Conitinued Existence After Death?

If someone you have loved has passed over recently, what experiences do you think you have had of their continued existence? That can include animals.

Love & Peace

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  1. Hi yu Ama

    Continued existence? Oh! My sister and I have had loads in the last 5 days since Mum died suddenly. Mum’s been in a blind panic – whizzing about everywhere – ever since she went. She has calmed down a bit now, compared to the first couple of days, but it was all so sudden that she was in shock as much as the rest of us.

    I’m used to “spirit in panic mode” as it happens round me all the time (don’t think ghosts like me much – lol!), but it really has unsettled my sister. My sis was telling me today that Mum really freaked her out earlier. Sis was in the bedroom she’s using, when she heard someone walking about in Mum & Dads room. Thinking it was Dad, she called out. No reply. So she wandered through to their bedroom only to discover the room was empty and she could see Dad talking to some neighbours outside in the street. She made a sharp exit and ran down stairs, the coward – hahaha!

    Death is just the beginning, not the end. We should rejoice in the fact that their spirit lives on and celebrate the life of those who have recently departed from this world. Yes, it is terribly upsetting to lose a loved one, but we don’t really lose them. They still watch over us and, in the case of my mum, she can now be as bossy as she likes, whenever she likes, whereever she likes, to who ever she likes. And yes, she’s already cottoned on to that one! LOL!

    Love you, mum! X

  2. Hey Ama.

    I like to think dying is like coming home after a long day at work. Peaceful and content that you have done well, ( or not maybe like me you did nothing at work but look busy lol)

    I LIKE to think that, a very large part of me is telling me i should give up hope of that and accept we just stop after death.
    But that thought scares me. I prefer to think that when i die i’ll find myself among my family and friends whom have passed before me, laughing and joking like we’d never been gone.

    To me the world of Stephen Hawking is futile. Why would life exist just to produce more life? It doesn’t make sense. Also, Cancers will reproduce and repair themselves forever, unless they are completely eradicated. Where as healthy cells have a “sell by date” kinda thing, they are programmed not to repair themselves after a certain age. So if we could convert our cells into cancer cells safely, theoretically we would not die. And if the point of life is just to live, then surely we would not die so easily.
    It would make sense to have cells that repair themselves indefinitely, so that they can continue to create life, which can create more life.

    We are born to die, so i hope there is something to die for.

  3. Hi guys,

    I haven’t had anyone die recently .. sorry, I had Meg the cat, and she’s visited about 3 times in the past couple of months, so that is lovely. Two tales from the past …

    When my son was six (and his sister four) their great grandfather (father’s side) died. He was a lovely old man when old, and a hellion when younger, but that’s another story. He used to dote on the kids. I really liked him. So when the family went up in an explosion of emotion over a ‘missing will’ .. he came to visit us 600 miles from where the rest of them lived.

    I noticed he was around, and didn’t do much about it, until my son came down the hall one morning and asked me,

    “Mummy, didn’t Pop die?”
    “Yes, love, why?”
    “Because he’s standing at the end of the hall,” (outside the kid’s bedrooms.)
    “I’ll talk to him.”
    “Ok,” he answered, and went off to school. This boy is now a man of 27 ‘who doesn’t believe in this stuff’. I can only laugh.

    Later, when I was 33 my father died. Three or four days afterwards he came to visit me, same location, 6 hours north of Adelaide, SA, in the desert. He had died 2000+ kms away in Armidale NSW. We had a good chat. It lasted for three hours, or more. I was sitting with him, opposite sides of a picnic table, in the local park. I sent him into healing on a kite .. the same one he had built my brother and I when we were young. It was a windy day and we couldn’t get it back on the ground, so dad tied it to the brand new, wooden paling, fence .. cemented posts etc .. and it ripped the fence out of the ground and started dragging it across the park .. and then the phone rang and the authorities from the local airport told us to get rid of it because it was interrupting light airplane traffic .. ok, it was a LONG piece of very strong fishing line, but we didn’t think it was THAT long .. cut the string .. it probably landed in the next suburb.

    Those were the good old days.

