Do You Really Believe Ghosts are Real?

Do you really believe in all this? I mean you think ghosts are real and not the creations of a disturbed nervous system?

I will love to hear what you guys think. Well I am serious.

Can you give a rational explanation please?

Asked by luna

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  1. To be honest I have my doubts at times. Its a 70/30 . What I dont believe in at all, are the psychics, mediums, etc etc. I believe those people are scams and attention seekers. Ghost may be real. But until you have your own experience with them I wouldn’t count on any others word.

    • How can psychics, mediums or clairvoyants be ‘scams’ if they do not take money from you?? You can only be scammed, if you lose something for no return.


      • I dont believe psychics are real, scams, or attention seekers. But I do believe they are witnesses of false witness (even if the facts they see are real) they are seeking what the devil or sometimes (if prayed) truth and help from God. The devil will make you believe anything untrue.

    • Hi Califun707,

      In every industry there are people that lie, cheat and steal – I wish I could say the ‘psychic’ (new age) industry is different, but it isn’t.

      I am a clairvoyant (psychic) and a medium, among many other things – that means I can see the future, and do so for some people, and I can talk to some people’s dead relatives, if the need is great, and sometimes I get paid for it. I also do a TON of work for free, because I think people deserve to be helped, regardless of whether they can afford it or not .. but I do not like being taken advantage of, anymore than anyone else will, so its nice when people pay me for my help. That doesn’t make me a fake – I have to eat too.

      I am sorry you have only ever experienced fakes, but perhaps its because you are finding what you expect to find?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

      • I dont believe in psychics but I do believe that if you pray before telling a fortune you can get something (a vision) from God because he helps cops who need help. The devil however, likes to make people believe ANYTHING untrue and may fool you. He has the ability to make you see and even nelieve ANYTHING.

        • Hello Chelsi-Anne,

          I agree with you that God can give people visions. I am a Christian, so God, in his wisdom, gifted me with the ability to see those visions that help other people to live their lives safely and securely. Is that ok with you? You see, as I said in the comment you just wrote your answer on .. I am a psychic, to the folk outside the church, and a visionary to the people inside the church. Please tell me what you think the difference is? When I am outside the church am I working with the Devil, but once I step inside the building am I then working with God? Is there some switch I switch to change my gift? Is the building magical? Because other Christians also come up to me in the street and ask questions, and they believe I am answering with God’s help right there in the street.

          Some of the nicest and most loving people I know will not follow ‘God’ because of what the Christians have done with the teachings. While that breaks my heart, I understand why they need to remove themselves from the judgments dumped on them by people who cannot see past the Book .. and into the hearts of those around them.

          I appreciate you are a good Christian, and I admire that in you, but please do not condemn others when you have not met them in person, and have no idea who they truly are. Yes, there are cheats, in the church they are called hypocrits, but there are cheats everywhere, and being Christian doesn’t stop people lying or hurting each other.

          And believe me, I know what the devil gets up to, I was trained to help people besieged by demons … by God.

          Love & Peace
          Ama Nazra

          • Well said AMA. Well said. I read a lot f questions and answers on here, and you. Are always consistent with your answers. I don’t doubt your abilities one bit. I read the answers and sometimes say “darn, I wish I could meet this lady.” =)

        • Thank you Janna. Nice to meet you too. LOL You can always write to me privately, lots of people do.

          I am near Melbourne, Australia. I have noticed a copule of Aussies on the site now, and its lovely to see them, after years of mostly people from many other countries around the world.

          Have a great day,
          Love & Peace

  2. Hi Luna,

    Yes, ghosts are real. I have had too many experiences of them not to believe in them, as have thousands of people all over the world. The internet is littered with stories about ghosts, spirits and other beings that most people can’t see, but everyone can experience – when they aren’t trying to explain them away as something ordinary.

