Can Someone Help Me to Understand My Gift?

I was born with a veil and growing up I’ve always been able to see things.

Hello I am 26, and growing up I’ve always been able to see unexplainable things. People that others couldn’t see, family members that had passed on before I was born, angels, darkness, and also dreams that always feel real then end up coming true or more of a deja vu.

My family’s roots are Cherokee Indian so being young and telling my mom the things I saw didn’t scare her, my grandma instilled the beliefs of spirits in her. So she told me at an early age that I was born with a veil over my head that’s why I was gifted. It took til now for something to snap in me to do research about this and want to know more. But since about 13-14 years of age I haven’t really seen any spirits like I use to, because I had a really bad breakdown. I felt overwhelmed with all that I was seeing and hearing. Now I just get weird feelings and my dreams are still there.

My Question is, is there a person I can talk to that can help me with my gift. Help me understand it more?

Asked by N. Brice

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  1. There are people that can help you to understand these things better but from what I have learned on my own you have the ability to close yourself off this or make it stronger. I would think that Ama here can help you out a lot on this subject I can as well but my approach is different then others but simple and the fact that I really can not concentrate right now makes it hard for me to be able to tell you I would also suggest that you go two web sites called and the other is there are many on these two sites that can help you out allot and make you understand things better about what you can do. It can be a gift as well as a curse I always think of it as a curse just me though.

    • Good morning LK,

      I would be very interested to know your way of seeing these things.

      Love & Peace

  2. i have your gift. i am 11 years old, and i see and hear things that are unexplainable, and no one else ever knows about them. one time i heard a ticking noise in something, but no one else did. another time, i saw a woman who looked like she was from the 1800s in an old cematary, but no one else knew about it. in my old house, the one i dont live in anymore, i could hear someone breathing heavaly in my ear. it scared me to death. dad thought i was crazy, but mom is more open to these things. i have begun to understand my gift so if you want to talk to me, you can.

  3. Hello, my name is Cerena & I am 12 years old. Same as one comment, Emily… I also have your gift. & N.Brice’s. I also see & hear things other people can’t hear nor see. . But, I also have a guardian angel as well. Please do believe me. People think I’m nuts when I ask them, “Did you hear that?” It’s cause I heard a voice heavily say to my ear, ” Someone….” Lot’s of family members of mine would say, “Why are you talking to yourself? Aha..” I would talk to myself. Well not technically myself because I’m talking back to the person who just had spoke to me. I’d yell back & reply, “What do you mean by someone!?” People would think I’m indecisive because I’m picky but I’m only picky when I’m scared. Which I am. When I was 8, I saw a little boy that had no pupil. Just plain white eyes. He would be dressed in ragged clothes, he would have one long fingernail and he would say to me, “Scratch me.” I would yell & scream. It was almost like he was following me. He wouldn’t leave me alone till I was 10. After the year of 11, I would see him again but as a grown man. This time, he had no mouth. He scared me to death. Now I’d be having seizures because I think way too much. My guardian angel will lift me up because I sleep alone so no one knows I’m having these mini seizures. She would lift me up and I would feel it. My dreams in 30 seconds would turn into nightmares. I hope I’m not scaring you. Some parts of my story does not unite with your story. I’m just saying. I think I have parts of your gift and it scares me.

    • Cerena
      With you being so young, I suggest you find guidance and an aid for your gift; there is a reason that you have it and you need someone experienced to help you control it. There is a lovely woman on here who is under friends and here site is Victorian Paranormal Connection. Her name is Ama and she can help you with psychic protection as well as how to deal. I don’t have much experience with this, myself, but Ama has alot of experience with it. Contact her on her website. she may even see my post. She can genuinely help you!

    • Hello Cerena,

      Oh, I believe what you are saying, having experienced the weird and the wonderful for most of my life. What I would like to know is if you have told your parents about the seizures and had them checked out by the doctor. You might have epilepsy, and its important that that problem is corrected. There might be a physical reason why you are suffering, and you don’t need to do that, for any spiritual reason.

      The entity that frightens you, it shouldn’t be allowed to be around. Does your family go to church? You could ask your minister to pray for you, or ask your parents to do so. If you don’t then I have an invocation that helps people, but first I would like you to answer my questions.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (whom LunaTerra just mentioned).

  4. Hi N. Brice,

    There are any number of good people here, and you might find lots of advice .. and they might get into the occasional debate over all of it .. but if you’ll ask us questions, we’ll answer.

    My name is Ama and my webpages are .. I am listed on this site under Friend – Victorian Paranormal Connection, but that is only one section of the site. The sacred-gates is my ‘front door’. Have a look around, and see if there are any answers there ..

    In the meantime you are clairvoyant (see the future, and beings from other worlds). The veil is also known as a ‘caul’, you can look that up on the net. And you chose to switch off your gifts about the same age I did (at least to some degree), and then had to grow back into them. What do you want to do?

