Do Our Deceased Loved Ones Visit Us in Our Dreams?

Do you believe those we loved who have passed on can visit up in dreams?

My stepfathers father passed away when I was 17. I had always loved him as a grandfather and I still do. Unfortunately he get got cancer and by the time he called the ambulance he went into cardiac arrest and before reaching the hospital he was pronounced DOA.

He was a very strict man prone to cursing and yelling, though he never raised his hand to any family members out of anger (I guess with him being in the Navy for 30 years it gave him quite the ‘sailor’s mouth).

He just wasn’t the kind of man you could hug or tell him that you love him. I don’t know what he saw in the Navy, but it’s almost as if he locked his tender emotions away.

So after his death, I felt guilty that in 8 years I’d never told him once that I loved him, nor did I thank him for his service to our country, I never even hugged him. These things weighed heavily on my mind after his passing.

One night I had a dream that started out terrifying for me. I was that 9 year old little girl I was when I met him. But we were in a morgue, with him lying on the table covered with a sheet with the DOA tag on his toe. I remember being so scared I hid under a table.

Then he sat up and told me that there was no need to be frightened of him. For some odd reason I went to him. He pulled me up onto his lap and I told him that I love him and I always have. He told me he loves me too.

Then there was this bright white light that shone from above his head, illuminating his entire body. He told me, “It’s time for me to go.” Which the 9 year old me hugged him tighter and begged him not to go. I told him that I wanted more time with him. He gave me a sad smile and said, “But, I must go.” while prying me off of him. I woke up after that in tears, but relieved that I told him I love him and I always have.

Another time, it was a friend who’d passed away at 23. He is/was my twin daughters godfather. He also had a problem with drugs and alcohol. One night he was running from the cops (in a car) and the car rolled (he wasn’t wearing a seat-belt and died instantly). I had a dream about him except it was dark outside.

We were riding around in his car as we always used to do as teenagers. On some level I must have known it was a dream because I asked him if he’d drank (alcohol) since the accident. We stopped at a gas station and he was the only one getting out. He leaned back in the car, looked at me, and said, “I just wanted you to know what a good friend you were, you were the best and I’ll miss you.” At the time this made no sense to me because I thought he was getting back in the car. As soon as he closed the door, I woke up.

So why did my grandfather’s dream have a blinding light and my friend’s was in the middle of the night?

Sent in by Vonnie

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  1. Hello Vonnie,

    Night and day are illusions that belong to this world. When we pass into Spirit they don’t count anymore, that your friend thanked you, and seemed normal more-than-likely meant he was just fine, and had either passed into the white light already, and come back to visit, or would do so very soon, even though you didn’t get to see him do it.

    Your grandfather had not crossed over yet, when you dreamed of him. He had unfinished business, part, or all of which, was to tell his granddaughter (you), at the right age, that he loved her very much. That conversation was the last thing he needed to do before going Home.

    In both cases you are truly blessed, because I know of hundreds of people who would love to see their family members who are now in heaven, and don’t, or don’t remember. I notice that these return visits are happening more frequently now, which is wonderful, because they confirm to us that there is more to this reality than most people realise, and that love and heaven is real.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • hi, i couldnt help but send in my personal story of what happened to me and the death if my newborn jack thomas colon. i have had two dreams if him since his passing and i know he is in the place of his glory. i miss him very much so when he visits me i try to remember him as vividly as possible. he was only six weeks and i know it says in the bibal that for obe to enter the kingdom of hwaven he was be like a child for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. but at times i do lose faith and grow astray lije saint petter who denined christ. i feel jacks telling me hes ok why do i still have doubt/ please help

      • Hello Maria,

        We all doubt sometimes, it doesn’t mean our children are not in heaven, because I have two there and I ‘know’ they are just fine, having seen both of them, the young man 18 years after he should have been born. But heaven can seem so far away from us some days, particularly when I am feeling unhappy or angry. God loves us Maria, and he looks after our children, and we will see them again, when it is our time to go Home.

        Love & Peace

  2. Hello Vonnie,
    Yes, I absolutely believe that our deceased loved ones can visit us in our dreams. Actually, it is quite safer for them to do so, as they may frighten us by appearing as an apparition at our bedside. My father visited me two days after he died, in a dream, to let me know that he was okay and not to worry about him. You see, my dream started out, i was in my grandmother’s old home when the phone rang in her hallway. I answered it (you also have to know, that it was on that very same found that I got the news of my father’s passing) and he said to me, “Don’t worry about me; I am alright.” then he proceeded to ask me if i wanted him to bring me back Chinese food on his way home.(something he always used to do for me.) lol! but you see, he briefly entered into my dream, to just let me know not to worry about him, and I was happy he did, as much as I missed him. i think your grandfather visited you in your dream, to alleviate your worry and regret about not being able to tell him you loved him, but I am sure he already knew. ;)
    as for the blinding light with your grandfather and the darkness with your friend, it could possibly have something to do with the way each one of them passed and may be trying to convey something to you in a round about way. The light above your grandfather was the Light of God, and the Light of Home or Heaven, so when he told you he had to go,it was because he couldn’t stay on this plane of existence any longer and he must return “Home.” Your friend being in darkness could mean that he is still lost and may need to be sent “Home” and brought into healing. I’m not an expert but that would be my guess. He may be lost because he might feel, that because he was involved in drugs and alcohol, that he is not “worthy” to go to Heaven, but he couldn’t be more wrong; God loves us all. Hopefully, your friend is actually “Home” and in healing and the “darkness” was just his way of conveying his last moments to you and giving you a message that you are a cherished friend. Take comfort in their visits, because the come back to visit us because we are so important to them and they do not want us to worry. Hope I’ve helped!

    • I believe you cause when my stepmother died i was getting alot of visits but was avoiding her until one night in my dream and we talked but i never could have forgiven her for the way she treated me and my siblings.Maybe thats why i keep getting visits in my sleep i try to forgive but i cant forget. I even talk to friends that past away but in my head but i dont think they cross over yet because of the way they died.

