Can Black Magic be Used to Prolong the Lives of the Dying?

Hey guys.

I’m getting pretty in to this question and answer stuff.

My question is, can Black Magic or any sort of magic, good or not, be used to prolong the lives of loved ones or the seriously sick?

Is it advisable if it is?


Asked by BigJim13

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  1. Hmm, I always wanted to know if Black Magic could be used to bring people back to life.. I heard they used to do it in the ancient days but I don’t know how true that is. I wonder if anyone knows anything about this..

  2. Hi BJ,

    Let me be Harry Potter for a moment .. or take a leaf out of mythology and talk about the philopher’s stone.” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>'s_stone and
    It is said to prolong life, but why would you want to -

    Your question was about someone seriously ill. Why would you want to prolong a life of pain and suffering? A seriously sick person needs to heal, and if their body cannot do it in this lifetime, why trap them here .. or trap yourself here .. when they can be freed and made whole ‘over there’.

    But then, if you don’t believe in heaven, leaving this plane can be the most frightening thing a person has ever done. Do you go to ‘nothing’ – not the Nirvana which the Buddhists believe in, but the total ceasing of your personality, your ego etc. Do you go to hell .. but why believe in that when you won’t believe heaven?

    I think the only reason a person would try to prolong their lives through artificial means, and black magic is a defiance of the natural order of things, is because they live in fear of what comes next. Take away the fear and the reason for fighting to live vanishes too.

    I can understand a person wanting to live a very long, healthy life, but .. the human mind is finite .. it can only contain so much, and if you think about all the movies you might have seen over the years, the message is .. the older you get the more you want it all to stop. Your body ages – so to stay alive you would have to stop aging, but you can’t stop your mind from aging, the body is only one small part of who we truly are as spiritual beings. (I was thinking about the lady vampire in most recent Libarian movie .. after 400 years she needed a holiday, and Nicolas Flamel (thank you Google) who owned the Philospher’s stone in the first HP movie had lived 600 years and was happy to let his life wind down after that.)

    So yes, given that mythology usually has a basis in truth, prolonging your life through magic might be possible, but you would be fighting Mother Nature in all her glory .. and it would be one hell of a battle. Our bodies are designed to die, so that we can be reborn again, one way or another.

    Love & Peace

  3. Hi BigJim13

    Why would anyone want to prolong the suffering of a loved one who’s seriously sick (I assume you’re referring to a terminally ill person?). To do something like that is just being selfish, in my opinion.

    I believe our time on this earth is set from the moment of conception. To tamper with time, by magic or otherwise, is going against the natural order of things. This in turn could have a knock on effect with other time-lines, with disasterous consequenses.

    My advice? Don’t do it.

  4. Hey guys.

    Not sure i worded this properly… I didn’t mean keep someone who’s in pain just.. alive. I meant completely repair and heal them, keep them living healthily and happily for longer…

    For example ancient tribes that believed eating other people will make you live longer, like you consume their life force sorta thing.

    Not just keeping someone alive in agony and misery for the sake of it..

    If i didn’t want to die, is there some sort of magic spell or something i could use to keep myself living longer. Not that i do, but the question intrigued me lol. The philosophers stone is a good example, or the fountain of youth, holy grail, whatever you want to call it.

  5. Hello, I used to practice Wicca and such. But I also looked into black magic. Though what I saw, things like this could be possible. But it’s never good.

    You see, destiny and fate has a design for everyone’s lives. If you choose to believe or not. We all have a path, and to stray from the path can lead to consequences and such. I wish I could explain myself better. (New medication is messing with my wording and train of thought) But what I am saying is.

    It’s possible, I mean, anything is possible. But best not to bother with it. If you get what I mean.

  6. Yes, in my country that kind of things happen oftenly. But, let me tell you, if you try to prolong the lives of a seriously sick person, that will only add his/her suffering. Don’t do it.
    I know a woman who tries to prolong her life until her son is married. At the time of her death, she is not dead, just becomes coma. After a long time, her backbone is decayed (Just think how painful it is), but she still alive in coma state. I don’t know if she is still live ’till now, her son still not married yet. But, I hope she can die peacefully, just for her goodness.

