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How Can I Get Rid of Ghost that is Controlling My Relationship?

Okay so for the past month me and my boyfriend has been having encounters with a demon/ghost and well it is going a little too far for me. I have always had a ghost to ‘follow’ me since I was little and well I think he is jealous of my boyfriend because he is not the only ‘man’ in my life anymore.

Both me and my boyfriend have woken up with the feeling of someone strangling us or in my case kissing, touching, me sexually. Therefore I will wake up tired or I’ll be zoned out for a day or two.

Both of us are tired of this thing interfering with us. So my question is how would I get rid of this demon? and to keep in the back of your head we are both open minded and have no real religion.

Asked by Morgi Morgue

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Are We Being Haunted?

I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I’m beginning to get a little nervous and the people on this site seems to be very knowledgeable on the subject and serious about these matters.

Recently I and my boyfriend have moved into an apartment in the city, it’s quite an old building and has been here for a a number of decades. Very shortly after we moved in both ourselves an various friends have noticed strange happenings in the apartment. Strange noises, very loud footsteps that seem to come right towards us, often running, and an unusual and often ominous or frightening presence that seems to stop and ‘stare’. There have been vague changing shapes of bodies and faces in the carpet and walls, though we haven’t seen anything more visual then that. We have also have the front door pounded upon angrily without anyone seeming to be there and the intercom buzzer rang multiple times, though the screen shows no one outside.

The most terrifying experience so far has happened between my boyfriend and myself. We were messing around and being silly when my boyfriend started to chase me around the apartment as a game. After a moment the chasing seemed suddenly absolutely terrifying to me, there was very dark and sure feeling that he meant to harm me. I fell on the bed and begged him to stop, but he appeared to ignore me and jumped on top of me, grabbing my wrists. He seemed entirely malevolent toward me and his face looked cruel. I was struggling violently and, petrified by then, very near crying. He suddenly snapped out of it and looked shocked. He asked me if I had felt anything weird, and if I thought he really meant to hurt me. We were fine for a few moments, then suddenly the look on his face and attack resumed, exactly the same. Then it ended once again. It happened three times in total in the space of about thirty minutes.

My boyfriend remembers the experience but in a ‘strange way’, as he puts it. It felt odd and nerve wracking for him too, like something else very bad was happening.

Should we be worried, or have we watched too many movies? These things happen relatively often in our apartment, but none worse then the incident I just described.

I mentioned it to an old friend, and he reminded me of a time when I was sixteen (I am now twenty) and we went to a very old graveyard for a midnight guided tour for another friend’s birthday. On the tour, the guide told of a very large hooded white figure who has been seen many times following the youngest present girl of a group. It supposedly only happens every few years, but I was the youngest female that night, and two of the group who were strangers I hadn’t met before claimed they saw the apparition follow me for a short while through the grave yard gates. I don’t think it’s relevant, but no other supernatural things have ever happened to me, so I suppose I should mention it.

Please help, are we being silly?

Asked by Wolves

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Intelligent Ghost?

I have always believed in ghosts, as everyone in my family has had experiences with them along with myself.

I moved into an apartment 2 years ago and things started to happen, like things being moved, but I thought it was just me or my dog. My dog would always look at the kitchen and stare at the oven, then put her tail between her legs and go into her bed in the bedroom closet.

Most recently my boyfriend moved in and now once or twice a week, one my kitchen chairs will be pulled out as if someone was sitting in it. At first I blew it off to my boyfriend doing it, but he swears he didn’t. Now I make sure all the chairs are pushed in before going to bed, so I know it’s not one of us doing it.

This week, it moved two loaves of bread that are always by the microwave, about 10 feet away. So far it’s not a bad ghost, it’s just letting us know it’s there.

Sent in by luvhalloween, Copyright 2011

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Half-way Ghost?

Morning gang,

I had an interesting experience yesterday (beginning Oct 2011) when I went to a lady’s house to ghostbust. Her young daughter is going to grow up to be a medium, but its very hard to say to a two year old ‘please don’t bring ghosts in the house’. So I suggested the lady learn house shields, and practice at not letting her daughter take them down again.

In the meantime, the strongest non-living presence in the house is a relative of the family. The interesting thing with this is that that relative is not dead. S/he is in a coma, though the doctors cannot source why this event happened.

The situation reminds me of Alzheimer’s patients, whom, once they are deep in the illness, no longer inhabit their malfunctioning bodies, however their egos are still there, which is why, I believe, they react with so much anger and fear – but… and there are a lot of buts… this person’s spirit felt so light and happy and full of joy, its not a ghost… and its not a spirit because the person’s body has not died, and the spirit has not crossed over.

Has anyone heard of a situation like this before?

Love & Peace

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Do You Really Believe Ghosts are Real?

Do you really believe in all this? I mean you think ghosts are real and not the creations of a disturbed nervous system?

I will love to hear what you guys think. Well I am serious.

Can you give a rational explanation please?

Asked by luna

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Ghost Being at Their Own Funeral?

I am wanting to hear some stories from you all about if you have seen ghost attending their own wake or showing at the funeral home.

