Challenge to Mediums

Well most of you guys say you are mediums. Well can you take up my challenge and contact some spirits and get information from them?

Asked by luna

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  1. Hi luna

    OK …..? But what information do you want from them?

    Oh! I get it – you think of a question and we answer. Yes?

    And the first answer is: 2nd draw down, right hand side!!! hehehe!

    BTW – not talking to my guides at the moment because they’ve been very naughty boys! So, ask Ama – LOL!


    • pretty cool sneaking out AJ

      • Why, thank you Luna! LOL!

        But to be serious for a moment …

        … mediums would not be able to see, speak, hear or take council from spirit if it was not for the grace of God. These are gifts which were bestowed upon us by God. In other words, we must use them wisely or else those gifts would be taken away from us again. If those gifts are taken away, we would no longer be able to help those who really need our help. You only have to read some of the posts on this site to realise that there are some folk who are in real spiritual crisis and need advise on how to overcome their predicaments.

        When I first read you post I thought you were just mucking about. Now I’ve read some of your replies I realise you seriously want to test people on their psychic ability. But I, for one, have nothing to prove to you or anyone else. If you do not believe, or you simply don’t want to believe, then that is absolutely fine. You don’t have to believe in any of this stuff after all.

        Take care


  2. I am not a medium , but do u want to know anything specifically or are the mediums supposed to know what your talking about? LOL this should be fun.

  3. Sorry Luna, I don’t treat my gifts as a game for people to entertain themselves with. Also .. I rescue lost souls. Do you want answers from any angry dead people around you? Seeking their attention means they might actually ‘see’ you, and then you’ll be asking for help to clear yourself, your home, or your family.

    You want to test a medium, go and visit one somewhere close to you, sit down with them and get them to help you have a conversation then and there. Then you can have privacy, and ask genuine questions. The gift of mediumship should not be used to amuse .. but that’s just my opinion.

    Love & Peace

    • Ama,
      I have some loved ones that passed on several years ago and I so desperately need to know if they are ok and have some answers to some unanswered questions.. I do not think u would wish to talk on this fourm about such matters.. I have no ideal how to contact some one like you this has been my first chance to do so.. Please messee me back if you see fit with some info on how to contact you outside of this fourm..

      • Hello Candis,

        On the right of this page there’s a box called “Friends” and in it is a link to my webpages, and on them is email links where you can write to me privately.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • i really want to know if you guys have some real ability.well can you just ask your angels and tell how old i am.

      • Hi Luna,

        Think about this .. to me you are a list of possiblities.

        Possibly a female, given you name yourself after the moon .
        Possibly a psuedonym .. which means a person using a false name, although your parents might have named you Luna.
        Possibly in Australia, although that is unlikely, given the tiny number of Australians I have met on the net
        Possibly on the earth, given the internet reaches to satellites in space
        Possibly an adult, but you ‘read’ more like a youngster or a teenager

        Now, I work around the world, but I expect the people I am helping to give me their true names, and some other information to make an energy connection (from me to them, not from my angels to their angels). At the moment I don’t know your real name, or your real location, or your real age. And, most importantly, when I do a ‘reading’ for someone it is because they are looking for help, not entertainment, nor to test me, though that has happened once in a while, and I haven’t failed a test yet. LOL But .. as I said before, this is not a game, and am not a magician here for your entertainment. And my angels are also not here for your entertainment either.

        If you have a problem, say so, and all of us who can will jump in the help. Otherwise, honey, go find a living psychic and ask them questions to their face, its much more fun.

        Love & Peace

      • I’m not a medium by an means but, for whatever reason I imagine you are in your early to mid 20′s. I have no idea why I think that….I just do…. lol


        • Cowardy custard, Diana!!! That’s too vague, me old chum …. why not just have a stab in the dark and guess at 23 and three-quarters and be done with it? LOL!


          • I’m not a medium, though ;) I’m just guessing off the top of my head :)

            Umm…I guess…. 22 and nine sixteenths. LOL

          • Just funnin’ with yuz, Diana.

            Still trying to work out 9/16th of a 12 month calender year ……………? I’ve run out of fingers – LOL!


      • Hi Luna

        If you doubt the gift of mediumship, then why bother asking a question? That doesn’t make sense to me.

        You either find others ‘councelling techniques’ through the gift if mediumship (granted by God) of use to you, or you don’t. There is no proof required.


  4. what’s the question?

  5. Hi Luna.
    Asking people to prove their abilities over the internet is not a sure way to prove if they are lying or not. I notice the Mediums I see on t.v. Or anywhere else have to be with the person they are reading, or go to said haunted location to get a better reading. It makes full sense to me that they have to be around or on location tp get a reading. There is just no feelings, auras or anything else to read from an internet post. Its like a hollow question. You get what what I’m saying? There has to be energy from feelings and emotions to get a reading.

  6. What is the challange then?

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