    Love & Peace

  4. I’ve lost my eldest brother, my father and my mother. All of whom I still know are about.

    Just today, I had the urge to go fix the U bend on the kitchen sink (it didn’t need unblocking or fixing). I did so, pleased with myself, I checked the bowl the excess water came out in. I found a tooth. A tooth! Complete with root, filling and tobacco stained. Two years ago, my Dad lost the same tooth, he wrapped it in tissue paper and chucked it in the bin. I’d watched him. I emptied the bin into the large bin outside. The binmen were due that morning. I remember thinking “Dad should have kept it under his pillow” and laughing to myself. So, how the hell did that same tooth end up in the U bend in my kitchen sink??

  5. Just a little off topic for Ama. My bloke is from NZ (Hamilton). We’ll be your neck of the woods in December. Visited Melbourne last year (Albert Park F1 Grand Prix), lovely lovely place with lovely friendly people. We met Mark Webber too and he’s such a down to earth lovely guy. One of Earth’s nicer places is Melbourne. Made me feel at home, and I’m a pom! Hopefully going to move to New Zealand after we’re married, and we’ve always said we’d like a home in Melbourne too. Just can’t cope with those redbacks. I hate spiders.

    Anyway. To add to my earlier experience, I had a really bad motorbike accident which I think I mentioned. I was in hospital and I remember seeing Mikey (my brother) telling me I was going to be fine. I was in the same ward, same bed, same hospital with the same nurse as he’d been. Unfortunately, he died from his injuries after a drunk driver had killed him.

    I hear my Dad all the time. I feel my Mum. A lot of things have happened. I just know they look out for not only me but for my five brothers and two sisters. I gave birth to my son in January. Jan 7th, at 7.07am, 7 days overdue. He weighed 7lb 7oz, and he has a birthmark on his right hand in the shape of a number 7. His name (Michael John Clark) has 16 letters. 1+6=7. And it was 7 days before I was allowed to leave due to complications with me.

    Do you think somebody is trying to tell me something?

  6. Unfortunately, there is far more evidence to prove we just cease to exist after death, than there is to prove we go to an afterlife.

    We have to look at the facts, so much of what was considered supernatural and magical is now explained, even the 7plagues of Egypt have been explained.

    The supernatural realm is getting smaller and smaller, the blanks on the map filled in. The biggest question mankind faces now is not, what happens to me when i’m gone? It’s how did we come to be here in the first place?

    I hope and pray there is something after death, but as little sense as it may make, i’m starting to think there isn’t.

  7. Hi GirlRacer,

    Was it an anniversary of some kind? Do you need to have your teeth checked? The metaphysical meaning of teeth is ‘small decisions’. Do you need to make some?

    A few stray thoughts …
    Love & Peace

  8. Hi BJ,

    Where is the evidence that we only vanish? What about all the people in India, America .. me personally .. australia, and other countries, who have clear and precise past life memoriesu, and some of us have ‘between lives’ memories? Just for example, I have read so many stories of people in india returning to their old homes, and being able to recogise their whole previous families ..

    And how can there be any evidence that we vanish if no one comes back with any stories?

    What evidence are you talking about?

    Love & Peace,

  9. Hi GirlRacer,

    So who is that nice young man you gave birth too? If he’s a major mischief maker don’t be surprised. The seven is supposed to be the energy of spirituality, the Christ energy 777, on one level, and 888 is the other, just to be confusing. It depends on which system of numerology you follow.

    There are so many wonderful children being born into the world now. If we can keep it from being blown up, perhaps they’ll save us .. even though we are supposed to protect them? Who knows?

    Listen when he speaks, he might be profoundly wise.

    Love & Peace

  10. Hey Ama.

    It’s simple science,only what CAN happen does happen.

    Had humans had the intelligence we have now from the beginning, this wouldn’t even be up for discussion. Think of all the ancient civilizations before our own. Who worshiped Sun gods and cut peoples hearts out. It’s just people looking for explanations as to why the Sun is there, why it gets dark at night, why the seasons change, why we exist at all.
    People desperately trying to make sense of their existence, persuade themselves they are living for something. And no it doesn’t make sense to me, i don’t know why people have memories of past lives. Overactive imaginations? There must be a reason it mainly occurs in children, then those memories fade or they “grow out of it”.
    The human mind can be mapped, to an extent, our thoughts are synapses firing, triggering hormones and reactions within ourselves. Thats an actual thing, cause and effect, it can be seen and experienced by everyone constantly.
    The soul is supposedly immaterium, it has no substance can’t be traced, detected, seen or heard, felt or anything. Which basically means it logically can not exist. So when the human body dies and all brain function ceases, the body rots etc, there is no logical thing to keep it going, which means it dies and we cease to exist. That is the evidence pointing towards there being no life after death. The most intelligent people of ourtime, possible of all of time, don’t believe in life after death.

