Do You Believe in Religion?

Do you believe in religion? If so, which religion(s) do you prescribe to?

Asked by Big Chief

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  1. Hello again,

    The word religion means

    1. a. Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe.
    b. A personal or institutionalized system grounded in such belief and worship.
    2. The life or condition of a person in a religious order.
    3. A set of beliefs, values, and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader.
    4. A cause, principle, or activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion.

    Yes, I believe in ‘religion’ under those terms. Most religions are run by people who try their best, but are only human, and humans are not perfect, and can’t do it ‘on their own’, even with God, so they get help. Help is also a human, also with opinions, can lead to arguments, debates, discussions, separation, .. sounds like some marriages .. starts great, ends up in a mess ..

    The only ‘religion’ that has never killed anyone in the name of ‘god’ is Buddhism.

    I call myself a Christian because I believe in the Christ energy, but not in the way the Christian church does. The ‘how and why’ is in my online book. I also call myself a Spiritiualist, but only because other people think I am. I talk to dead people. I go to Spiritualist churches sometimes, but can’t find any God in them. I am looking for a Christian Spiritualist church right now, but they don’t reply to emails.

    Where did we go wrong?

    Love & Peace,
    Ama LOL

  2. To me, believing in religion is like believing in traditional superstitions. Religion is nothing more than an ancient tool used to efficiently manipulate large populations.

    Religion is also a great money spinner. People will actually pay you to listen to your lies.

    Love and Peace :)

  3. No offence intended to anyone in the Scientology belief system, but L Ron Hubbard said “If you want to get rich, you start a religion”. And so he did.

    It’s fascinating ..

    He wrote science fiction. I enjoyed many of his books.

    Love & Peace

    • Hubbard is one of my favorites. I have read quite a bit of his sci fi and it is really good stuff. A man so adept at constructing fiction creating a religion? Hmmm…

  4. I believe in my religion, Hinduism. And I believe that every religion in this world, Christian, Moslem, Budha actually have and teach the same things, kindness, do the good for the good and avoid the bad. But, their people, is not. After some time passed, I see that many religions have been “modified” by it’s people. They make their religion as a tools for gaining what they want, even if it’s actually opposed from their religion. Well, now, we can only believe what we believe.
    @ Ama: “The only �religion� that has never killed anyone in the name of �god� is Buddhism.” Yes, you are right, because they don’t have Gods. ^_^
    @ Lucinda: “Religion is nothing more than an ancient tool used to efficiently manipulate large populations. “Actually, religion is more “valuable” than that. For me, Religion is a set of sacred rules that have been passed from generations to generations. But, as the time flows, it has been changed…. To be what they are now…. “Just a tool”….

  5. Go dip into his religion, CareTaker. It’s fascinating. Full of thetans and other alien concepts .. costs a fortune to have them removed from your body .. and only ‘they’ can do it.

    Sorry … changing the subject. Should only make fun of the religion I vaguely belong to.

    Love & Peace .. and better behaviour from now on.

    • I studied the book dianetics. I must have read it more than 5 or 6 times altogether. I believe there are a lot of useful concepts and ideas there but that’s it. I tend to be somewhat eclectic in my beliefs and can fins some good nuggets in just about any of it.

  6. Hi CareTaker,

    I try to do the same. My belief system is a combination of many religions, belief systems, and what I have been taught by my angels. Makes for an interesting mix. :-)

    and Adhinferno,

    I feel the same way about religion as you do. I would like to see people going back to the original, kinder, principles that we were shown. I am trying, and sometimes failing, to be a living example of the good in the world. If we all tried .. so much could be changed for the better.

    Love & Peace,

  7. @ Ama: No one is perfect in this world, except The Deity (Wait…. He is even greater than this world…. He surpass the All that we know…. Hehe.) Well, I just want to say, no matter how many times you fail, as long as you rise 1 more time again, you don’t fail, yet. Keep up your spirit for the Good of the World! ^0^/”

  8. Adhinferno … couldn’t agree more.

    Blowing you kisses,
    Love & Peace,

  9. Hello Ama Nazra

    The first your discussion about the necessity of religion was the best and logically things which I have heard from you. of course I had heard another your discussion about traveling of human,s soul during of sleep that was too close to my opinion and knowledge. this show that you tend to realness and rationally – well done