    Love & Peace

    • I’ve this ability every since I was nine years old I’ve seen things that I not from this world. I know from the feelings I get from them.I seen spirits n demons and angels. Ive heard noises seen things fly across my living room. I’ve felt things watching me I felt things touch me. I smelled sweets n stuff that smells rotten all my life. Im 37 now I still contuine to have this ability. My grandmother called it a gift I sometimes called it a curse but I’ve come to realize its not a curse its who I am. I also have dreams that come true to some extent. Why I have this I quess because my mother had it and her mother had it. Bless it be. P.S. Can someone tell me whats going on thanks.

      • Hi Stephanie,

        All around the world people are born with spiritual gifts. They have different names depending on where you are, or if you are Christian or not .. doesn’t really matter, the gifts are the same.

        Seeing things is called ‘clairvoyance’ – clair=clear, voyance=vision

        What sort of noises do you hear? If its voices it could be telepathy – which is reading human minds, or clairaudience audience=hearing .. so clear hearing. You would be able to hear ghosts, spirits and angels but not people’s thoughts.

        Being touched is not a gift, it just happens when an entity is strong enough to affect the physical world.

        Smell.. has a number of different names – clairolfaction being the current one, I think.

        Having dreams that come true is part of the clairvoyant gift, and they are called precognitive dreams. All of these can be researched on the internet very easily.

        Have fun with them.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra

  5. Just accept your gift. I also have some of these abilities. tried to help a cop solve a crime. now just working. but most people do not believe these gifts. but try to connect with people who accept you. I believe you. These gifts are from Jesus above.

  6. Also I am Cherokee Indian. But have no Veil on my face. I always have had special abilities since the age of 9 years old. I have precognition, telemetry and remote viewing.

  7. Hello!
    My name is Elena and I’m 16 years old.I think that maybe I have a gift too or I’m just going crazy.
    Everything started last summer and it’s still going on.
    I can hear and see things from a distance when no one else can.I know things before they happen.It’s just like images pass in front of my eyes like a movie or something.I’m thinking of something and some minutes or hours later it just happens without any logical explanation.I see dreams that come true or include some kind of symbols that need to be translated so as to understand what they mean.
    For example I dreamed that a friend of mine had an accident with his motorcycle and he was in a coma.Some days later I heard that a student at my school had the same accident I dreamed and he was in coma.The other day I dreamed that two friends of mine had an intense argument and that’s exactly what happened.
    Also,I know when the phone rings and who it is.I can sense when someone will open the door,say something like I knew it already.Like I knew what they were about to do or what they were thinking.
    Additionally when I say something or just desire it, it happens.Just like that.The truth is that I always had a strong hunch and intuition,since I was a kid.
    Yesterday I was in my room and I heard a noise(I always do) and I went to the kitchen to check it.When I got there I saw the light open but there was no one at home.Just me.
    I don’t really know what’s going on.Maybe there’s something wrong with me.But I have a feeling there’s something beyond that.Some of my friends believe me and others are afraid of me.I know all this stuff is far beyond the normal and I have freaked out a little bit…

    • Hello Elena,

      No there is nothing wrong with you. You are just one of many people being born now with good psychic gifts. Let me explain:

      My name is Ama and I’m kinda weird too, and love it. When I was 16 I wanted to be like everyone else, and not see and hear things they couldn’t, but it didn’t work out that way, some people thought I was a novelty, and others were afraid of me, but in the end I grew to love the odd things I can do.

      So explain something to me .. you can see and hear things from a long distance .. you have super-hearing and super-sight? That’s very good.

      Everything else you described is part of the gift called ‘clairvoyance’, which means ‘clear vision’. I see ‘visions’, images passing before my eyes, of ancient times and now, and the future, or possible future. I use it to help people sort out their lives from time to time. You think of something and then it happens is either that you ‘know’ its going to happen, or you create it (if you want it strongly enough – but be careful what you wish for – particularly if you are angry at someone). The dreams are also part of this, as are the symbols. Can you translate them? AJ and another person on this site have been given symbols as well. It seems to be happening quite a lot at the moment. (I’ll email her and ask her to give us the link to her question, because I can’t find it.) She actually put the image of the symbols up for us to look at.

      So, to me, you are ordinary and extraordinary, as is my daughter who shares my gifts, but is also telepathic, something I am not. She used to spook her workmates by getting things from the cupboards for them, if she was passing, before they asked for them. :-)

      Treasure who you are and what you can do, Elena. The gifts are given to us for a reason, to use for the good of others, and to help protect ourselves. Learn about them, and let them help you. They are a natural healthy part of you.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here at the bottom of the page under Friends)

      • Thank you a lot,Ama.The truth is that I could never imagine myself having any gifts like these.I kept thinking that I was the odd girl who scared people with these experiences.Now,I know that it’s a lot different…

        • Yes it is, and you can be utterly wonderful .. so go to it! :-)

          Love & Peace

    • Hi Elina

      “…or include some kind of symbols that need to be translated …”

      Are the symbol’s something like those on this thread??

