Can I Prevent Spirits – Demons – Other Entities From Making Themselves Present?

When I was a child, I heard strange noises like knocks or beats on the walls of my room or on a small table that was also in my room, those I heard only at night, I woke up my mom once and asked hear if she could hear them too, but she couldn’t… she told me that when I was a baby some person cast some sort of spell on me, however my mom went to our local priest and since then nothing really happened, no knocks, no fear no nothing.

My question is, can I prevent spirits/demons/other entities from making themselves present? I really don’t want to deal with this again, I think I may be sensitive to this sort of things, but I really don’t want to see them or deal with them.

Thank you

Asked by verygalpike

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  1. Hi Verygalpike

    If nothing has happened since you were blessed, why do you think you have problems now? If someone did a spell that heightened your awareness, its gone now, and you might have none at all?

    That being said – on the right there, above ‘newest questions’ is a link to White Light Shields. Read them, learn them and use them. That works for me to keep spooks out of the house, and me from being affected, too much, by other people’s energy.

    Try not to live in fear of ‘what if’, because when you fear something you tend to attract it to you. Not always, but its possible. Not all entities out in the spiritual planes are nasty. Some are magical, and very loving.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    • Hi Ama!
      Thank you for answering my question and also thank you for your advise,i read your article and i found it very inspiring and now i feel a bit better knowing there is something that i can do.
      I have tried it out and i have to admit that i feel some kind of warmth or whatever it is it makes me feel better.
      I have some questions left,do you mind if i write you on your e-mail address?
      Thanks again!

      • Hi Verygalpike

        I’m glad we can help. Yes, you can write to me privately. Make sure you tell me who you are when you do.

        Love & Peace

        • Hi Ama,
          I’m sure in a number of your inputs you have mentioned visitations by all sorts of entities, you said you speak to them etc etc. How is it they keep hanging about even after you use the ‘White Light Shield’ which ‘keeps spooks out of the house’. Where are you seeing these entities (are they not the same as spooks?) :-)

          • If you do not mind my answering,( and Ama, too) it is because they are “New” spooks! ;) Ama may have done a white light shield at the time, and it kept out the “spooks” that were around at that time, but you have to keep dong it because “new” spooks crop up looking to mess with our energy. That is not to say that you have to keep up a continuous shield, but that when you sense something in your presence or messing with your energy, that may be new spooks and a good time to put up a white light shield. Ama, as it was your question, feel free to chime in with further clarification and definitely let me know if I am wrong on this one! ;)

          • Good morning Miss Luna, lovely to ‘see’ your face. You are right, of course.

            Good morning Pat .. let’s look at the question.

            I am 49. I have been seeing ghosts, spirits, demons, angels and elementals since I was 2, that we have record of. I don’t really have a ‘start date’ in my memory. I have probably seen 1000′s personally over the years, and heard thousands of stories in my work. I learned white light shields about 15 years ago? Before that .. I had my own versions but they were not as effective. I’ve been crossing ghosts over for probably the past 32 years … or chasing them off. I got deeply into this work after the angels came, in a group of 12, and told me to get my act together. What they actually said was ‘are you ready’? And then when I said yes, there was this incredible vision .. and now there is me.

            Ghosts that drop in these days don’t stay, they get crossed over. Ghosts that mess with other people, when asked by the living or the dead, I cross them over. When its demons .. depending on the type, I clear them or return them to atoms. I am not friendly to negative energy beings, and they know it. I don’t see demons and ghosts everywhere, and the house is not always haunted, but sometimes my partner’s daughter drops by and likes to stand in the hall and have me walk through her .. or opens and closes our bedroom door, much to her father’s delight. She was a brat when she was alive, and she’s equally lovely now she’s dead. And stuff pops up out of the orchard from time to time, and then there’s the spooks (ghosts) who come looking ‘for’ me because of what I can do .. it seems I have this little beacon on my energy that says either ‘get help here’ or ‘good meal here’. Either works, as I said, they ‘go Home’.

            Ghosts are everywhere, Pat. Lots of people die every day, not all of them become ghosts, but with the attitudes of people of the world today, many of them do. And think of all the people of the past, since humanity was created. These days we have no faith, very little hope, and very little joy, to draw on to send us straight to healing. Even my own mother, a very nice lady who could use some counseling, has asked me to make sure she goes into heaven when she dies, and she’s the one who used to tell me people would think I was nuts if I talked about what I do. I cared about what she believed then, I don’t now. I will cross her over if the need arises. I did it for my father. I do it for lots of dead folk when their families write to me, from around the world, and say things like “my son died and I have been having nightmares about him” (or her) can you please help? I’ve babysat ghosts for the three days it takes them to let go of their attachment to being alive – that costs energy and is a very strange experience, but I haven’t done it ‘once’ I’ve done it dozens of times over the years. It’s what spirit rescue is truly about. It’s my calling.

            And white light shields don’t stop ghosts hanging about, Pat, it just keeps them out of our energy, and out of our houses. Ghosts, not spirits, not family members or friends who have crossed over, who drop in for a moment and say hi and move on. Only the ones that drop in, attach themselves, and try and use us all as their own personal food source.

            And if I want to visit the elementals, I can go down to the orchard and just sit, and if they want to visit with ‘me’ they will allow me to know they are there, but that’s on their terms, not on mine. And we have had conversations, and they have proved their existence, and their ‘power’ to me. The angels are with us constantly. I can ‘see’ them, mine anyway if I have to, but I can sense them all the time, and hear them when they speak, and laugh when they smile, because they fill me with joy. Other people’s I see when there’s a message to pass on, or sometimes, if I am lucky, in the middle of some busy street I will see everyone’s angels, just for a moment. But most things happen for a reason, so I don’t ask for more than is important to help other people.

            I know I am blessed but I do not abuse the gift. I am here to help, not to feed my ego. I am at my best when I am in service to others. That is where my joy is .. and also my very long answers. LOL

            Hugs! Luna,
            Love & Peace

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