  10. Hello Big Chief

    I don’t want come back to usual and long arguing about Gods existence between believers and unbelievers but I choose now another way : “God is start and end of all things and religion is a letter from that starter and end given. in that letter God has introduced himself and creatures. if one is interested know him more sit face to face a mirror and look at himself and that perplexing camera which is under his brow and think about its designer and maker me seems its enough to know him logically and may feelingly. But if he want know him anymore refer to Gods feature that is described in his letter :
    God is : alive that never die – sage – scientail – aware – observer – hearer – great – mighty – powerful – major – creator -beautiful – merciful – nourisher – donor – healer – forgiving –
    soft- ……..awful – scaremonger- – harmer – dying performer – punisher -great anger – revenger- hard torturer – ……….
    So religion is collection of Gods message which is include his introduction , his signs , his commands and rules , his order and promises . such letter is wholly right and perfect.

  11. Religion is in my opinion the most evil thing mankind has ever had to suffer.

    Just take a look at Afghanistan today, Insurgents destroy schools and throw acid in the faces of students and teachers because it threatens their way of life, based around an archaic belief system.
    And before this we had the crusades, the Spanish inquisition, the holocaust, the list goes on and on. George Bush himself said that “God” had told him to declare this war.

    If God is on our side, who can stand against us? Thats our problem.

    Too many people have died in it’s name. It’s an opium of the people, it may feel right and good temporarily. But in the long run it’s only going to hurt us.

    I think the sooner we move away from religion the better. Or failing that, the sooner we move toward a belief system similar to a lot of the people here, no specific religion but a belief in a God and taking the good from all of them. That could work.

    • Religion is like a gun or a socket wrench – it is a tool.

  12. Thank you Manss .. one of the first things the angels said to me was ‘keep your feet on the ground’ (in other words, be logical and very real in the world). LOL

    Love & peace

  13. Good topic created by me again, I guess. Let’s say there was no such thing as religion in the world. People relied on science and scientist for their knowledge on how the world is ran. Nobody believed or never heard of such a thing as God, Devil, hell, etc.. What kind of world do you think we would be living in? Most of the wars in the world were and are not religious based.

    The war in Afghanistan is not religion based. It was started by nonreligious people who claimed a couple of people who failed flight school somehow managed to suddenly fly big airliners in mid-air and was responsible for 9-11. The war in Iraq was started by non-religious people who built up a lie that a man had weapons of mass destruction in his country. The war in Libya was started by non-religious people who claimed a countries leader is killing his own people so the nonreligious decided that they will kill the people themselves.

    The Holocaust was started by nonreligious bigots who killed millions to preserve the authencity of their race. Most of the wars in this world were and are started by non-religious people. Anyone wants to challenge me on this?? If there was no religion or belief in God or a judgement this world would be worst than it is today..

  14. Well said Caretaker.

    I agree with what most religions teach, the good stuff atleast. How we should behave to each other and everything.

    People just seem to take it to far, it just gives us another reason to hate each other.

  15. Hi BJ,

    It’s not religion that is evil, its people. Religion is not working up the insurgents, their leaders are. They make demands and expect them to be followed. The muslim religion does not believe in genocide, does not advocate murder, or jihad .. their leaders do. And the Christians have had their own versions. People can choose not to follow anytime they like. They have to defy their rabid leaders .. but they are defying people, not a book that is dancing about on its own yelling at them.

    Love & Peace

  16. Hi ,BigJim 13

    God is good and merciful and his origin religion is perfect and good too but do you think we all humans are so too ? do you think everyone said I’m religious are religious ?? and he is related to god and his origin religion ??!! woe …… this looking and viewpoint is so far away from truth and reality. How we can put who damaged schools , teachers and students beside merciful God and his religion ?? how you can call this blockheads and ignoramuses religious ?? how we can call who say god ordered me for war ,bombing and killing people religious ?? Everyone say everything but we do have to believe in them all ?? its better you ignore of humans actions and pay attention to origin god’s morality and rules . if you do such will understand origin religion is another thing and the most of our moralities and actions is another, then you will cursed some evildoers that claim we are flower for god’s religion and are religious

  17. Hi BJ

    If there was no religion humanity would be fighting about something else.

    And as Manss says just because a person says they are religious, or for that matter, non-religious, I wouldn’t accept the comment on face value. I can still remember a friend of my mother’s asking mum to pray for her before exams .. and she said she was strict athiest. Guess she was covering all her bases? And those folk overseas arranging wars .. oh the comments I could make .. they have a religion .. some of them swear they are Christian and defending the world from people who aren’t .. but there’s another ‘religion’ (belief system) out there .. and its ‘god’ is Mannon. Sigh.

