Cosmic Ordering?

Has anyone heard of ‘Cosmic Ordering’ if so, has it worked?

Asked by pat

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  1. Is this what you meant, Pat?

    The power of the mind is a wonderful thing, and so is good marketing. There are lots of these ‘power of the mind’ type sites all over the internet. Their theme is the same – “you can do it if you ‘will’ it” .. and its true, you can. You don’t need to have someone tell you how, you just have to trust yourself and really define what you want out of life, as long as it doesn’t involve something like wanting someone in particular to fall in love with you, regardless that he’s married to your best friend or not.

    Affirmations work by reprogramming our minds, positive and negative. We say them over and over again until we start to believe them. We change our life accordingly. It works both ways. You can say “I am a beautiful person”, or you can say “I am a complete idiot”. Say it often enough and you’ll believe it.

    If something like this book helps you to be a better, happier, more abundant person, then bless the lady for writing it. It’s not a new idea, but some people really do need the help to connect to the concept that Love rules the universe, and us, if we allow it.

    Love & Peace

    • Hi Ama

      Sorry, did’t notice the link. Yes that’s what ‘cosmic ordering’ is about and I wondered I anyone on this blog knew about this and if after attempting to experiment – it actually worked?

  2. Nice links, Ama~! (^0^)v
    Oh, and, actually, affirmation works by reprogramming our “unconscious mind”, a very powerful potential that we have, that actually affect 95% of our life, from our heartbeats until our “fate”.

    • Right Adinferno, I should have been more specific. :-)

      Consciousness and subconscious (unconscious) minds.

      Nice to know you are still around.

      Love & Peace

  3. Hi!

    What a huge importance this question is for me, but in yet another way (oh dear). Won’t believe what I saw on a documentary show about astro-physics/cosmology the other day. It was the old scientist argument about God/not God… I’m about sick of that, but the trend is now there are more and more of these folks who say “..what we now know as fact, is indeed not likely. More like impossible without a creater of tremendous knowledge.” Here’s the actual, laymans demonstration that was used.

    Enter rate of expansion of the universe that many agree on. The easy way to understand the ‘new’ discovery is so we stupid folks can understand it! LOL!

    1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 with 18 zeros behind it, no need to understand it, just a ratio number)

    If you subtract the number 1 from this ‘rate of expansion’ demonstration, The ENTIRE Universe would cease to be! That’s all it would take. T

    She contended there is a Cosmic Order – one that has to be created. Nature is in no way this exact. She, and man, many other converts went on and on giving other discoveries that are, right now… turning experts over in their graves and turning many of the living to God.

    There are many, many more examples like this. The ONLY agrument by the ultimate guru of cosmology against it is this: Stephen Hawking said that there are literally infinite universes, which will never be known as fact. Stephen… kinda like God for you, huh? except his account is VERY absurd beyond all reason, IMHO anyway. With all these universes, the odds are possible that we are the only one who is this perfect, he said, among other things equally bizarre. What, Stephen? You were the voice of reason once. WHAT HAPPENED?

    He went on to say that, no matter how many of these other universes it takes to qualify ours as ‘existing to support life’ does not matter. He admits that NO equation could ever be devised to determine that. I respected him in so many ways, until now. His last book was too far out there. Maybe his mind is slowly going down after all his these years of illness, IDK.

    Just thought some might find that interesting…

    God bless,

    • Perfect, Keith? You have got to be kidding. Change happens because we are not perfect. All of God’s creators adapt, hopefully, with each other .. because if we try to adapt against something like nature .. we get what we are getting now, earthquakes, volcanoes, landslips, mudslides etc. And animals adapt too .. dinosaurs to birds is a big one, but scientists think they have proved it. We don’t know anywhere near enough about this planet, or creation, to be able to judge what is real or not real.

      Is there a plan? My opinion is that God created everything to change, to better itself or wipe itself out. What do we, as humans, want to do?

      Love & Peace

      • That is what I have always said Ama, God created man and all living things with the ability to adapt and survive – wouldnt that be the only “intelligent” way to do it? Also I do believe the process of evolution occurs but I do not believe we all evolved from single celled fat globules….. short answer but in a hurry :)

      • oh my Ama,
        I didn’t finish my sentence once again. Mind runs faster than my chicken pecking typing. “perfect for life to exist.” We are most definitely not perfect. You know me better than that, don’t you? His statement, not mine!


        • Ama,

          Things like not finishing sentences, getting math wrong, forgetting who I’m talking to and what about at social events, etc. I try, but things like that creep in. My temporal and frontal lobe damage messes with my memory somedays very badly, which is why I have 3 sticky notes Kathleen left me on the bathrrom mirri today. old before my time :)


          • So – no brain damage here that I know of .. what is my excuse? LOL

            Love & Peace

        • When I have my head screwed on right, Keith, I actually read my comments to myself ‘outloud’ before I hit ‘send’. That tends to correct most problems. Sometimes I am in too much of a hurry, which is not good LOL.

          Back to watching what I am writing .. (after editing out about 7 mistakes in this littlen comment). Not much sleep last night, its TOOOOO humid. (maybe chocolate will help, but its before 8.00am?)

          Love & Peace

  4. Hi All,

    The question is – What is ‘cosmic ordering’ and has it worked for anyone? :-)

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