      • Hello Lala,

        Next time any of your friends, who you think have not crossed over, pop into your mind – ask your angels to “FIND them and TAKE them into healing”. If they haven’t crossed over yet, they will, and they might come back and say thank you to you for helping them.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (spirit rescuer) listed here under Friends

  3. Our Deceased Loved Ones Dont Visit Us in Our Dreams.

    • Hi SD,

      What would you do if one of them did, proved themselves uncontestably and then asked you to change your mind and not decide they were a demon pretending to be someone you loved very much?

      I had a lovely email from a lady the other day. One of her parent’s died almost a year before and she wondered why the parent had not visited her yet (she’s clairvoyant etc) .. when it happened the lady was sooo happy, and so was her parent. I know that’s a very generic story, designed to protect the privacy of the lady, but its a very similar pattern to many others I’ve shared over the last 15+ years. Another event, a very good Christian lady wrote to me about her child .. who had committed suicide in a moment of despair .. the lady was terrified her child would be in hell now, absolutely convinced about it, but when I connected to him/her the love and light and happiness flowing towards me was glorious, and I knew that child (30ish) was just fine. I also always know when someone is a lost soul. It’s an odd gift, but I have helped so many people over the years, both living and dead, to find peace through it.

      BTW, the lady hasn’t stopped being Christian, if anything she’s more more connected to God now, and so grateful to Him for letting her child go Home. And her faith is not undermined by knowing that her child is not just ‘sleeping’, but actually dancing. :-)

      I love what I can do, and I’m grateful to God for the gift!

      Love & Peace

      • Hello Ama,
        Unfortunately I believe that question can never be answered. Due to my faith, what I’ve read and learned, I believe the soul does not continue after death. If a deceased family member approached me saying different, I still wouldn�t change my viewpoint. That isn’t enough. I know how powerful and intelligent the devil and demons are. They�ve been studying mankind for millennia�s.
        The only way ill change my mind is once I die and if I go to heaven. God tells me, “Boy, now you know the truth.” I am convinced. So until then I need to trust what the bible says about the state of the dead. Unlike many here, I continue to have full confidence in the bible. That it being un-altered, and inspired of God.
        While so many worried if there dead loved ones are in heaven or hell, I know that they�re just asleep in death, waiting to be resurrected. Not suffering, or in pain. Not conscience of anything. I still feel pain once they pass. It�s normal. Humans weren�t created to die, or experience people dying around them. If so, we won�t mourn.
        How many times have you had tell individuals that there loved ones are in hell? Have you had to? Do you tell them? How do you feel if that was the case, and you see their reaction? Like anyone that gives comfort or help to anyone, it�s an amazing feeling. I�m sure you sharing your gifts with that intention. To help those suffering. How would you feel, if by chance you were wrong? Un-aware, you were being used as an instrument in deceiving people?

        • Hello SD,

          I wish God would step in adn get this stuff straightened up too. A nice clear set of guidelines would be lovely .. although, I think, Love one another as I have loved you, is pretty clear .. or would be, if the God of the OT wasn’t inclined to smite everyone who stepped out of line. :-)

          “A soul does not continue after death, but is sleeping”, SD? Isn’t sleeping a continuation, because they have not vanished completely, although the ‘bodies’ they are ‘resting’ in rot away within the earth. I know people believed that the bodies of Christians would be preserved perfectly until the second coming. It must have been a real mind twist when people finally realised that was ‘not’ what was actually happening. And then the soul/spirit can be called up, as Samuel’s was, when the need it great? Or was Samuel a demon, although he gave a clear message to Saul of his demise, acting for God, according to the Bible.

          I have never told anyone’s loved ones that someone they are frightened for is in hell. Even the worst villains, whose energy I have touched – and 8 or 9 other people shared that experience at the time – went into heaven. They went into a healing place. Yes, I have touched the hell you believe in, but I never found any humans there, nor do they go there .. demons need a place to rest too. Hell is not an illusion, but the fear that God hates humanity enough to condemn Anyone there, is enough punishment to turn a spirit into a ghost, from sheer fear of judgment – and I have touched quite a few of them over the years. Have I quoted the Bible to dead people .. yes! I remind them of what Jesus taught us about ‘my father and I are one’ .. so him reminding us about God’s Love, is God reminding us to seek it when we are lost .. and what could be more lost than a spirit who is frightened of going Home?

          Telling someone their loved one is in hell is an ‘amazing’ feeling? Why?

          How would I feel to find I was being deceived. I would be crushed. How will you feel, when you get Home and God says ”sunshine, Ama was right LOL”. Will you promise to come back and see me and tell me? I won’t be able to visit you .. I’ll be in hell, or not. But until God says otherwise, I’ll keep questioning, and I hope you continue to be whatever makes you happiest too.

          Love & Peace

          • In that sense, if you were right I humbly accept and apologize for all those times I stubbornly resisted. Not trying to steer from the point of the topic. What I believe is the soul does not continue in any way after death. I don�t believe there is a fiery hell of torture and torment. I believe God is love, and that he’ll throw those whose actions are not reflective of his principles in hell isn�t feasible.
            One can say hell exist, not in the sense of a pit of tortured souls. It�s the earth we live on. Look at all the problems and conditions we live. Yes, some live comfortable. In comparison of those suffering, the scale is unbalanced. Like they say, rich get richer, poor get poorer. That�s not including what mankind does to each other. The attitude that�s expressed.
            The example of Samuel, I believe it to be a demon. There was a reason why God outlaw spirit mediums. Demon�s known of God, Who is he. They can give information about him. Why would the bible get a situation of spirit mediums calling on a prophet and that practice be banned? Maybe those who practices medium aren�t bad people, but it�s clear that there powers aren�t from the heavenly father.

        • Hi SD,

          I agree you could call this place ‘hell on earth’, particularly as so many people are being driven by fear, and fear and pain can turn people into animals.

