Could This Music Box Be Haunted?

I got this music box from a thrift store in my town, its extremely pretty hand crafted and painted. I got these weird feelings ever since I got it. I don’t know why but I just did.

One day I was down stairs looking up stuff for my home work when I heard it go off full blast everything, I ran into the room expecting my brother to be there, he wasn’t so I looked around and he wasn’t home yet, and there couldn’t have been any way that he could have ran fast enough to get outside of the house and hide. I tried to debunk it, but the only way that it could make noise is if someone was shaking the dresser as hard as they could, and I would have totally heard that! So the only explanation is that someone would have to had turned the key!

I don’t feel threatened, I don’t want to get rid of the music box or anything, I just want to know why the spirits there. What are some of the best ways to get a ghost to talk, or to help one cross over? Seriously I don’t care if it stays I just want to know why.

Asked by Mark

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  1. Hi Mark,

    There might be a simple explanation for the music box making a noise. How long did the noise last for? Was it the normal tune? Did it get shaken up by you before it happened? Or have you played it a few times since you got it .. so that you know it might not be some mechanism inside it unlocking itself by mistake? Does it play normally now, after the event?

    Ghosts get attached to things while they are alive, and might remain attached to them after they die. They will follow the box, or the watch or the haircomb .. or a book .. all sorts of things. Mirrors can often be haunted as well. The reasons Why are specific to the being doing the haunting. You would have to ask the ghost, but I don’t recommend anyone talk to lost souls.

    To cross someone over .. your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, one of the especially trained angels from the group called Michael. The way I cross most ghosts over is to ask my guardian to FIND and TAKE into healing the ghost that is trying to get my attention. What you could do is ask your guardian to FIND the ghost who twanged the music box and TAKE them into healing. It’s a place we all go to when we die, and that is where we find the peace we need.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed at the bottom of the page under Friends)

  2. If you pray over the box and consecrate it to the Lord, say I break off any unclean attachments to this box in the name of Jesus, I consecrate it to the Lord in Jesus name. That should help. But if you have no faith, or belief in Jesus Christ, it won’t help.

    It is kind of like being a fake cop, or a cop with a badge…Words are just words unless you have or know your authority.

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