    I’m not saying that as fact, i’m saying i don’t WANT to believe that. I don’t want to think one day i’ll be gone and thats it, a slither of light between to great oceans of darkness. But thats exactly it, i WANT to believe i will live forever in some form or another, which makes my opinion biased and i will always be torn between the two.

  11. Hi BJ,

    You came through as ‘anonymous’ but I recognise your thoughts on the subject.

    A couple more for you to think about. The word ‘soul’ is synonymous with ‘spirit’ and the ‘spirit’ has been scientifically tested and seems to weigh about 21 grams. I put the link to that somewhere on this site – so there is something gone from the body after it dies. Here’s snopes that argues that its unlikely, but at least it lists the facts –

    It would be interesting to see that theory tested again. It is also interesting that the Egyptians believed that the soul of a good person weighed less than a feather, and the soul of an evil person was very heavy. I wonder where they got those ideas, since they probably didn’t have scales accurate enough to measure such a small amount? LOL

    Why do people have past life memories .. when I was born I was told I spoke 3 languages. English, another my parents couldn’t recognise, (though sentence structure and word emphasis was still there and I would answer questions, asked in english, when I was distracted, in it,) and French. Now .. I can still understand French when its spoken to me, but I can’t learn it. I tried to learn to read Hebrew and Ancient Greek when I was studying Theology, and Hebrew feels very familiar, but .. I cannot learn languages. They simply do not remain in my mind? The point of this waffle is – where did the languages come from? English from my parents, of course, but French and the other? We do not know. And where do all the memories come from? As a small child I talked about battles that I had never heard of, in places I had never seen, apart from many other things .. between the ages of about 3 and 9, when my father demanded I shut up and stop scaring people, I talked about all this stuff. Did I read it somewhere at 3, or see it on tv .. no, BJ, I didn’t. Tv came into our household rather late, and I didn’t really start reading mythology etc until I was in primary school (just before high school) around 10 or 11 years old.

    So I am an enigma inside a puzzle .. and its kinda fun, and I’m not the only one. And then there’s everything I have learned since.

    And another thought .. just because the car breaks down doesn’t mean the driver is dead. We are an enternal being, passing from body to body .. when one body dies, we have a holiday, or should, and then start again with another. I certainly remember it as so.

    I’m glad you have an open mind, and I love discussing this stuff, when you give me the opportunity .. so thank you for that.

    Wishing you a glorious weekend, we are already in Saturday,
    Love & Peace

  12. I have a simple one, that may or may not be something, however it was meaningful to me.

    I had been given a gift, a simple gold necklace with a garnet pendant. I loved the necklace, it was very special to me, as it was given to me by my father. I wore it everyday, no matter what I was doing. In fact, I had never removed it.

    When I went in to labor with my first child, my labor wasn’t progressing as it should have, and so it was decided that I would have an emergency c-section. The anesthesia was administered and I was laying on the table waiting for the doctor to finish scrubbing in when the nurse noticed that I still had jewelry on, and she removed the pendant from around my neck. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I was too nervous waiting to hear my child’s first cries. Happily everything went smoothly and my son was delivered healthy.

    The first few days went by in a haze. I was very consumed with my role as a new mother. On the third day, as I was preparing to be discharged from the hospital, I realized my necklace was gone. The nurses searched everywhere for me, to no avail. No one could find it. My father had died prior to this and it was heart-breaking for me to have lost something that was so special to me, add to it the fact that it had been the last gift he had given to me.

    A few weeks went by and I was still upset at myself for having lost it. I couldn’t believe I had been so careless to not realize it was gone right away, it was very unlike me and honestly, I had really been beating myself up over it. I went to sleep one night with it on my mind. I dreamed of my dad…pointing at our glass cabinets on the living room wall. When I woke up the next morning, I went into the living room and just sort of glanced at the cabinets. Imagine my shock when, lo and behold, there it hung…right there on the door pull.