    I have been tapped on the shoulder, had my hair pulled, been pushed and been yelled at, all by unseen beings. I saw one spirit float a plate, and an angel float a candle. :-) I had one lady (ghost) shake me to wake me up, after doing the same to my mother a few minutes beforehand. My mother was downstairs asleep, it was about 3.00am at the time. We discussed it in the morning, and she asked me to ‘keep those darned things out of the house’. LOL

    My own son, in spirit, gave a message to a friend for me at a ghost rescue circle. I have given messages to other people from ghosts/spirits, which they have confirmed as totally true .. things I could not have known about the living people, having never met them before. One involved a large orange cat, another was the daughter of a lady who came to me grieving, and left totally changed – happy again. My own father came to visit me three days after he died. He left messages for my brother and mother.

    I could go on and on and on .. but I won’t. That is enough to begin with, and plenty of other people will have comments too.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. I believe ghosts our energies of past spirits who have unfinished business. Also, there is so much possibilities and science finds new animals, insects and things about the human bodyeveryday. Why wodnt the idea of ghosts be possible either. There is evidence of spirits since photography has been around. Now a days its so easy to fake pictures and such, but back then, I just don’t think anyone would have been able to do it. Go to Utube and search real ghost pictures. A lot of the old pics are on the videos of rolling ghost pics. I guess its up to each one of us, but try tp tell someone who has been haunted or seen a ghost they are not here and they would strongly disagree. Best of luck to ya in finding ypur answers.

  4. When someone asks me if I actually believe in things like ghosts I have to say that I have no choice in the matter. I have encountered them therefore I cannot doubt their existence. While I do not know exactly what a ghost is I cannot deny that they are here.

    However, I do not believe that everything that “goes bump in the night” is a ghost or paranormal. I think most cases can be explained by something “rational” but not all of them.

  5. Hi Luna

    They do exist. If they didn’t exist, then there would be no need for Exorcists.

    A rational explanation? Some folk, at the point of death, are either too scared to move on or have ‘unfinished business to attend to’ before their spirit can move on to where it should be. As a result, they get ‘stuck’ here, with us, in our world. Trouble is, they become disenchanted, confused or restless which might result in us living folk experiencing what is termed as a haunting.

    There are, however, plenty of perfectly rational, non paranormal, explanations for a lot of things so always look for a logical reason for something before asuming it is a ghost.


  6. Well, your question is a total theme. Ghost is one of the paranormal being and I interpret it the passed away soul. second , demon, they are a group of unobservable creatures that sometime can be seen or felt based on their will and in some particular situations they live in earth but some of them can rise to sky but if go upper than their limit the shooting stars follow them and they have to escape to earth (these demons that try infiltrate to heaven are devilish demons ) . Angels are other group of unobservable creatures but they are different with demons. difference in essence and dignity. Angels are heavenly and are god,s agent and functionary. they are abstract and from light and don’t do none sin because they haven’t greedy ego to be capable for doing sin or becoming turbulent like human and demons. some time they appear but not to common humans .usually they appear to prophets and messengers and some their heavenly relative.For example saint Messiah (Jesus) and his mother saint Mariam (Marry) saw angels and talked them many time and the heaven messenger Jibreel ( Gabriel) deliver some gods massage to saint Messiah but I doubt common people (unresponsively humans) have seen angels except in some situations that I aware ).
    Other entities that recently I have heard here ( like elf, incubus , fairy ,goblin and other ) are from demons group surely . it is amazing that you know Satan is from demons race.

    • LOL!!! Are you saying that Ama is a saint, because she can see and talk to Angels?! Angels are her guides! I also know that Ama is humble enough not to accept the title, but I do believe she is here on this Earth, in this lifetime, For a higher purpose. (actually, A.J., I think the same about you, too, reluctant or not! Lol!!) I believe that we all have Angels with us, and that they communicate with us; some directly, others in indirect or symbolic ways!

      • Hi Luna

        “(actually, A.J., I think the same about you, too, …..”

        Thank you, Luna. Kind of you to say so.

        “…..reluctant or not! Lol!!) ”

        That’s just because I want to go back home …… LOL!


        • Thank you Luna, knowing what I know about saints .. and the mischief, and downright nastiness, they got up to in the living lives (let me not walk that path please God) .. I might qualify if someone wants to beatify me after I am dead. It’s amazing how much our characters improve when we are no longer around to prove people wrong. LOL

          I want to go HOME too, AJ .. the call is so strong some days .. but today .. I am going to the city to visit my daughter. Talk about sublime to ridiculous. LOL

          Manss .. we are just kidding around, in case you are not sure. Like AJ says, the written word can be very confusing. Do you know how to make smiling faces on this site? You do it this way : – ) with no gaps between the symbols, and the site creates the smiles we see online.

