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Stalker Shadow Being?

A week ago, exactly on Monday, I had started noticing a “darker than dark” being in corners, places people wouldn’t see without actually looking, which most didn’t do, and I even just saw a shadow by itself without any object to block the light. After two days I became annoyed with the stalker and I promptly tried repelling it. I then put up a shield to repel any shadow being but one day after, my shield broke and the shadow came back. Now i can’t get rid of it and it’s really annoying me and making me paranoid. What should I do?

Sent in by Azrael, Copyright 2011

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What is a Shadow Creature?

The “Shadow Creature” goes by several different names; The Hat Man, Shadow Man, Shadow people, Shadow Creature…

The strange shadow like apparition has been reported by many different people from all over the world; separated by both miles and time yet with similar descriptions of encounters with something in the realm of shadows.

Opinions and beliefs vary widely as to just what these “creatures” or entities are. Some see them as evil while others see them as indifferent or even as guardians or watchers.

What do you think? What is the nature of the Shadow People?

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