    I still haven’t managed to find an explanation that seems logical to explain it’s sudden appearance. Take from it what you will but, I believe in my heart, that it was returned by my dad.

  13. Hi all

    The period between mums death and burial was, spiritually, quite tricky. She simply didn’t want to go to God. Ney – she flatly refused.

    I tried everything from gentle pursuation to being downright cross with her. But, mum being mum, she stubbonly refused.

    During those ten days – around the 7th day I think it was – I suddenly started talking in tongues. This has never happened to me before and, like Ama, I find learning any language,(even English LOL!), very difficult. I’ve no idea what I was saying nor did I have any control over saying what i was saying, but it did sound like an ancient language – probably Egyptian?? I think it was some kind of chant for the dead, or something, going on the rhythm of the words coming from my mouth?? Most bizaar!

    Point is, we have these past life experiences stored, subconsciously, in our minds. Why they come to the fore when they do is a mystery, but I guess it is proof that we have learned lessons from the past and, given the opportunity, we can reinact them in our present life.

    Mum’s ok now, btw ……… she was convinced to go willingly to God, before being forced to go. Thank the Lord for that. I would’ve hated to have had to exorcise my mum (feels shiver running down the spine).

  14. Hi Diana,

    Did you check with your husband to see if he brought it home for you, or unpacked it from your case? I found chocolate bars in the case I took to the 2nd hospital in March. I know Tom bought them at the hospital for me, but I swear I left them in the drawer beside my bed there, and was grumbling about it. They were a pleasant surprised a couple of months later. LOL

    I think your dad brought the necklace home. The movement of an object is called ‘translocation’ or ‘aporting’.

    Love & Peace

  15. Hi Ama

    Don’t talk to me about ‘translocation’!!!!

    My mum took their wedding photo’s from its box in the wardrobe (whilst she was still earthbound). We hunted high and low for them as Dad wanted to have them out for people to look at, after the funeral. Dad got very distressed over the loss of their beloved wedding album.

    Both my sister and I had a right go at mum …. how could she cause Dad all that heartache?? Anyhow, the evening before I was due home, I got the house to myself so I said “Right! Mother! Enough’s enough – what have you done with your wedding photo’s” to wit, mum started crying because she could no longer remember what she’d done with them (she was of Gods light by this time, so I guess she had a good excuse.)

    So, I started singing a silly ‘musical-type song’ about finding photo’s [made up as I went along] with some really silly lyrics, which made her laugh. And then she suddenly said “suitcases!” Bugger – that meant the loft.

    Now I know they weren’t in the suitcases, because Dad had already gone through them, but I guessed she remembered being somewhere with suitcases whilst she had the album. So I galantly clambered into their loft and started looking around. And do you know where I found them? Right at the back of the loft, buried under stuff which must’ve been there for years, in a box sandwiched between my wedding photo’s and my sisters. (We’re both divorced, so I can understand why those albums had been push to the bowls of the loft)

    Upon Dads return to the house, he was overjoyed at being reunited with the wedding photographs, but was at a complete loss as to why the album was where it was found. You see, the album had only been out to look at a few months earlier and the wedding invitation was still in the box where the photo’s should have also been. Even dad came round to our way of thinking that mum must have taken them.

    I think mum must’ve really hated me, by the time she finally went to God, with all the tellings off I gave her. Or maybe that’s why she went – to get some peace and quiet – haha!

  16. Hi AJ, and everyone,

    I didn’t ‘exorcise’ my father (I only use the term for demons), just ‘sent’ him to heaven on a kite. He wasn’t tied on. What fascinated me at the time was that the quiet day went windy as blazes, for a minute or two, right when I sent off the kite – so it got a very good kick start. LOL

    The language I am sure I spoke, when I was very young, was Phoenician .. I ‘knew’ it, but we could never check, because its no longer a spoken language. It would have been interesting to have been able to do so.

    I think you and your mum probably had an egyptian lifetime together, maybe even as temple priests .. so the memory of the chants would have helped her pass over. Also chanting changes the energy of the world around the speaker .. think what Georgian chants can do. Some people love them .. personally, they set my teeth on edge??