      There are a fair few of us that ‘see’ these symbols and similar. Mine arrive either infront of my eyes or on the palms of my hands. Others see them ‘written’ on the walls.

      We’re currently trying to decypher them. If you wish to email me via the ‘Book Of Trinity link’ listed under friends, I’ll give you details on how to join the group.


      • Hello, Somehow i found myself on this site, and i”m glad i stumbled opon it. I’m 39, and have been experiencing unexplainable things in my life, that i never could talk to anyone about. It all started when i was 7. I started seeing spirits, and i remember being torchered in my dreams by , what i believe now was some type of demonic presence.

        Also i”ve always been able to pick up , any spiritual presence when i walk in a room, i get a weird feeling, then goosebumps. Also when i call friends , or family, they always say,”thats weird i was just thinking about you, and you called”.

        Sometimes i put myself unconsiously in a meditated state, and i have visions of numbers & symbols that i have no idea what they mean, and recently the visions, have also added images, that flash, like i”m turning a channel on TV. Also in this state I’ve had times, when i was floating, and could actually feel the wind on my body, as i flew.

        I also get good, or bad vibes from people when i meet them for the first time.

        My whole life , i”ve felt like there’s more to this world, and i”ve felt like a weirdo! Just wondering if anyone on this site had any insight on what i may be going thru. Thx.

        • Hello Bill,

          I kinda like being a weird. :-) I first got called that when I was about 8 years old and took away a boy’s headache, by laying my hands on his head and then lifting them off. He loved it. He’d been really sick with the pain beforehand, but the minute he snapped out of it, he called me names and ran away to play with his friends. That was in the school yard. I got called plenty of names after that, and they hurt, but .. now .. looking back .. I wouldn’t change a thing.

          When I walk into a room when there are ghosts present, I get this sharp pulling feeling on my tummy region (solar plexus chakra) as they attempt to attach themselves and drain energy from me. I am usually not polite to the ghost trying to do it. I don’t mind giving energy to them, I object to them trying to take it without asking first. :-) We all give ourselves different signals so that we know they are present. And then there are the angels. I get a cool tingle that runs up my body from my feet to the top of my head when one of mine confirms something I am saying, when they think it is important. In summer its lovely, great way to cool down .. in winter??? Too cold! LOL

          Calling friends – you might be an unconcious telepath, a good ‘sender’ rather than a ‘receiver’. So when you start thinking about ringing your friends, you have already ‘told’ them to expect the call in their thoughts .. or it could be the reverse. They want you to ring and start thinking about you, and you ‘receive’ the message and ring them. Ask them about it next time you talk to them.

          The meditative state .. your spirit might be leaving your body, floating, to go to the spiritual planes for some good reason, and you are not quite aware of it. You could simply become ungrounded .. so check your grounding first, before you start to meditate. Do you know what that means? The symbols etc are happening quite a lot at the moment. Talk to AJ from this site about it. Here is her question on the subject: // In that case you have the gift of clairvoyance (clear vision), and might end up seeing all sorts of scenes and objects. I once watched a Trogan war. It went on behind my eyelids for days. Every time I closed my eyes the battle was there. It was very odd and I never found an explanation for it?

          Good and bad vibes – a very useful tool. Empathy is the gift where you can feel what another person is feeling, and sometimes get overwhelmed by their emotions. Clairsentience (clear sensing) is where you can ‘sense’ what a person is feeling, without getting overwhelmed. You can also sense other things about them – including if they are wearing any nasty energy that shouldn’t be there, or simply give off a unhappy vibe.

          You are what most people define as psychic. That an ‘umbrella’ term for all the different ‘clair’ gifts, and they are gifts, although sometimes they can feel like a bit of a challenge.

          There are millions of us out here in the world that can do what you do. You are definitely not alone. If you quietly question your friends and family, you might find out that some of them have gifts too.

          Love & Peace
          Ama Nazra

  8. I’ve been having more dreams lately last night I woke up speaking in a language I did not understand then as soon as I spoke it it was gone its really strange. Because I’ve never done this before it has me worried what is going on with me. Can anyone help me with this.

    • Hi Stepanie,

      I wonder who you were talking to in your sleep? When we sleep our spirits go out of our bodies and go visiting heaven, and can astral travel around the world. There are stories of these events all over the internet. In that time, as spiritual beings rather than the limited human beings we are when we are in our bodies, we can speak and understand all languages. What might have happened is that you slipped back into your body while your ‘higher awareness’ was still attuned to the ‘other side’ and so you heard yourself finish a sentence or two? No problem.

      I was just thinking .. we should have all our ‘world peace’ meetings on the ‘other side’ .. so people could understand each other more clearly.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

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