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Experiences with Christianity?

What is your general experience with Christianity, including my church?

This is a very touchy subject, so be kind, but I too would be interested to know of other people’s experiences, and why they don’t go to church?

Asked by Ben and Ama

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Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Hell?

I want to know what everyone says about this. I was always taught that if you kill yourself you go to Hell with no chance. A family member killed them self a few years ago and I wonder about this.

Did he go to Hell just because he committed suicide?

Asked by GirlyQ7

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Why Are Some Saved and Not Others?

What makes one persons relationship with Jesus better than someone elses? Im not asking this in a ‘smart’ way, I honestly just would like to understand how the relationship differs.

Why are some saved and not others? Does that have to do with someones relationship with Jesus as well? Why can someone walk with Jesus their entire life and not be saved?

Ive never understood that Im not being contentious, its just something that has always left me quite perplexed.

Asked by Diana

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Have you Seen or Talked to the Suicide Spirit?

Hello, I am the author of a book called Suicide Spirit, and I am deeply bothered that so many people and now very young children are taking their lives. I have battled personally with this spirit for 22 years and I was just wondering if others were like me that could see him and talk to him. See he appeared to me so beautiful like an angel and he would always lift me up but than try to convince me how I should take my life.

Countless times I have heard this statement, “its too bad you didn’t become a great athlete, God has made so many mistakes with you so there’s really no reason to just keep living. Look so many of your friends, psychologist and co workers have taken their lives, why would you want to keep suffering?

Asked by Tim Thompson

Note from admin aka CareTaker:

I am adding a link to Tim’s book on

Suicide Spirit

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Why Are They Called Satanists?

I know some people who call them selves Satanists. I asked them why they wanted to follow Satan and I was told that they dint believe in Satan at all. To me that just didn’t make sense.

One girl tried to explain to me why they were called Satanists after whom they claimed to have no connection or belief in whatsoever.

So yeah, I suppose my question is why do they call them Satanists if they aren’t following Satan?

Sent in by Ben (in Georgia)

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Can a Christian do Wiccan Magic and still be a Christian?

I have a question.

Can a Christian do Wiccan magic and still be a Christian?

Please dont be rude to me because Im Christian. Every witch I asked this question was rude to me just because am Christian. I was never rude to Wiccans pagans etc. and I never will be.

I just want to do magic because I like it and I wouldnt make any harm to anyone with my magic.

Asked by Stella

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Have You Ever Witnessed a Miracle or Faith Healing?

Years ago I witnessed a miracle healing at which an old man was healed of being deaf. This is the truth. Everyone knew this old man, it was a small town.

So one night at church this man was holding a revival and he asked the old gentleman to come up front. The old man walked to the front of the church and they began to pray.

T my amazement, and I am sure there were others who felt like I did, the old man was no longer deaf. He laughed and yelled and we could hardly even believe it.

There were many others but that is the one that stands out the most right now.

~ Travis W.

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