          You also bring up another valid point .. why would someone (the writer of 1 Samuel) warn others not to talk to spirits .. I think it was because, like playing with an ouija board these days, you CANNOT guarantee who will answer your ‘call’. So many people think they are mediums, and some of them are very good, but some .. make me groan. For example, not so long ago I had this experience ..

          Medium comes to me in Spiritual Church ‘readings’ part of the ceremony …

          “I see a tall older man behind you with grey hair .. is it your father? I said no, my father died with black hair intact.
          “Your grandfather, then?” and the lady smiled. I said no. Neither of my grandfather’s was grey haired.
          “He says his name is Arthur”. I said no. The only Arthur I know has black hair, is short, and is still alive.
          “Well,” says the lady, feathers ruffled, “He says to tell you that you are doing really well, and you should keep following your heart. Do you understand the message?”

          … being me, I said no, Why would I lie? It was too ‘generic’, and could relate to practically anything? A strange, old, tall, man with grey hair named Arthur, who is supposed to be a relative of mine is telling me to ‘follow my heart’ .. the concept is good, but what the blazes is he actually talking about? If I was a mass murderer and loved it .. would he mean I was supposed to continue doing that? I’m not, btw, in case anyone wants to be smart. LOL

          Mind you, a tall, fat, older man did come through with another medium on another occasion, and he is my grandfather and the messages were accurate for both myself and my mother, and that was lovely .. but I have had more MISSES than hits .. and most of the ‘mediums’ finished some thing with like this ..

          “Oh, you don’t understand the message, well you will time. (wise smile) Can I leave it with you?” and then they quickly move on to someone else.

          Now, the intention of the reader was to pass on messages that prove that we continue to exist after death. No, she was not connecting to a demon, but yes, ‘Arthur’ was a ghost in the room, but not my grandfather. He wanted my attention and he got it. He did not go home with anyone else, I sent him HOME (into heaven). The lady was good at connecting to ghosts/spirits, but not good at interpreting what she was ‘getting’ as messages. She needed practise, but should not have been in that church situation yet. There is a huge difference between talking to a spirit of someone’s relative, and the ghost of one. The problem is BAD training. Not bad people.

          One question though, SD .. how is it clear to you that my gift of mediumship, or anybody else’s gift, is not from God? I am not sending lost souls into hell here, and sometimes they come back and say thank you.

          Just how many ‘readings’ have you had to be able to prove its so? Otherwise it seems you are making a huge assumption based on no facts.

          Love & Peace

          • Ama,
            I guess you can call it an assumption, in a way. I prefer to call it my hypothesis. I know many here don�t believe in the authenticity of the bible. I do. Sometimes scriptures seem like it contradict one another. If you really research though, and understand the time it was written and culture of the writer it does make sense. That being said, God warms us of different snares that Satan uses to entrap us. One of which is talking with the dead.
            Today, many have gifts of talking with spirits and all. Why I can�t believe these gifts are from God? These people don�t fit the profile of the prophets of old. God gave faithful ones these gifts for what? To further fulfill his purpose. God purpose we know was to inform people to turn away from actions that are condemned by God, and if one makes such changes they�ll enjoy life eternal as it was purpose for Adam and Eve.
            We know that by Jesus� life on earth. What did he do? He was imersed in the ministry teaching the living. He never expresses the important of life after death. In fact, those that fallen asleep in death, he resurrected. Miracles like that weren�t for his personal interested either. That was to show the power of God, and what he�s about to do in the future for mankind.
            Many mediums or ones that practice any form of spiritism use these gifts for financial gain. Was that the purpose for these gifts? There are always excepts to the rule (Ama). But I personally see many misuse these gifts if indeed they are from God.

          • Hi SD,

            No, the contradictions don’t usually make sense, having done my research and placed them in their time period and culture. We might want to think they do, but ..

            What is the profile for a prophet of God? From my experience, inside churches, and not just spiritualist ones .. they come to you and give you a ‘Word’ of wisdom, or something they say that God wants you to know, which is fine. I have had that happen in Christian churches, and the spiritualist ones .. they just have different names, sometimes, for who is giving the message. What makes it different .. how does one get certified as a genuine prophet?

            Jesus never expressed the importance of life after death? Ok, I think I am not interpreting your thoughts incorrectly here .. but I believe that Jesus taught us that this world was transitory and the only REAL life was ‘after death’ when we will be returned to God. Please correct me if I am wrong.

            Again with the financial gain thing .. Thank you for making me an exception, but I am not the only one out here, SD. No one in any of the spiritual churches I visited, and there were quite a few, gets paid for what they do .. and my work, as you will have seen on this TGT site, doesn’t get paid either .. I love it when someone gives me a donation, and I do charge for ‘readings’, but the spirit rescue and the other problem solving is done for free. Yes, some mediums charge .. but its the only work they do .. so how are they supposed to eat if they don’t? And then there are the church ministers .. do you think they do their work for free .. NO… they get paid by the churches they work for. So turning around and saying that most mediums/spiritual people are only in it for the money .. is grossly untrue. Yes, there are villians, but don’t get me started .. let’s not talk about paedophile priests, or those who take the 10 commandments and turn them into swiss cheese. They get paid by their churches too.

            Even Jesus got paid, depending on your perspective .. he was paid in food and free accommodation. And his ministry was supported financially by his followers, as was Paul’s and everyone else’s. How could they have survived if it wasn’t? He might never have taken cash in hand, but barter was a way of life in their society too.

            Love & Peace

      • Ama,

        Honestly ,to expect a different answer from Social- D really would be presumptuous and optimistic of us! I was almost waiting for at least one “Fundie” to chime in with that answer. It’s so “text book.”

        • LunaTerra,
          What’s so text book? That my answers reflect what the bible teaches? You just chimed in out of nowhere, not explain yourself. Just because my belief differ from your, doesn�t give you the right to look down on me. What makes you better than that all those narrow-mind Christians that call you and those with similar beliefs like you, witches, Satan worshipper, etc.? I don�t think I�ve ever been rude to you or anyone here on purpose. Why should I receive any less? If you have a grid to pick with me, present it. Don�t take the childish road and make comments about me, basically in front of me and not acknowledge me.

