Did We Open a Portal?

I have a question. And wonder if its happened to others? In 2004 when Florida was getting hit with hurricanes I lived in Georgia. We were getting the tropical depressions coming through. A mutual friend of me my boyfriend at the time and our roommate came to visit. He was from Florida. Now nothing ever had happened in this house prior to it and not after. The power went outbefore we all went to bed because of the storms.

I was sleeping, and something woke me up. I was half awake and half asleep. I cracked my eyes open and looked up there was a black hole in my ceiling and this thing was looking at me. It came out of this black hole it looked like a slinky with red velvet wrapped around it… I got scared closed my eyes prayed and went to sleep.

The next day the friend left and I didn’t think much of it. A couple of days later I asked my boyfriend hey I got something to ask you. He got still and said yes. I said do you know when Ken was here. He said I don’t want to talk about it. I said what. I looked in his eyes he was scared. I said tell me. I didn’t want t to talk first so he would just agree with me. He said we will talk about this once and that’s it.

He said he was sleeping and something hit him in the face. He woke up to see the same thing I did. I said omg. He said you too. I said yes… that’s the only time we talked about it.

When I spoke to someone about it they told me that I am a powerful being and so was our friend and we opened that portal that the thing coming through was the gatekeeper of that portal and wanted to take me. Also the weather helped open the portal. And because I’ve never been around anyone like me since that’s why no other portals have came through…

Can anyone shed some light or tell me that I’m not the only person this has happened to?

Asked by just wondering

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  1. Hi Just Wondering,

    To open a portal you have to actually do something to open it, regardless of whether you are a gatekeeper or not. They don’t just open up from the dark side of the Light, or from this side, spontaneously, so what is it you think you did that opened this gate?

    A slinky .. this is a coil/spring of wire that falls down stairs? They’ve been around since my kids were young. The entity you saw looked like that? And wrapped ‘how’ in velvet? It doesn’t sound nasty to me, more elemental, and given the weather .. sylphs, air elementals.

    Your boyfriend got hit? Did he actually say the slinky hit him? Did he see what hit him, or was he woken up by the feeling?

    Gatekeepers do NOT ‘take’ people, or their spirits. Gatekeepers watch over gates. That is what they were created to do. They are very specific to task. I know this because I am a gatekeeper.

    And could you please explain what you meant by this: “And because Ive never been around anyone like me since thats why no other portals have came through.” Was your boyfriend also a gatekeeper, is that what you meant? If it were so, you guys would have opened gates all over the place.

    No, all that negativity, the violence of the weather and fear of the people, fed entities that could open gates .. and they would come through to feed, not to harass humans, who were already harassed enough. There was more than enough energy in the atmosphere.

    You had a remarkable experience, but not a very good explanation. Unless you were doing something like playing with an ouija board, which is a gate until itself, it wasn’t you who made it happen.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
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