Did I Have a Prophetic Dream?

I think I had a prophetic dream a couple of nights ago. It was so vivid and it felt so real. Normally I cant remember my dreams but 2 days on I can still remember it.

I was speaking to a lady at work and was describing the midwife in my dream (in the dream my partner was giving birth) and she said its a perfect description of her daughters friend who’s a midwife. Except in the dream she had short hair and in real life her hair is long, obviously she could cut her hair.

I would just like to know opinions on how to know if this dream was prophetic or not. Any thoughts are welcome.

Asked by Joshua

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  1. Hi Joshua,

    If the dream is prophetic you’ll have your own answer .. it will come true.

    Is your partner pregnant? And do you live in the same area as the midwife, so that you can ask for her help during the birth? She may well cut her hair before the event – that bit will be a ‘wait and see’. :-) Otherwise, does the lady you were speaking to have a photo fo the midwife to see if she ‘is’ the same person as in your dream?

    Love & Peace

  2. your partner will attain a gift soon . I don’t know what would be that gift but usual manner it may be certain the hair in dream is the sign of science and knowledge whatever the hair be longer and bushy the knowledge will be more .I don’t know your partner but look for yourself what would be the interpretation of his hair in dream.

  3. usually if it is a vivid dream it is prophetic. But like Ama say’s in time your answer will be if the circumstances of the dream came true. I have prophetic dreams at times also. I notice they are dreams that are compelling and I remember them. They usually jolt me out of my seat with such compelling circumstances and accuracy,. It is sometimes pretty scarey.

    • Carri,
      I respectfully disagree with your comment as a generality. Perhaps you didn’t mean it that way, or I just didn’t understand it correctly. You said “usually if it is a vivid dream, it is prophetic.”

      Is this how it usually works for you?
      I have vivid dreams every single night. At least a few times a week, I am lucid. I have had prophetic dreams come true that I barely remember (which is rare for me not to remember). I’ve also had some lucid dreams that came true, but more like deja vu where I felt I simply “lived it again”.

      My point is, if you have “prophetic dreams” I think it is because you are either attuned to them or you needed to see/hear/feel that particular dream ( being ‘told’ something). I don’t think there is a link between “vivid” dreams being prophetic at all times, however.

      Otherwise, every one of my dreams would be prophetic. :)

      Just a thought.
      But now I am curious if you have prophetic dream recall every time you happen to remember your dreams…..or you only have vivid dreams when they are prophetic. Ever had lucid dreams? Are they prophetic?


  4. according to the dream dictionary you have a child lik dependence on someone

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