Do “Special Needs” Children Have a Gift of Being Able to Communicate with Things We cannot See?

My Sister Lori

Hi everybody! I’m new to this site. But I have very interesting stories about my sister. Before I get started, I will give you a background of her. She is 19 years old. When she was born, she was diagnosed with mental retardation and also she has a touch of autism. However, she is a very outgoing and loving person. She loves all things, especially animals. Well anyway, here’s her story…

When my sister was 3 years old, she said her first word. We are catholic and she always had a very strong connection to the crosses in our house and little statues of saints. One day, before my mother was getting her ready for bed, my sister was saying her prayers in my moms room. Now how my sister prayed was like this: she would kneel on my mom’s bed, face the wall the cross was hanging, and begin to pray. We thought it was cute. One day after she prayed, she went to my mom’s dresser (where the little saint statues are), faced them towards the mirror, and begin carrying on full conversations with them. Now, with her condition, she can’t really speak clear. But let me tell you, when she would speak to the statues through the mirror, she spoke as clear as day.

I have heard that “special needs” children/people have a gift of being able to communicate with things we cannot see. However, it seems like all the women in my family has seen something paranormal at one time or another. If anyone has anymore feed back, please contact me so I can get a better understanding.

Thank you

Asked by Lynda from New York

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  1. Hi Lynda

    I’m a certified ‘special needs’ person and I do see and feel things, as well as think a different way from most of my peers. I have always been ‘different’. I suffer from dyslexia.

    Studies have shown that brains work in a differnet way with folk who are mentally ‘special’ in some way. Brain chemistry plays a big part, as well as adnormal brain activity in parts of the brain that ‘normal’ folk don’t tend to over-use. Guess it depends in what way you are ‘special’ as to how suseptable you are to the paranormal.

    I hope this has helped?


  2. Hi Lynda,

    I have found with some ‘special needs’ kids that I have encountered over the years (through being a family day care lady, and then through my healing centres and via emails from parents) that many of them are not as ‘connected’ to what we consider the ‘real’ world as other people so communicating with beings we can’t see is no effort for them. I’ve had a few parents fret over this, but I wouldn’t, most of the time they seem happy doing so.

    In the case of your sister, perhaps she came from a lifetime of seclusion within a nunnery or monastory, given her interest in religious symbols. She might be continuing her previous life patterns from within her physical and mental challenges. Perhaps that is why some people are born autistic? Because they are still too attached to a previous life, and therefore can’t function correctly in this one? But I am only speculating.

    I am not sure why she speaks more clearly ‘when talking through the mirror’ but perhaps it helps to uncloud her mind. Have you tried talking to her when she’s talking throught the mirror’? Does she answer you more clearly, or can you really get her attention?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  3. Perhaps she really was being visited by saints.

  4. Hi all, thanks for the comments. AJ yes your comment did help thank you. I didn’t mention in the story that I’m part native American – Cherokee. My mother’s maiden name is DeSpirito ( which in Italian translates to ” of spirits”. So maybe It can be more associated to our backgrounds? Only the women in our family have really seen things and heard things. The men just block it out.
    Ama, I tried talking to her when she does this, but she seems to block us out. The only reason why my mother gets worried is because sometimes after it happens, my sister goes into rages and talks in a deep voice. Like I’ve stated in the story above, she’s a very loving person. But I really don’t know what’s going on. But at other times, she sees a man in a top coat and hat sitting on a roof across the street from our house. My mom’s co-worker said that the mean is the devil. So my mom has been super nervous about this.

    • Hi Lynda,

      I also believe that disabled people are especially protected by angels, since they can’t really seem to defend themselves.

      Next time she acts out (and I have heard of other kids doing exactly the same), and it might just be a ‘part’ of herself doing it .. we have this Invocation. You can a link to it on top of this page, on the right over the advertisement .. The Michael Invocation. You, or your mother if she will, can say it for your sister to clear her energy – so if the other voice is a visiting ghost, it won’t be around anymore. The instructions are on the page. There’s a link to me there as well, if you want to discuss anything privately, or ask questions.

      Love & Peace

  5. Lynda,

    I have a son with autism who is now 16. He is a loving, funny, warm young man. He has spoken to and seen things that we cannot see his entire life. We are a christian family and any time I believe he is frightened or agitated we pray together that anything of ill will must leave and he calms. He too – is very attracted to mirrors and talking to and looking into them. I believe he is protected as well by angels due to his inability to truly protect himself. We atch closely to be certain he is not afraid, but he definitely sees things not of this world. I believe most children can and do, but as we mature, we are taught such things do not exsist and slowly channel our minds to reject things we cannot understand. People such as my son are simply more open I believe.
    Be well and God Bless.

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