Did Aliens Crash in Roswell in 1947?

The UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has went down in history as the first such event.

Roswell Daily Headline Flying Saucer

Roswell Daily Headline Flying Saucer

Roswell is famed for the aliens and the UFO crash. The first reports confirmed that the crash was extraterrestrial in origin but the take was changed later to “weather balloon”.


Was it an experimental secret craft made by us?

Was it an alien craft?

Was it a weather balloon or maybe swamp gas?

Asked by CareTaker

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  1. No! This was a hoax.

    It was all shot in a barn in leighton Buzzard (UK) in 1993 by film producer Bruce Barlow of Trans Video Productions.

    • What? I am confused. How could an event that happened in 1947 be faked and shot in a barn in 1993?

  2. Dear CareTaker

    I’m sure something crashed at Roswell in ’47, most likely military which required ‘covering up’ at the time. But the grainy film showing the ‘autopsy of the alien’ was faked by Bruce Barlow, along with (I believe) some members of a local karate club ’93.

    Bruce Barlow was responsible for Bigfoot and the tent footage too.

    • OK, I wasnt really thinking or asking about the autopsy video, I knew that was a fake and more recent.

  3. Oh … I forgot to add …

    post 2nd world war, the allies discovered Nazi plans for advanced prototypes of aircraft. Had the war gone on much longer, these advanced planes would have made it to production and, most likely, completely obliterated their enemies fighting power.

    Anyway, these plans were taken by the allies, assembled and tested. In secret of course. Most of these secret flights were done in the US, although some were tested in Europe.

    I suspect the UFO which crashed in Roswell was one such prototype which was being tested.

    The allies discovered lots of other advanced weaponry etc post 2nd world war. The German scientists were far advanced to to allied scientists at that time, mainly down to funding, I guess …

  4. They were testing a top secret aircraft (Yes we have our own flying saucers) UFO conspiracy is a great cover for them.

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