Demon Dwellings?

I was curious why people seem to think that a demonic presences usually reside in small spaces like attics, crawl spaces or closets etc.

There has been some strange activity near these places in my home but if any thing seem fairly insidious but I want to know what I could be dealing with. It dose seem to be testing limits. Please help.

Also my home is only a rental. I am hoping to move soon. is there a possibility it could tag along? If so please tell me how to prevent this.

Asked by maggie dear

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  1. Hello Maggie,

    A small space is dark, hard to see into, and sometimes frightening .. for whatever reasons, like snakes and spiders .. cupboards and holes are usually about being ‘trapped’ in them .. so people image them as frightening, usually as children .. and they stay frightening to them as adults. Demons like to frighten people, among other nasty things, so why not pretend to only be in places people are frightened of. Truth is, if there’s a demon in the house, its all over the house, as generally ghosts are.

    What sort of strange activity has been near those places in your house?

    Could an entity follow you around? It might, or it might feel bound to the house. I would suggest you ‘not’ worry about it, because it might attach itself to you ‘because’ of what you fear .. in the meantime have your house cleared.

    You could ask the minister of your local church to come and bless the house, or you could smudge it with White Sage, which you can buy at your local new age store, or some health food stores sell them now. You could ask a medium to come and visit and talk to whatever is there and clear it or get it to ‘cross over’ if its human, or you could use the Michael Invocation, the link to which is on this page up on the right hand side over ‘Newest Questions’. Follow the link, read the page a few times to get an idea of how to use it, and then say it like you mean it. It works very well.

    If you have any questions you can ask them here, or you can email me privately from an email link on the Michael site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    (listed below under Friends)

  2. thank you for your prompt reply :)
    the activity was small at first and barely noticeable but has since got worse it started with strange taping on the door and counters and it wasent like a sink dripping or something it was an intelligent pattern cloths in the closet have been ripped down and boxes in the top of the closet pushed down but only the ones that were blocking the crawl space entrance recently electrical things are drained at a ridiculess speed or will malfunction and i know that no technology is perfect but everything started acting wired after we started noticing things we have also seen a huge spike in activity in the bedroom and bathroom which is right next to the closet the bath room is constantly cooled and heavy fealing.we have also been hearing some thing walk across our front porch and opens the screen door and slams it but nothing is there and there is no wind.our bed room door also likes to open at 2:00 in the morning.The most activity just seems to be in the bed room the strangest thing that has hapend so far was the walls are wet on occasion like there sweating but its only in the bed room we had some one come check it out they said there was no reason if it was humidity it would have been in other rooms of the house as well.we have done are best not to be afraid but when we started noticing it and me an my husband discussed it the walls started cracking really bad i think its a bit to coincidental.i am not a firm beleaver that demons are confined to one space in fact i am shure thats not true if that was the case they would not be such a threat i was just wandering if there are certain places they would regenerate there energy am i upsetting them some how? that was my initial thout when the closet and the bed room started getting the most activity i am no demonologist but i know enuff to know that this could be a demon or a melevolet spirt eather way it shows no sighns of getting better and due to my husbands beleaf on the matter he will not allway a preist or religious figure to come to our home i am at a loss of what to do exactly i would at least like to know what we are dealing with and were to go from here thank you so much

    • Hello Maggie,

      As I said, use the Michael Invocation. Start there and if the problem still persists .. email me privately. I can check the energy from here. I’ve been doing this work around the world for the past 14+ years since I joined the internet, from my armchair.

      Love & Peace

  3. Oh my! I actauly HAVE/HAD the same problem ive talked to Ama. Her advice has helped me so much! Michael invocation works charms i do it morning and at night. Just lay in bed and pray in your mind! There are other ways to clear your home as well sage is a great one personaly i love it! Sage everything and i mean everything walls mirrors bed ctacks everything as much as you want! Make sure to open a door when your done to let it or them out at the end also not a bad idea to do the property as well good luck!

    • thank you i tried the sage to day but im not sure if i did it wrong or what but every thing was quiet until about 9:00pm i was siting in the living room and my husband was in the shower and i thout i heard him walk out to the bed room portion so i dident think much of it then i heard him talking like a full blown conversation so i whent to see if he forgot a towel or something so i went in the bathroom and he was still in the shower and i said what did u need and he said what i thou u were in here and his face went white it was terrifying i felt crushed i thout the smudging would help… :(

  4. ok i will try the Michael Invocation <3

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