Thank you

Asked by bella_vita

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Haunted Apartment?

My first official on-my-own apartment was in a low-rise walk up. Not an old building (probably built in the mid-60s) and I was on the 2nd floor, in a nice little one bedroom.

I can’t remember exactly when it first started, but I’m pretty sure it was in the first year (I lived there for 4 years). I woke in the middle of the night (which isn’t that unusual) only to come face to face with something kneeling beside my bed (I was sleeping on a futon). It was humanoid, and I think male – it didn’t look like a child per se, but definitely young-ish. It looked at me and smiled, put a finger to it’s lips and went ‘Shhhhhhhhh…’ I gave a start, a bit of a scream, blinked…and it was gone. I was super freaked out and slept with the lights on the rest of the night.

That was the only ‘awake’ visitation I had while I lived there – everything else was in dreams, or rather one re-occurring dream. I was in an older house standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs. The house was well-maintained with nothing out of the ordinary. I would slowly walk up the stairs towards three bedrooms. I would always choose the bedroom to the right of the staircase. It was a relatively normal looking bedroom – it actually reminded me of my bedroom when I was a kid – with a window directly across from the door. The only thing that was out of place in the room was a crystal that was either floating in front of the window, or under the light in the middle of the room above the bed.

I would step into the room and be able to make my way to the bed at first, always watching the crystal, when it would suddenly flash red. The blinds would roll down quickly, the lights would go out, the door would slam shut behind me. I would become paralyzed and start floating horizontally over the bed, unable to shut my eyes, focused on the ceiling. I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, doom and death. I couldn’t say how long it lasted, but it always seemed like forever. When I did wake up, it was often morning. I recall falling back asleep a couple of times, and the dream continuing with me being paralyzed and floating, until I woke up again. I would say this dream happened about once every couple of months for basically the last three or so years I lived in that apartment. It got to the point that when the dream would start, I would know what was going to happen, but couldn’t stop it.

I found out about 2 years after I’d moved into the apartment that the previous tenant was an elderly woman and her disabled daughter. The woman died in the apartment, and the daughter had been sent to a home or something (the landlords really weren’t sure). They never said how long the woman and her daughter had lived in the apartment, but I believe it had been a while.

I was hired at a station near my hometown, so I moved out of that apartment and haven’t had the nightmare since. I honestly don’t know what was going on, if the previous tenant had anything to do with what I was dreaming – as I said, I only had one ‘experience’ while I was awake, everything else was dreams – and I don’t recall anything else about the apartment being out of the ordinary.

Asked by AphraelDanae

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Am I Being Haunted?

I’m 22 last year my Mother passed away after 8 months of fighting pancreatic cancer she was only 39 and I was her main caregiver. I’ve always believed in ghosts, spirits, angels, etc. and even had a few experiences but after my mom died things got bad. I was extremely afraid of the dark, I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, I felt like someone or something was going to kill me, and twice I saw my mom crawling on the floor trying to get me to help her. It got to the point where I could no longer sleep so I went to see a therapist.

I admit it helped but while he was telling me it was from stress I still couldn’t help but wonder if I wasn’t just imagining all of it. Well I stopped going to therapy and things were fine for a couple of months, only a few shadows out of the corner of my eye. I started a new job at a daycare and after the first month or so I started feeling the “presence” of a little girl in our back storage room. When I go in there its almost like I can see her in my head and she’s angry and upset and she wants me to be upset too.

Then I started to see her in the hallway huddled up hugging her knees and rocking back in forth fast. She scares me. Now what has caused me to start asking questions, I moved recently with my family into a new house and ever since we have moved I feel like I’m being followed. I think it’s female, and it doesn’t want to hurt me but it’s still scaring me. I see her zip across the room and standing behind a door, I feel her behind the shower curtain and watching me from a window.

Also sometimes strong emotions seem to wash over me, anger, agitation, lust and I don’t know where they come from and it’s always accompanied with a feeling like my skin is too tight, like it’s going to rip to relieve some of the tension.

I just want to know if I’m super crazy, haunted, or if I have some sort of gift to see spirits. If you can help please do and please don’t be mean. Thanks.

Asked by Courtney

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Unexplained Experiences Someone Else Here With Us?

I have a feeling that there may be a presence of some sort occupying the new house my children and myself have just recently moved into.

My daughter has heard plastic sheeting on her bedroom floor making rustling noises. I experienced a type of sparkling light floating around my body in the same room, my children could not see it only I.

A cell phone disappeared from a spot I placed it and reappeared in the kitchen inside an oven mitt which is sitting on top of my microwave oven the next morning.

Hanging my first picture upon a wall was also short lived, it fell and smashed all the glass covering the print. My children and I have occupied this property for a week and have already experience all of this.

Could there be someone else here with us? We feel no fear and the sparkling light made me feel at ease. Is there anything I can do to confirm what is happening?

Asked by Sammy Sparks

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Ghost Blue Lights and Voices?

Why do some of us see ghost blue lights, hear voices, a dog barking and knocks at the door? This has been going on for the last 10 years or so.

This thing seems to know when i am feeling down.

Asked by Darren

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