        • Hi Luna,

          We got an answer and its a really good one! I love the fact that SD thinks his stuff through and answers from his heart. I also love that we agreed to ‘differ’ in our opinions ages ago, and that allows room for discussion. :-)

          I would answer SD right now but I have to go out for the morning, so I’ll do it later, when I have time to think it through.

          Love & Peace to both of you, :-)

          • Yes, Ama, I read his answer and it is a good one. unfortunately, is answer was not posted when I posted mine. I understand you much better, Social-D and i apologize. We all have a right to our beliefs and i am sorry for being rude.

  4. Hi, im not sure if i am on the right blog, but. what the heck. My son passed away over a year ago, he was in an accident. Im not going to go into too many details of all of my ghostly experiences, for there are way too many, in fact enough to write a book about, which i am planning on doing some day. I do have one question tho. Ive only had one dream about my son since his passing. In my dream i was telling my son {geno] to hurry up and get ready for school bc he was going to be late, and he was just standing there staring at me, not moving as i was pleading with him. Mind you my son died at the age of 26 and in my dream he was about 5. In real life when geno was in kindergarden i wud have to chase him around the block nearly every day bc he didnt want to go to school. I thought he was just being difficult, but in my dream i felt the reason he didnt want to go to school was that he didnt want to leave me. I felt that he was explaining this to me thru my dream. But why? He was just a little boy. Maybe it bothered him for putting me thru so much grief. But the rest of his visits are when i am totally awake, whether i am at home at work or in the car, doesnt matter. He is very relentless, when he is on a roll he will pull 10 different pranks in one day. And i love it. One more question. what does it mean when many strange things happen before one dies. I had very strong premonitions before my son passed, so strong that i was crying uncontrollably the whole day before he died. I felt like i was going nuts and in my mind for no reason. at that time my life was better than ever was. Who was making those thing happen? I know whos doing them now, my little geno. thx.

    • Hello Renee,

      In my understanding, your son Geno came to you in a dream in a way that you would recognise quite clearly it was him, and as he was feeling at the time .. like a young child, perhaps feeling vulnerable (young), stubborn, and slightly naughty for dawdling .. and yes, your grief would perhaps have made him reluctant to cross over … but I hope he went, rather than hanging around you all the time, which is not good for either of you.

      I know the games can be fun, and reassuring that he’s still around, but .. how do you know its actually him? You said you have had other paranormal experiences, what differentiates them from this one? Some ghosts will take advantage of our grief, play on it, to be able to attach themselves to us and feed from our energy. What happens is that the living person ends up either trapped in the emotion they were feeling when it started – grief or anger perhaps – and not moving through the natural stages that grief has. They can also end up physically and emotionally ill, depression being one of the many problems. This is why we recommend that everyone make sure their loved ones, who hang around too much, are checked to make sure they have crossed over. It’s not normal for spirits to be around a lot. They are not supposed to interfere in our lives, just ‘touch base’ briefly and go back to their own healing process.

      Ghost have no reservations in pretending to be someone they are not to get our attention. I know of one particular group of beings that is pretending to be Michael Jackson right now. So far I have had two people write to me from overseas (I’m in Australia) and met one lady in person, all who swore that Michael came to them and is madly in love with them .. and all three were haunted .. but not by him – either that or he lost his ‘morals’ when he died, and doesn’t mind having a string of girlfriends. Are they deluded .. no, they were haunted. One lady still is, I believe, because she refused to even check to see if the man/ghost she ‘loved’ was who he said he was. The check is very simple, and does no harm to anyone ..

      // This invocation clears unwanted negative energy out of people’s systems and disconnects any ghosts that should not be there. It does not remove ‘spirits’ who have crossed over, because they are not negative beings. What happens to any ghosts is they go into a healing place, remember who they truly are – not the person who died in fear, pain or shock, or a multitude of unhappy emotions that keep people from heaven (whatever heaven they believe in). Then, often, they come back to say ‘hi, I am just fine now. Thank you’ .. and away they go again.

      I recommend everyone use this invocation to settle the question of who is haunting them, then if the games continue you do not have to worry that it was someone pretending to be the person that you love.

      I may sound like a pain in the butt, but I have been helping people solve paranormal problems for a great many years, and have come to believe it does no harm to be careful. The saying is ‘better safe than sorry’. And I’ve cleared up a lot of ‘messes’ over that time.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  5. LunaTerra,
    No hard feelings. I understand at times because of new posting, it makes the previous ones a little confusing. No worries. take care.

  6. Ama,
    Good morning, just another day at work. Just want to say to an extent I agree with your logic. The part �I believe that Jesus taught us that this world was transitory and the only REAL life was �after death� when we will be returned to God. Please correct me if I am wrong. You�re not wrong. I do believe a group of chosen ones with enter into heaven. That is why there are two groups refer in Revelations. There are the holy ones that are bought out of the nations (Rev. 5: 9, 10). Then there�s a great crowd indicted at Rev. 7: 9, 14. They didn�t die and go to heaven, but survive the great tribulation. Revelations speaks of a new heaven and new earth. If we all are destine to go to heaven, why is there important of a new earth? This is what I believe.
    The financial gain of the use of one�s gifts, I understand that Jesus accepted to be housed and feed while on his ministry. The point of my comment was it wasn�t expected. Ones that Jesus accepted these things from were close friends of his. The miracles he performed on the possessed or sick, he didn�t stand there waiting to be invited to their house. Recently I had seen an ad from fortune telling, contacting the dead, etc. on T.V. It has a website, so curious I visited it. First thing that popped up was PayPal. I�m not saying that every case is the same, but my uncle would say to me: �if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, is it a rooster? No it�s a duck.� That�s all I�m saying.
    Really when I think of it, the situation of Jesus walking in the temple and flipping the tables of the merchant selling the offering to be burn comes to mind. Maybe it�s not exactly the same situation but I believe it�s an exploitation of the services.

