Do Repeating Dreams Mean Something?

Hey, I was just wondering if dreams which repeat themselves actually mean anything or is it just the fact that someone wants something really bad.

My great uncle died in 2008 and since then I have dreamt about both him and his home on a number of occasions.

His home has been home to my family since the late 1700′s and I have always wanted to buy it off his grandson and rebuild it as it has become dilapidated.

All of these dreams involve either of the following:

1. Talking freely to my uncle about me buying the house.
2. Making my way to the house as it is now but my uncle still living in it and having to hide from him and his grandson.
3. Being shot at by some unknown person when around the house.
4. Finding things in the house which were covered. Items such as hunting knives, swords, guns, jewelry, and hidden rooms.
5. Sleeping in the dilapidated house with my girlfriend in our own room and my uncle sleeping in a room across the hall.
6. Living in the house and his grandson coming to evict me.

These dreams have repeated themselves on several occasions.

I must admit that his grandson has given me a number of pieces of furniture and other things which were in the house and on one occasion when I visited the house with my mother something very strange did happen.

We took some things that were given to me before we left and I left the house first. As my mother was closing the door behind her, she felt someone push her out the door and with the force of this she pulled the door handle off the door!

Anyways, in short I have just about had it with wondering about these things so I said I would post here to see if someone could shine a light on the situation.

Asked by irish bogger

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  1. Hello Irish Bogger,

    Two possible answers – 1) you are supposed to buy the house and fix it up and your mind is running over and over this, trying to work out ways to do it .. including, perhaps, visits from your great uncle to encourage you to do just that – where he includes the possibilites of finding ‘treasures’ to increase the attraction.

    and 2) your mind is obsessed with the house and won’t let the subject go, so you dream about it, trying to sort through what you ‘think’ is possible inside the house.

    Only you can decide if the dreams are a message, or a worry? Personally, with your mother pushed out the door, and someone shooting at you in your dreams, I would go with the second option. It doesn’t sound as if you are welcome. But that’s just my opinion.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection – under Friends)

  2. i believe u r astral projecting and that the spirit of your uncle is trying to tell u something. If u cant hear him try going to bed really happy. Just google astral projection if u would like 2 learn more.

  3. Hi Irish Bogger

    One of the ways in which our loved ones who have passed over reach out to us, is through our dreams. Usually, these dreams are joyous reunions, although the spirit in question might also try to warn you of something, through your dreams. The unconscious mind is fascinating and illusive.

    What was your relationship with your great uncle like, before he passed over? Were you close? Or were you virtual strangers? Was he a loving great uncle? Or a bit of a recluse, shut off from the rest of the family?

    What was your mothers relationship with your great uncle like?

    Assuming his grandson inherited the property, what is your relationship with him?

    Unfortunately, when it comes to money matters, family’s can turn on each other in the most unexpected ways. I’m not saying this is what has happened to your family, just that money or inheritance issues can cloud some peoples judgement.

    Based on what you’ve said so far, I’m inclined to go with Ama’s second option. Yes, it would be lovely to be able to do up the family home but, if the person who currently owns it stands in your way in achieving that goal, then there really is nothing you can do about it .

    Have you discussed this issue with the owner? If you have the financial backing to achieve your goals, then maybe a good old fashioned heart-to-heart with the owner about various options available to achieve your goals might be the answer to your dreams??

  4. My dreams usually are repetitive. It’s an odd thing really, but, they are repetitive in the way that they get longer and more detailed as they repeat. I try to look for underlying meanings in those types of dreams…to see if my subconscious is trying to clue me in to something my waking mind just isn’t grasping.

    I personally believe that all dreams have significance….we just have to dig to find out exactly what it is that’s significant.

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