  7. Hmm… another good reason for not messing with what you don’t understand .. and we don’t know all the consequences of our actions most of the time. Think of change like a pebble being tossed into a pool. The ripples will go on forever, if nothing stops them.

    Love & Peace

  8. Its said if you use black magic, be prepared.

    If for example, you dabbled in Necromancy and wanted to bring someone back from the dead, how do you know what you’re bringing back? Are you prepared to see a loved one as a sort of zombie if you will? How do you know that they want to be brought back? What if they are at peace and are happy and you rip them away from that? Is that what you want?

    It’s only natural to wish somebody alive again, we’re human. I wish I could be going to the match with my brother again. Going on family days out with Mum and Dad again. Just to be able to talk to them, hug them, tell them how much I love them. But that is my own selfish want. Grief in all forms for our loved ones has an element of selfishness about it, and rightly so. Because we loved that person, we miss that person, our life changes because that person is no longer part of it.

    However. To wish somebody health is an act of compassion. I wished I could take the pain my Mum suffered away. To give her a new lease of life, that enabled her to do the things she wanted. But I couldn’t. And to use black magic is folly. The rules of black magic state every spell shall be repaid. You could cast a spell that makes said person better, yet it would take the life or considerably shorten the life span of another. The consequence is huge. The saying “what goes around comes around” applies to black magic also. There’s just no point in going near that stuff. It’s a very very very extremely dangerous thing to get into. You never truly know what will happen, and what the consequence will be.

    So Jim, my answer is it’s not worth it.

  9. @BigJim13

    You say:
    For example ancient tribes that believed eating other people will make you live longer, like you consume their life force sorta thing.

    I always read that they did this so that the relative that died would live within them – not that they would live any longer themself from doing it. (What kind of life can dead flesh give anyway?)

    Some tribes did eat their fallen enemies in the meaning of taking over their strenght. But this didn’t have anything to do with receiving a longer life either.

  10. No Jesus Christ holds the keeps to death, hell and the grave and each manhas his appointed time. If God is ready for them to go black magic, devil. nothing can prolong it.

    • If every man has his appointed time then what would be the point in eating right, going to doctors, driving safely and so on? If folks have an appointed time then where is the free will? It begins to break down quickly once you start looking at it.

  11. @ Nimue,
    Fair enough, i’m no expert on that, think i saw it on Supernatural, a Windigo or something. Some miner that had eaten people during the winter had become this immortal superhuman thing. But that was just a TV show. I was just trying to think of an example lol. The Fountain of youth is probably a better one :/

    I agree with the Caretaker, whats the point of going to the Gym, giving up my beloved smoking, alcohol etc if theres a clock in us all with a fixed time. Are we all immortal untill that time? That takes the fun out of life really.

    But imagine you where close to death and you desperately wanted more than life it’s self to give you’re only daughter away at her wedding, surely you could Bargain with you’re soul for another 5 years of life in order to do that. Thats black magic, and i think that would be a justified and understandable thing to do.
    Robert Johnson for example, supposedly sold his soul to the devil/a demon at the cross roads to become an excellent Blues player.

  12. Hi GirlRacer,

    That’s a very good answer.


    I’ve also read somewhere they ate ‘of the meat’ to extend their lives .. but usually the anthropologists found that cannibals were trying to take on the strength,courage and luck of their captives. Shudder! Makes you want to be vegetarian. LOL

    Hi JK and Caretaker,

    Free will means you chose the ‘when’ and ‘where’ and the ‘why’, and not just one time, we choose many possible times for our death. Aren’t people’s beliefs amazing. :-) When I was 17 I KNEW I wouldn’t live to be 21. At 19 I got married, had my first child at 21 .. and was still here. My life direction had changed profoundly from who I was at 17 .. my next milestone in that direction will be 54, I’m about to turn 49 .. but I can ‘see’ myself at 74 .. so … nice age to reach for. Once I pass the 54 mark I’ll aim for 90 if I’m healthy. LOL

    Love & Peace
    Ama :-)

  13. Hi BJ

    So you ‘sell your soul’ to go to your daughter’s wedding. Here’s a scenario for you. What happens if your daughter dies 2 days after you make the sale? You will spend the next 5 years in ‘hell’, on earth, grieving for your daughter, and living in fear of the wasted bargain you made. Or, more kindly, she cancels the wedding, moves to France, and doesn’t find another boyfriend until 2 days before your expiry date? Do you really think the devil might renew your contract? Unless, of course, you are being a truly nasty individual and it likes you being alive, it won’t be happening .. but then your daughter probably won’t want you at the wedding.