    • Good morning SD,

      I am not a believer in Revelation, because I think God created us to learn to rescue ourselves, nor do I think God plans to punish anyone, given some of the behaviour of the nastier characters of human history, who lived ‘long’ lives and got away with ignoring God and destroying humanity, whether as individuals or in their millions. Since so few people seem to concentrate on pleasing God anymore, you would think Jehovah would be pretty cranky by now. That being said, your comment about Revelation and the new earth seems logical. I am not studying Rev at the moment, I am studying Job .. and finding it fascinating. So we will have humanity split in three parts, heaven, earth and hell .. hmm.. I wrote something similar of humanity’s beginnings in my book about fallen angels a few years ago. LOL

      Yes, Jesus often stayed with friends, but also was invited into stranger’s households. And new converts can be very generous. Did he expect that others would take care of him, my personal opinion was that he was more focused on his mission and it was his followers who set everything up .. but we don’t know. I remember laughing the first time I read what he did to the tables .. I still smile at the glee I felt. I was a child then, and knowing Jesus had a temper made me feel better about my own. It was one more step to realising he was human, like me, and that I might have been able to get a hug from him. It made him ‘real’ in that moment, not just a man in a book.

      I agree that some ducks should be roasted, except that they would probably give everyone indigestion. (sigh). They make it very hard for genuine people, both psychics and people seeking their help. One thing I have noticed about some people, they are great at advertising, also pushy .. I can’t say that one country is better than another, but ‘splashy and pushy’ and dressing like angels certainly does get people’s attention. I am disgusted by the behaviour of people who ‘pretend’ to be psychics .. they usually have the loudest voices. When I recommend someone its usually a quiet achiever, who does the work without the fanfare, and is generally very good at it. There are always liars and cheats out there, and the industry, just like so many others, is not policed – people do get ripped off. But strangely, in the process, they go back to the same people for more .. and end up being fleeced of thousands of dollars. Now whose fault is that? The person doing the fleecing, or the receiver who can’t work out that something is very wrong until it hurts their pockets into bankruptcy .. and then they land in my lap, demanding rescue and to not have to pay me anything for it? Do I help them .. you bet – that means yes btw. But once I stop they often go off hunting someone new to entertain them, just to fall into problems again. They seek the ‘magic’ and the weirdness like hungry locusts. And then I remember that everything in life is about lessons .. and we do not stop unproductive behaviour until we understand why we do it.

      Talking about tables, I want to flip a few myself .. particularly at psychic ‘fairs’ where any bit of crap is accepted as ‘truth’ just because someone paid a set price for a table and set up. That is one of the reasons why I walked away from it all, back in 2006. If you poked some of the ‘healers’ even a little, they could not tell you ‘how’ their brand new ‘God-given’ (or one ascended master or another)(or angelic, or dolphin, or atlantean among dozens of others) healing technique worked .. ‘it just did’. But not on me…. ok, I will turn this rant off now. LOL I have so many stories of the interesting things that happened during my life among the New Agers. I can only shake my head.

      So, I really do agree with you about some people exploiting others for their own benefit, or because they have been told by someone that they are wonderful .. whether that person was living, or a voice in their head. I used to really annoy people, actually I still do, by asking them ‘who’ the voice was, and how they knew for certain the voice was right about what it was telling them .. and if they couldn’t qualify it, what the heck did they think they were doing spreading around a message that was ‘full of holes’ .. and I could always prove the holes. They would usually stomp off in fury and say I was not a nice person, but if it stopped them from hurting others .. because most of them would quietly disappear after that, and some even came back to the healing centres after a while, just to say hi in a careful fashion. But they are not the true measure of those of us who work for Love and money. I would have to be charging more if my partner did not support me, and advertising more, but I gave it over the God a long time ago – “send me those that I can help”. And when the time was right, He helped. LOL

      I notice your ‘signature’ has changed SD, as has the ‘feel’ of your ‘voice’ .. you were Social_D and now you are Social*D .. so have you changed too? We are all being pushed so hard now to ‘remember Love’.

      Love & Peace

  7. I’ve forever been visited by relatives who have passed in dreams. Generally, I know that they are gone from this life, but they seem to be unaware of it. I never dare bring it to their attention, but instead cherish the time I have with them. It is a cherished memory and I believe it is a true experience.

    Oddly enough, only a couple of these types of dreams my whole life have been unpleasant.

    Lately, I’ve had a reoccuring setting in my dreams – childhood places. These places may be my grandparent’s home or another relative’s home, my childhood home or even a road I traveled a lot as a child. Often relatives who have passed will make brief appearances, but they are not always associated with these places personally.

    I keep wondering what message I am missing as it is obvious to me that I am being told something or the dreams would not be every single night with the same type of theme or setting.

    Also, I have dreams that involve smells.

    I know I’ve went further into detail that required, but somehow I know it all fits together.

    Any ideas what the message may be considering I am revisiting places from my childhood so very much?

    • Hi Robyn

      I don’t know if there’s a message associated with a group of places, except perhaps to remind you of the feeling of security you might have had as a child in those places? I would look more at the ‘dream’ itself for the message, rather than the location. Would you like to share one and I will see what we can come up with as far as explanations go?

      Love & Peace

  8. The reoccurring factor is the locations. And so a feeling associated with these places may very well be what I’m supposed to be understanding. However, there is a multitude of feelings and I’m just not sure which I’m supposed to be picking up on as they are rather contradicting to each other. Decoding dreams for other people is so much easier for me!