          Have a great day everyone,
          Love & Peace

  7. thanks guys.its the first time my matter got posted in some site.thanks a lot.

    • also i have this same dream of me swimming in a pool and feeling something swim near me.then i get out of the pool and go to a beach.a very crowded one with my friend.the pond looks ordinary but the beach looks like a foreign one.i am from kerala,India and the beaches here are pretty different.

      • Luna,

        Your dream sounds symbolic of reincarnation with familiar soul mates in the unfamiliar surroundings of a new life, assisted by your guide at your side.

        – Brother Self

        p.s. not to digress, but have you seen red rain in Kerala?

        • the dream ,first one was just horror.i could feel the tension in the the second dream i was so alert like i am gonna be attacked any moment and my friend was enjoying.i was trying to help us both

          • That’s a curious dream and perhaps it would help to become lucid and confront the horror.

            To answer you’re original question, even though I have never seen what may be called a ghost, I believe they exist and are less experienced souls trying to find their way out with a limited sense of the circumstances.

  8. I believe in ghosts, paranormal or not. There are real ghosts such as “Ghost employees,” “Ghost writers” and the like, I don’t need any scientific or paranormal investigation to prove to me that these things don’t exist. You might say that I’m trying to be a smart ass, but it depends on how a person defines a ghost. Most people associate ghosts with the dead and the paranormal, but I also see the practical application of the term. I don’t always believe in the supernatural ghosts because there are times that some ghost experiences can be explained rationally.

  9. Hi luna ,

    Even I was about 5-6yrs Old i had the same doubt what you had.. I use to scare even when i look at the dolls at nights. It was very clear there are bad spirits prevailing in Planet earth.. Once I ve read an Article which is been posted about the Ghost Rescue Circle and it is strong to beleive that there are Paranormal beliefs and people carry Ouija Board conversating with the dead who were Called by people seriously disturbed by these Bad spirits which we call the GHOST.. and also it was the attack of a Demon to a man while using Ouija Board … These Instances makes to believe there are Ghosts

  10. I do believe in God and the Holy Bible. I also believe that gjosts are transformed demons (ive experienced it for myself). The demon I saw came in the form of a ghost after my friend and I got done talking about our belief in ghosts. I knew rigjt away that it was a demon. I felt as if God told me so. My friend claimed the same. She saw it too and felt the same thing I felt God told me.

  11. I believe in the bible not ghosts.

    • That is one way of putting dot into all the hubbub. But that is just like being a party pooper.
      Biblically speaking, there are NO ghosts, but there are only spirits, entities that mimic the deceased is called as evil spirits in the Bible and they are actually demons trying to lure unsuspecting people to move away from the light and truth of God and make them believe in lies and deception. In the Bible, the dead never comes back from the grave and Angels only appear on certain occasions when God command them. That is what I have learned, but then again, if you are going to try and find a loop hole in the whole Bible thing, I can also disprove everything that is written in the Bible. One of the very thing to question about the Bible is its authenticity, is the Book of John really written by the John we know? Or the Book of Peter, for all we know, the Apostle Paul never got to interact with Jesus himself physically, the only time they met when Jesus was still alive was when he was being persecuted and Paul being one of those persecutors. And it’ll just go on and on… After studying all of these things I only end up questioning the authenticity of everything I read, see, hear or smell. Because all these conflicting explanations and facts only made me doubt the reality of the things around me and in the end it is up to the person in question, “how much of reality do you believe?”

  12. Hi Buddy,

    Good answer .. just a couple of things though .. Saul had the witch of Endor call up the prophet Samuel from his grave in 1 Samuel .. and prophets dead for a thousand years also appeared after the resurrection, that’s in the NT.

    Also .. when did Saul interact with Jesus? I can’t find that in the Bible, and have never heard it mentioned in my studies? Yes, Saul persecuted the Christians, until he had a vision of Jesus, and changed his name to Paul because of it .. but that was only a vision.

    Love & Peace

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