    You know the heartbreaking thing … those wars are FOUGHT by people who truly believe in one God or another, while the ‘arrangers’ sit safe in the bomb shelters. Some even believe the propaganda. What does it say about the human race that we will not ‘think’ about the morality of something before picking up a gun? I am very glad my son didn’t join the army .. but he’s probably going to be a policeman? We are having drive-by shootings in the streets of Melbourne right now. Sigh .. I don’t think humanity will ever learn!

    Love & Peace

  18. Religion – The wars you spoke of only prove that power makes people do things to prove their own power. or things to gain more power. We even have accepted liars running politics and keeping people satiated with other stories and wars.

    All lies. Its one thing people and spirits have in common everything and everyone lies. For one reason or another.

  19. Hi Big Chief

    I don’t believe in religion, parsay, but I do believe in Faith.

    To me, each and every one of us should walk on a personal journey to understand God. If we are told what to believe, rather than try to figure it out for ourselves, then we are not really being true to our own spirit and therefore can not possibly be expected to be purly true to our faith either. To follow anothers ideals is, imo, blind faith and not true faith.

    All religions hold a fundamental truth, but alas man’s interpretion of God’s Word isn’t necessarily God’s Word, rather a twisted truth of His Word. It’s hard separating the wheat from the chaff!

    That said, not one person on this earth know’s the whole truth, nor understands the concept of God fully. However, if each person truly believes, based on their own interpretation rather than that of others, then that is as true a Faith as we can each expect to have.

    That is why this site is so good for discussion – there are quite a few posters on here with definite idea’s of what God stands for and how He works. To others, these idea’s and understanding may seem completely ‘out-there’ and incomprehensable – complete nonscience, even? But to the authors, this is what they truly believe and so, for them, it has to be the only way to understand the supernatural world. And I admire radical thinkers – even if I don’t always agree with their interpretation.


    • My dear! I always like reading your comments!! :D I think what you say makes alot of sense!! I believe, that you do not need religion to find God, but that for some it is a tool to aid them in their quest. Unfortunately, and it is true, that the Bible has been interpreted and reinterpreted, edited and split into several different versions that it’s purest meaning has been lost. and as I have stated elsewhere, it doesn’t matter which religion you choose; only that you search for and find God.

  20. Hi All.

    My friend is joining the army, and i’m glad he is. It’s good people like him that have to lay down their lives to eradicate (a minority) of extremists who force their views on other people.
    I’m not saying God is bad, well, i’m not sure that he isn’t but thats a different discussion. I’m saying RELIGION is bad.
    No punishment of man can stand up to Gods word, so these people believe they are completely justified in their actions. And the leaders in this particular war do believe in what they preach, if they just wanted power or money there are far easier ways to go about it that declaring a jihad on the most powerful military forces mankind has ever known. You don’t attack the united states of america without a damn good reason. They know they will probably die but they think their religion is right, God is on their side, etc so they don’t care.

    It’s that mentality that has plagued mankind for thousands of years. Yes we fight over other things, yes we always will. World peace is a naive dream. But religion is a key factor in it. Eradicate organised religion, find renewable sources of energy, and educate the world. Bring places like Afghanistan, Somalia etc out of the 3rd world. And we will see improvement. (another naive dream)
    Britain, France Australia, Germany, all these places are highly educated and not over the top religious. Infact the only acid throwing and honour killings that happen here in the UK are committed by religious extremists.
    Can no one else see the pattern?

  21. Hi BJ, and everyone,

    I hope your friend does not have to lay his life down ‘for his country’ ..ever. I really do respect the men and women of our societies who feel they have to ‘fight’ for their countries. What I cannot abide is that all they might ever do is is put their finger on the button that sends a bomb 200 miles away from where they are standing, or further. And then there’s the ‘hospital’ that gets hit by ‘accident’ because someone’s aim wasn’t right .. or computer malfunction .. or some other excuse?

    Yes, I can see a lot of patterns. I can see humanity destroying itself for a variety of motives – where the ‘big wigs’ send other people to do their dirty work, because they are too busy ‘ruling’ their chaotic, often almost bankrupt, countries, to do it themselves. I think we should all go back to the days where two knights stood in the field of battle and beat each other up until one of them surrendered .. not a battle to the death. And I don’t mean two ‘king’s champions’, I mean the kings themselves. If we must have ‘war’ let it be very personal. Then there will be no ‘civilian casualties … only pride.