    Speaking of music .. all of last night I woke up to a song sung by Rita MacNeil called ‘Working man’ .. its easy to look up if you want to see the lyrics. The volume got louder each time I woke, but I didn’t get up until 4.00am, made a comfort stop, went back to bed and glanced out the bedroom window (thick mist), while sitting on the side of the bed, and right in front of my eyes, on the outside, was a coal miner’s grubby face, with the light on his hat, bent over to look straight into my eyes. I did a major ‘doubletake!’ shook my head and got back into bed and went back to sleep. When I woke up again about 6.45 I then ‘saw’ the rest of the story. A group of children had gone down into the mine for a school tour … there was a cave-in and the miners went down into the mine to try and free them. There was another cave in. And then … there was a terrified young man tied with ropes, and the person who tied him up.

    What a jumble of impressions on the new awakened mind. My first thought was to jump up and put on the tv and see if it was a current disaster .. but I don’t think it was. I reached out to the help the miner who had been outside the window, and his friends, and they ALL refused to go anywhere until we got the kids out .. so we went through the rock pile and found them, and they went Home, and then we got the coalminers out .. and then .. I went hunting the boy in ropes .. and bound the ‘man’ (I use that term loosely) that had tied him up and got them out .. and the roof of the caves collapsed in. When I crossed out of that last cave, I saw the miners climbing on a big dirty mustard yellow bus …. and the music died away into silence as the bus disappeared.

    Did it actually happen or was it my fertile mind that made it all up? I know what I believe .. the rest is .. twilight zone? LOL

    Love & Peace

  17. Hi Ama

    What would you have done if your dad had refused to go?

    I kept saying to mum “You’ve read my book; you know I am capable of forcing you, but I don’t want to force you. I want you to go because you want to.” All she kept saying was that the Church taught that once she’s in Heaven, that is where she will stay, waiting, unable to see any of us again until we die. She couldn’t stand the thought of that. I, in return, reminded her of Jesse in my book. Earthbound for years, suseptable to all kinds of horrible spirit, lonely, angry, confused. But after we sent him over, he still came back and stayed with me a while. So why does she not trust in God? Why does she not trust in me?

    Mum was having none of it. She got so angry that she frightened the beejezzus out of my sister, to the point she was finding it hard to stay in the house with Dad. Mum could’ve ended up being one hell of a nasty earthbound spirit – what with all that rage at being taken away from dad and all.

    I really didn’t think she was going to go to God – but, thankfully she did finally see sense and is now overjoyed that she can still be around us all in Gods light.

    As for my speaking in tongues experience, I can’t say for certain if it was ancient Egyptian I was speaking or not, only that is was a very ancient language. At the end of the (presumed) chant, a snake coiled itself around me from head to foot. I remember thinking; ‘Crumbs, I feel just like Lord Raphael’s staff!” That night, and for three nights in a row after that, I time-jumped. Never done that before either. Each night I woke up at a specific time, then fell back to sleep only to wake up again at the exact same time, then repeated it again, waking up at the exact same time for a third time. The first night, I woke up at 02:26 three times, the second night I woke up at 06:16 three times and the third night at 05:21 three times. I can’t remember where I went or what I did (I think I was astrally projecting under the guise of a different being), but each time I awoke I was consumed with an emotion – all different kinds, starting with shear panic the first time on the first night, to serentiy by the third time on the third night. After that, I got the mother of all colds, which I’m still suffering from. I obviously used up far too much energy.

    When you get experences like you did last night, do you feel your wings rising? I find that is always a good indication that its not your imagination. It has been been known for young children to point at me in supermarkets and asking their mums about “the lady with the wings”. Their mums just tell them to stop being silly and apologise to me for their childrens outragious imaginations. Children often find me mystifying …. and cry quite often when they meet me too. Bless the little lambs …


  18. “I think you and your mum probably had an egyptian lifetime together, maybe even as temple priests .. so the memory of the chants would have helped her pass over.”

