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I Saw Two Large Legs Walking

This one has bothered me for some years, and I’m just looking for a answer. I have lived near the wilderness all my life and seen some strange stuff, but this one is probably the most wierd:

One time I was on a mountain with my dog, suddenly the dog started to bark and run around like crazy, calling her name didn’t do anything, so I decided to walk down again. When I came down to the forest the dog still barked like heck, I heard her from near and far. She had never acted like this before and we have encountered everything from bears to rabbits.

When I had walked over a swamp I heard my dog closing in on my position so I turned around.

It is what I saw than that bothers me, I saw two large legs walking about 3-5 meters in front of me, it also looked like it had some sort of hooves or something. I aint joking, there was no upper body or anything else, I was stunned. When the dog came near it, it just ran very fast and without a sound. The legs or what ever would be about 1meter – 1 and a half meters long and hairy.

A person I know claims he saw the same thing in his garden when he was a kid, he lived in the same valley as where I saw this. I know this sounds crazy, but is there any reasonable answer to this? I’m pretty sure I saw what I saw, since it was so close but what could it be?

Sorry about this being so long and my bad English.

Asked by kikkan

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