Can the Paranormal Cause Bad Financial Problems?

I know someone who is having very bad financial problems and more. Ever since the person I know moved into their home many things have gone wrong from trying to look for for work and trying to finish school even though they did finish school.

What would cause this in a paranormal aspect? I know their house is also haunted by many ghosts but not sure if there is any demons. They also owned a Ouija board they used but as a teenager for 3 years on and off but stopped and how can you get rid of it?

Also I would know what could mimic a person when they are not around. If a friend hears your voice and you aren’t around.


Asked by lisa

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    Bad financial problems generally come because we have issues with abundance, or make unwise decisions at a time when we can least afford it.

    Ouija boards are trouble waiting to happen, but they don’t affect abundance, they are just gates. Take the thing outside and burn it to ashes. That will put a stop to that.

    Ghosts might make the people living in the house feel sick, tired, anxious and unhappy, which would certainly affect their outlook on life. That would affect their capacity to earn income, or appear to be a good person to employ .. but its not the only possibility. Demons tend to drive people insane, so unless they have changed personality severely, its unlikely to be that.

    Voices mimicking you, or people you know .. it could be ghosts, it could be angels (in the beginning they always talked to me in a voice that sounds ‘familiar’, and I always looked for whomever had called my name), it could be demons but not without other really negative behaviours, or it could be that the person hearing only ‘thought’ it was your voice. Our minds will try to ‘label’ voices we hear to people we know. It’s part of what is called matrixing. That’s normal.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  2. lisa,

    Right now there are millions upon millions of people around the world that are not doing well financially. That could lead to depression, or some other mental or emotional illness. People need balance in order to deal effectively with ALL the issues in their life. Money by itself isn’t necessarily the problem that one experiences in this sort of trouble presently in their life.

    I suspect that many people may leave themselves open to attacks on their minds and their soul. These agents are recognized as something spiritual/paranormal. This world is full of good and evil influences…, some are actually other people (humans).

    We need to be able to defend ourselfs. Some of these influences are hell bent on destroying whoever they can find that are also weak at the moment.

    I am a Christian, so I pray a lot, and leave what I can’t control in the hand of God. Peace comes and goes. Money comes and goes. Even faith comes and goes.

    Trusting God is a choice, and I believe God is the constant in our life that will not simply come and go. God is faithful to those who are faithful.

    Need balance? Need money? Trust God to go with you wherever you go, and whatever you do. Trust is not (or should not) be easily earned or given. And, once given, can only last as long as we choose to continue giving it. Trust can go unappreciated by those who have never honestly earned it.

    I don’t trust just anyone. It just dawned on me. We can read the words “In God We Trust” on the currency we use. Where does this leave us?

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