Did I Open a Door While Meditating?

I’m not sure if this is good or bad, or if it even happened, but I thought that I should ask for your opinions anyway. I woke up this morning and decided to meditate for a while. (this was really my first time actually meditating.) I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. After a while, the black behind my eyelids turned to a foggy grey, and there was a black rectangle off to the left. It opened, like a door, and a strange blue light came out of it. This shocked me out of the state I was in.

Later I decided to make breakfast, I started to scramble some eggs. The salt, pepper and spatula were all on top of the deep freezer. I was going to put some salt in it when I remembered it was on the freezer. I turned to get it, but it wasn’t there. (the pepper was) When I turned back to the counter, the salt shaker was sitting right there. I turned back to the freezer to get the pepper after using the salt. But it wasn’t there! I turned back to the counter again, and there was the pepper! The same thing happened with the spatula.

I’m wondering if I might have let something in through that ‘door’ that I accidentally opened during my meditation. Any thoughts?

Asked by Holly

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  1. Hi Holly,

    Did a ghost come through the door in your mind? I don’t think so. I think it is more likely there was already a door in your house somewhere, and you ‘saw’ someone come through it. You didn’t open the door, it opened itself. That is what you said.

    So .. let’s clear house, since it is not healthy for the living to have ghosts about all the time, and they tend to feed from our energy.

    This is the Michael Invocation, it removes all sorts of negative energy from around us ..

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ Read the request through a few times to understand what it is asking, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not your house) and that will take care of the being who likes to help you cook.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

    • Ama,
      Thank you very much for all of yout help! I did a very thorough cleansing of my home a while after this experience. I did what you said, as well as smudge the house with sage. All has been smooth and haunting free. :) I’ve not done much meditating since then, but I think I’d like too. I was really a it scared aout what had happened, but I’ve realised over this short period of time that I have no reason to be scared. Age is not the sole contributor to wisdome. With patience and observation, a whole new level of understanding is opened.

      • You are welcome, .. Holly? You’ve come through as ‘anonymous’.

        Love & Peace

  2. seems like you have a trickster spirit :) i had a little girl visit me and she played with my dogs and trash can and it was kinda cute..i know know that she just wanted someone to play with her one last time..she has’nt come back since and also, when you meditate, sometimes you draw in energy raising your energy up higher..which in result can lead to spirits being drawn to you..thats why you should ground after you meditate. (if you dont know what that is google ss your best friend
    also, not ALL spirits draw or feed on your energy i have spirits visit me all the time.. and its perfectly fine :)
    if you think about it..every place is haunted..some more than others..heck YOU can haunt things while still alive (energy imprint) but anywho thats not the point here :)
    as long as you dont feel threatened by it your fine and safe..and if you dont want it to stay..then KINDLY ask it to leave since its not really harming you..remember spirits are people to ;)

  3. Hi Holly


    My first throught was ‘air elemental’.

    I often get a blue light appear high up in front of me. Its kinda neon in colour and very vibrant. Sometimes I see it as nothing more than a small speck, whilst other times it is larger and osulates, although takes no recognisable form. This is because I am a Raphael. The Raphael oversee the element air with the ruler of air being the elemental King Peralda. King Peralda takes no form, rather he is a blue mist which glides around the Raphael.


    Meditation is a way of ‘unlocking’ your subconscious mind and in doing so, you do get vivid visions. As this was your first time, my thought is that the door represents you doing just that, opening the way to your subconscious mind.

    To access your subconscious mind, you would need to ‘step through the door’ – this is how it usually works. The fact that the light was blue, represented protection from the air elemental of the Raphael in doing so, Remember: your spirit ‘fly’s” from your conscious to your sub-conscious when you meditate.

    Meditation is all about looking within to gain knowledge of your true self. Its supposed to be a way of healing the spiritual you by connecting with your God source. It does not open portals to other dimentions – only the door to the inner you.


    OK! Safe meditation requires openning yourself up and closing yourself down properly. The fact that you said you were ‘shocked out of the state’ indicates to me that you did not go back to close yourself down properly. This being the case, you’ve remained ‘open’ psycically and I suspect some passing spook had subsequently seen your ‘light’ and decided to pop in for a better look.

    Firstly, may I suggest you do Ama’s Invocation to clear your energy and the energy of your home. This will get rid of any unwanted house guests.

    Also, if you ever get jolted out of a medative state in future, simply go back to where you were, then retrace your steps from there to come out safely. So, for example, if the door had led you to a garden and, whilst in that garden, you were awoken suddenly, simply allow yourself to go straight back to that garden. Then, once back there, you can walk back out, through the door and to the here and now.

    FWIW – when I meditate, I always walk up a flight of marble stairs, instead of walk through a door, to go where my sub-conscious mind wants me to go. But its the same principle – its gaining access to your mind. Don’t be afraid of the door.

    Hope this has helped.