    Love & Peace

  22. Hi Ama, and everyone.

    I worded the first sentence of my last comment wrong. I’m not glad him and others have to die, i’m glad that he’s a strong enough to man to go and fight these extremists and oppressive men and that he’s prepared to. It’s not “glad” as much as proud of him.

    And war can never be the two leaders fighting each other in a majestic fight untill one surrenders, i doubt it ever was. People are back stabbing, sometimes cowardly. Whats to stop that king pulling a pistol on the other and shooting him dead, who’s going to take over? That king would have immediately won any war and would take what they want. It’s to tempting an opportunity.

    War is an evil thing. But even heaven went to war. I expect many Angels where killed ( if they can be? Not sure how a war works if neither side can die…) as a result of one Angels issues. It’s the way of life that others are made to suffer because of the actions of the few.
    And religion is a popular cause. Not necessarily God. But one mans interpretation of what God wants.
    Nothing more dangerous than a man on a mission from God etc.

    Good question here! Got a good debate going. :D

  23. Hi Big Jim

    Re your comment: Nothing more dangerous than a man on a mission from God.

    Amen, to that!


  24. Hi BJ,

    Yes, you do start very good discussions. :-)

    I understood that you are ‘proud’ of your friend from what you wrote. My comment came right from the heart. My son is 27 and my daughter 25 .. and their father used to be in the Australia Navy, and my partner served in Vietnam, and both of the kids could be ‘called up’ to fight in a real war. As a mother that’s a nightmare to me.

    If you read history you will find that people actually did fight ‘one on one’ .. before society, and its leaders, got more greedy. This was in the age before guns .. so it was hands, clubs, fists and then swords. And there was ‘honour’ in those days, which is very thin on the ground among the people now.

    No, you can’t kill angels, but angels can injure each other. Then they need time to heal, just as we do. And they can get very sad.

    Its a pity that a group of people cannot help to change their leaders minds without resorting to violence .. e.g. egypt etc. And then we have men like Gandhi and Buddha .. who came in speaking peace .. and Martin Luther King .. what did we do to him .. sigh!

    There are no ‘missions from God’ that include violence and death. That is our ego, and perhaps other forces, influencing the person, regardless of what some people would have us believe.

    Love & Peace

  25. jim

    some time a person is drunken without any drink. a person that is burning in fire of arrogance or ignorance. arrogance that born from ” feeling development ” and ignorance which born from ” no understanding the reality ” . it is a critical proverb that say : ” somebodies are asleep , death will awake them ” and it is the story of these tow groups .The problem of ignorance is that they no aware that they don’t know therefore they suppose their action is right but do wrong. the problem of some Techno – flowers is that no accept anything out of this area. Area of physics laws ,material , substance , formula ,calculation , civilization , etc. for example usually they don’t believe about paranormal . Suppose it is some stories and imagination. However you said (almost) I believe in god but believe religion is not good it is like one says I accept sun but don’t accept sunlight then what you imagined about pinion of a extremist group in Afghanistan is not origin religion that god has sent down for people a lot of their opinion and actions is wrong and is not connected to Islam but sorrily and unfortunately
    many Muslim people in Afghanistan have killed in war between Taliban and White house and I don’t know what would be God’s judgement.

  26. That’s a tough question.

    Do I believe in a higher power? Absolutely. However, I’m not a fan of organized religion. I can’t identify with any one sect as a whole. I believe there are fundamental truths in all religions, I just think some of the tenets got a bit skewed along the way. I know a lot of people will disagree with that statement but, it’s what I believe in my heart.

  27. Hi All.

    Diana that is a great view to have, one which i believe God would be happy with.

    With regards to your children being called up, I can’t imagine how much of a nightmare that must be, i really hope it never comes to that.
    I never knew people used to fight like that, seems so far fetched in today’s world. I often look back at history and wander to myself if expanding into the world and developing what we have was really a good idea. With all our charities and the UN etc, we’re in a worse situation now than we’ve ever been.

    Maybe i’m wrong, maybe various religions that hold back scientific advances are a good thing, maybe if we’d paid more attention to certain religions we wouldn’t be in this predicament.
    But it just seems to me that the main causes of war and all the problems in this world is, Money, Power and Religion. Get rid of religion and maybe that’s a 3rd of all wars gone.