    These dreams are so very jumbled that I can’t seem to put them into any order well enough to share one. I’ll put my dream journal back in the bedroom so I can record one. :)


  9. I never used to believe in this kind of stuff but 2 nights ago, my father visited me. I had fallen asleep holding my almost 4 month old son and I was suddenly somewhere bright and warm. My dad was there but he had lost weight and had shaved. He looked better than he had the last few years of his life. He did not look younger or like how I remember him, but it was him. It was like he is healthy now in Heaven. He did not talk. My son looked at him and was smiling, cooing and laughing at my dad (who he never got to meet as my dad died a month ofter my son was born). Then I would turn away and sob because I knew my dad was dead. But then I would turn back, with my son in my arms and start the process over again (my son looking at my dad and laughing, etc). This pattern went on about 3 times before I “woke up”. I had a headache like I get after I have been crying. My son was sound asleep in my arms. It was very surreal. I do have to say though, I feel like my dad got to meet his grandson and I am feeling a bit more closure on his death (he lived out of state and was cremated so I never got to see his body to say an official goodbye).

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Three times really makes it sink into your memory. I am so pleased your dad came to visit, and you found some peace from the experience. When my dad came to me, three days after he died, we talked for 3 hours and then I sent him into heaven. The whole experience felt very odd back then, because I was very new to this work, but the memory still sits well in my heart. We had a lot to sort out, and we did.

      The headache comes from an overactive brow chakra, because you were ‘talking’ to him in a way you are not used to. I get them sometimes, if I over-exert myself using energy. LOL

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • @ Ama – ah, so that explains the hungover headache feeling after visits and encounters…Sometimes those can be rough!

        @ Stephanie – Sometimes loved ones pass and we always wonder what they would have thought of our children or other people who have entered our lives since our loved one has passed. You don’t have to wonder! How wonderful for you! Your father wanted to meet his grandson and made certain he did.

  10. Hello All,

    Talking about visitations by the dead via dreams is mentioned in the bible several times. If I may, I’d like to give an account of my experience. Please bear with me as this is a rather long story.

    My late mother was unwell and I took care of her for a long time, we built a one bedroomed cottage for her on our property so we were close to her if the need arose, this was before she passed on but, well before she died I asked her on several occasions to return after her death and let me know that she continues to exist on another spiritual plane because that is what I believed and, I said if I died before she did, I would do the same. My mother was a devout R.Catholic and very much believed in Heaven, purgatory, Limbo (now relegated to the trash bin by the church) and hell. When I brought up the subject as often as I dared to, she would make a sound of disapproval but, I continued on the subject, because I believed when she passed on, her living consciousness would still be with her on the other side and she would know this was something very close to my heart.

    Having said that, there was a stipulation, and that was – when she came to confirm her existence on the other side, she had to do it in a manner which would not frighten me because spiritual entities do frighten me most of the time.

    When my mother passed away, certain low level signs presented themselves ie. as mentioned in another of my inputs – cool breeze and smells of the talc she used in the hospital and another rather dramatic incident on the 3rd day after her death, which is a complete story in itself. All these incidents weren’t proof I was expecting, therefore I wasn’t convinced at all. Days became weeks and still no contact of any substance, I gave up and decided it would never happen now and perhaps I was wrong in my beliefs and put it out of my mind.

    About two/three months later I was asleep one night and suddenly seemed to be in two places simultaneously, lying in my bed partially awake and almost like a video tape was recording another dream-like event. I was being escorted by two or three invisible beings. I was aware one was slightly ahead of me on my right shoulder and the other one or two were slightly behind me – one on the right and the other may have been on the left side of me. For some reason I thought the one ahead was my mother even though invisible to me. We glided along through what appeared to be a dusky/grey endless expanse or endless cavern of what appeared to be grey shadowey people for as far as the eye could see, they were all standing very close together talking in very low tones. We were to the right of them and as we by-passed some of them, I was taken aback to find I recognised a couple of them. A Mrs “A” and the other I cannot remember. I excitedly said Oh! there’s Mrs “A” (she had died about 7/8 years before but at that stage it didn’t register), she looked in our direction and acknowledged in greeting the unseen entity in front of me, but didn’t acknowledge me at all, it was as though she couldn’t see me. I remember I felt quite disappointed that I was not acknowledged by her.

    The next instant, I found myself in a space which was lit and got the impression it was an interview room even though there were not confined walls, there was what appeared to be a counter seperating me and my mother. She seemed to be sitting on the other side of the counter on a higher chair whilst I sat on a lower chair, I was surprised because she looked much younger and very healthy. Her eyes were full of life unlike the dull look before she died. She was so alive and bearing a smile on her face that I wondered how she could’ve been alive when I knew she had died and I said “Gosh! Mum you look so well, where have you been for the past two/three months, we thought you had died and we payed a lot of money for the burial casket”? She continued smiling and said – ‘I was visiting “J” ‘(her brother who had died about three years before but at that stage it didn’t register to me “J” had died, so I said “why didn’t you tell me you were visiting “J”?” But, she just smiled at me – it was a smile which she used to give me when she wanted me to guess something. I kept saying Gosh! mum you look so well. Then I said, “well now that you’re back, are you coming home?”, she replied ‘No this is where I live now, I don’t need you anymore Pat’ still smiling at me. I felt quite disappointed that I wasn’t needed anymore and stretched over to see what her place looked like – if there were any comforts there, but saw “nothingness”. I asked her what she was doing for food, and at that instant I heard and smelled onions sizzling even though I couldn’t see them. And the next instant, I found myself lying in bed wide awake – the video film had cut off. It was all so vivid and I couldn’t fall asleep as what had taken place kept churning around in my mind.

    My mother was quite a difficult person to live with and before she died, my then 10 year old daughter would not pop round to see gran in the cottage we built for her, I remember trying to coax her into popping over to at least say hello but she wouldn’t. My daughter once said to me that she wished gran would leave/move elsewhere. After her death, probably months after, my daughter told me she was awakened one night with gran sitting on her bed, she said it was very dream-like and, gran asked her if she still wanted her to leave/move elsewhere, and she cried and said no gran and sat up to give gran a hug. She found she was sitting up in bed hugging nothing with tears running down her cheeks.

    What do you think about my story.

