Do People Who Follow Wicca Worship the Devil?

I was brought up in a church going family and was always taught that wicca and witchcraft was from the devil and that anyone who messed with it was doomed.

Now after reading a lot about Wicca I am just not sure any more. I would like to hear from those who practice Wicca. Does this have anything to do with Satan or evil?

From Maggie

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  1. Wicca and the Devil are nothing of the same and no they do not follow or worship the devil if they follow or practice Wicca. Wicca Is white magic and is not in no way involved with the devil. Those who practice Wicca ways are practicing white magic not evil although do not get me wrong white magic can be use to do bad deeds but still this is not any thing to with the devil at all.

  2. You are very uninformed about Wicca. I suggest that you do some research and read up on it before you ask a question like this.

    Those who “follow” Wicca are not all the same but they are not evil or maliscious and no, they do not worship or believe in any devils :)

  3. Jim they way 99% of people thinks is that if you do any type of magic then you are evil and are walking with the devil that is just how most are but you are right if people looked into magic a bit more they would realize that it is not all evil

  4. You can start reading about Wicca right here – //

  5. It has nothing to do with the devil. Nothing at all. Be careful what you ask, that could really offend someone.

  6. Hi Maggie,

    Wicca is a belief system that honours nature and Mother Gaia (the earth). It has nothing to do with Satanism, which is worship of the devil.

    Like Christianity it has many beautiful rituals, some of which people might call spells, but when you practise white magic (which is also known as herbalism) you are doing good, not harm. Naturopaths use herbs to help us to heal, and we eat them .. think of parsley and cilantro (coriandar in Australia where I live). All the herbs have healing qualities.

    BTW, I am not Wiccan, I am a Christian Spiritualist .. but I have many friends who are. Much as I don’t enjoy saying this, but its true, some Christians, not all of them, think their religion is the only way to God, but God belongs to everyone, not just a select few, and comes in many different forms and beings. Find the one that helps you to love yourself and other people and you’ve found the right belief system (religion) for you. They do exist. Let Love rule!

    Love & Light

  7. i dont know if wicca is evil. i personally dont believe it is, but it says that practicing any kind of witchcraft or worshiping any other god other than the Lord is evil. i dont worship any othe god, but im so confused.

  8. Wicca is a relatively new thing and wasnt even in existence when the Bible was written. More detailed info starting here // we have several related pages as well

    • Right CT, but the church has swooped it up under their banner of ‘witchcraft’ because there are some similarities .. but only some.

      Since ‘God’ created this world, you would think It would be happy that people want to honour and protect one of Its creations? And if people see the earth as the great mother .. what harm is there in that? Sheesh .. what happened to ‘judge not lest ye be judged? Oh yes, I forgot, the Christians are awaiting judgment day with great trepidation. What are the Wiccans waiting for? A nuclear bomb? We won’t need one … has anyone else noticed that Mother Earth seems a little bit cranky right now?

      Love & Peace

      • My father, a minister of more than 40 years, says “one day this earth will shake us humans off like a dog does fleas.” You can practice Wicca and still believe in a diety like God, Christ, etc. or so I believe. I hope I am not wrong, as I am a Christian wholeheartedly. But I learned to practice ‘judge not, lest ye be judged’ as Ama recited for the New Testament. Don’t throw that out with the bathwater of others different faiths or beliefs, which only they understand as Truth. God knows your heart. And Wicca? As for me, not my cup of tea (pardon the pun hehe). I don’t think it is evil, just as I am freemason, and in no way is it evil, yet some churches wrongly accuse is as devil worship, its just the opposite. If they only knew what the higher degrees are about, which you’ll never find on the internet…only speculations, they would be SO surprised! We take on things most belivers in God would be astonished at our bravery. We are all Very Faithful to God. I am a christian, as previously stated. Accusors are dangerous, “for they know not what they do.” (Oh, you can read online the first 3 degrees, though you won’t understand them, but the nature of the other degrees are very protected, as in untrained people, it could be so misunderstood, which scares people. Like Wicca does. Sad.)

        • Hmm.. are you now going to give us a few insights, Keith, because I would love to know. (Sorry, teasing, I know you are sworn to secrecy). I did some research on Freemasons along the way, and they are very interesting.

          Ever curious,
          Love & Peace

  9. Ama, i think green magic is herbalism, not white magic.

    green magic is where u grow ur own herbs and use them for appropriate reasons.

    white magic is good magic in general.

    black magic is magic used for bad or evil reasons. if u practice bad magic, u could be with the devil. writing this reminds me of Crowley and Gardner.

    i should know, i’m a Wiccan myself. =)

    • Thank you for the explanation, Shaina. It makes good sense to me.

      Love & Peace

  10. your welcome, Ama. =)

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