Am I Having Contact with Spirits?

Hi just need a bit of assistance I dont know whether im going mad or having contact with spirits, its hard to talk about because people might think im crazy.

Ive been having sleep paralysis since I was 12 waking up without being able to move except for my eyes, I could feel it coming on before with slight pulses of air up the back of my neck then woomp have the feeling like they say someone has just walked over my grave, that feeling is constant for around 5 minutes, it always feels like something is trying to suffocate me. when I first had it there were always a gremlin looking woman in horrible horrible looking laughing at me I try and fight her but to no avail she seemed to enjoy scaring me.

I had the past 2 years without a thing happening, then the past 2 months ive been having it again but I looked up a few things on the internet about it and tryed jesus please help me and it has worked, I still have the feelings at night and feel something is in the room watching me but no sight of that nasty woman, its actualy starting to feel relaxing and sometimes like I can see myself led in bed! But recently as im going to sleep im hearing voices men women and different languages!

Now my mum used to be well into spiritulists when I was a youngster and said that I used to see things when I was a kid. Im going to be a father in 6 weeks should I be worried?

Asked by mark

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Could This Music Box Be Haunted?

I got this music box from a thrift store in my town, its extremely pretty hand crafted and painted. I got these weird feelings ever since I got it. I don’t know why but I just did.

One day I was down stairs looking up stuff for my home work when I heard it go off full blast everything, I ran into the room expecting my brother to be there, he wasn’t so I looked around and he wasn’t home yet, and there couldn’t have been any way that he could have ran fast enough to get outside of the house and hide. I tried to debunk it, but the only way that it could make noise is if someone was shaking the dresser as hard as they could, and I would have totally heard that! So the only explanation is that someone would have to had turned the key!

I don’t feel threatened, I don’t want to get rid of the music box or anything, I just want to know why the spirits there. What are some of the best ways to get a ghost to talk, or to help one cross over? Seriously I don’t care if it stays I just want to know why.

Asked by Mark

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Different Methods Used by Spiritual Entities to Make their Presence Known?

There are different ways spirits make their presence known to us and I’ve personally experienced a number of them, the method which I found most odd and threatening, is when their presence affects the density of the atmosphere to a point where the darkness is unnaturally dense, impenetrable, threatening and sort of warm and stifling.

Does anyone with knowledge on these matters know why this is so and what sort of spirit entity these are?

Asked by pat

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Can Ghosts Move Objects?

Things get missing in my home frequently. It happens to everyone in the house. Its like we are sure we placed it there but it will be missing.

I am the only child in the family so I get blamed for most of it though I know I didn’t do it. What do you think?

Asked by luna

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Have You Heard of the Saunemin Giant Ghost?

Dating back to at least the 1930′s there have been reports of the Saunemin Giant Ghost. The reports always indicate that he is seen near 5 Mile Creek, near Saunemin, IL. He is said to be very tall, at least 6′ 8″ according to some reports. He is described as wearing dark clothing, black or dark brown. some say he looked a bit raggedy. Most of the reports indicate that he is seen near the spot where 5 Mile Creek enters the Vermillion River, between Saunemin and Pleasant Ridge Townships. After seeing him several ATV riders say they had recurring nightmares about him. Others report that he growled at them and ran them off, throwing large stones. One ATV was severely damaged after being struck by a large rock. He is said to sometimes hide in the woods along the creek, waiting for trespassers.

One report indicate that he floats about a foot off the ground, and that he can run right through fences or other barriers. The Saunemin paper supposedly had pictures of him many years ago and published them, but no record could be found. Perhaps he was called something else then.

I would like to see more information posted on him here. Has anyone else heard of the Saunemin Giant?

Asked by Bill

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How Can I Protect My Mother From this Ghost?

…other than sleeping with her in the same room at night?

The problem: I’ve nicknamed him Sir Ghosty. He’s a tall male spirit/ghost/whatever that’s been haunting my home for the past few years as far as I know. He especially loves to bug my mother and aunt when they’re asleep by tapping on the bed by their heads or touching their legs. Both my aunt and mom claim they can’t move when this happens. My mother also said he’s spoken to her. Problem is she can’t understand him. She can’t speak English! He usually comes out to play at around 2-3am, basically around the witching hour.

He’s taken and hidden many things: keys, glasses, class rings, metro cards, etc.. Many of the items will eventually show up again in strange places or where they were supposed to be originally. One time, my mother’s metro card went missing, and I said to him out loud to please return it. I turned around and the metro card was on the kitchen counter.

He doesn’t bother me however. He avoids me like I have the Plague or something. He doesn’t touch my things, doesn’t wake me up at night–in fact, I’ve never seen hide nor hair of him. So to me, he’s as good as nonexistent. My aunt claims I have an aura that keeps spirits away. I’m not sure I’m happy about that. Am I hurting them? I hope not.

For half a year now, my mother has slept in my room, in my sister’s now vacant bed. If she’s in the same room as I am, she can sleep through the whole night. But if I step out of the room at night for any length of time, there’s a chance that Sir Ghosty will take the opportunity to bug her. For example, I left the room to make myself a cup of tea. Ten minutes later, I heard my mom screaming for me. I ran to my room and nothing was there except for my mom freaking out.

