Can Rooms Have Their Own Soul?

When we were younger, my sister and I would often spend the weekends at my grandparents. They had a little guestroom with a bunk bed and a desk, next to their dining room.

One time, I decided to bring my record player. I had gotten an old one from my aunt – it had no cord, so I switched with the one belonging to my cassette player as it fit both. (This was in the 1980s). However – this time I forgot to bring the electric cord with me, and disappointed I realized that there would not be possible to listen to music. As I sat there, I picked up the arm of the record player and moved it – and to my surprise the record started spinning and I could listen to my Cindy Lauper and Irene Cara… The player worked perfectly fine all weekend. I didn’t give it much though – I believed maybe there was a room for batteries in it, and that they were still working.

Then – when I got home I tried to use it again without plugging it in – but it was dead. I looked everywhere on it – but I could not find any place where there were batteries, or where batteries were to be put. No room for that. I called my aunt, and asked her – but she told me that it had never been batteries in the record player – it was only to be used with electricity, not of those kind to bring with you outside.

That was a little odd. But both me and my sister have used it – unplugged – for a whole weekend. However that was possible.

As for the room we were staying in. Both me and my sister were uncomfortable sleeping there. It was never easy to fell asleep at nights. I would end up twisting and turning in my bed – listening and waiting for I don’t know what… When I finally fell asleep, it was not a restful and good nights sleep. Next to the bed there was a closet inbuilt to the wall, where my grandmother kept winter coats etc. Some nights I would hear noises from the closet walls. It was not mice – mice does those little scratches – these were sounds like something was dragged down the wall inside the closet. Sticks. Or even nails. I never checked. You could here it starting up on the wall, then screaking down towards the floor. When I turned the light on, it went quiet. Turned it off – and in a few minutes the sound came back.

Whenever I had to go into the room, even in the middle of the day – I would always stick my hand in trough the door first, turning on the light, before I walked into the room. My sister had the same feeling about the room as I. We never felt safe there – even if nothing bad ever happened. (Picture frames turning around on their shelf are not really bad – just strange) Still you had a feeling of being watched. And there was something awaiting over it…

We moved to my grandparents when my parents divorced. My grandmother told my sister and me that we could use the room as we liked, as there were only 3 rooms in the apartment upstairs that we used – so that we had an own room to use when we had friends over, or if we wanted to study in peace and quiet… We never used that kind offer much.

Upstairs where we lived, I would sometimes wake up noticing a dark shadow in our bedroom. In the beginning it was standing on the other side of the room, next to my desk. The room were dark – so shadow might not be the correct word – but it was the shape of a man. Darker than the night around “him”. The next times I saw this, it was closer – now next to my drawers. Then for every time it happened it would come closer towards me. I was frightened. Not terrified, but scared as I had no idea what this could be. I told myself that it was only my imagination, I saw it because I was afraid that I would see it. The last time I saw “him” (oh yes – it was male. I am very certain of that for some reason) he was standing very close to my bed – head end. Pitch black. I could not see trough him. He was standing there darker than the room itself – nothing visible of clothes or face or anything. Just a compact black. I got angry this time – it felt like he was stepping over the line being so close. So I said (or thought) something like “Well, take me then if that is what you are here for.” (I really was not that tough – under my blanket I folded my hands and prayed to God that he would hold me safe). The shadow went away, I didn’t see it again. Later I learned that my grandmother used to wake up, scared about the shadow of a man in her bedroom (downstairs). And recently my youngest sister told me how frightened she had been about the dark man standing by her closet at nights.

11 years ago, I moved back to this house – with my husband and son. (My grandmother had passed away, and my grandfather moved out, my mother still staying on the second floor) The guestroom mentioned earlier was used to put away the boxes not yet unpacked and placed. It had no door now, but drapes. I always kept them tightly closed – we had to use the dining room as bedroom while remodeling the house. My mother said she had never been scared of the room or noticed anything of what me and my sister said happened there – so when we built the new living room, we closed the room with a wall – and opened it from the other side so my mother could use it. I had no interest in having it as part of our home.

I do feel safe in my house. Even if both my sons have loudly declared that there is a man in the ceiling. That the people in our bedroom are making noises and so on. What I am asking? Well – I am not really sure. I was thinking maybe someone could explain these happenings for me, especially I am curious about the guestroom. Because I never felt that we were haunted by ghosts – but something odd was happening, and I was not the only one seeing or hearing it.

Sent in by Nimue

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  1. Hello Nimue,

    Have you heard of ‘shadow’ peoplej, your description fits them very well? Some of them ignore us, and some of them are curious about us and like to check us out. They are not frightening like ghosts, because they use a different energy structure, that doesn’t react the same way with ours. I do not see them, but my partner Tom, and some of my spooky friends, can. They come and go in our bedroom, and in the other people’s houses. I believe they are harmless, but there are some other reports on the internet that say they can cause trouble .. but having read a lot of them I don’t think they were all shadow people.

