Could She Have Put a Spell on Us?

My friend and I helped a woman across the street yesterday and she dropped what I believed to be a pendant with a pentagram on it. Then she said some weird words under her breath and picked it up. Should I be worried that she is a witch? Could she have put a spell on us?

Asked by Katie

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  1. Hi Katie,

    She was probably swearing for dropping her protective amulet. I really don’t believe you need to worry that she’s going to put a spell on you – you were helping her.

    Not every witch is wicked, and the pentagram is usually used for protection.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  2. As long as you didn’t do anything bad to her, she doesn’t have any reason to harm you. And her magic will become weaker (in many cases, it becomes ineffective). Don’t worry. If you still feared, Ask your Deity to protect you. That, if you believe on him. Hehehehe~!

  3. believe to paranormal is not a reason for suspecting. A pentagram is not except a geometry shape or that hapless woman may only complain about dropping and you suspect may she put a spell on you … rational please and pass from this suspicion.

  4. Hello Katie,
    first of all, Wiccans(witches) do not, typically go around casting spells on people, at least not without the person’s consent. The only time a witch would cast a spell on a person without consent is for a binding, and for that you would have to be a danger to yourself or others. And, witches do not perform a binding for casual reasons.A binding is a form of protection spell, which is supposed to “bind” you from doing harm to yourself or others. A binding interferes with free will, in a way, so witches do not want to use it unless it is neccessary. In your case, the chant you heard her mutter, was probably to recharge the pentacle(amulet) because it may have touched your skin and picked up your energy, and therefore it was considered contaminated, so to speak. It needs to be charged with her energy, not yours. I do not believe she was doing anything towards you. It is a common misconception people have, to believe that witches are evil doers, because of all those years during the witch hunts.Wiccans, are nature lovers and respect the earth. There rituals evolve around the changing seasons and there basic rule is, “do what you will,but harm none.” I practiced Wicca for a brief amount of time, during my soul search for the right religious denomination; I am still searching and haven’t found one that fits with me! Best of luck, and don’t worry about that woman. Also, Wiccans are very secretive about who they are and therefor she might have also been a bit agrivated (with herself and not you!) that she dropped the Amulet and you saw it, for the exact reasons I just told you.

  5. So cast a spell on you for no reason other than you helped her. Its possible did something bad happen or more likely good happen?

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