    However, if if found a religion that made perfect sense to me, and i was ADAMANT was real without a shadow of a doubt, like many extremists are. I can’t say i wouldn’t fight and die for it. So it’s a slippery slope.

  28. @Diana
    You would be surprized at just how many of us don’t disagree with you!!! I, myself, do not subscribe to any organized religion, because I haven’t found one that fits with what I know and believe. Yes, as you have stated, each religion carries fundamental truths, but some religions have been met with corruption along the way. I feel that for some people, religion gives them a sense of peace and oneness with their creator, and I do not begrudge anyone of their right to the religion of there choosing; religion can be beneficial. I find myself to be more Spiritual than religious. You do not need to subscribe to a religion to know that God/ a Higher Power exists.
    And Manss: You speak of Holy Wars, I think. I oppose this; Killing in the name of God, for me, is still wrong. Tourturing people into giving up their beliefs and believing in something else, is wrong, as well. I believe in a peaceful and unconditionally loving God, and I feel that the only way we can trully Honor Him is to be Peaceful and Loving ourselves.

  29. Hi BJ,

    I don’t think any particular ‘religion’ should have the right to dictate what humans do, or do not, develop scientifically. That’s because ‘a religion’ is only the collected thoughts of a group of people, and doesn’t actually exist on its own. Now, people have a right to disagree on the right things to do .. but then blaming God, or saying it is ‘God’s decree’ or some other rubbish .. just gets right up my nose.

    I have a love/dislike relationship with the Bible. There is so much wisdom in it, and so much crap .. and you can make it mean anything you like .. just by quoting bits out of context. I think that if ‘God’ had really created that book, we wouldn’t be able to do that. .. but we’ve had that debate. LOL

    And take out religion, mate, and humanity would find something to replace it with .. to fight ‘for’, or ‘over’. We are a survivalist species. First instinct is to protect the ‘self’. Another word for it is ‘selfish’ or self-focused .. and it all leads to tunnel vision (seeing things in only one sort of one), when it should all lead to Love. But its hard to love when you are frightened .. and when you are frightened you will fight until you feel safe again …

    So when JC said (or so they say) ‘turn the other cheek’ (which means don’t fight) why don’t we listen?

    Retiring to the kitchen to do some cooking,
    Love & Peace

  30. Hello Luna Terra

    In which sentence of my post I said war is good and holy ?!! I hate of war. It is the worst thing in all round of the history. Also God never has ordered to war this is a bad viewpoint about merciful god. God say : ” if one kills a human it is like he has killed all people and if one vitalizes a human it is like he has vitalize all people ” so think how such merciful and just existence offer the war ?!!

  31. Hi Ama

    [quote]So when JC said (or so they say) �turn the other cheek� (which means don�t fight) why don�t we listen?[quote]

    A very good point …

    … but, in this Godless world we live in, turning the other cheek means you get trounced on by all and sundry. You get victimised. You get put upon. Your rights stands for nothing. You become an under-dog. You become nothing in the eyes of those who walk all over you, because they think you are weak.

    Thankfully, there are some truly great people in this world who still manage to do great things in the face of adversery. But its rear. Most people in power are there because they did not turn the other cheek, rather they capitalised on those who did.

    It would be a much better world if we all just loved one another and got on with one another. It would be a much better world if we all accepted we are all different, but that in itself doesn’t make us any better or worse than the next person. It would be a wonderful world if there were no wars, no decite, no one trying to push the boundries. Alas, that ain’t going to happen. Not for the forseeable future, anyway. Maybe one day …


  32. Hi AJ, :-)

    ‘Turn the other cheek’ doesn’t mean ‘be a pushover’, nor let people walk on you. It means to act with kindness in all situations, be forgiving, loving, and honest.

    The world is not Godless .. people choose to be, as is their (Godgiven) right. LOL

    I agree about your ‘better world’ comment, but it has to start with you and me. If we will not walk the path of forgiveness, just because of what ‘might’ happen if we do ‘turn the other cheek’ .. how can we expect others to learn to do it? We have to lead by example. That is what Jesus did .. and he was no pushover. Remember the temple market .. he had a temper, and used it appropriately. He stood his ground when needed, and didn’t deliberately choose to hurt anyone. We make that choice, to deliberately hurt people, when we react in ways that are not loving .. because we know there is another path .. for the whole world had teachers it could follow .. Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, Confucius, Rumi, to name a few, and then there are the modern ones ..

