Does a Spiritual Warfare Exist?

Do you believe in spiritual warfare? The war between good and evil? If so, are humans involved in this war?

Asked by Big Chief

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  1. There’s an old saying, BC, ‘as above, so below’. Just look around you. If there wasn’t a war in heaven, there wouldn’t be any on Earth – and I wouldn’t have to be a demonologist protecting people from nasty entities that try and attach to them and steal their energy.

    I have stories: and other ghost stories on that site.

    Demons hate humans. They feed from them. So yes, humans are involved in the warfare .. and some of them .. go hunting demons at night while their bodies sleep, and come back bruised and scratched and badly hurt .. if they allow it to manifest through to their physical body. It’s not a game, imagination or a joke. Some people are simply ‘called to serve …’.

    Love & Peace (too things we really need in this world)

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