    Theres my explanation for past lives, they started talking in noises they assumed where a language in a rhythm, and now it’s been presumed it was Egyptian, and from there they where Egyptian temple priests.
    It’s Chinese whispers is what it is, one person says something strange and the others build around it.
    A child by chance from something they picked up mentions something, and gets a new reaction out of the parents, who then start accidentally feeding the information through. Subconsciously putting ideas in the child’s head.
    Tony Robinson did a documentary on a large group of people living in bath who suddenly believed they where the reincarnated souls of the Catha’s, a French religion of some sort that was wiped out by the catholics. These people went to a psychologist about DREAMS there where having, dreams that any modern day dream therapist or psychologist may be able to explain, and even back then in the 60′s. But this psychologist had an obsession with the Catha’s, and drip fed them information such as names and places without even meaning to, and then these psychologically damaged people completely believed the idea, because it was being endorsed not only by another person, but by a professional psychiatrist.
    Maybe the child didn’t hear that original snippet of information from a TV.But children listen and learn from EVERYTHING, it could have been someone engaged in a conversation on the street that gave the child that original theory.
    As for languages, unless anyone here can speak ancient Egyptian, how do you know it was that? Does anyone know what it sounded like originally? Or do we only know the perception of it given to us by Films.
    And people have been known to talk gibberish or “tongues” under many circumstances, high fever, emotional break drowns, psychosis, you name it. I personally think the human body and what it is capable of is more amazing than the prospect of past lives.

  19. Hi BJ,

    You’ve obviously never experienced speaking in tongues .. you should try it sometime .. or go to a church where its a normal part of their practise. Yes, I agree its very weird, but having spoken in foreign languages myself, once or twice, to rescue lost souls .. its not weird to me at all.

    Also .. what usually happens when someone speaks in tongues is that there is another person in the room who can truly understand what they are saying .. it might be someone from that country, or it might simply be that the words make perfect sense to them.

    I always loved Chinese whispers. My Brownie troup (Girl Guides) used to play with it. I was the leader, btw, not one of the girls. It taught the kids how to hear more clearly .. and not invent things.

    And then there’s me – as I said in the previous comment .. no tv, and no, no one mentioned ancient pheonicia in my household when I was three, nor was it a part of conversation in the street when I was that age, or any of the years afterwards. We were a very ordinary bunch – so when I turned out to be mighty strange, my parents came down on me like a ton of bricks and I was NOT allowed to talk about anything I could see, hear, or do, and nor did they. So where was the outside influences? Yes, what you said does happen in other households, but not in mine, 46 years ago. And I have checked this with my family, many years ago, before I started walking this path – because I thought I was insane .. but I’m not, I’m just having an extraordinary life.

    I also saw the Tony Robinson program just recently. I found it very interesting. I do like the way he tries to keep a balance, and I can see your point of view, but .. because of who I am and what I do, I could also sympathise with the Cathar group. It is a metaphysical belief that groups of people are born together over and over, because they are from the same ‘family’ group (and I have met many of mine over the past 14 years or so), a ‘collective’ is the actual term. We learn from each other, and play different roles for each other, over multitudes of lifetimes. So it didn’t surprise me at all that they reincarnated together. And it was the women who took the Cathar information to the psychiatrist to start with, I believe, regardless of medico’s beliefs afterwards, not the other way around. And how did it actually damage them? I don’t remember that bit?

    ‘Knowing’ things .. its what I do,, among other things, BJ .. I get images in my head when I speak to people, or read their words .. particularly when there’s an emotional charge behind them. With AJ the image was temple priests .. not temple priestesses, although they are both female in this lifetime. I used to be a Daughter of Isis myself, so going ‘home’ to Karnack in Luxor, in this lifetime, was lovely .. and standing at the Giza pyramids and seeing city instead of fields of trees was a shock. That whole Giza picture was just ‘wrong’ to me, the city was 7 miles away from the pyramids the ‘last’ time I was there. LOL

    I have my beliefs and you have yours. I am not nuts, and I don’t think you are either. I am just curious to know why you always sound so angry about what I believe, and what some of the rest of the group here believe. We must be really hitting a nerve. I am sorry about that.

    Love & Peace

  20. Hi AJ,

    I would have sent him anyway. He was a very screwy, unhappy, man when living. He deserved to find peace and healing once he died .. and he did.