    Yes, love one another, please, its long overdue, and when you do you will ‘turn the other cheek’ at appropriate moments without fear ..

    Love & Peace

  33. Hi Ama

    When I hear the phrase “turn the other cheek” I can not but help be reminded of the Amish. They take the word to the enth degree and, as a consequence, often become the targets of bullies. Bullies who take delight in victimising them purely because they know the Amish can not retaliate due to their religious rules. Jesus was a rather special case. Not many people in this world are as strong, spiritually, as he and the other prophets were. It takes a strong character to be able to know, as you quite rightly stated, when to walk away and when to stand up for yourself. It also takes a lot of self- disipline and wisdom.

    I guess you could say its a fine line between being fair and temperate and being the victim of others spite and selfishness.

    I know it’s peoples right to be ‘godless’ but that doesn’t alter the fact that most people (especially those with power and influence) choose not to look to God for inspiration and direction. Rather they either have no room for God in their lives at all, or they use ‘God’ as an excuse to cause harm to others (spiritually or physically). Either way, I’m sure that is not how God intended his children to behave. But He did give us free will, so maybe that’s the paradox.

    I try to be fair minded. I try to help anyone who genuingly needs it. But equally, if I think someone is just taking advantage of my good nature for their own ends, without a single thought for anyone but themselves, then I walk away. I may not make a big fuss about it, and I will help them to help themselves but, better that someone learns to help themselves rather than just rely on everyone else to always bail them out all the time.

    Had a situation a while back with a so called friend. He was getting into financial trouble. I offered to go through his affairs and draw up a cash flow forecast for him, so he could see where his money is going, what needs to be paid, and what could be deemed as non essential. Then he could start regaining control of his finances. I offered this free of charge as he was a ‘friend’, despite it being my occupation and normally would charge. But what are friends for, if they can’t help out, right?

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, the ‘friend’ never brought round his paperwork, so I was never able to look through his stuff to help him out. The ‘friend’ distanced himself from us. A year or so later I was chatting to another, mutual, friend when the converstion got on to the person mentioned above with the financial trouble. The mutual friend stated that the reason the other chap had distanced himself from myself and my partner was because we didn’t help him out when he was in financial stook. I was quite taken aback at this statement so explained to the mutual friend what I had offered to do. It turned out, the ‘friend’ had expected us to bail him out financially and, because we hadn’t (and we’re talking tens of thousands of pounds here) he decided we weren’t real friends after all.

    I have to admit, I was really quite hurt when I learned of this. But then, guess he was never a friend, he just fooled us into thinking he was. Oh! Well! That’s life – certainly not worth bearing a grudge over! So, I just learned the lesson (turned the other cheek, so to speak), and moved on. After all, there are plenty of people out there who think the world (and the rest of us) owe them something.


  34. I guessed may some godly words be delightful for somebody that are interesting to supernatural subjects .The words which majority have never heard until now
    I chose those between other god�s words random

    God say :

    - We created you (humans) from a male and female.
    - God is who that created you then nourished you then will perish you then will enliven you again.
    - Didn�t human see that we created him from a semen and he became an obvious enemy against us ? ”
    - All things in earth and sky is belongs to him
    - Hi , bairn of Adam , didn�t I stipulate you that don,t comply with devil because he is an obvious enemy for you ?
    - Hi , groups of demons and humans if you are able to go out from sky paths , so go out , you can�t go out except by a force.
    - The best of you about us is who that is most righteous
    - This is hell that criminals had supposed it is false
    - haven’t you seen what you plant ? is it grown by you or we are its grower?…………..haven’t you seen the water which you drink ? is it sent down from clouds by you or we have sent down it ?……………..haven’t you seen fire that you ignite , have you made its trees or we are those creator ?
    -(god) is who that created life and death to announce you which of you are better actually and god is prideful and forgiving

  35. hi all.
    ill try and keep this short. its suprisingly hard to wrie a short essay on a phone lol.

    im not sure i agree that man would just find something else to fight about. we’ll always fight ofcourse we would. but look at us in the west, we dont all agree but i have no intention of killing anyone over it. we as a society have moved away from organised religion, not always god, but we’re doing fine.
    look at the east, jews and arabs killing each other over temples, shia and sunni muslims killing each other. iran stoning raped women etc.
    yes some of that comes down to money and education. but alot of these places arnt poor, isreal, saudi arabia.. but the fact remains that with education and money (no point praying for rain when you can pop down tesco and buy what you need) we moved away from religion and are doing better for it.
    didnt keep it as short as i planned…

  36. Hi AJ,

    Free will – each of us can choose to be a victim, of circumstance, of our beliefs, of other people, but it is a choice. We can also choose to quietly say no, or yell it at the top of our lungs, if the need arises. With any belief system I think there has to be a measure of commonsense, not just following the rules in blind faith.

