Can a Human Come Back as a Cat?

I have two cats and I had just put a huge pot of cold water near my bed for the cats as they like to snuggle up to me but then all of a sudden my face got real hot! One of my cats went to the pot of water and started to put her paws into it and jumped on the bed to cool my face I was out and I do not remember how many times that cat cooled my face


Do cats really get reincarnated from some human and they came back to look after me? The door was left unlocked and my other cat was a watch dog never let anyone in no matter who cause I had left my rent money on my night stand.

Asked by Lorraine Douse

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  1. According to some religions, like the Buddist, people do come back as other beings, insects, animals or other human. I, for one, do not believe in reencarnation and I definitely couldn´t imagine that a beloved family member or close friend who when alive was an intelligent and useful human being, could possibly come back as, say an insect, worm, spider, dog, cat, etc I belive that the notion of reencarnation helps people cope with loss and the idea of not ever seeing a dear parent, relative, or friend ever again. The belief that a dead loved one has come back in any way or shape, might comfort us and help ease the terrible pain that comes with somebody´s death.

  2. Hi Argel,

    That is one smart cat you have there. I had a lovely old lady grey cat who could read minds, and say what she wanted .. including going to any door she wanted opened and saying ‘ooowwwt nowww’ (out now). She would comfort me when I was upset, and boss us all around gently. She was incredibly intelligent. She passed over recently and I miss her a lot. Her name, which she TOLD me when I adopted her when she was 13 years old, was Meg. She knew the family she was living with were about to have her ‘put to sleep’ since they were moving and didn’t want to take her with them. She lived to be 20.

    The Buddhists believe that animals can become human, and visa versa. I don’t believe it myself, but that doesn’t meant it isn’t true.

    I recommend you keep a diary of your cat’s activities to see what other wonderful things she can do. I wonder, as nature gets wiser and more demanding of us humans, whether the animals are doing it too???

    Love & Light

  3. Yes, it can. Human can be a cat and a cat can be a human on their next reincarnation. It’s all based on what they do in this world that will determines becomes what they are. I have becomes a cat, dog, bird, and many animal in my precious life before I becomes a human now.

    • So glad you said that, i do so believe it but sometimes when people try to talk you around ift feels like you might be wrong, keep believing it ……..I do! Xxx

  4. It sure can. I have two pet wolves that were not always wolves, in other lives, that is. If you don’t have the “gift”, you’d never know, a “cat” frrom a ‘cat’ that might have been yyour aunt in another life.But don’t ask it due to the fact, it, or they, have no recall of any other lives before the one they are ccurrently exxisiting in.

  5. No they can’t but your spirit animal could have disguised it’s self as a common house pet.I hope it helps! :)

  6. i believe so. not that this person would remember being human though, so much as that they are much more intelligent that normal cats and such other animals of their species. i believe certain animals find their ways into our lives for a reason. My base belief is that nature strives for balance, equilibrium. So if your life isn’t in balance or is about to sometime soon become unbalanced, nature or fate or God or whatever or whoever you believe in sends us something to help balance it, maybe in the form of a animal who may have a human-like conscious. i know from experience that animals like this do actually help balance your life. I also think they teach us and remind us of how special life is.

  7. Hahaha. I love it!!! Question, what would be the reason for cats and animals to have a spirit? Why would be the reason for human beings being re-incarnated into cats and dogs? I believe in human spirits being able to manipulate cats, dogs and other animals to do whatever they want them to do or even possess them during various periods of times. That would sound more logical to me than human beings being re-incarnated into animals at least from my perspective. If human beings are re-incarnated into animals, do they lose their human intelligence. Do they forget all their human senses and adapt to animal senses. Do they now see spirits like animals and have a sensation for animal food??

  8. Hi Big Chief,

    Answer …. animals definitely have a spirit. I have held various pets in my arms, cats and dogs, and have felt their spirits pass through me as they died. You cannot mistake the sensation .. I’ve had plenty of human ghosts walk through me over the years – some don’t see me, and some think its a great joke.