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to accept that this life is over and ask God “If you are there, and if there is a heaven, help me to find it, and come back (as a Spirit) to dance at my daughter’s wedding”. I know plenty of cases where people have either ‘seen’ or ‘felt’ their parent in spirit at their wedding.

    When you bargain with the devil you lose, no matter what you think you know, you cannot see the ‘big picture’ the way they can, nor cover every nuance of every possibility of every chance, of anything happening that might allow you to actually do what you asked for. That’s if you believe in the devil, and being able to bargain.

    I have no idea who Robert Johnson is, but he probably had a gift for music, rather than a contract with hell. Sounds more like someone’s jealous comment to me.

    Love & Peace

    • Right on about Robert Johnson. He is basically the father of blues and rock. He was a simple man who played an acoustic guitar but did it with amazing originality. Stories began to grow that he had sold his soul to the devil because, of course, a simple poor man couldnt possibly have done with their own creativity. Anyway he is a famous man among the music world/history and the “Crossroads” story involving him selling his soul to the devil for the ability to play the music has become almost legend.

  14. yes my gradfather practice a blackmagic. my grandma died last 2003 and he was starting to spell some latin words and pressing the dead body but my aunt stopped him. he do a lot of unbelievable things.

  15. “a simple poor man couldnt possibly have done with their own creativity.” Hey, Don’t underestimate the power of humans. Just because he is very succeed, doesn’t mean he made contract with Demon. Do you need demon to become success? If that true, how lame a human is. Is there any proof that he really sell his soul?

    • It is called sarcasm – When I said �a simple poor man couldnt possibly have done with their own creativity.� I didnt actually mean that the statement were true.

  16. Caretaker, not a very good argument my friend. Your appointed time is when God chooses. It does not effect your free will if you don’t know the appointed time. You can eat well and excercise and blow an artery quicker than a fat guy with a donut. I have been in health care for many years and see it every day. You have the free will to try to prolong your life but you really have no control over that. When God says it is time, it is time. Nothing breaks down and I challenge you or anyone else to show us where anything Biblical begins to break down. It is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow. People try to break it down with their own pitiful reasoning just because they don’t like it. The free will that God has given us all mainly pertains to our choice to accept God’s gift of sacrifice through Christ Jesus and to surrender our will to Him. It is only then, when you surrender your will totally to Him, that you receive true freedom and the awesome awareness that you will spend eternity with Him. That my friend is true freedom.

  17. -Nothing breaks down and I challenge you or anyone else to show us where anything Biblical begins to break down.-

    Actualy its easy to show lots of examples where the teachings in the bible become irrelevant or “break down”

    But lets not get into that.

  18. Hi BJ,

    I agree totally .. but if we want to keep the peace in the group .. we can argue metaphysics but not religion. LOL


    if God had not given us free will, you could not walk up to your wardrobe and choose the clothes you want to wear today. God didn’t give us a ‘degree’ of free will, ‘He’ handed it all to us on a plate and suggested we do good with the gifts we have. Otherwise that ‘being’ is a monster .. and I know ‘he’s’ not.

    BJ will probably now jump down my throat .. but I’m expressing life experiences here, not just thoughts.

    Love to you both
    and Peace

  19. only God gives life and takes it at His will.i was in a school in a different country where this sort of stuff is rampant…raising of the dead e.t.c..after the raising of the dead now begins the hard work of maintaining and containing of soulless creature…and why do it? if your time is up…its up, anyway these creatures being raised up using dark forces come with strange requests since you “disturbed” them back into this world.pliz leave the dead.

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