Do Dogs go to Heaven and if so can they Communicate with Us?

We had to put our beloved dog, Max, to sleep right before Christmas. My heart is still breaking about this. He became paralyzed after I called him to jump on the bed. (He had done this hundreds of times before.) But I feel so much guilt because I made him jump and this led to his paralysis.

My questions is this… Do dogs go to heaven and if so, can they communicate with us?

Also, I want badly to know that he is ok and that he forgives me for this.

Please, please help me.

Asked by Desiree

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  1. Hi Desiree,

    Guilt is very cruel, it drives us nuts, but one thing I know about dogs .. they don’t hold grudges. I had a corgi-x quietly snoring here under the table, his name is Gus, and he thinks I am God’s gift to the world .. and I am sure your Max thought the exact same thing of you, and still does.

    I have cats, or maybe they have me? Three of my cats came back to visit .. Tolly was a bit of a dope. He jumped into the back of a truck, parked next door, and we think he jumped out again on a highway .. he came back to say goodbye .. yodelling very loudly outside the back window, when he did. My mother and I dived for the back door, because he’d been missing for three days, but while we could ‘hear’ his voice right in front of us, we couldn’t see him at all. Lucy, was seven months old the day she sat on the couch all day waiting for me to come home from work, before saying ‘goodbye’ really loudly and diving out the catdoor. I yelled ‘no! wait’ when she did it, which started mum since Lucy spoke into my mind, but I didn’t answer that way. I can’t say I never saw her again, because I did, and so did about 20 other people. She decided to take up her spirity residence in two of my healing centres .. one after another .. I am not sure which box she popped herself in, but she moved with us. People would comment on seeing her as they came up the stairs .. a tail leisurely disappears around the corner at the top of the stairs, a flash of little black cat with a white triangle on her breast .. I still miss her. And then there was Meg. Meg talked .. still talks sometimes .. when she wanted out she would head for the door says ‘ooouuut nooowwww’ .. you knew what she wanted. She died and is buried under the apricot tree here in the orchard, but last seen, both by myself and Gus, was crossing the kitchen floor heading up the hall, and my partner Tom has seen her waiting at the backdoor to be let in .. she would never use the catdoor.

    One friend calls her pets ‘fur babies’. I am not quite that fluffy, but I know that they are still with us, that they have a heaven to go to and that they come back to make sure we are just fine, until we can ‘see them again’ when its our turn to cross over. You might like this site:

    I know you are feeling guilty, but why .. yes, Max hurt his back when he chose to jump up on the bed, but he was doing something he loved, being your friend .. and I doubt very much he has any regrets about that. Please let yours go. You know how much he loved you and he would not want you to be in pain anymore.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. Dogs and animals do go to heaven.It is written in the Bible in many places(although not specifically).Some people say animals have no souls,only humans do.I wonder how comes that…it would be sad if they were right!

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