    And then there are my resident cat spirits .. Lucy, who lived in both healing centres I had, one after another, and used to cross the top of the stairs as newcomers came to visit us. They would ask if we had a small black cat in the building, and we did .. only she was a spirit. And that didn’t happen just once, but at least a dozen times over the years. And Cinnamon, a few days after he died, curled up behind my knees in bed and purred, and Meg, who died just recently at over 20 years old, wandered through the kitchen a couple of days ago and had both Gus (my dog) and I watching her long enough to see her clearly.

    As I said, I don’t believe that people come back as animals, but if you want to look at a little mythology try Atlantis, where part of their society are said to have done some experiments crossing human DNA with animal DNA, cats and dogs, and created cross-bred people of many different sorts. Perhaps people who believe they have been animals have their memories from there? I don’t know. Or perhaps, as the Buddhists believe, we really do get to experience all forms of existence on this planet and do come back as animals to learn lessons in humility, survival, emotional manipulation (who hasn’t been manipulated by their pets??), as a balance for someone manipulating them, and everything else that animals do for us .. including being food. Perhaps we should learn to respect the cows more, and say thank you, before we chow-down on that steak? It might have been your great uncle. (ok, really bad joke there). The truth is .. we simply don’t know. Perhaps its a choice we can make, to come back that way or not. I know I never have.

    Love & Light

  9. I find it insulting to say that animals aren’t as smart as humans. There are many animals that have existed on this planet for much longer than humans. In the short time humans been on earth, they have managed to destroy the only place they have to live… Earth, that in my opinion is stupid. Therefore, I say that animals and humans just think differently, but one is not smarter than the other.

    • We would have to agree upon a definition for “smart”. Also we are all animals so it wouldnt really make any sense to say something like “humans are smarter than animals…” Thats like saying “trees are smarter than plants” or “trout are smarter than fish.”

      That being said I have never known of any animal besides a human that could write a song, build a library, leave the planet, construct an Eiffel Tower, etc. As for destruction of the environment I certainly agree that no other animal can do that as quickly and efficiently as humans but all animals can be destructive and if population is high enough they will destroy their own environment.

      Personally it takes a lot to convince me. Although I believe in the paranormal without any doubts I am still a skeptic. I don’t fully buy into the idea of reincarnation but I do believe it is a likely possibility. I know that some religions do believe that we reincarnate back and forth from humans to cows to insects… but I think that most beliefs limit the renewal of life to human beings; that is we always incarnate as a human and not a “lower” animal. Myself I think if reincarnation is true then perhaps ALL animals are included in the scheme and not just man.

      A fascinating subject that I am truly interested in but one that can never be answered with anything more than ideas and opinions. Perhaps while we are on the “other side” we “know as we are known” and then when we return we begin to forget about it until the previous memories are all but gone.

  10. I don’t know much about reincarnation, but have no doubt that animals have a spirit.

    My husband and I saw our dog Fergie in the backyard a few hours after she had died. I woke up one morning to find Fergie sleeping at the foot-end of our bed. And there have been other occassions when Fergie decided to pay us a visit.

  11. When my cat cuddles died, i would still get visits from her ocasionaly. i would glance over and see her. and i found a lost dog once. i felt like she told me her name was daisy, and sure enough when i found her owner he called her by the name daisy.

  12. @Caretaker

    A dog and a monkey left the planet before we did!

    Granted they where essentially fired off the planet to see if it’s safe for us.

    That monkey went into space lots of times. Very clever monkey. Insects construct things, mice and whales sing,. Animals are just as remarkable as us, we are a very weak species, we’re (debatably) the most intelligent species on the planet and thats why we’ve done so well. But with higher intelligence comes the negatives. Depression, Hate, Fear, Paranoia, Love, betrayal. All things an animal cant feel to same degree we can.

    Elongating our lives has lead to issues such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease etc. All things that mainly occur in old age. As well as the social issues and burdens on the state that excessively long lives has caused. We have an economy to worry about, we have to work. But we get to live in a safe environment at the top of the food chain and experience the positives on a higher level than animals can.

    If organised religion such as Christianity is real, then animals don’t get to enter heaven, they can’t sin, they don’t have free will on the same level as us. But at the same time they don’t have to go hell if they where a bad animal. If this is the case then no an animal can’t come back. They don’t have souls, they are a part of mans domain to govern over and protect.