    Godless people .. I think its the worst when they take the Word of God and use it to manipulate others, as you say. I know of a few politicians who do that .. or would-be politicians. God becomes an excuse for their bad behaviour .. and then there are church ministers .. but don’t get me started on that one! What is the point of being a minister if you don’t even believe in God?

    And manipulative friends .. we can only ‘love them anyway’, and not get caught up in their lessons. Karma can be a bitch.

    Wishing ou a gorgeous day,
    Love & Peace

  37. Hi Anonymous,

    Which Bible are you quoting? I don’t remember the semen bit.

    Bairn, for those who don’t know, is Scottish for baby ..

    Love & Peace

  38. Hi BJ,

    We in the west are not ‘doing fine’, we are just as violent, nasty, small minded and horrible as the rest of them, we just do it more in secret .. unless the television people catch up with us and make it available for the public (great way to give nasty people ideas, don’t you think?). I agree the muslim customs towards women, and thieves etc is appalling .. but the christian bible also states ‘if your hand offend thee, cut it off’. Yes, I am glad we don’t follow that custom anymore, but, these days, it might help …

    When all the pedophiles, rapists, murderers, torturers, and people who sell drugs, and other people, are gone from western society .. then maybe I’ll consider we might be better than our eastern counterparts .. but right now .. not a chance. Religion has nothing to do with those choices .. moving away from the boundaries provided by the expectations of people within a religious group might actually encourage that behaviour instead. When the rules go out the window all that is left is anarchy …

    Love & Peace

  39. Hello Madam Ama

    I have to say some reality. you are just and influenced in my heart because you talk well , justly without bigotry or self-importance and it is one of the best state about god and one of the worst state about devil. I think you are brave and rational and mighty in talk and also a kindly adviser that try to help others. I have seen very authors here that are moderate and think logical and humanity but me seems you are more scientific , experiences , advise , management , capable is speech and writing ….etc. may I ask you what is your education degree ?

    thank you very much and wish more success for you

  40. I guessed may some godly words be lively for somebody that are interesting to supernatural subjects .The words which majority have never heard until now
    I chose those between other god�s words ( in my religion) random

    god say

    – ” The best of you about us is who that is most righteous ”
    – ” do right about god ”
    – ” who speak the true more than god ? ”
    – ” Hi , bairn of Adam , didn�t I stipulate you that don�t comply with devil because he is an obvious enemy for you ? ”
    – ” who is more oppressor than who attach untrue to god ? ”
    – ” ( Hi ,human ) truly your opposition is over against yourselves ”
    – ” Didn�t human see that we created him from a semen and he became an obvious enemy against us ? ”
    – ” verily devil is enemy for human get him enemy ”
    – ” This is hell that criminals had supposed it is false ”
    – ” we will avenge of criminals ”
    – ” has supposed human we leave him free ? ”
    – ” only worship me ”
    - ” when is told them, believe , they say how we believe when stupids have believed .Verily they themselves are stupid but don’t understand ”
    - ” haven’t you seen what you plant ? is it grown by you or are we its grower?…………..haven’t you seen the water which you drink ? is it sent down from its source by you or have we sent it down ?……………..haven’t you seen fire that you ignite , have you caused its trees or are we those creator ? ”
    – “(god) is who that created life and death to announce you which of you are better actually and god is prideful and forgiving ”
    - ” if you be anywhere he (god) is along you ”
    - ” God is who that created you then nourished you then will perish you then will enliven you again.”

  41. Hi Ama

    [quote]And manipulative friends .. we can only �love them anyway�, and not get caught up in their lessons. Karma can be a bitch.[quote]

    LOL! Absolutely. Besides, we still see him occassionally, when we meet up with some other mutual friends at a social gathering. We always remember him at Christmas and his birthday and just accept he is who he is. That said, we wouldn’t want to rely on him in the trenches with us – haha!