    • Hi Pat,

      What a lovely visit you had with your mother. Was it you or her that loved fried onions? To me that means either french onion soup or hamburgers. LOL Yes, spirits will appear to us in an ‘improved’ model when they have passed over. They only look grim when they are ghosts.

      I’m also glad your mother went to visit your daughter. It helps all of us who need healing when someone we love shows us that they are still very much ‘alive’, just in a different world.

      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama,

        Thinking about it, I suppose the smell of sizzling onions instantly, was basically saying, it’s all avilable to me on tap if needed. Both of us are/were onion lovers. :-)

        What did you think of the ‘twilight’ zone in my dream, with what appeared to be countless greyish/shadowey people standing together in very close proximately and timelessly chatting in very low voices? What was that all about and who were these people? What are your thoughts.

        • Hi Pat,

          I recently read a book about a lady who ‘belonged to the dead’ .. the book is called Graveminder and it was quite interesting. She and her companion, the Undertaker, travelled into what we might describe as purgatory .. the walking dead were taken there, while others the lady kept ‘in the ground’. The Graveminder saw the place that they went to as a city full of colour and light, and everything was bright and beautiful; her partner saw it as a place of shadows and grey on grey tones. It was not ‘his world’, it was hers.

          There are two possible answers within what I know of the spiritual planes. The first is that you traversed a passageway between earth and heaven, through the void .. a place of waiting where lost souls reside .. or .. you saw what you were capable of seeing (what your belief system allowed you to) of that part of heaven that you journeyed through as you were not ‘dead’ just visiting. I wonder how your three companions saw the region. Perhaps there was no mist for them? Every journey into heaven is different, because heaven provides what each of us needs to survive.

          Love & Peace

  11. I have a comment! My only sister passed Apirl 17th 2011 for an accidental OD. My sister and I where 10 years apart I was older I was also her godmother and our bond was HUGE, she had drifted a bit du to problems with her marrage and for a while we where not as close. We always talked about growing old togeather and being there for eachother, I always asked her to take care of my daughter if anything ever happened to me (I was older, it stood to reason!). My sister was 42 when she was found dead, I was devastated and still am I always looked after her more like a daughter than a sister…

    The other night I had a dream so clear it was like actual life, I dreamed that we where sitting across eachother and talking as we did so many times, suddenly I started to cry and asked her why she had left me all alone, that there were only us two and that I always hated being an only child and that I missed her so much (at this point I was weeping and sobbing, deeply)she put her arms around me and gave me a puzzled look sort of like she could not beleive I was so sad over her passing… As she held me I asked her “Natalie, promis me that when its my time, you will come get me, please promie me, I need to know your will be with me again, please promis me” I felt her arms as she held me tight and said “Lina I will, I promis”! Then I woke up and I was crying, my husband just held me and never asked but he know it was about Natalie because he has seen me cry so much since her death.

    My question is, could this have been just an illusion of my wishes, or could I have accually communicated with her… Please let me know!

    Thank you all!

    • Hi Lina

      If it is true that the dead do make visitations via one’s dream, I believe it may have happened.

      My then 10 year old daughter had a similar dream visitation and I feel it must’ve been after mum’s death and when she visited in a dream, she asked a question related to what my daughter had said to me privately, this is a clear indication, once on the other side, they seem to acquire certain related knowledge.

    • Hello Lina,

      I am so sorry about your sister, but as you found, she is really not very far away. We grieve so deeply because we fear we will never see them again, but our families are always there waiting for us when we cross over, and we see them if we let ourselves do so.

      My mum is kind of fun. The other day she told me that I had to “make sure I get into heaven” when she dies. Because of my work, and the fact that she lives with us now, she’s been haunted over the years by a few of the ghosts who come through the house looking for me. She doesn’t want to be one of them when its her turn, hence the comment. I just laughed. :-) I make sure all my family members, and friends, who have died are where they need to be.

      You can talk to your sister anytime you want, and she will hear you. Think of her as being simply in another room, but with very good hearing. And you can get mad with her, if you want to. She will understand. Sometimes anger is a part of the grieving process that people don’t want to deal with, but its normal and healthy.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed down below under Friends)

  12. Hi Lina,
    I’ve something you should read. This happened ‘with’ me over my dearest loved one as a kid. Hope this helps!

    Grief is a powerful thing. It stays when we want it to just leave us alone. There’s the important step of getting over the anger and accepting it (her moving on). I think your sister may have been there to help you do just that, accept and show you how strong the sisterly ‘familio’ love really is. I tend to agree with Ama said, that she will – still – always be there for you.

    After my gandpa died in 1993, I was on hard times. Years later, I had to sell a 1948 Fender guitar amp he left for me after his passing for a lot less than what is was worth. Was worth thousands of dollars. He had bought it new! I was crushed. Sure thought he was angry with me, as he taught me to play guitar when I was a boy, and I always openly said he was my ‘real life hero.’ So, the night I sold it, I lay in bed crying, very, very alone and angry at myself, praying that God get the message to him that I wa so, so very sorry. Instead, Grandpa got it himself, directly!

    I drifted off to sleep. In my dream, grandpa came opended a door in the wall and looked at me to come see. The room was all white. Perfect white with a deep stream running through it about 6 feet wide. All I could think of was that amp. Then his little fishing boat floated to us and stopped. He smiled, shook his head ‘yes,’ like saying “I know Keith, and its fine! Glad it helped you.” With that, he got in his old ’50′s fishing boat (he had it all my life), gave me the most peaceful look that clearly said ‘I love you very much, Keith. I’m fine. You are fine. Move on, I have, but I will always be there for you when you need me,’ turned his head foward and floated off down the steam and into the fog. I was what I’ll call “in-joyed.” haha :)

    He was hugging me, in his own way. He understood. I understood. I’ve never seen him again. But, sometimes I talk to him. Like that lonely night before, I know he hears me. I told my grandmother about it, as she was so sad for so many years. :( Her eyes watered and she just hugged me so tightly! She laughed, ‘Yep! That’s his heaven!!’ She needed it too, probably as verification of her own experiences with him. :)

    Yes, you sister hears you, and wants you to be ok too, for she is. She obviously loves you very much, as well! Now that you know she was indeed with you in your moment of sadness, rest assured she hears you! I, too, hope this helps!