    Maybe we’re all the stupid ones, and the animals are all laughing at us because we think we’re so great. We’ve destroyed half our planet, we’ve killed trillions of people over the years for pointless and meaningless things. I think it’s Buddhism where how you behave in life governs what you will come back as until you achieve enlightenment and enter Nirvana. Maybe coming back as a human is a bad thing? Ignorance is bliss kinda thing.

    Very interesting topic.

    I hope i get to come back as a Dog, i like sleeping on Couches and living indoors.

  13. Come back from where?

  14. come back from Yonder.

  15. Heaven, JK .. animals go to heaven. I know this because I’ve seen them there.

    Ok, so I am one of those people your church told you to avoid .. a soothsayer .. which actually means a person who speaks the truth. I am clairvoyant, and I talk with angels, and ghosts and spirits, and I’ve walked lost souls into heaven, when they were too frightened of a judgmental God to go by themselves.

    I’ve done readings for people when their animals have come through with their loved ones .. I’ve told this site about the orange cat, and my cat Lucy, who used to ‘live’ in my first healing centre, long after she died. She was seen by over 20 people .. usually before they met me. LOL

    Animals go to heaven .. just like humans do. God loves all His creations, and made a home for them … and it wasn’t just the earth.

    Love & Peace

    • Yes, animals and humans have their own angels and animals reincarnate back to their previous species. My cat, Bruno, has told me, through Teresa Wagner, to look for him in 3-4 months. Bruno just passed Dec. 22nd; we have an extremely strong bond of love. He passed of FIP (dry) after he finished his work here as an angel ( I adopted him 4 months ago when he was 4 months old…however, I intercepted his exit. Most of the time, even with a strong pet/owner bond, it takes 1 -2 years for the cat to reincarnate and reunite. I can’t wait ’til this Spring!

  16. I believe you, about pets going to heaven and their having spirits.
    I have a most precious, kind and beautiful Seal Point Siamese, LeAnn.
    She has been gone for 3 weeks, I believe to look for me at the house we no
    longer have. I keep sensing that she is nearby and really needs me to find her.
    She may be lost in the canyon & hurt, dehydrated and scared (or worse). I pray not.
    It’s a rather large canyon with trees, shrubs pretty lush with all ,.. coyote’s too, I’m told.
    Can you get a ‘read’ on anything? I love her so and want her back with me, comfort
    her, save her, mend her broken heart. I am somewhat certain that she and I share
    ‘thought’ exchange and I want to be able to communicate with her.
    I want to help her. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Thank you so kindly,
    ~ Ellen ~

  17. When the doctrine of Re-incarnation is compared to the bible, it is contrary to the Word of God.

    ECCLESIASTES 9:10 – Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in THE GRAVE, WHETHER THOU GOEST.

    The bible states that when a person die they sleep in the grave until the resurrection. The dead cannot communicate, interact or watch over the living. The dead knows nothing and their thoughts perish meaning they do not have any brain activity.

    LUKE 8:52-53 – Now all wept and mourned for her; but he (JESUS) said, weep not she is not dead, but sleeping. And they ridiculed him knowing that she was dead.

    Psalms 146:4 – His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

    Psalms 115:17 – The dead praise not the Lord, neither any that go down into

    Daniel 12:2 – And many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake to
    everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

    Re-incarnation teaches that a person spirit never actually dies. The physical body of a person may die but their spirit or essence only goes on to live many different lives housed in different bodies including animals until you reach Nirvana.

    We Christians believe that a person cannot be re-incarnated or come back as animals because the dead is sleeping in the grave waiting for the resurrection. God would NEVER permit re-incarnation because it is contrary to the teachings of Judaism and Christianity.

    1 THESSALONIANS 4:16-17- For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and the with the trump of God; AND THE DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST. Then we which are ALIVE and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

    JOB 14:12 – So man lieth down and RISETH NOT, till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake not be raised out of their SLEEP.

    The bible states that animals have spirits and when they die their spirit goeth downward to the earth. Animals cannot sin hence God will NOT judge them like humans who know good and evil and who have a soul and spirit.

    Ecclesiastes 3:21 – Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?

  18. I thought we were talking about cats?

    Anonymous .. please explain Jesus saying ‘Elijah is himself again’ about John the Baptist.

