Do Crystals Really have Power?

Do crystals really have any sort of power? I am new to this and just learning. I am fascinated by crystals and recently started collecting them. A lot of these are really beautiful but is there any truth really to all the stuff about crystals?

Asked by Genevie

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  1. Hi Genevie

    No, crystals do not have a power of their own, they channel your energy at the frequency (the strength) that the crystal is capable of handling. For example, rose quartz, lovely stone .. carries very high energy. The colour pink is related to our heart chakra, one of higher energy chakras, and the pink crystal (rose) carries the energy of that chakra very well.

    Light green is also the colour of the heart chakra, so a crystal in that colour will also carry heart chakra energy. Flourite .. another favourite comes in many colours .. each carrying different frequencies of energy. One of my favourites is purple (brow chakra – intuition) clear and green .. so that crystal will help balance your mind’s energy, or someone else’s, if you choose to use them for healing.

    Get a good book. One of the best I found is rather old but still available on Amazon when I last looked, not so long ago. It’s called “Love is in the Earth” by Melody. She has now 4 books in total and they describe each crystal and its uses.

    Have fun, take care,
    Love & Peace

  2. Love is in the earth is a great book! Also a book by Da El…can’t remember the name, lots of information on how to use crystals….

    A crystal is a tool, like a drill or hammer….lots of potential, but not on it’s own.

  3. Hmm, I always thought crystals had some special sort of energy. Guess I thought wrong. What types of natural resources or items has enough energy to give spirits more power or energy? Anyone knows.

  4. Hi Big Chief,

    Electric batteries and human bodies. Electricity lines, leylines (earth energy lines), and the internet are all good sources of energy for ghosts. What have I forgotten?

    It is better to divide ‘spirits’ into two categories. Every living person has a spirit, no matter how confused or nasty they might appear to be while living. That spirit has an opportunity to go into heaven/healing (or whatever you want to call it) and become the ‘spirit’ is truly is. If it chooses not to it becomes a ‘ghost’. A ghost is a denser energy than a spirit being. It is what needs the energy of everything I listed above to be able to do anything on this plane, and it is in competition with every other lost soul, and other nastier entities, for that energy. Spirits, on the other hand, are reconnected to Source (again you can call it whatever you like). They do not take, steal, borrow, or need, human energy etc to visit us and remind us that they love us.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  5. Crystal is just condensed stone. If we had the time and fire power we could create crystals. Take a lump of rock, bury it under millions of tonnes of weight and submit it fearsome heat and leave it there for a couple hundred thousand years and you would have Crystal.

    Oil is made much the same way, except oil is living creatures such as trees and fish. Is the petrol your car runs on considered to have power? It certainly holds a bigger sway on mankind than anything else.

    Crystals are no more magical than fools gold.

  6. Do you know? A man-made crystal have almost no effect compared than crystals that created by nature. Humans may be able to create crystals as imitation from what nature can create. But they WON’T be able to create it as good as the originals from nature. A man-made crystals is lack of power. Useless except for jewelry, if i can say.

  7. Hi Adhinferno,

    I agree. Having seen things like ‘aqua aura’, and other bits of human created ‘crystals’ and played with them. Regardless of what the new agers say, they don’t carry a charge (energy), they don’t keep a charge .. good example of a stone that keeps a charge is the blue volcanic obsidian .. its glass made by lightning. Great stuff for absorbing negativity. It will keep it until You clear it. The man-made stuff might be pretty, but …

    Give me the stuff created by nature everyday,
    Love & Light

  8. Just curious reading this…so a crystal is a channel for energy and has to be ‘used’ somehow? So just carrying a crystal would be of no actual use…or is carrying it ‘using’ it? Sorry, I’m just being lazy, not bothering to research this.

  9. Hi Ayesha,

    You will learn a lot more by researching the topic, but I like being lazy at times too. LOL

    No, carrying a cryals is not using it. You have to choose to make it work. It is not an intelligence, though some crystals are memory keepers and store information, and some will take your negativity and store that until you clear it .. but again .. you have to choose.

    Rose quartz is a lovely balancing stone, and I recommend people have some somewhere around them, but it is passive unless you direct it to help …

    Love & Peace,

  10. Well I guess one could argue that a crystal has a measurable energy field…so it could enhance the field it is next to….I also feel that wearing crystal jewelry, esp. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, enhances me, energizes the corresponding chakras, etc….also a very strong energy can ‘pull’ from a weaker source……

  11. Well, actually since a crystal has a measurable energy field, and they are used in watches, electronics etc…just carrying one, or wearing it (I LOVE rose quarz jewelry, or amethyst) could enhance your energy field, or the corresponding chakras….

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