  42. Hi Manss,

    I am mostly self-educated. School was never fascinating. I finished my ‘School Certificate’ (year 10 in our terms) and went and trained as a secretary. Later, when I was around 24, I studed Anthropology, 2 1/2 years of a 3 year course, up to the politics .. they lost me in the politics .. talk to me about how ‘power’ works and I can understand, but one party or another .. I’m useless. All my life I have been reading, including an entire 18 volume encyclopedia when I was about 18. Mythology as a child, and again later, history to some degree, Theology because it has always been a great love .. that at University, but I didn’t get to finish that degree either, I ran out of money .. but I still do all the research myself. Before that the angels came and led me into the new age industry, to study metaphysics – energy, healing, counselling and spiritual counselling, spirituality in various forms, reincarnation and religions from around the world, and then there is the demonology, and various things about ghosts .. most of which I already ‘knew’ .. was just refreshing my memory. I became a minister of the Universal Life Church in 1992, but I seldom use that because it has no value over here in Australia. I considered becoming a minister when I was studying Theology, but the Anglican teachings didn’t sit with me any more easily than the Catholic stuff I had studied via the internet over the years. And all the time I study people, and listen/read, watch and learn. I research every new thing anyone on these groups mentions, leave myself open to new experiences and ‘confirmations’, which my teachers (angels) so kindly provide when required. I have certificates in all the new age stuff .. LOL I even taught some of those teachers. I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and have trained hundreds of people during the years I had my healing centres.

    I am very blessed,
    Love & Peace

  43. Tank you Ama….. and wish best coming for you.

  44. Dear Manss,

    Thank you for the compliments. I should have said this yesterday, but I was too busy talking about myself. LOL

    Love & Peace

  45. Dear Everybody,

    I love my religion! That is how I was introduced to studying God’s Word. For me, a dedicated Babtist every-sunday-church-going person, I find most every semon to be enlightening to God’s Word. Of course my reverend has a doctorate in divinity and only preaches the bible’s word, not his own politics, nor condemnation of other religions. He says that is not Christianity to do so. A truely enlightened man of God, to me and many others. He calls and asks how every single peron (600 between the traditional and contempory service. I belong to the contemporary group because I like the rock band there!) The messages of how to apply Christianity in these dark time to our lives in a constructive manner are truly inspiring.

    Religion inspires me to study, and study, and study the bible. That is something most folks who like to quote one verse from radical webites scriptures that are not used in the sense they were inteded. Not saying everyone, obviously, just many.

    Oh YES! Indeed, there are many destructive churches, temples and houses of other religions that are flat-out violent. But I won’t let one or two… or many, bad apples ruin my wonderful church’s message of love and tolerance, forgiveness.

    Do not judge. Not our place. I will never jusdge wicca religion, muslim, christianity, athiest, or anyone else. Like I said, religion, the bible and the discernment to know what is of God…and what is NOT of God by my own knowledge and those I know to be purely biblical – like my dad, a Methodist minister who has NEVER promoted anything of the sort mentioned above. (Nope, he doesn’t mind at all that I’m baptist. Wonderful man.)

    It’s one of those personal choices in which way we each decode to follow God. Do not let those people who preach false doctrine aflict you with contempt for all religions, I ask of you. I am not a supporter of violence in Gods name, nor was Jesus.

    So, there ARE church-goers who do not fit your assumed descriptions of us. I feel no need to defend my church, as it is a wonderful, wonderful church of the love of Christ and the Greatness of God. A very good, good thing. :)

    Please, I know most everyone here, and they know me. They know me to be a kind and loving person… despite my ‘religion.’ They totally accept me, as I do them, God love’em. Most every other member I know from my church is like me as well. I am sure there are not, also. We call them pew fodder, as they take up space, don’t listen and only think about being home in time for the football game. LOL! The church, of MOST denominations has re-fromed once again in the last 15-20 years here in America. It isn’t the war-going group it once was. :
    Love to all, and to those who’ve helped me along with my undeniable paranormal life. BTW, this sunday I am being shown on the big screen there giving a documentary of how a the dark spirit had attached itself to me and almost killed me. Yep, we believe that too. :)

    Your bro,


    • we do believe in things we do not understand as real, but it isn’t preached on… which I wish it was more often. I am doing that very thing this Sunday! Yay! Yep, Ama, I talked to him last week one on one, and he totally believes me, as he too has experienced these things in his 25 years of ministry. Neat, huh?!!


    • I love the sound of your church, Keith. I am sure churches like that exist here in oz .. but I have yet to find one. Doesn’t mean I don’t try though. We shall be moving town sometime this year and I’ll try again.

      Love & Peace

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