    God bless you and ‘Sis,


    • oh Lina…

      It’s ok..normal and expected to miss those who’ve gone before you. While the life is short in time, it is very long in Love. I’m so happy your sister is finally in a peaceful place, with Pure Love – God’s Love – Perfect Light, Perfect Love – all around her! You will be with her when your natural time comes. In the meantime, you have loves in this world. Give them all the love you have to give. :) They need you, as you needed your sister. Be happy for her! She must be very proud of you!

      God is with you even more powerfully. Trust Him, he takes great care for those who love Him. Amen?

      Love and blessing upon you and yours,

  13. Hello everyone-

    I have had quite a few occurances of family members visiting in my dream..

    The first is of my Great-Grandma Newton; Prior to her passing we were very close. When my family would go and visit my Grandma and Great-Grandma I would choose to stay with my Great-grandma over anyone else, I sort of felt this connection like we have always known eachother even in past lifes…might sound odd I know. I still feel sad about how she passed (bone cancer) I visited her in the nursing home and I somehow knew that would be the last time I would see her and when we left she was sitting next to the piano player smiling at us (she looked so at peace) I still feel guilty for never going and visiting again before she passed..So she has visited me in some odd ways. One dream I was talking to a psychic and the psychic told me my Great Grandma was in the corner of the room so I moved over to the corner and it felt like reistance when you try to put opposite ends of magnets together the psychic told me my grandma loves me and misses me. Another one of my dreams is where I am on a phone and I can hear my g-grandmas famous laugh and then I tell her I love her and she keeps giggling and then static sets in and I wake up crying.

    The next family member that has visited in my dream is my Grandpa that passed away when I was in kindergarten. He died in his home of Cancer. I still remember vividly of him in his waterbed looking so very peaceful and all of the family was surrounded. I loved him dearly and I know he loved me just as much if not more <3. My dream set me back to that day when he passed in the bed and I went and laid down next to him and held his hand and just feeling so at peace with him laying next to me. I then woke up to my hand that was holding his hand in the air and tingling. P.S. after my grandfather died when we got back from his funeral there were a couple messages on our phone and it sounded like they were from the other side static like and someone trying to say something…

    What do you guys think this all means? I would appreciate any input or words of encouragement.

    • Quite truthfully, Lindsay, it sounds to me that your great gran, and grandfather, wanted you to know they were ok now, happy and peaceful there in heaven. I know that people who have passed over often come to reassure their relatives that they are fine. It is us who can’t sense them in some way, or doubt our senses when we do .. even me, and I do this spooky stuff all the time. LOL

      Love & Peace

  14. Ama-

    Makes total sense. I really do believe they are trying to tell me they are happy and safe.

    Is it possible that one day they will be able to come back as one of my kids? Like reincarnation?

    Before my Great-G died I asked her if she would come back and tell me what heaven was like and she always said she would. Can they keep visiting you throughout your life? Just checking in? Have you had this happen to you?


    • Hi Lindsay, I would say ‘I hope not’. It’s too soon for your grandparents to reincarnate, we all need a break after all the effort of being alive in that lifetime. Yes, some people do come back too early, me being one of them, but we spend the lifetime feeling so very tired, all the time.

      Yes, our family in spirit can visit whenever they want to. They do it for good reasons, because they understand that we have to live our lives our way, and they would not want to interfere with that unless it was vitally important. They are not like ghosts, who hang around for our energy.

      My grandmother was a ghost who went Home when I was 29. My son Michael, who visited me on the weekend (wow!), is a spirit. My grandmother came to visit for a moment, 10 years after she crossed over, just long enough for me to say hi and know she is fine. My father .. he’s in healing. He had issues when he was alive, he’ll be getting help from them now that he’s dead.

      Love & Peace

      • Ama-

        Thank-you for clarifying. Yes, we do have to live “our” life. Now you are a medium from what I gather? If spirits only come when needed for important life events how can you call them when you are doing a reading for someone? Do you do readings? Just so fascinating to me!!

        • Hi Lindsay,

          Our family in spirit can hear us when we speak, so calling their name will draw their attention, or their presence, but they will not interfere in our lives. People like John Edward and James Van Praag (sp?), and so many others like them, helped us to understand that our families are still around, and will take opportunities to talk to us, but not everyone in those meetings got a reading .. only those who truly needed it. And not always perfectly, even though the mediums tried.

          I am a Spirit Rescuer. I am not a classic medium. I very seldom talk to spirits. I deal with ghosts .. lost souls .. they are a whole different energy. When my son Michael came on the weekend, I couldn’t ‘see’ him. I knew we had a ‘visitor’ but I couldn’t connect to its energy, even though he flashed lights and did other things to definitely show he was there .. because he’s a spirit, not a ghost. It was not until the ghost radar said four perfect words to throw me back into the past that I realised it was him and ‘then’ I got it, my heart opened and I burst into tears.

          Do I want to be a medium? Not really. I would rather help the lost than spend my days passing on messages to people seeking confirmation that their loved ones are all right. I know they are all right, or they become ‘my business’. People contact me to check up on their loved ones, and I always know if someone is a lost soul, and we can find them and cross them over. I love what I do.

          Love & Peace

  15. That must have been pretty awesome and peaceful feeling at the same time knowing your son came back and checked on you :D Very neat your line of work.

    • Neat, amazing, fabulous, fantastic :-) .. still blown away by it and its Wednesday, it happened Saturday night. And the funny part now is, my daughter decided to download the ghost radar onto her phone, after I told her of Michael’s visit, and she’s busy scaring herself silly with it. I told her to delete the program this morning. LOL It is a groovy gadget in my opinion.

      Love & Peace

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