Could These Ladies in White be Angels?

My son has been seeing spirits since he was little. He is now 19, a couple of months ago, he was visited by 3 tall ladies all dressed in white, the next night a fourth one visited him, he would like to know if these ladies could have been angels?

Asked by Denise Hodges

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  1. Hi Denise Hodges

    Question: Can he hear them? Has he tried communicating with them?

    These could be any number the kinds of spirit which dwell amongst us. They might be his guides (angels) or, they might be ghosts (earthbound spirit) who are curious because he can see them.

    To find out which they are, he will need to test the spirits.

    First off, he can order them to leave his presence. If they are from God, they will do as he asks. If they remain, chances are they’re not the holy spirit.

    If he can hear them, he can ask them the following question:

    “Do you represent God’s light?”

    If they each answer in full, “Yes! I represent God’s Light” then they are from God. But, if they just answer “Yes!” or “Yes! I am” then I doubt they are from God and therefore, most likely earthbound spirits.

    In any event, a Holy Spirit will not do anything the frighten you, or make you feel uneasy. They are there to comfort, teach, proctect and heal. They are not there to intimidate.


    • Good answer AJ.

      Hello Denise,

      I am Ama and I work with Archangel Michael.

      My first thought, on reading your question, was also ‘who are they’? What did they say to your son, or show him in his mind? How did he feel after the visit? He might have felt scared when they were there .. but was he physically tired afterwards? How did he feel emotionally? Did they try and touch him? Did they give him their names?

      Being mostly Christian I would ask them “Are you here in the name of Jesus Christ?” and each of them would answer separately, as AJ says, ‘Yes, I am here in the name of Jesus Christ”. Then he could ask them their names. And if he cannot hear what they are saying, they can hear him and will still answer that way and he’ll either feel calm and safe, or scared. If he’s scared I suggest he ask for help from his angels,

      “Archangel Michael, please FIND the lady (ladies) beside me and TAKE her (them) into healing”. The guardian knows what to do. If the lady vanishes she was a ghost, if she’s still there she’s either a spirit guide, especially trained for the task, or she’s an angel. I’d ask where her wings are (being me :-) ), although when the Michael first came to me (a dozen of them) they didn’t have wings either.

      Always check first. Everything is not always as it pretends to be these days.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

  2. The ladies that appeared to your son are NOT HOLY ANGELS because the bible clearly states that God did NOT create female angels. The bible only mentions the SONS of GOD and not the daughters of God. Women were only created on earth, and now through Jesus they have obtained a place in heaven. Heaven is strictly male.

    JOB 1:6 – Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them.

    JOB 2:1 – Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them to present himself
    Before the Lord.

    JOB 38:7 – When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

    So the ghostly images that appeared to your son were demonic spirits masquerading as women to deceive him.

    • Holy angels aren’t male either. They are not sexual beings so therefore do not need to be split into either male nor female.

      • Holy angels are defined as the SONS OF GOD. I should add that in Genesis Chapter 6, the Sons of God married ONLY the daughters of men and not their sons. If the fallen angels or ex-sons of God were neither male or female but androgynous then they would have married both the sons and daughters of men.

        • The Bible often leaves out women, it was part of the customs of the time and society. The notion that ‘something’ does not exist or never happened because it isnt mentioned in the Bible is not a logical one.

        • K Smith

          Where I come from, Angels are Angels are Angels. They do God’s bidding in heaven. They were created by God for that specific purpose. They neither reduce nor increase in number.

          What you are on about are humans … or the soul’s of. A soul is not an angel. An angel is not a soul. Granted, in Judaism souls are called Ishim (persons) and are considered the lowest order of the angelic hierarchy. …………. but, as you’re not Jewish, rather a Christian, that means that the soul is placed lower than even the lowest choir of angels ……. and therefore definitely not an angel.

          So glad we’ve cleared that one up.


          • Well cleared up, thank you AJ. LOL

            Love & Peace

        • And then, of course, we have the fact that the ‘sons’ of God were fallen angels .. so what does that make Jesus .. also called Son of God?

          Love & Peace

          • Ah! But Ama,

            … the Bene Elohim (sons of God) were only turned into fallen angels in the Book of Enoch in the 3rd century BC. Then, in the 1st centurey BC Rabbi Shimeon ben Yochai pronounced a curse on any Jew teaching the Enochite interpretation. This interpretation was then dropped from the Judaic scripture.

            So …. by the time Jesus popped up, Bene Elohim (governed by Archangel Michael) were back in favour again.

            Besides, thats all Jewish belief stuff …. K Smith doesn’t do Jewish stuff. [starts to whistle as goes to turn off computer .....]


          • Morning AJ,

            I just had a ‘son’ of God write to me the other day (he signed his email bene elohim) .. he did a tiny bit of a rant, but never replied when I asked him to get to the point and use his real name. LOL

            And KS might well have read Enoch .. he believes in aliens. So much for fundamentalism. :-)

            Love & Peace

    • Hi K Smith,

      Placing the creation of the Bible into time and space, over the many centuries of patriarchal rule .. its no wonder there were only ‘sons of God’ in the bible .. except what was the description of Gabriel .. its name that could be either male or female. In a patriarchal society men only listened to men, which was foolish of them. Just being logical here.

      In my experience, and I’ve had a lot of experiences .. as AJ says, the angels do not have gender and only look the way they do because HUMANS expect them to look certain ways. So assuming that the ladies were not angels because they looked female .. is .. I suppose, not unexpected, from your point of view. LOL Doesn’t make it right though.

      AJ and I both recommended, in our own ways, that the young man check out who the beings were that he saw. Until the mother returns to us with more information, you can assume they are the devil, and I’ll assume .. since she didn’t say they did him any harm, and the mother hasn’t panicked and returned to tell us more .. they were angels, or human spirit guides. Actions often speak louder than assumptions .. but then, I was making one of my own .. I expect them not to be harmful. I do not see the devil under every door.

      Love & Peace

  3. well said ama god gave us free will but angels must do as he says

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