Could this Mirror be Haunted?

Last night I went into my room and the mirror that I had on my wall was standing on the floor, next to my door against the wall, facing my bed.

No one in our house removed the mirror from my wall and it didn’t fall because it was not broken, do you think I might be haunted or is there some other explanation for this?

Asked by Elmien

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  1. I have had things fall off the wall without breaking before, the mirror could have simply fallen down. Nobody took it down you say, but could someone have inadvertently hit the wall on the other side of the mirror and jarred the mirror? Is the nail the mirror is on strong enough to support the weight of the mirror? There are several variables that could have caused the mirror to fall. It’s best to rule out any natural causes before looking at a paranormal cause.

    • I agree with SnowWolf, first eliminate the possible, then, consider if you are haunted. Unless you have other signs of a ghost around you, the mirror probably has an ordinary explanation.

      Love & Peace

  2. Hi Elmien

    What kind of hook was it hanging from? We have a clock to ‘mysteriously’ falls for no apparant reason but this is because the catchment on the clock is slightly too small for the hook so it tends to slide off it due to vibrations in the house (the clock is at the side of the stairs)

    I think that, unless your mirror continues to end up on the floor, in the same position despite changing how it is hung etc., then most likely there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why it got there.


  3. mirrors can be portals to the spirit world.

  4. Demons are able do physical acts about things. it is reported some of demons throw rubble toward some persons. Also I heard (I have heard this one from common people ) some of them replaces somethings in a house ( when a stuff lose in a house or room without any reason )

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