    Some houses have what I call ‘gates’ in them. The formal name is ‘dimensional portals’, where entities of various sorts come and go. Cupboards can be this, as they have a ‘door’ on them that is constantly being opened and closed (keeping the energy active). I am sure my nanna had one in ‘her’ back bedroom. That room would creep me out, and my brother and I would fight to ‘not’ be the one to sleep there when we had to stay overnight. If we were both in there, we’d sleep in the same bed for comfort. And the room was always very cold.

    I wish I had an explantion for the tape recorder, although I have heard of other equipment doing the same sort of thing in a haunted house – kitchen appliances and such like. It might have something to do with the amount of kinetic energy in the room from the gate, but scientists can’t get ghosts and other beings to cooperate to test it. LOL

    Closing one door and opening another changes the energy structure of a room, and might well have shut the ‘gate’ down. Does your mother mention the problems continuing on her side of the house? I would suggest you have your house cleared in some way, by a minister of the church, if you think that appropriate, or a medium who does clearings. It’s good for everyone’s energy, and allows you to start afresh.

    Love & Peace

  2. weird. are you sure you didnt move in my grandma’s old house? i remember as kids there was one room in the house that seemed to come alive on its own. at night while sleeping we could hear the doorknobs in all bedrooms turn and sounds of footsteps on the wooden floor. we were always apprehensive when we go on vacation at my grandma’s house. as i got older i started getting used to it, knowing it could be probably a dead relative making sure everyone is okay . i dont think rooms have lives of their own , but the spirits of people that used to live there have never really left. thats cool by me, nothing to be scared of.

  3. Heh~ I think that room is haunted. But, maybe “he” is actually harmless. At least, “he” never hurt you, right?Hm~ “He” must be alone for long…. And now, since there are some humans near “him , “he” want to be noticed.

  4. Hi Nimue

    Yes it sounds as though you have shadow people in your house.

    I have seen them in our house and never felt any fear. I sensed they were simply curious.

    We are quite used to hearing spooks coming through the backdoor. At night we would often hear footsteps up and down the passageway.

    The house settles down peacefully once it is cleared.

  5. I saw a man that was dead for a year and a half.I didn’t knew it.He was standing next to his wife and daugthers in the funeral of a member of his wife’s family..I pass near them and could see his body and face.He was the most healthy looking person i’ve seen in my life! Absolutely full of life! And very handsome! – Later, i maked the comment to my brother precisely talking about health and people that looks great.And he told me i couldn’t see him because he died when he was assaulted a year and a half ago.He suffered a massive infarction. He was there all the time i was.When i left, he stood there with his family.

  6. Shadow people huh? Let me ask one simple question do you have an old or antique mirror in your house?

    If there are minor spirits in your house like that, Maybe you should look into the history of the home. A lot of time otherworldy spirits are looking for something…they could even be looking for someone that probably still isnt here, time is different for beings like that.

  7. No, I do not have any old mirrors in my house. There used to be one there when my grandparents were still living, but that was downstairs – and in a completely diffrent room. Not in the guestroom nor the bedroom where the shadow appeared.

    There were also some occations with knocking on the walls there. One time I and my sister helped my mother with baking cookies for Christmas. For some of the cookies the dough needed to be cold when slipped into the frying oil – so we cut out the cookies, placed them on plates and carried them out to the hall to leave them there till it was time to cook them. My younger sister went out with a plate – then came back in telling me that there were no need for me to knock on the wall to try frighten her. I did not knock – I was busy keeping an eye on the oven. She went out with another plate – then came running back in. This time – was it I that had knocked as she had mentioned it? No. I did not knock on anything. Neither did my mother. She now refused going out there alone, so I said I would do it. (It was evening, dark outside – and no birds. Which was the first thing that I thought of – wood peckers or something like that.) Anyhow – I went out to get a plate from the hall. My sister followed behind me. I took the plate, turned to her and said – there is no knocking here now. The second after I had spoken theses words it knocked. 4 – 5 times a loud knocking from the wall next to us. Just like someone should stand there in the same room knocking on the wall. My sister looked terrified – and I didn’t feel very brave myself either, but asked a firmly Who is this? Is there anyone there? And it knocked again. We did not run back inside the kitchen, but we did walk fast….. The next time I went out there I left the door open. I grabbed a plate walked back – everything was silent and nice. I stopped at the door, looked back – just a normal hall, light and cosy – nothing scary at all. I stepped into the kitchen, reached for the doorknob to close the door and the knocking wa heard again. Loud and clear. It continued the whole evening – my aunt stopped by, and heard the same knocking. We never figured out what it could be. No prints in the snow outside the house – noone inside with us doing it.

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