Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit?

Whats the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

Asked by Skylark

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  1. Hi Skylark,

    The very simple answer is – a ghost is a dead person who has not gone into heaven. They remain on the earth plane for lots of reasons that seem really good at the time of their death.

    A Spirit is a person who died and crossed over into heaven, where they received healing and find peace, and then they can come back and visit their loved ones any time they like.

    The difference between the two, apart from those major ones, is that the ghost is hungry for energy, and will feed off anyone they can, and the Spirit is reconnected to Source (or God, or whatever you want to call it – ‘rejoined to the Holy Spirit’) and their visits usually leave a person calm and happy, and a ghost’s visit usually leaves a person tired, very cold and feeling some negative emotion that isn’t their own, like anger, fear or grief.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & Peace

  2. For me, Ghost is a kind of Spirit. But, Spirit is not always a Ghost. Understand?
    Ghost is a spirit from the dead creature, not always humans, but also animals.
    Spirits are entities who lives in different world than ours which has many variety of species. Ghosts, fairies, etc are spirits. Not like ghost who is from the dead, some spirits has became spirits since they are born without passing a way that called “death”.

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