    Because of what you having been sharing with your mum, I wonder what the significance of the times were for her? The emotions you were feeling might have been her emotions as the energy of heaven worked to draw her Home. The other thought is to keep a written record of those times, for future events. They imbedded them in you by repeating the patterns. Should be interesting to see what happens around those times, sometime soon.

    Yes, you used far too much energy. LOL When our core temperature gets low .. we catch all sorts of things. For a while there, while I was supposed to be having a rest from the work, every time I ‘reached’ anywhere, even hands on healing here in town, I would get the mother of all headaches the next day, brow chakra knives. I learned to be must gentler with what I did. :-)

    I used to be able to quieten babies, even screamers their mother’s couldn’t handle .. but then I grew out of it and now the little ones just watch me, and smile when I smile. I love little kids. I also worked as a family-daycare lady for a year when I lived in the mining town almost in the middle of Australia. They used to give me the kids no one else could handle .. they soon settled down. That was a pleasure.

    Yes I get the same comments over here. Scares the hell out of the parents .. but I think that’s what I’m here for – reminding people that heaven is a lot more fun. :-)

    Love & Peace

  21. ama’s comment to BJ … “I have my beliefs and you have yours. I am not nuts, and I dont think you are either. I am just curious to know why you always sound so angry about what I believe, and what some of the rest of the group here believe. We must be really hitting a nerve. I am sorry about that.” .

    LOL! I think its great that BJ is challenging everything. At least it proves that Big Jim is actually thinking about his own spirituality and trying to rationalise it all in his head. He can’t help being a young soul, after all ……..

  22. @Ama

    I did ask my husband. More like I grilled him :) I really tried every avenue I could possibly find to come up with some reasonable justification as to how it just suddenly appeared. I never could.

  23. Hi All.

    Thanks AJ, appreciate your comment there. Cheers. :)

    Ama, your beliefs don’t make me angry as such. And i certainly don’t think you’re nuts. I just think to find the real supernatural things in this world we all have to be critics of it. So much of it can be explained, so much of it we can see for what it is.
    But thats the amazing thing about arguing religion, philosophy etc, it reignites it’s self and keeps it going.
    For example “God works in mysterious ways” how are you supposed to argue that? That’s just dismissing a scientific approach with the ol’ God is to amazing for you to understand, so don’t. Or my personal faveroute, “The devil’s greatest trick on mankind was convincing it he doesn’t exist.” Statements like that, i feel, hold back the human race. I enjoy a debate, and the people on here are probably some of the best debates I’ve ever had.

    I’m the first to admit i don’t for a second know how this world works, i have my own idea’s and theories and the supernatural fascinates me. And i enjoy sharing them and taking on board everyone else’s ideas on sites like these.
    Where i live believing in the supernatural, or even God, gets you laughed at, theres not really anyone to discuss it with. Maybe some of that sticks with me, i consider myself to be pretty open minded. lol!
    Although God does make me angry, i’ll admit that.

    And i would be very interested in what you see when you read my comments, probably some angry bloke that thinks his way is best. lol.
    At the end of the day i’m 18 years old, the only thing i understand is beer and Xbox. :p

    All the best, i’ll simmer down a bit from now on lol.

  24. Hi BJ,

    I agree we have to be critical of the supernatural stuff that happens. We need three tons of commonsense, and not to jump in thinking everything is spooky, when a logical .. what you call scientific .. answer is probably right instead. I still think about that fool male I met in person who couldn’t wait to meet a demon ‘just for the experience’, or the guy who wrote to me on the allexperts site and demanded I set him up with a demon to have sex with – and then told me if he got hurt finding it elsewhere, because I refused, it was all MY fault???

    Sometimes I think I come across as an angry lady who thinks her way is best (certainly in the above case) .. I’m not angry, just fierce at times. LOL Don’t simmer down. I like to be poked. It makes me think! And writing out these answers is a good stretch for my brain.

    My household is frustrating in that my mother, who loves God, doesn’t love organised religion .. so if I say I am going to church .. oh dear! LOL She’d prefer I went to a spiritualist church (her opinion: a bunch of kooks) than a traditional one though, (if you must). LOL

    Why are you angry at God? I feel sorry for God, its gets blamed for so much that has everything to do with our free will, and nothing to do with It trying to control us. But its easier for some people to blame God for stuff, than to confront their own fears and pain and let them go.

