Do You Read True Ghost Tales at Night or Day?

Usually when do you write and send a comment about spirits to Trueghosttales, daytime or nighttime? If you avoid writing, reading or discussion at night what is your reason? Whether cause of scare and horror or else?

Asked by Manss

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  1. I read the stories any time, day or night. I don’t comment a lot, but the stories get me thinking about the things mentioned, and I look look up on the internet the place where the story took place or the person, demon, whatever. I have found some things that are very interesting, and have learned a lot.

  2. I agree with Jennifer. I don’t comment a lot either. I read the questions and stories day or night, whenever the mood strikes me.

  3. Hi Manss,

    I read the emails in my inbox (from this site) before brekkie (like today), and start answering them after breakfast (going to cook it now LOL). You guys are all asleep in my afternoon, so I can catchup with any I haven’t got to after I do chores and shopping etc. I read ghost stories in bed, but some nights it too spooky around here, so I read detective stories instead. LOL

    I, like Jennifer, check every link given, and every new concept, or entity, to see what they are about. It’s all very interesting.

    Love & Peace

  4. Read it day or night, doesn’t matter. Nice to read material, Amuse me well.

  5. I usually read them alone at night, simply because that is when I have a bit of free time. I typically do not find that they make me feel uncomfortable or scared. I’m not easily frightened as I’ve seen my share of weird/creepy/horrifying things. It would take a lot to get me to the point of scared :)

    As the comments above state, I usually do check all the links as well, and if I found the story interesting enough, I will research it further to quench the thirst for more knowledge ;)

  6. I read them and comment in my lunch hour at work mostly but log on at night if I’m going to submit a story as I need more time to phrase and construct the story properly.

  7. I usually read it at day, afternoon, or evening. Because I use my campus’s Internet connection to visit this site (^0^) And I go home at night~ (I don’t have internet connection in my house :p)

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