    The original Christians believed in reincarnation. The doctrine was taken out of the bible very early on, but it was still there .. and is still there ..

    Really must find those references .. LOL

    Love & Peace

  19. Hi Ellen,

    I am so sorry about LeAnn. Three weeks is a long time for a cat to be missing, particularly in the environment you describe. But they do love to be wild, when they can.

    Put food out for her for the next week or so. If she is going to come back, she will in that time. She knows you love her. I guess the disruption just brought out her wild side.

    Wishing you peace and healing,
    Love & Light
    Ama Nazra

  20. Ama,
    My dad died in january 2011. I feel like his cat, big tom, is occassionally, trying to tell me something from my dad. I fear i will frustrate my dads spirit by my inability to understand. Any suggestions?? My mom is still alive and see,s tom doing strange behavior. Tom is 12

    I appreciate and respect yout input.

  21. On another subject, i had a chakra portrait, the artist drew me as indigo…how do i open the third eye?

  22. Hello Mayday,

    I did not get a copy of your first question about your dad, but did the third eye one ..?

    Now .. first up, you will not frustrate your dad if you don’t understand the message via the cat, even if Tom had some very particular habit it always did around your father .. if he’s repeating that behaviour with you, it might be that it is your dad’s way of saying he’s seeing you and knows you are thinking of him. What exactly is he doing, that is strange even for your mum?

    Another way you could get the message is to tell your father, out loud, or in your head, if you are more comfortable with that, that you need a clearer message, tell him a few times .. and ask him to come to you in your dreams and say whatever it is he’s trying to get across. They can do this. We are far less difficult to deal with in our sleep .. I have been told this on a number of occasions by an angel or two. LOL

    Third eye .. or ajna chakra .. they naturally open and close all the time. It always puzzles me when people sit down to do a meditation to ‘open’ their chakras, or close them. They only stop moving when we are dead. Instead, perhaps you meant to enhance your psychic abilities .. practise. Practise, pratise, practise. I know its a pain, but we all get better with it .. hopefully only for positive actions. One way of practising is to take an old object, or one that is well used, like keys, and put them in your hand, and close your eyes and try and pick up emotions, feelings or pictures in your head about the person who owns the item (this is called psychometry). Don’t try hard. To try hard is to block yourself. Just relax, a few deep slow breathes .. and then trust yourself and ‘say’ what you ‘see’. This is a fun group exercise where everyone can put something into the middle of the table .. hidden under a cloth .. and each person takes something that isn’t theirs .. goes into a quiet corner, records what they think they feel etc, and comes back and shares it with the group. You may, all of you, amaze yourselves.!

    Otherwise, find a local psychic group, or a spiritualist church .. they have training courses. Group work is always better, because you can get lots of feedback, and also because group energy, combined together, often makes the process easier for everyone.

    And use commonsense. If something doesn’t ‘feel’ good/right .. don’t do it.

    Love & Peace

  23. Thank you Ama. I will let you know how my practice goes. funny how connections happen. Glad to “meet” you.

  24. this World is step one down to real hell, there are 7 levels down ,number one human,then animal, then insect, then and microbe,then a tree, then a rock and the last one the gate to hell. Demon.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      Could you please tell me where you got that information from?

      Thank you
      Love & Peace

      • Hi Ama
        My cat Felix died on Feb 14.2012 and left a big empty place in my heart ,home.She was 12 years old and act like my trouble teenager.She filled my days with happiness.I still have Garfield left and she is special too but for the last 12 years we were a great Trio.I want to know if my Felix is still coming to us once in a while?How will i know she is around me?thanks a lot for your time
        Love & Peace

        • Hi Violet,

          From my experience, our pets come to visit. Keep an eye out, but don’t fret over Felix. She’ll be around if its right for both of you. In the meantime, Garfield must also be lonely and need some extra TLC .. tender loving care.

          How will you know if she’s there .. I don’t know. They all do different things. You might see her clearly, or out of the corner of your eye, hear her, get a sense of her presence, have her curl up on the bed the way she always did, have Garfield watch something you can’t see, and perhaps talk to it? You tell me when it happens.

          Love & Peace

          • I will keep my eye open to any signs and come back and let u know about it.Thanks a lot for your words,give me lots of hope and peace.

            Love & Peace

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