation removes all sorts of problems from our energy, with the help of the angels and God.

    Can it be that simple? Yes. No one can impose their will or wishes on us unless in some way we allow them to. There are no ‘weak’ spirits, there are only weak wills. You sound to me as if you are growing up to have a strong will, having to deal with the challenges your refer to. Perhaps that is the life lesson there. Learning when to say ‘no, no more, that is enough’ and taking back your life.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    (listed below under Friends)

  9. Voodoo, witchcraft/sorcery, magic, they are all the same – these are ancient practices and certainly do work. In Africa most of the indigenous Christians attend Christian church services but also continue to practice witchcraft – it’s customery.


    • Hi Pat,

      It’s all in the eye of the beholder. If you do what I do ‘inside’ God’s church, its legal, if you do it outside, you are going to hell.

      Also .. the intent of the person using the energy/magic (whatever the label on it) is very important. If you do things in the name of the Greater Good, or God, or Jesus, you are less likely to end up in trouble than if you are cursing someone because you are angry or hurt .. and if you get paid to place curses .. I don’t believe in hell as a place humans go to, but I know karma can be .. really intense, when one person deliberately chooses to hurt another without a justifiable reason, and money isn’t a good reason.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama,

        What do you mean by the ‘Greater Good’? Does it include the ‘killings/murder’ of all 1st born children and life stock in all the Egyptian households so that they would release the Israelites from Egyptian slavery?? :-(

        • That wasn’t the Greater Good, Pat, that was a wicked entity called Jehovah. God Loves .. it doesn’t ‘seek to destroy’ to set its own people free. It created Everyone. Other entities might drop in to a group and say ‘you are mine’ but in truth, even that entity, negative and demanding as it is, belongs to God.

          Humanity was ‘given’ free will, the dark ‘took it’ as their right, but they still have limits, which is one of the many reasons why they don’t love humanity.

          Love & Peace

    • Pat – Very interesting question that merits its own page

  10. Yes please, Keith.

    Love & Peace
    Ama (lazy) LOL

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