Do All Spirits Understand English?

I watch ghost hunters on sci-fi channel and ghost adventures on the travel channel when they are on. There sure is a lot of paranormal hunters on TV lately.

My question is, will these spirits from foreign lands understand English when these ghost hunters try to communicate with them? I can understand England or Australia but these other countries? I seldom see a translator with them.

Asked by Phil

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  1. Hi Phil

    A good question.

    Spirit communicate through telepepathy so, regardless of your spoken language, they will still pick up on your thought processes and understand your intention. I guess, you could say its a bit like the ‘translator gizmo’ thingie they ‘use’ in the Star-Trek programs so they can understand all the different aliens when they talk – LOL!

    It also happens in reverse; you may think they are physically talking to you and you hear them through your ears, but actually your brain just assumes that you hear them through the ears when they talk.

    It’s a fascinating bit of science.


    • Hi AJ,

      You forgot the babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy .. LOL

      Hi Phil,

      I agree with AJ. Spirits and ghosts communicate through telepathy and so we can all understand each other just fine .. regardless of our ‘first’ language. Sometimes a ghost will speak in a foreign language to me, but I just ask them if they can understand what “I’ and saying and it all soon makes sense.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

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