    God works in mysterious ways .. yes It does. The last time I heard that little quote I wondered if it was a ‘reason’ or an ‘excuse’ for God’s (so-called) behaviour? Hmmm…

    The devil’s greatest trick was to convince mankind it doesn’t exist .. so why are they now trying so hard now to make sure we know they do?

    You might be 18, BJ, but you are not a young soul .. just a seeker, like the rest of us.

    Keep poking, keep questioning, keep expressing your opinions .. not just here, but on other sites too ..

    Something to think about …..

    Every word we write, everything word we say out loud, has an energy charge behind it, and some people can read energy .. rightly or wrongly .. consciously or unconsciously they react to the energy of what they read. So someone might just be reading our hearts behind our words.

    The internet is a channel between you and the person you are writing to. We give our energy away when we communicate. Make sure the energy you are giving away comes from love.

    Love & Peace

  25. To Diana …

    Thanks Dad!

    Love & Peace,

  26. BJ,
    Ama is right; you may be young, but your soul is actually older than you think! ;) Questioning the existance of God is only natural and normal. You are on the beginings of your journey. Just remain open; God will present himself to you. Our cultures can greatly influence us and yours probably makes it very difficult to explore the existance of God without judgement. To let you know, there is no judgement here; I am 40 years old and still asking questions!! ;) (I don’t think that stops until we are in our graves!) So keep asking the challenging questions; they are good for ALL of us!!! :)

  27. let me explain about dying in a different way although a part of that is not a pleasant adventure.
    when a person feel his death is near ( for example a patient ) feel an stranger existence is attended around his room except others. he don’t see him yet but understand that an invisible stranger is preparing about him. he feel a great event is under way and a fear upon all fears is suffused the room. one is waiting there but he don’t know who is he. then he look at his family around bed , his wife ,his son , his daughter ,……
    he want speak with them but all of a sudden understand he is not able to talk ( in this state the first thing of body which become incapacitated is tongue ) but he sees his family are talking and hears their sound . after a while his ear become disabled and no hear anything either. he sees his family that are speaking with him but no hear what they are saying and also can’t say any word to them either. he only see they are uneasy and are crying about him ( the second organ which become disabled is ear) finally …at a time he can not see entourage and none of families member ( the last organ which become disabled is eye ) his eyes is closed onto this universe and opened onto an unknown world. and now what he sees is :
    a great and very horrible angel that is standing nearby his foot ( he is one of the four great angel in universe he is the death angel) . he become so frightened but can’t dose any react because of fear and awe and also inability about ruling to his body ( he is alive yet ) then he sees some other terrible angels appear around the room ( they are the assistant of death angel and are under his command ) and begin the work…. they clapperclaw into his soul and spiritually try to take out it. I have heard this is one of the worst and hardest moments for a deceased ( specially If be unrighteous and cruel person but is told if be a child , teenage or kindly , just , openhanded , friendly with humans and love god that angel will change their shape and become very beautiful and kind and take out his spirit from his body very soft and simple as he feel become set free from a prison )

    this adventure is continued but as I’m not quick in English and get tired I shall explain the rest in next time

  28. when a person died and death angel take out his spirit from his body then he will be an abstract existence so afterward his body is only a thing like other materials in this world but he himself is in other environment. Moreover the worldly views he sees the spiritual view but his observing is different . he see by all his existence and informed from things that we never informed.he even can see the god’s reign as he had never sensed it when was alive.His feeling is so much strong and hypersensitive as if one move his finger between a mass crowd he sees that motion. before he be moved toward his grave he can see his families member and others that have wore black clothes and participated in his funeral and also can see various angels around or beside his grave prepared. how he was been in the world ? what was been his actions and his manner ? how was been his heart and his soul ? these are the subjects which there are very important. wherever which human wishes if I was wise , right and good .The criminals and bloodthirsty persons wish if we were soil. they yell don’t take us toward graves….because they see terrible things which never seen anyone yet. But honest , righteous , kindly helper persons are else they see gifts and beauties which have never seen anyone in this world they say happily take us toward graves sooner because we are seeing Eden.

    I will continue it next time….

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