When he can’t bother my mom, he’ll bother my aunt. Every few weeks, I’ll hear my aunt’s muffled screaming, and I’ll have to knock on her door to scare Sir Ghosty away. I can’t keep doing this. It makes it difficult for me to have a normal sleeping schedule. I can’t even go to friends’ places for a few days because I can’t leave my mom that long.

Does anyone know of any way to ward ghosts using Buddhist methods? I’m not religious at all, but my mother is Buddhist. Her entire family is.

Asked by Lunar Blade

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Is Disneyland Haunted?

I visit Disneyland on an average of 3-4 times a month and over the last 2 decades I have listened to stories of some of the Cast Members there (what Disneyland calls employees) and they swear that at least 2 shops in Tomorrow land are haunted. In one shop when they open it up in the mornings, frequently things have been moved around and all the drawers and doors inside the shop are open. In the other one twice employees have seen the figure of a young Woman disappear into a wall.

As for myself, I have seen at least 3 ghosts in Disneyland and have seen a video of another. The first ghost I ever saw at Disneyland, and who I still see occasionally is Walt Disney himself. Sometimes near the firehouse, above which he once had an apartment, other times near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

The next two Ghosts were seen near the same area, but years apart. The first one was a Man dressed for the Christmas Season who walked through a Hearse-Sleigh that during Christmas time is in front of the Haunted Mansion. The other ghost that I saw near the Haunted Mansion was that of a Young Woman, no more than 20-22 years old looking who looked at me and ran into the side of the mansion.

The Video interesting enough was also taken near The Haunted Mansion. It was after the park was closed and a surveillance camera caught a figure come out of the Haunted Mansion, walk through the closed gates to the mansion, walk through several chains and disappear near the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.

They also say that occasionally just before the Park Closes, people working in the Pirates ride see the ghost of a small boy who they have been able to identify as a boy who was supposed to come to Disneyland as part of Make a Wish foundation but died the day before he was able to make the trip. They see him alone in a boat, after the ride stops riding through the ride.

Asked by Raymond

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Ghost Haunting Me or Trying to Protect Me?

Hello I’m from Greece. One year ago on November 7th of 2010 my grandfather passed away in his sleep, he was a good man but it all started then.

One night I was with my friends at the living room smoking and suddenly we heard something in the stairs, we hid all of our cigarettes and opened the door only to find the stairs dark and empty… and it happened 10 minutes again and so we were all scared and went to the balcony.

Another mysterious event happened to me while I was playing with my dog Freddy. While playing suddenly he saw something at the window and sat down, when I looked too I saw a human form, I couldn’t realize who it was so I moved a bit left and I recognized it… it was my grandpa just sitting on the sofa… he wasn’t moving. When I went inside the room he wasn’t there, he had visited me.

Last which still happens to me sometimes, I can hear his voice while asleep. I can’t understand what he says but I somehow understand that this is his voice.

I believe he’s still here next to me trying to protect me or something.

Asked by nikaras

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Questions About Nightmares and Ghosts

Ok, so I’m trying to communicate to my angels and understand them better and better (and to our God us well for sure) and its really lovely relationship, I’m asking them all the time for protection but when I’m sleeping that’s something different. Its like totally different space. Anyway every time I feel really comfortable after praying Michael’s invocation and then I fall asleep I have awful nightmares (usually its like reminding me my flaws and fears. For example last night it was about me being in the highest bridge which was unstable and I was afraid to get off the ground. I was literally like stuck to the ground and things like this – just really things I’m scared of or I think I might not do really well.

My question is why and who is doing this to me? (I know it may sound weird but I some kind feel their not normal dreams, more like someone’s under thrusting them to me, like to make me insecure, but who and why? Are they ghosts trying to fear me through dreams? Cause I really don’t like it. Maybe they feel they cant catch in real life but they try it at least in dreams? Cause every time I wake up I feel totally normal for the rest of the day, only nights are creepy and still the dreams are something like living in me the whole day… like emerging.

And by the way I cant not to mention the very odd dream I had lately: I was alone at home and scared (as usual in my dreams) and our neighbors were going to complain to me about something and there was really dark but what I noticed was a huge black dog lying by my side (he was something like protecting me,looking after me) (I don’t have a black dog in real life) and my question is, do you think it was a sign from my angels not to worry? or what was it?

The second question is about my grandfathers. They both died before I was born. So I shouldn’t know them (technically) cause my 1. grandpa I have written here about him before, I have almost constant communication with him, he often comes for visits (usually I can really well sense him in school,like he’s there with me) and even through dreams I just feel like I know him for the rest of my life, (sometimes he tells me in dreams things no one else told me about him and then everyone’s shocked how I know) but my second grandpa’s making me worries. I never talked to him, never heard, never felt him, although I think about him often. Why? Is he just really silent shy person, or maybe scared to talk or what? I don’t understand but I’m worried about him, if he’s okay. How can I contact him? I would just really love to talk to him, cause I barely know how he looked like. Or is it something wrong with me, that he cant contact me??

Asked by Victoria

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As a kid and a young teenager I used to see a lot of spirits around my house. I think there was one which was evil but my home was pretty much alive with spirits.

As I’ve gotten older I only see a spirit from time to time, like when I get a ‘visit’ or if I go to a haunted located I’ll often see the offending ghost.

How come I’m so sensitive? Is it because I’m open to it or is it just part of my purpose to be spiritual?

Most people I know have never seen a ghost let alone believe in them.

Asked by Violet

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