Does Anyone Know About Skeletal Remains Found in North Yorkshire after WW 2?

Please I need info on skeletal female remains found on Middleham Moor in North Yorkshire after WW 2. She is said to haunt Coverham Church and the moor as well.

I would love to know her name and final resting place.

Many Thanks

Asked by Yvonne Mann

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  1. Hello Yvonne,

    Have you checked in the newspapers from the time period to confirm the story is true? It might have her name there?

    May I ask why you are interested in the story?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • Hello Thank you for your reply.There is no name in the article.My interest is because she deserves a proper burial if she did not have one.For some reason I just took to her.

      • Are you being haunted by her, Yvonne? Did you visit the region before you got your desire to help her, or do you live there?

        I ask because a ghost will connect themselves to a sympathetic person and ask them to help, when they can.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (Spirit Rescuer .. you can read about me from my link at the bottom of this page .. Victorian Paranormal).

        • Hello and thank you for your interest.No she is not haunting me.I lived in her area for 2 years but it was only when I moved did I become interested.It seems her story was in almost every book I picked up.I have asked locals and 2 authors but no one knows the info I need.Have you ever heard of her story>? Regards Yvonne

          • No, I haven’t, Yvonne, and hunting the net found me nothing as well. It might be an urban legend?

            Sorry I can’t help more,
            Love & Peace

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