    • AJ,
      When I meditate, a vibrant purple appears before my eyes and seems to osculate and not take form, as your blue mist. I’ve been told that purple is the color of the “third eye” chakra: psychic ability and intuition. that is the chakra that opens without effort for me. my question for you is, is there a different form of angel working with me, or does it even mean anything? Ama, you are also welcome to chime in here, too!!! :D

      • Hey angel,

        When we meditate we seek to raise our vibrations into the higher energies, and when you touch your brow chakra with yours it opens and you see it in your vision. That happened to me at my first Reiki attunement (I was receving it). At the 2nd level I opened my eyes and everything was stripes of colour, like regency wallpaper, so I close them again before I got dizzy. LOL

        Purple is the colour of spirituality, or higher vibration, or thought .. brow chakra. The crown chakra is magenta, which is when we combine the pink of heart energy (also seen as green) with higher thought (purple).

        Blue, to me is Archangel Uriel, our spiritual teachers, but some ghosts have also been know to have a bluish tinge and I don’t why. They were certainly not teachers, which is what the Uriel are.

        Going back to yawning. LOL
        Love & Peace

      • Hi Luna

        The colour purple or gold is also associated with the energy of Uriel (earth). Raphael colour is blue or gold (air), Gabriel is green (water) and Michael red (fire).

        It’s the energy from which we draw that denotes the colours which we see in mediation, not the actual angels themselves – if that makes sense??


        • Hi AJ,

          Different beliefs are fascinating. :-) The traditional colours associated with the angels are

          Michael – Red (Strength)
          Uriel – Blue (Peace/wisdom)
          Gabriel – Orange (enthusiasm)
          Raphael – Green (heart energy)

          What we see in meditation is always personal to us. Purple and white are the colours associated with magesty and the (Holy) Spirit itself.

          Love & Peace

          • Thanks Ama and AJ!!!

            I have been meditating for a while and purple is always the first color I see. I have also been told that the first color you see denotes which of your chakras is the strongest. I have also been told that each chakra has a designated color, and that the brow chakra is also known as the “third eye” chakra. i am very interested in learning Reiki. I have had it done to me, before and the results were amazing!! You can actually feel the energy transference!!!! Yes, Ama, I too have had that “dizzy” feeling coming out of Reiki, but I did not see stripes!! LOL!! There was a friend of mine who seemed to be really good at it; the minute she put her hands close to an area of your body, you could feel the energy transference and I always felt much better after one of her sessions!!! Anyway, don’t want to get too “off topic” here, so I will leave my comment with that!! :D Hope you all are ready for the Holidays!!!

          • Hi Ama

            “The traditional colours associated with the angels are …”

            Depends what ‘traditional’ book you’ve read … LOL!


          • Hi Luna

            Thats the great thing about meditation … its all so personal!


          • Morning AJ, :-)

            Which traditional book have you been reading? I’ve got about 20, and the internet, and haven’t found Uriel as purple in any of them, or Raphael as blue? Ok, doing a search – aha – just found Raph’s listed as blue and gold and as yellow on a webpage. But it was also called ‘messanger of the gods’ which is Gabriel. Raphael’s are the healers. Someone is confused .. not meaning you, AJ. I could understand if people listed them as pink, given that their energy is attuned to Love, or Heart Energy, and our chakra systems have heart as either green or pink .. but I’ve never met a Raph that radiates anything but green Light.

            Very interesting …
            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            LOL! I don’t think anyone is confused. Its all down to whether you’re seeing the angels in their primary colours (who they are) or their ‘aspect’ colours (what they do).

            If you mix blue and yellow (gold) you get green. I always see the Raphael energy as their elemental colour; blue (air/Sylphs/East) and not the healing colour, green. The only time I see them ‘turn green’ is when healing is in progress, otherwise its the elemental colour that stands out for me.

            Uriel: Red / blue = dark purple. If you mix yellow (gold) with purple you get an olive green. As with the Raph’s, I always see the Uri’ energy as their elemental colour; purple (earth/Gnomes/North)and not the wisdom colour, yellow(gold.

            The reason I see them the way I do is because ‘air’ requires ‘earth’ for balance, so I ground myself by thinking ‘pagan’. LOL!

            Here’s some colour meanings, for those who are interested;
            BLUE = health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness
            GREEN = healing and protection
            PURPLE = wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
            RED = vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.
            ORANGE = enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation
            YELLOW: intellect, freshness, and joy.
            GOLD: illumination, wisdom, and wealth


          • We all see things differently, AJ. Your way of seeing ‘angels’ sounds very ‘elemental’ to me. Fascinating. A bit of pagan is a great thing. :-)

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Ama

            “Your way of seeing �angels� sounds very �elemental� to me.”

            Exactly!! LOL!

            It keeps me grounded … but I don’t need to do all the colured candle burning stuff to connect to the angel energy though .. I just talk to them. hahaha!

            Wierd thing is though, I’ve never actually seen a sylph, nimph, salamander or gnome. But then, I suppose that because I roll the whole lot up into one energy form ie Raphael = sylth (air), Gabriel = nimph (water), Michael = salamander (fire) and Uriel = gnome (earth) I don’t need to seperate them??

            Hmm .. I shall think on as to why that is!


  4. you opened a portal by meditation.

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